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Our Story...

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Our Story... - Page Text Content

S: Julie & Kyle our story... 1.18.2013

BC: to be continued...

FC: Love | is a friendship set on fire | this is our story...

1: One year ago today, we began a wonderful journey together... You've become the most important person in my life. You're both my best friend and the love of my life. | Julie | I love you Jules! | I wanted to make this book to show you how and why I fell for you so when we're an adorable old couple and our memory starts to fade, you'll have this reminder of how our story began.

2: our first conversation | Little did we realize that this little, uninteresting, and excessively polite conversation was the beginning of something truly amazing! | God had been working in each of our lives to bring us to this day; a tipping point into the rest of our lives where our destinies are deeply entwined! | Hey Julie, I talked with Coach Flinchbaugh at practice the other day and he said you were interested in swimming at Berry and you were also interested in the WinShape program. As a swimmer in the WinShape program, he wanted me to see if you had any questions about either program. So if you do have any questions for me about swimming or about the WinShape program, just let me know! Hope your college decisions go swimmingly! Kyle Wilson | Kyle, Thank you for the e-mail. I will definitely get back to you guys if I have any questions. I am extremely interested in the WinShape program, and I would love to swim as well. Thanks again for everything. I appreciate it. Sincerely, Julie Zimmerman | November 29, 2009

3: our first encounter | Your recruiting visit to Berry! As fate would have it, the same day Georgia got snow... Coincidence? I think not. | February 13, 2010

4: SWIMMING! | God worked so beautifully through the swim team to bring us together... We've said that if either of us had chosen not to swim we might have never been friends But I'm sure I would've still found you someday... | She dresses herself with strength and makes her arms strong... | Proverbs 31:17

5: The day you almost ended our relationship before it began.... | You have good aim! | We had so many awesome times together before we started dating... | Not-so-successful skim boarding in puddles! | foreshadowing? | Here are just a few! | Reason #92 Why I Love You:

6: The first Valentine's Day dinner I made for you... February 14, 2011 | Dances!

7: Sledding! ...again | Spring Break 2011 | gettin thrown out of clubs | therapists & Charlie mason | #19 We were friends long before we fell in love...

8: The Night Before Graduation | May 7, 2011 | Earlier that night at the factory, I stayed with you when you were too scared to climb. I never told you, but I did it because I wanted to protect you... | #11 You're always up for crazy fun!

9: May 14-15 2011 | Over the course of this short weekend, you went from just a friend to something more... | On the drive home in the cold, I said to you, "This is one of the stories I can't wait to tell my kids someday..." Little did I realize, you and I would be telling it together! | "self-heating" hot chocolate Our frigid Jeep ride home Callahan Street Mountain Biking Stealing Signs BBQ Festival Hammocking Camping

10: Geocaching | We didn't always find the cache we were looking for.. In fact, we usually didn't. But it was always fun! | #8 You're adventurous...

11: I definitely was falling for you back when we were going to Petland because every time we went and played with puppies I couldn't help thinking about what it would be like for us to pick out a dog together... | Petland! | Charlie | PeeWee | Cavy | Sam | Winston | Romeo & Juliet | #76 You love animals... | (and we both want an Australian Shephard!)

12: Mud Bog! | CHRISTMAS EVE 2011

13: when YOU asked ME to go to a mud bog with you, I realized what a unique and truly amazing girl you are... | #62 You find fun and excitement where I do! (aka You love Jeeps!)

14: The day after our Lord of the Rings marathon, I realized that I was seriously going to miss you when you left for winter training... That's the moment I knew for sure that you meant way more to me than just a friend! Not long after, you told me just how you felt about me and I'm so thankful that you did! After that it was simple... You liked me and I liked you! | #85 You're everything I never knew I needed

15: that incredible moment, one year ago today, when we started dating! | 1 . 1 8 . 2 0 1 2 | THE day | #80 I never really understood love before you

16: Painting Date/Picnic | ....................................................... | J A N U A R Y 2 2 2 0 1 2 | #26 You're artistic and creative! (and you share my attention to detail...) | Our first date other than lunch and the beginning of many more great dates! This is still one of my favorite dates!

17: We had our first dinner date at Harvest Moon Café! Then we had fun gambling with Louis and Amanda and losing the totally rigged raffle... | Casino Night! | #31 I love making every guy jealous! (aka You're absolutely gorgeous!)

18: #34 I love dancing with you! | As a lily among thorns, | so is my darling among the young women... | Song of SOlomon 2:2

19: Our first dance as a couple! It was a truly amazing night, even though I've never been the biggest fan of dancing... I can honestly say I love dancing with you! | Formal | ........................... | 4 . 1 4 . 2 0 1 2

20: Spring | There's this place in me where your fingerprints still rest, your kisses still linger, and your whispers softly echo. | gretchen kemp | It's the place where a part of you will forever be a part of me.

21: Break! | #3 You make my heart race...

22: Memorial Day 2012 Wilson Reunion | Nothing is more beautiful than the love that has weathered the storms of life. The love of the young for the young, that is the beginning of life. But the love of the old for the old, that is the beginning of things longer. Jerome K. Jerome

23: ABC Dates | Atlanta Birthday Chill Dining In Early and Evening Friend Date Gone Campin! be continued! | #50 You never turn down a spontaneous adventure!

24: New York and

25: #25 I want to travel the world with you! | PA Road Trip!

27: 1 0 . 1 4 - 1 7 . 2 0 1 2 | Camping at Desoto Falls | Our first trip with your family! It definitely felt like we were married driving up to meet your parents there... | #12 You love your family more than just about anything!

28: Charm is deceitful, and beauty is vain, | but a woman who fears the Lord is to be praised. | Proverbs 31:30

29: Julie The past year has been, without a doubt, the best of my life! On that momentous day, exactly one year ago today, when we started dating, you became the single most important person in my life. Since then, not a single minute of a single day has gone by that I haven't thought of you. I truly love you! I can no longer remember life before you, and I can no longer imagine life without you... I want to lead you when you're lost. I want to hold you when you're scared. I want to take care of you when you're sick. I want to kiss you goodnight... and good morning! I want to be the shoulder you cry on. I want to raise a family with you. And most of all... I want to spend every day of the rest of our lives finding new adventures together! So Jules, that leaves me with just one question to ask...

30: Will you marry me?

42: #1 You love God! #2 You believe in me #3 You make my heart race #4 You make me feel so comfortable that I can be 100% myself around you #5 I have fun doing literally everything with you! #6 You love me exactly how I am #7 We enjoy all the same things! #8 You're adventurous #9 We share our core beliefs! #10 You're my best friend! #11 You're always up for crazy fun! #12 You love your family more than just about anything! #13 You never give up on something you believe in! #14 You're incredibly intelligent! #15 You accept all my faults #16 You love the outdoors! #17 You never compromise your beliefs #18 You're always open to try new things! #19 We were friends long before we fell in love #20 You're always honest! #21 You miss me when I'm gone.. #22 Your smile! #23 You always want to be with me! ..and I always want to be with you! #24 You are always content with what you have #25 I want to travel the world with you! #26 You're artistic and creative! #27 You have a servant heart

43: #28 You're always supportive of me! #29 Your family is awesome! #30 Your sense of humor! #31 I love making every guy jealous! (aka You're absolutely gorgeous!) #32 You love to cuddle! #33 You're wise with money #34 I love dancing with you! #35 You give me courage! #36 You challenge me #37 You always brighten my day! #38 I can't imagine life without you.. #39 You always take care of me #40 You want kids #41 You are feminine #42 You aren't too feminine #43 There's never a question of if we'll stay together #44 You love board games #45 I can be vulnerable with you #46 You always listen to me, even when I'm ranting.. #47 You're an amazing hostess! #48 You want to look beautiful for me! #49 You always look beautiful! #50 You never turn down a spontaneous adventure!! #51 You enjoy the simple things in life #52 You respect me #53 You're a great cook! #54 You always know what to say on the rare occasions when I'm stressed...

44: #55 You trust me wholeheartedly #56 You're gentle #57 You understand me #58 I love your laugh! #59 You inspire me! #60 Even though you deserve better, you chose me and love me anyway! #61 If all I had in the world was you and God, I'd have far more than enough... #62 You find fun and excitement where I do! (aka you love Jeeps!) #63 Your beautiful blue eyes! #64 You'll make the most amazing mom! #65 You really care about me #66 You're a great friend #67 You mean more to me than you'll ever understand... #68 You're in every one of my dreams for the future #69 You don't just tell me you love me, you show it #70 Because I have you, I am the most blessed man on earth! #71 You make me feel like the most special person in the world! #72 The cute way your nose flairs when you don't like the way something tastes... #73 You're great at walking in step with me to make up for my bouncing stride #74 You notice and truly appreciate every single thing I do for you #75 You make me want to do any and everything for you! All you have to do is ask.. #76 You love animals (and we both want a Australian Shepherd) #77 We can sit in perfect silence just gazing in each other's eyes

45: #78 I don't feel like I have to move heaven and earth to impress you so that you'll like me... #79 You make me so happy! #80 I never really understood love before you #81 You smell nice without having to use perfume! #82 We love almost all the same music! #83 You hug me tight when I have to go so as to not let me leave you #84 Your head on my shoulder feels absolutely perfect! #85 You're everything I never knew I needed #86 You never judge me on things that really matter #87 You never let me get away with saying never mind. No matter what it was, it will bug you until I tell you #88 Every little thing is special to you because you're the most sentimental person alive! #89 I love talking about our future together more than just about anything! #90 You're the only person I ever want to be with #91 I can hardly remember life before I met you. All I know is it's far better now! #92 You have good aim! #93 You tell me I smell good, even when I'm sure I don't... #94 I know we'll have an amazing life together! #95 Your hand fits perfectly in mine #96 You do things you don't love doing simply because you know I like them #97 We're both OCD about keeping things clean and organized #98 When we see something funny or weird, we don't have to say anything because we're thinking the same thing... #99 I cannot get enough of you! #100 There are infinite reasons why you'll make the perfect wife....

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