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Psychology Project

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BC: What comes After??...

FC: R | What is love?

1: Presentors | Yadira Reyes | Kayla Styles | & | 3/11-12/2011 | . . . . . . . . . . . .

2: LOVE | If you put sex and age in the equation of love and a relationship than teens will have relationship based on lust and infatuation, but as age & maturity, love is no longer a game but is true.

3: Every moment spent with you is like a beautiful dream come true... | Process: We went to several places: to obtain relationship thoughts through surveys | What is love? | What is marriage??? | The person you marry is your soul mate? | Having trust & being honest are two major key components in a relationship? How important is honesty & trust in a relationship? | jealousy | Money | Communication?? | LUST | INFATUATION

4: Love is giving someone the ability to break your heart, but trusting them not to..... | At this point in Freshman lives; they believe that love and commitment is a game to find yourself and the person you long to be with. Our statics show that romance, communication honesty, trust, & common interest is a needed component in order to exceed in a relationship | FRESHMAN

5: Love is partially an emotion when people connect on a spiritually level; and wants what is best for the person. | Females tend to want more romance (comfort of a relationship) when boys tend to want more superficial girl. | Our Statics show that all believe lust is sex; infatuation is possessive attachment

6: My favorite place to be is inside of your hugs where it's warm and loving. I Love You! | Seniors | Things don't Change Much!!! Seniors still believe that your soul mate is the person you'll marry, romance is extremely important along with physical appearances (First Question: is this person Fine, do i want to sleep with them??) | BABY DONT HURT ME!! The intense feeling of affection toward another person who you believe is the right one for you

7: FOREVER | compassion, caring, going through the hardest thing ever; never having them leave your side | when two people can get along and can be together for 3 months STRAIGHT and still be able to laugh & talk HOLY MOLY

8: An eternity is forever, and forever with you would be a dream come true. | Adults | Our Statics show that as we grow older and mature into adult hood, the way we look at life & relationships is completely different. "Comes in many stages, but as we grow older we experience wanting to settle down and start a family" If not so much about finding that "soul mate and having romance in your relationship, but more about committing to each other, and settling down. | Love is being able ti sacrifice not being able to share, to sharing all the time, sacrifice being alone, to being with someone for long about of time. being united with someone! MARRIAGE

9: Patience, kindness, attraction, understanding, admitting!!You're not always right!! Caring for someone else on a spiritual level!! Being able to put someone before yourself! | MARRIAGE A never ending bond between a man & a women yp signify your unity as one- in good or bad!

10: For hearing my thoughts, understanding my dreams and being my best friend, for filling my life with joy and loving me without end, I do. | Elder;y | by this age: appearance and romance doesn't matter so much all that matters is the time & years we spent with one another. | UNCONDITIONAL | Love is patient, love is kind love it does not envy love does not boast love is not proud rude, self seeking, or easily angered. Love does not keep no record of wrongs or rights love does not delight in evil Love: rejoices the truth, always protects, Trust, Hope, & Preserves

11: I would not swap the feeling of being in love with anything, the warmth and comfort you bring to my life, the way you look into my eyes, | I have faced all the challenges i could of ever faced with my husband of 60 years, but no matter how difficult those problems became i never gave up & i don't love him any less | ITS YOU & ME TIME all the children have been sent off: now its time to get to know and fall in love with each other all over again | its been years, the bond that we shared the commitment we had the happiness we give each other the long talks cute walks the romance has yet to change! even we your not here no more i always love you

12: Commitment | When we get older, we tend to get married and we vow to one another to always be commitment to each other tell death do us part! | How important are these too you?? | High School Students all said that relationships need to have commitment in order to be stable and healthy & for it to survive! So why do so many people cheat??

13: SOme people even after high school, adults, & elderly don't understand what marriage is, but the ones who find it and want to make that marriage legal by law, take the time to make it the biggest and best day of there lives, to show not only themselves but everyone that they love and cherish one another! | High School: What is marriage?? | Marriage

14: "I've fallen in love many times.. always with you." | honest/ truthful | Cheating, fighting, yelling, hurtful words, trust broken, what happens next! | Everyone agree's one of the biggest things you have to do in order to keep your relationship strong is be honest, and truthful even if it may not be the outcome

15: LOVE | Jealousy | Does Jealously Ruin a Relationship: Didn't matter the age, the sex, most said that it depends on the jealously and how strong their jealously is. If their partner doesn't even let them communicate with other friends than it taking it to far, but most people like when there partner is jealous (even if it is a little)

16: "Love is looking into someone's eyes and seeing yourself perfect for the first time in your life." | Communication | How to communicate: Eye Contact: flirt, love, solve or cause conflict, Touch: intimacy- emotional closeness: sexual interest--closing eyes when kissing Gesture movement: throwing hands around, hitting, slapping, posture, rolling eyes, Soft Tones, Yelling, or Screaming! Communication can be both bad but good, but if you actually have some sort of communication & are welling to communicate! Relationship should be strong | no matter what age: they all believe that communication is Key!!

17: LOVE | Children | Children: Break it up or Fix it?? the answer and feedback was this... Depends on your AGE!!! if you are young and moving to fast: it is unexpected the relationship wont last unless both of you want it to last! As you get older and want to settle down, get your own house, have a stable job and want kids! The relationship can make you love stronger!

18: Money | MONEY!!!! give me give me!! we all need money to get by in life with-out it there is no life. but Can it ruin your relationship! the answer & response is: Yes is can if you let it, and no because if you do it the correct way you'll be fine!

19: High School results shows that they care about what someone looks like because its the beauty the want inside & out they want to be able to show them off to the world! | Appearance | The older you become you don't care as much because you tend to be with that person for a long time, and see them through there changing!

20: LOVE | INTERPRETATION | if you put sex & love in a equation of love & relationships than teens will have a relationship based on lust & infatuation, but as age & maturity: love is no love is not longer a game but is true. | My data proves: that relationship is high school, may be serious to some, but most of the time it is based off of a stereotype called "A Relationship" we tend to want sex, honesty, but most of the time not the truth. We tend to cheat more but want to the commitment. We believe that love exist, but it is beyond High School | My hypothesis was correct to a level because as i thought guys and girls would be different, girls would want more of a settlement than boys, but i was wrong, girls tend to be equal or worse then guys. Maturity comes in ways, but its not by attitude it by what is going on around you, and how you take challenges in your life.

21: My Date Disprove Commitment, honesty, children, money, trust: none of these matter towards a certain gender group or age, we all believe it is, but most of us dont follow it. Even as we get older we have a hard time committing to one person. Because "Forever is a long time" | The hidden Variables: most people didn't want to answer the questions: some people told me, that they weren't comfortable with telling us this kind of information. it was very hard to get elderly to do the survey's | Although Yadira and i started on the project early we didnt exactly do everything than. We had our main idea, the surveys, but we waited a month and a half tell it was due to get everything. We could of followed through and finished earlier!

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