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Rachel's Oxford reader (Copy)

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FC: 2011 | Rachel's mixbook!

1: Some Bunny's Having An Easter Egg Hunt | Hippity Hoppity Easters On Its Way | Part1. My information Part2. The novel


3: I am from Korea

4: My hobby is reading a newspaper and watching American Dramas.

6: I dislike cats a lot. They are scaring me. Also, I don't like eating too sweet foods.

7: My Favorite season is Spring & Summer

8: I go abroad when I am on vacation. I love to travel.

9: I have been to New York, New Zealand and Taiwan.

10: My Favorite movie is "Philadelphia". I love Tom Hanks's acting.

11: I came UO as the college exchange student. I wanted to study in America.

12: My novel is The Scarlet Letter and it was written in 1850. The author is Nathaniel Hawthorne.

13: After I finish studying at AEI, I am going to take UO classes and then I want to do my own business.

14:,r:14,s:19&tx=108&ty=68,r:0,s:0&tx=67&ty=58,r:2,s:0&tx=127&ty=66,r:2,s:0&tx=127&ty=66,r:24,s:18&tx=43&ty=82,1208590099,1/stock-photo-family-read-newspaper-11689987.jpg&w=450&h=321&ei=hTQmT6jGOoLXiALgvom_Bw&zoom=1&iact=hc&vpx=1057&vpy=54&dur=260&hovh=190&hovw=266&tx=229&ty=87&sig=109948733563846860955&page=1&tbnh=128&tbnw=180&start=0&ndsp=20&ved=1t:429,r:6,s:0 | Image sources

15:,r:9,s:0,r:4,s:0 ook/geos/ks.html&docid=XnPtHdHgAeBibM&imgurl=,r:2,s:0&tx=55&ty=59 Plus Brooklyn Bridge and Taiwan pictures are taken by me.

16: part2

17: The main Characters | Hester Prynne -Roger Chillingworth (Hester's husband) -Arthur Dimmesdale (an eloquent minister) -Pearl (Hester's daughter)

18: The main Characteristics of the scarlet letter can be divided into four characteristics.

19: Hester is really confident and against injustice. Her husband Roger Chillingworth is revengeful and makes the plan to kill Arthur Dimmesdale.

20: Arthur Dimmesdale feels pangs of guilt but he becomes as the sanctimonious minister. Pearl is headstrong and impish child.

21: "But from this earth, this grave, this dust, My God shall raise me up, I trust." ~Walter Raleigh

23: My favorite characteristics in The Scarlet Letter is Hester Prynne's brave and confidence.

24: "Our Lord has written the promise of the resurrection, not in books alone, but in every leaf in spring-time." ~Martin Luther | The reason why I admire her characteristics is that first, she fight against the contradiction and full of hypocrisy.

25: Second reason is she loves and tries to protect her daughter no matter people pointed the finger of blame .

26: I also like Arthur Dimmesdale's character. The reason is that even though he hides his secret that he had the affair with Hester, he finally admits his guilt in front of the public.

27: Let the resurrection joy lift us from loneliness and weakness and despair to strength and beauty and happiness. ~Floyd W. Tomkins | The character I dislike is Hester's daughter Pearl.

28: The reason is that I felt she doesn't want to understand her mother and her characteristics is contrasted with her mother who has a strong mind and tries to overcome with injustice.

29: "And he departed from our sight that we might return to our heart, and there find Him. For He departed, and behold, He is here." ~ St. Augustine | Also, Hester lives with the belief that Pearl is the only hope for her. Especially, The part that Hester removes her scarlet letter, Pearl will not go to her mother until Hester buttons the letter back onto her dress is I really don't understand Pearl's behavior and I felt she is so mean.

30: Some Bunny's Having An Easter Egg Hunt | Thank you!for reading my mix book .

31: Hippity Hoppity Easters On Its Way | Oxford bookworms "The Scarlet Letter" By. Rachel 2/5/2012

32: Image Sources |,r:4,s:0,r:25,s:0,r:28,s:26,r:7,s:121,r:3,s:121

33: Some Bunny's Having An Easter Egg Hunt | h |,r:30,s:178,r:26,s:178,r:3,s:91&tx=21&ty=61,r:0,s:91&tx=38&ty=82

34: What specific themes did the author emphasize throughout the novel? | The author emphasized how important being honest. Especially from the character of Dimmesdale, the author shows the importance of being honest and if someone lies, they will pay for one's sin.

35: What do you think he or she is trying to get across to the reader? | This novel is based on Puritanism . So the author is trying to show the different concept sins and compare Hester's uncovered sin with Dimmesdale's veiled sin. The writer emphasize being honest although this would be a sin.

36: Chillingworth was revengeful against the relationship between Hester and Dimmesdale. However, he eventually admit Perl who is the daughter of them, and left a legacy to her. | Dimmesdale hidden his relationship with Hester even though Hester was sinned against the public. However, he finally confessed his sin and died. | How do characters change or evolve throughout the course of the story?

37: Before Chilinworth died , he finally changed his mind. It's his moral victory. | Dimmesdale was depressed and afraid of the judgement by the public. However he felt guilty and finally confessed. | The common point is they considered their morality. It's the main point what the writer want to get across to the reader. | What events trigger such changes?

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