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S: Forbidden Love Julianna Fedorich and Abigail Busch

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FC: Forbidden Love | Abigail Busch | Julianna Fedorich

1: Copyright: 2011 by Julianna Fedorich and Abigail Busch Published: Macungie, PA | Forbidden Love

2: Once upon a time, in 1392 A.D., a princess was born. Her name was Charlotte Josephine Olympia. She was born in Manchester, England. Simultaneously, the queen grew very ill. Charlotte now has to train to be the new queen. She trains by shooting arrows and practicing her manners. | 12 years later...

3: Dear Diary, 1404 As of now, my day is full of queen training. All I do during the day is practice and train to become a queen and I do not enjoy it at all! I just finished my etiquette training and, now I must start archery. I do most of my training outside, unless it is table manners. I must go now to help the servants clean up from dinner and get into my bed wear.

4: Dear Journal, March, 1409 My life is awful! The only good part of the day is when I have to go out in the courtyard and pull weeds and water the flowers. Thats dull, until the princess comes out and I get to see her do archery. But soon that will end because her archery training only lasts 2 months.

5: Dear Diary, March. 1409 Today I was in the garden, doing archery. I saw a serf from my manor and I couldn't help myself. All the sudden, I was next to him, talking about my problems with him. I'm not sure why but I think he is the nicest person I've ever met. I'm not sure what it is, but there is something about him that i just can not resist.

6: Dear Diary, January, 1410 My mother has died. The people of the kingdom say I have six months (until July) to either get married, be forced into marriage, or be kicked off the thrown. I'm not sure what to do. Its going to be hard to find my true love in six months!

7: Dear Diary October, 1410 My mom is dead and the kingdom is going into a panic. I am being force into marriage with a man I have never met before. He comes from the far away country of Ireland. I am only 12 and I am scared for my life... I am not ready to rule a kingdom, let alone be a wife!

8: Dear Journal, April, 1410 Today I was sitting, just doing my work and minding my own business, when the soon to be queen was walking toward me. I wasn't sure what was going ... Why would a beautiful princess like herself what to talk to a poor, dirty, smelly, ugly serf like myself?! But suddenly, she was talking to me about having to get married. I just had a feeling that this would be the perfect way to show Charlotte that I am the man of her dreams. The one she has been searching for, for her whole entire life!

9: Dear Journal, April,1410 I'm going to do everything I can to get her attention! I will now go take my weekly bath and then go back out in the garden to find the lovely Charlotte. I hope she will fall in love with me like how I am in love with her.

10: Dear Journal, May,1410 I just tried to get the princess' attention for the third time this week. She has a horrible "boy-friend" that her father assigned for her to marry. But I think that if the king knew me, he would choose me to marry Charlotte. Anyways Charlotte never even met the guy and she's going to have to marry him!

11: Dear Diary, May,1410 Today a serf from the manor was watching me. I think his name is Steven Marcus Luke. He is a very exquisite, charming, and handsome. But I don't know if I want to fall in love this quickly. Father has already chosen a man for me to marry, I don't know him and have never met this man before.

12: Dear Diary, May, 1410 I have one month to get married, and the only way that I will know that this prince(my dad picked out) is the right one, is by the kiss of true love. If it doesn't work out then I will just ask Steven what I should do. If I do find a new man, then I will still ask for my father's permission to marry.

13: Dear Journal, June, 1410 Today is Charlotte's wedding. The prince that her dad picked out is selfish, hideous, and has an insensitive heart. Why would she want to marry him? I am invited to the reception, but I'm not going. Why??? Because she's my true love and I'm not going to let her marry someone else!!

14: Dear Diary, June, 1410 I want to scream and run away forever! The man that I'm being forced to marry is mean and only cares about himself! Why did father choose him for me to marry?!?! I found the one I want to marry. I have to talk to Steven and see what I should do.

15: Dear Journal, June, 1410 Today was an interesting day. The princess was looking for me. She found me in the garden(where I usually am). She was talking, started to cry, then suddenly leaned down and kissed me! I have never felt so happy in my whole life! I think I'm going to ask her to marry me!!

16: Dear Journal, June, 1410 Today was the reception. Suddenly, right before the kiss should happen, Charlotte exclaimed, "Stop! I'm about to marry the wrong man! Steven get up here!" I ran to be by her side. The priest said, "you may kiss the bride!" and now I'm the prince! Her Father was very angry with me because I don't have royal blood. Now my true love is now my wife! If I did have royal blood, I would be the prince of England.

17: Dear Diary, October, 1424 It's been a couple of years since I wrote to you but, I have to tell you something wonderful... I married the serf whom is my true love and now we have three kids. We have one son and two daughters. We live in the castle and my dad still rules the kingdom. Steven can't be king, but I will lead the people one day.

18: Dear Diary, December, 1440 It is a depressing day in the kingdom. My husband has died. His death was caused from the black plague. My family is now taking every precaution to prevent the rest of the kingdom from getting ill.

19: Dear Diary, January, 1443 My mother died yesterday, and today, I found this diary under her bed. It is a sad story about true love. She died from falling out of bed. I found her on the floor this morning suffering her last minutes.Thank you for being here for me, my mother, father, brother, and sister. It makes me breathless to read about my parents' forbidden passion, then true love at last! Now they can start a new kingdom, where they can be together forever!! | The End

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