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Secret Asian Man

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FC: Secret Asian Man

1: A little book of fidelity, enchantment, contentment, and basically one heck of a crazy awesome adventure.

3: That's right, this book begins with movies, and lot's of them. Between you and I, it's probably not even close to all of them. Another little secret? She had never seen so many films before she had met him. Crazy, eh?

4: She had always known of him; always had a secret admiration for his irresistibly soft looking skin, and occasionally she would catch herself thinking about his lips. Eeeek! She had caught glimpses of his eyes, filled with such mystery they intrigued her. She noticed the way he clothed himself, and like the rest of him, she digged that as well. But let's get real, why would he ever notice her? | "Cloudpits" | "Matteroni N'Cheese" | "Sly Jones" | "Toad" | "Scuffy McScuffpants" | "Squeakster"

5: So, things continued this way for a while...

6: She was sitting at a friends house, as she heard her phone begin to ring. She glanced down, wondering who would be calling her. The caller ID displayed his name. "Oh great," she thought. "What does he want?" When she answered, common, yet highly awkward, greetings were exchanged. He asked her what she was up to, and she told him. He then proceeded to ask if he could come over. This wasn't the first absurd phone call, and it honestly offended her. She thought that he hated her, and took humor in bothering her. She ended the conversation saying "no" and continued about her night.

7: A couple weeks passed, then out of the blue, a friend of her's mentioned his name. The friend thought he was kind of cute. She took matters into her own hands, and sought after to see if maybe he would feel the same way for her friend. She sent him a text, and to her surprise, he texted back. She shared the news, yet remained mysterious as to whom her friend was. It was useless, he got it out of her, and it came as no surprise that he did not like her friend. After that night, they began to talk. She began to feel just a tiny spark of something, yet was positive it would go no where. His presence made her nerves go into a fit, so talking to him in person was simply out of the question. She found out he was into skating, so one night she pretended to be really interested in it herself. It worked, he suggested they should hang out sometime and he could teach her. Girl- +1 Boy- Well he didn't need any points

8: The night he asked her to come over, she was filled with excitement! She was also so nervous she could hardly contain herself. She was dropped off, and so began the first encounter EVER outside of school. Woah. Right off, he got down to business. His little brother followed closely behind, and it made her feel more comfortable. He didn't bother to explain anything to her, he simply told her to just go. Naturally, she freaked, and proclaimed he teach her! To say he taught her anything would be far-fetched, but she couldn't appear wimpy and afraid. He took her to a hill, that in her mind resembled Mount Doom, and told her to go. She did it with as little hesitation as possible. Away she went, her heart practically clawing it's way out of her throat, and then she fell. Thank goodness it was so dark, because her face was flushed a dark red. She didn't let that stop her, she went twice more. It was a successful night, and that spark mentioned earlier, began to grow. (Just a tiny, tiny bit)

9: She found herself falling more and more each passing day, but he left her confused and frustrated more often then not. WHAT IS HE THINKING NOW? Ah! She couldn't figure him out, and that was something she had always been good at. People seemed to be so predictable; what was so different about him?

10: For a while, which felt more like a lifetime, she remained confused and a little hopeless. But as with most stories, it finally began to show it's good ending.

11: Things began to brighten up, and they let their guards down bit by bit. He FINALLY asked her to prom.

12: May 7, 2011; approximately one day after her birthday. She wore a dress, he wore a... tux? They rocked some vans, and threw in a splash of blue. They grabbed some grub, followed by dorppin' it like it was hot on the dance floor. Okay, that's a bit exaggerated. In fact, they lost track of each other for nearly an hour. She was shy and couldn't let loose; He, well he's wild. They eventually called it quits, and what happened next is what really made her night.

14: They went and grabbed some Andy's, it was delicious. Then, he took her to the airport; You have to pay close attention to find the spot, but its located right outside of the runway. He unlatched the trunk, and they climbed in the back. Few words were exchanged, but it was perfect; nothing needed to be said. She lied back on him, and she swore he kissed the top of her head. He told her that night, that she meant more to him than any girl ever had. The one opposition the two of them seemed to have was the clock. Time had raced away from them, and it was time to call it a night. It was after this night, things began to settle in. And it was truly a lovely thing.

15: With every passing day, what started as a mere spark, grew into a ferocious fire. Summer had finally come. She left for Alabama, and that was the longest time they had gone without seeing each other. She'll never forget the day she got back, and he came to see her. He was so nervous, and it was adorable. Summer continued and they became closer. He left for Colorado, and she felt s if she would go crazy! He came back, and her heart felt at peace. When they were together, you couldn't deny the perfection of it all. They fed off of each other, and as a duo, who or what could stop them?

16: One could babble on and on, about the marvelous things that continued to happen to them, but this book would be quite long in that case. With that being said, we'll skip to one of the best days of her life; the day he said "I love you."

17: They were sitting in her driveway when he said, "Can I ask you a question?" She replied, "Sure." After a long pause he asked, "Have you ever thought about telling me you love me?" Her pulse began to quicken, she was not expecting this moment. She breathlessly muttered a "yes." Then he left it at that. WHAT?! She played it off like it was nothing, but inside she was thinking, "Why did he just ask me that if he's not even going to follow it up? Omg. Omg. Omg." They began to converse about whatever they talked about; as if she was actually paying attention! He then told her it was time to leave. She got up, and walked him to his car (awesome van actually). He hugged her, and silence surrounded them for a while. He then proceeded to go on a short babble, concluding with, "I love you Angela." She was full of so many emotions she didn't know where to begin! She was taking so long to reply he stated, "please say something before my heart goes crazy." She pulled what she could of herself together, and suffered a bad case of word vomit. She ranted, rambled, stuttered, and so forth, until she too had said, "I love you Matthew." They stood hugging, and she couldn't stop smiling. If she could have frozen the world for a moment, she would have gone into a screaming and frolicking frenzy!

18: Matthew Scott Jones, I have told you so many times what you mean to me; Ive left you notes, sent you seven page texts, and ranted to you in person until you kissed me to stop talking. It never seems be enough. I cannot find the correct words to say to thoroughly explain my thoughts and emotions. You mean more than the world to me, and having you in my life is the best thing I could ever ask for. | I love you Matt!

19: About the Author: | Angela Emery Dodson was born in Belleville, IL on May 6th, 1993, around 9:30 in the morning. Angela likes many things. Cats and the ocean are said to be her two favorites. She strives for adventure, and dreams of the day she can leave boring ole' Missouri. She likes every color, and can only eat chili off of crackers. When you giver her a high five or knucks, she has to repeat the process by herself. The simple things make her smile. She loves the outdoors, but wasps and bee's are one of her biggest fears. She has a big heart, and wants to change the world. Maybe one day she will.

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