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Shakespeare - Page Text Content

S: Shakespeare

BC: The End

FC: Shakespeare By: Brandon Antolino

1: Table of Contents | My life My Career The language of time Geography Religion Achievements Politics Economy Social Essential Question Works Cited | 2-4 5-7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16-17

2: I was born in Stratford Upon Avon on April 26th 1564. I have seven siblings i was the third oldest child in my family. I attended school up until the eight grade. i married my gorgeous wife Anne Hathaway, we had three beloved children named Suzen, Hemet and Judith. | My Life

3: I lived most of my life in Stratford Upon Avon. In school I focused a lot on poetry, I always had a passion for arts and literature. Around the time I was growing up many people were beginning to become educated as myself.

4: My Wife Ann and I had a great relationship, I loved her deeply. Many people tried to split us apart with rumors about me cheating on her. My wife died in 1623, then my son Hemet got the Plague and died at the age of eleven. My parents John and Adria always had money until later in life. My dad was a Leather maker and he smuggled sheep for a large profit. but the one thing people don't know about me is when i died it is a mystery.

5: My Career | I think that i had a successful career, I wrote many plays and I believe Romeo and Juliet was most most successful play. I achieved most of my success from my poetry and plays. Queen Elizabeth was very influential in my success. She had always supported my and loved to see plays.

6: One thing I am most proud of is the creation of the Globe Theater. This is where a lot of my plays were acted out. The Globe Theater had open in the summer of 1598. I wasn't the only owner though. I had also owned it with 4 other fellows. There names were Richard, Thomas Pulb, John Hemiges and Augustine Philip. some of the physical features in my globe theater are Thatched roofs, Pillared Porches, Vertical/ Diagonal Timber and an overhanging first floor.

7: Around the opening of the Globe Theater the bubonic plague was going around. Every theater including mine was shut down for two years. My theater had to be built outside of the city of London because it wasn't allowed withing city walls. Also during the time there were no female actors, it was considered inappropriate for a female to be on stage. In 1613 a devastating event occurred to the theater. it was burnt to the ground, the fire was started by a cannon that hit the roof during the performance of henry the 8th.

8: The Language of my Time | Shakespeare had created his own form of writing that he used in his plays. No one else had even spoken these words except for the actors in the play, this is so interesting. He had his own little unique language that you would only understand if you had seen a play of his. His language was called Elizabethan or Shakespeare. For example he would put "coz" and it would stand for cousin.

9: Geography | Italy - A peninsula - City- States - Suffered from the plague leading to people loving life "Humanism" England - Island -Mild Climate -Grew lots of potatoes and vegetables

10: Religion | Italy - Christianity - Monarchy - Worshiped God England - Catholic/Protestant - Pertains were executed or imprisoned -Churches

11: Achievments | Achievements | Italy - Michaelangelo was a famous sculptor/ artist. - Leonardo Da Vinci a sculptor, painter, inventor, and scientist - Preserved Greek and Roman arts. England - Only boys were taught in school, they learned literature and arts. - Full of theaters -Many people contributed in the plays.

12: Politics | Italy - Prince Machiavelli - Merchants started to gain power - Medici took over city of Florence England - Monarchy of kings and Queens - Tower of London - Queen Elizabeth

13: Economy | Italy -Expansion of trade and business - Trade routes opened to Asia from crusades - Commercial Revolution major change in society. Europe -Poverty - Treasury had very little money - No police, poor laws

14: Society | Italy - Humanism were people became appreciative of life. - Many people became more educated - Population grew in city areas. England - Social class determined by wealth, birth and education - Jobs inside and outside of castle - Had a structured social class

15: Essential Question | How does the renaissance influence literature and history? The renaissance influenced literature in many ways. When people started to die because of the black plague people started to become more appreciative of the little things in life. Then people became educated and learned how to read and write like William Shakespeare did. Imagine what schools today would be like if William Shakespeare never wrote Romeo and Juliet. Same goes with the arts, the people would pant about the things that were going on around them. What if Leonardo Da Vinci didn't exist or Michaelangelo. How would the art world be affected. The renaissance had a great effect on the arts and literature in history.

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