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Stories poems and sonnets

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S: Storys poems and sonnets

FC: Stories Poems and sonnets

1: The story about what happens in four years.

2: It's been four years since they have been out of high school today why Lilly was at the store she ran into her best friend at the store and Lilly asked do you want to come back to my place and we can catch up Aubrey said yea but can we stop at my place so I can drop this stuff of then we can go to your house Lilly said yea that’s fine. They dropped the stuff of at Aubrey’s house you can tell to people lived here Lilly said Aubrey who lives here with you she

3: said my boyfriend Travis. Lilly looked at her and said the Travis that was TJ’s best friend in high school she said yep that’s him Lilly said when did that happen when we graduating you to weren’t talking she said yea I know this but after the night I left your house he came over to ask for my forgiveness I said I had to think about it. After you left to go to collage with TJ I had know one else so I forgave him and he he promised to never hurt me

4: and he never did so we have been together for at lease four years this Friday. Lilly said I’m sorry you felt that way but you never lost me I have missed my best friend more then anything in the world I hope we never lose contact again that will hurt just as much has it did four years before. Aubrey said I have a question are you still with TJ last time I the two of you. You guys where closer then anything.

5: Lilly said yes me and TJ are still together we got into a huge fight back in March that I could have sworn we were going to brake up. Aubrey said why what was the fight over Lilly said I found out that I was pregnant and I didn’t tell him right away I waited Intel I was two months pregnant to tell him. Aubrey said oh so you have a kid Lilly said yes I do I have a little girl she seven month old she looks just like her daddy Aubrey said what's her name

6: and where is she Lilly said her name is Haley Anne Padula and she with my friend Danielle I have to go get her before we go to my house. Aubrey said good I want to meet her Lilly said yea I want her to meet her god mother to Aubrey looked at Lilly and said you made me her god mother even though you have seen me in a few years she said yea we may have not talked in two years but your still my best friend Aubrey said wow.

7: Who is the god father of her Lilly said that was up to TJ to pick the god father of her was. Lilly looked at Aubrey and said are you ready to go so I can go get my baby Aubrey said yea lets go can we just take your car to go to your house Lilly said yea that’s fine lets go. They got in the car they got to Danielle’s house Lilly said come on so you can meet my friend Danielle. Aubrey said ok lets go they walked up the stairs to Danielle's house Lilly walked in

8: the door and yelled Danielle she yelled back in the kitchen with Haley. Lilly said come on they walked into the kitchen Danielle said look honey it’s mommy she looked behind her to find not only Lilly standing there but a women she has never seen before.. She said Lilly who is that? Lilly said this is my best friend who I haven’t seen in four years her name is Aubrey. Lilly said Danielle I would like you to meet Aubrey

9: and Aubrey this is my other best friend Danielle they said hi to each other. Danielle said what you guys are up to. Lilly said where going to go hangout at my house with Haley so Aubrey can get to know her what are you up today Danielle said nothing much wait for Josh to get home so we can go out to eat. Lilly said that sounds fun but we go to get going I will call you later when I get home or before I go to bed ok.

10: She said ok talk to you later tell TJ I said hi Lilly said do the same with Josh. Lilly, Aubrey and Haley left to go back to Lilly’s house. They got to the house Lilly said the living room is over there you can go watch tv why I put Haley down for a nap I will be right back ok Aubrey said yea that’s fine Lilly said ok she walked up the stairs to Haley’s room. Lilly walked over to Haley’s crib put her in it gave her blanket and binky and said have a good nap baby.

11: Then she left the room after closing the door she walked down stairs to the living room to find Aubrey looking at all the pictures on the wall and on the mantle place. Lilly asked Aubrey if she was hungry Aubrey said yea I am Lilly said so am I lets go eat chicken and fries. Aubrey said you still eat that together Lilly said yes it’s good why I would stop eating it. Aubrey just laugh at her and said come lets go cook some food I’m hungry.

12: They walked into the kitchen Lilly went over to the freezer to get the chicken nuggets and fries out. Aubrey went over to the stove and put it on for the nuggets Lilly walked over to the deep fryer to put the fries in it. After about 20 minutes of waiting the food was done and they were eating it. They hung out for about another hour before TJ got home when he came he yelled babe where are you she yelled back in the living room

13: he walked in to find someone he thought he would never see again setting in his living room with his girlfriend. Aubrey got up and said hi TJ do you remember me he said yes I do.He said babe can I talk to you in the kitchen real quick Lilly said yea you can they both got up and walked into the kitchen TJ when did you run into her Lilly said today when I was at the store he said I see who she with now

14: Lilly just looked at him and said that’s missed up but if you must know she with Travis your best friend she has been with him for about four years. He looked at her with shock and said wow she said yea I know and after he gets out of work there coming here for dinner so you better be nice I have missed my best friend now that I have found her I’m not going to lose her again he said I will I want to see Travis again I have missed him so much

15: he said why didn’t you tell me you missed her. She said because you don’t like her and you have work to deal with and I have the baby to deal with I didn’t think you would care about it. He said baby I mite not like her and yes we have a lot to deal with but you can’t keep things in and I want to know what’s bothering and what’s got you up set. Lilly said ok but you’re going to be nice tonight right TJ said yea baby I will be nice tonight.

16: It’s been two hours since Aubrey went home to wait for Travis to tell him he’s going to Lilly’s house for dinner. Travis got home around 5:30 Aubrey told him that they were going to Lilly’s and TJ house for dinner. He said my best friend TJ she said yep that’s the one. He said wow how did this happen she said today when I ran into Lilly at the store and then I went to there house for about two hours then TJ came home then I left 20 minutes.

17: After he got home we have to be at there house around 7:30 for dinner he said ok let me go get in the shower then we can leave ok she said yea that’s fine. They got Lilly and TJ’s house they knocked on the door Lilly answered the door she said come in guys. Lilly said Travis TJ in the living room playing with Haley if you want to see him and said Aubrey you can come the kitchen with me and help me cook

18: Aubrey said ok lets go. Travis went to the living room said hey dude TJ looked up from playing with Haley and said hey man how have you been Travis said good and you TJ said I’m doing fine. Travis looked at him and said who’s Haley TJ looked at him and said my little girl she seven months old isn’t she the cutes little thing you have ever seen Travis said yea she is she looks just like Lilly he said yea I know she does.

19: They talked for away then the girls yelled in that dinner was done. Both boys got up of the floor they walked into the kitchen TJ put Haley in her swing in the kitchen so they could eat. After they got done eating Lilly said I got a latter in the mail for our high school reunion TJ said when is it she said next week I already sent back that we would go is that ok he said yea that’s fine. Lilly looked over at Aubrey and said are you

20: going to go to the reunion she said yea I sent it out last week. Lilly said good I can’t wait to see everyone. A week went by they were getting ready to go to there home town they all were driving down together so they could take turns driving and take turns taking care of Haley. It was the day they were living for Madison PA in Moscow. It took them two days to get home they were staying with Lilly’s mom.

21: They got to Lilly’s mom around three in the afternoon they unload the car they put there things in Lilly’s old room they put up Haley’s play plan so she had to a place to sleep. They told her mom that they would be back later they were going to visit there old teachers they wanted to see how much the school has changed. The reunion is the next night. They got to the school TJ took Haley in his arms when they got there they walked to

22: class room. They got done there they went to see TJ’s mom they hung out with her for awhile then they went back to Lilly’s house they put Haley to sleep then went to bed them selves. The next day came they hung out at the house lintel Lilly and Aubrey went to get ready to go to the reunion. They left for the reunion around 6:45 they got to the Helton. The reunion went fine they met up with there old friends talked some they got to know

23: Has they were leaving the Helton they ran into someone they were hoping not to run into. The persons they ran into was JoJo and Amber they looked at has and said hey guys how have you been we all said were good Lilly said we got to go so I can get Haley of my mom and so I can go to sleep I’m tried Amber said whose Haley. TJ said that would be mine and Lilly’s daughter her mouth dropped and said I didn’t expect you guys to

24: stay together after everything he did and have a kid why you were at it Lilly said like I told you that boy will always have my heart know matter what he does to me I plain to keep him. If your getting any idea about trying to take him from me. I will have fun betting you up cause I have changed over the past four years I am willing to fight for him not that I have to she just look at Lilly and said wow I didn’t expect that from you.

25: Lilly said yea well he’s my world between him and Haley try and fuck with them and see what happens. After they got done talking to her they walked back to the car they got in it and drove of to Lilly’s house they got back to her house Haley was already in bed so they all said good night to everyone and went to the bed room. Has they all got in the bed they fell asleep has soon as they it the bed the next morning they smelt pancakes.

26: Lilly’s mom was making it for them after they got done eating them. They said thank you so much they said they were going to the park and Aubrey and Travis was going to see her mom because she found that she was in town. Aubrey seen her mother with Travis they end back up at Lilly’s mom house. They all went back to Mimi Fl. The ride was longer then before they got home at like 5 on Monday. Here is what happens a few months later

27: Lilly and TJ got married. Haley turns two around the time that Lilly and TJ got married. Aubrey and Travis got engaged over the summer she found that she was pregnant with there first kid. They end up going back to PA because TJ mom was put in the hospital and know on new if she was going to make it. Everything is fine now everyone is happy TJ’s mom is well and out of the hospital.

28: Limerck

29: There was a young girl from Alaska She originally lived in Nebraska She met a young man Who asked for her hand? And so lived the girl from Alaska

30: Three Haiku A heart bleeds Valentines day Love is when

31: A heart bleeds when Someone breaks it and you feel like your dying That’s what a dying flower looks like. | Valentines day is the Day cupid comes and makes the day happy That’s what you get when you find love | Love is when you Have someone’s heart but you break it That’s like breaking a limb

32: English Sonnets

33: I went to old Mick Donald’s farm When I got there I saw a pig. We didn’t want to do any harm. We just wanted to pick up some twigs. My brother wanted to build a friend to be knight. We wanted to build a snowman for the first big snow storm. The neighborhood children were all excited. We had to build it before it got to warm. While at the farm we saw some cows. We also saw some goat and chickens and an old dog. Some horses and kitten and one old saw. We found geese out alone in the fog. Our snowman was a wondrous sight. My brother named him bright Knight.

34: Italian Sonnets

35: When I ran into the this man he fell We talked for a few days but the week went slow By the weekend they had a date to go to the show After the show was over they ran into a girl name belle. He walked her home to her house in the shell Then has he was walking home it started to snow They loved to walked though the glow Has they were walking they heard a bell So they walked to the row Where they could here it going off But no one was there so they got mad But on the bell was a bow Then they meet a guy whose name was knoff The man looked a little sad

37: If thou must love me, let it be for nought Except for love's sake only. Do not say, "I love her for her smile--her look--her way Of speaking gently, --for a trick of thought That falls in well with mine, and brings A sense of pleasant ease on such a day."-- For these things in themselves, Beloved, may Be changed, or change for thee,--and love, so wrought May be unwrought so. Neither love me for Thine own dear pity's wiping my cheeks dry,-- A creature might forget to weep who bore Thy comfort long, and lose thy love thereby! But love me for love's sake, that evermore Thou may love on, through love's eternity.

38: Druma about Falling in love

39: This is about a girl who everyone thought was never going to find love. Well | one day she proved them wrong when she met the love of her life. Characters: Main Lilly (The main character) Rose (Lilly’s mother) Ryan (the main boy character) Jess (best friend of Lilly) Adam (best friend of Ryan) Skyler (Lilly’s father)

40: Lilly- hey mom what are you up to Rose- nothing sweetheart Lilly- said are you sure? Rose- yea I’m just wounding when you going to get a boyfriend. Lilly- mom I will find someone don’t worry you will get to see me get married before you die. Rose- said ok good I want to see the only daughter I have get married. It was the next day Lilly was out walking when her cell phone rang. Lilly stopped walking to look at her phone to see who was calling her. It was her best friend Jess calling. Lilly- hey jess what are you up to Jess- nothing much you

41: Lilly- walking around the park. Why what’s up? Jess- I just wanted to know if you want to hangout with me Adam and Ryan at the mall. Lilly- Yea sure but who is Ryan I know who Adam is. Jess- Ryan is Adams friend that I just met today and Adam just brought him to my house now I’m bring you along with me to the mall. Lilly- ok I’ll be at your house in like five minutes. Jess- ok see you then. Lilly walked to Jess house she got there in five minutes like she said she would. She walked in the door of jess’s house. Lilly- Hey what are you guys up to Jess- nothing much waiting for you to get here so we could leave Lilly- ok than lets go and what are we going to the mall for? Jess- nothing just felt like going to the mall.

42: They all left to go to the mall they all rode in Ryan’s car. They got to the mall. Jess- Lilly and said you and Ryan are going to go walk around together why me and Adam go off on our own. Lilly- ok Ryan- where do you want to go first Lilly- Anywhere is fine with me but let’s go to fye Ryan- Ok lets go. Lilly- so Ryan what are you into Ryan- nothing much I hangout with my friends and hopefully get to know you better. How abut you? Lilly- the same some times I would love to get to know you better I hope this good be the start of a good relationship. Ryan- I me to so how about after this you and I go out to dinner by ourselves to get to know each other better.

43: Lilly- I would love to where are we going to dinner do I have to go home and get change to go out on the date. Ryan- no you don’t have to go home and change your find the way you are and I was thinking we could go to Friendly’s is that ok with you. Lilly- yes that’s fine with me lets go find Jess and Adam and tell them where leaving I kind of don’t want to be here anymore. Ryan- why what’s wrong? Lilly- I looked over at the jewelry stand and said that guy over there use to be my boyfriend intel he told people the only reason he went out with me was because he had bet with his friends that he could sleep with me after only one month. Ryan- Really what that’s stupid can I go say something to him for treating you that way no body should ever treat someone like that.

44: Lilly- if you want to you can but be nice I have to go to school with him and I don’t need him coming after me. Ryan- I would love to see him try and I go to school with you remember we go to the same school. Lilly- yes I remember. That you go to the school I do. Ryan walked over to Nathan my ex and said hey. Nathan- looked at him and said what do you want? Ryan- I want to know why you bet on someone that is nice to everyone that doesn’t deserve what you did to her. Nathan- Well I did and what are you going to do about it? Ryan- do you really want to see what I will do about it if you come near my girlfriend again or try anything to her or you say anything about her I will kick you but. Nathan- yea just wait you’ll get bored of her to because she won’t give you what you want. Ryan- I’m not with her for that like you

45: were I would never push her into something she didn’t want that just not right. Nathan- whatever do what you want but I won’t stay away from her that’s just not going to happen cause you see you can’t tell me what to do or what I can do. Ryan- I’m telling you now you better stay away from her or your going to be sorry. Ryan walked back over to where I was standing I hard every would he said to Nathan. Lilly- hey did you mean what you said to him about me being your girlfriend and that if he came near me that he’s going to be sorry. Ryan- yes I meant all of it that’s not how I was going to ask you to be my girlfriend but I guess now I can do it. Will you be my girlfriend? Lilly- yes I would love to be your girlfriend come lets go find Jess and Adam to tell them the good news. Ryan- ok lets go.

46: Lilly- hey jess I got some news to tell you Jess- ok Lilly- me and Ryan are dating he asked me to be his girlfriend after we ran into Nathan. Jess- oh how did that go and I’m so happy for you Lilly- Ryan told him to stop texting me don’t call me don’t talk to me and if he didn’t stop that he was going to kick his but. Jess- I see yea I would have said the something to him but coming from a guy it’s scarier and Ryan doesn’t joke around when it comes to his girlfriends. Lilly- yea I know I found that out like twenty minutes ago when he flipped on Nathan. Jess- yea but you always find the guys that are way too protective Lilly- yea I know but that’s ok I think I can get Ryan to not be so protective it’s just going to be very hard. Jess- yea I know but you can do it

47: Lilly- lets go get our boyfriends before they get them selves in trouble. Jess- yea lets go. Do you know which way they went? Lilly- I don’t but they couldn’t have gone far. Let go to the sporting good store that’s most likely where they are Jess- yea I think Adam said something about needing a new skateboard. Lilly- lets go then We walked up to the sporting goods store. I was right that’s where they where. Lilly- I walked up to Ryan and said hey baby what are you up to he jumped because I surprised him. Ryan- not much baby how did you guys know we where here Lilly because your guys where else would you be in the mall beside the arcade

48: Ryan- that’s true it’s sad we have only been dating for about an hour and you know me better then and of my ex girlfriends ever did Lilly- yea I try so what are you guys looking for? Ryan- um I don’t know really Adam had to come get something I just came for the walk. Lilly- I see so do you want to go to a different store? Because this store is boring to me but we could stay if you want. Ryan- yea we can leave so what store do you want to go to? Lilly- um lets go to the Disney store I need a new Samba stuff animal. Ryan- ok lets go. Let me guess you love the line king? Lilly- yea I do it’s my favorite Disney movie. Ryan- he said I see so let’s go

49: They walked to the Disney store. When they got there Lilly walked to the back of the store where she new the stuff animals where. They got to the back of the store Lilly walked over to the new samba stuff animal she looked at the price of it and put it back and started to walk away when Ryan stopped her. Ryan- hey where are you going? Lilly- it’s too much I can’t get it so let’s just leave Ryan- no you are going to get it because I’m buying it for you. Lilly- I can’t let you do that Ryan- Why not I’m your boyfriend and I want to buy it for you Lilly- ok you can buy it but I’m going to pay you back for it Ryan- no you won’t cause I won’t take the money it’s a gift for my girlfriend your not go to pay me back for what I am buying for you.

50: Lilly- ok fine I won’t pay you back. Ryan- I wouldn’t have taken it anyway. Lilly- yea I got that’s why I gave up on tiring too pay you back Ryan- ok lets get out of here and go do something else Lilly- ok we could go to the movies across the street if you want to. Ryan- yea that’s fine we can go to the movies. Lilly- what movie do you want to see? Ryan- it doesn’t matter to me what we see. Lilly- ok let’s go see Twilight Ryan- ok They walked over to the movie theater. Has they were walking they ran into Lilly’s dad. Lilly- hey dad Skyler- hey baby girl Lilly- what are you up to dad Skyler- nothing I’m going to meet your mother here she and I are going to the Padula’s house for supper.

51: Lilly- tell them I said hi even there son Skyler- ok but do you really want him to know you said hi Lilly- yea I do I have to get past it Skyler- I guess but what he did to you was wrong and I get your tiring to move on. That’s when he notices Ryan standing next to me. Skyler- hi my name is Skyler what your name is Ryan- my name is Ryan I am Lilly’s new boyfriend Sklyer- That’s good it’s nice to meet you I hope your treating my daughter well. Ryan- I am she a nice girl she deserves to be treat right. Skyler- at less someone sees it I just hope you don’t turn out like her last boyfriend Ryan- I won’t I promise I have hard a lot about what happen there I don’t see how anyone can treat someone like that.

52: Skyler- good I’m going to trust you for now but if you break it you won’t get it back. Ryan- I’m the same way. Ok now where going to go two years ahead to where Ryan and Lilly are sill together. Lilly- can you believe we made it this far | Ryan- yea I can because when I first meet you I new we were going to be together for the rest of our lives. Lilly- I’m so happy we made it and that where married Ryan- me to just the thought of you and I braking up back then really scared me.

53: Lilly- yea me to but everyone else new we would stay together forever. Ryan- yea I know I remember the one time I was with Adam and he said he seen has getting married. Lilly- yea I know but we got our happy end in the end. | They lived happily ever after. They end up having two kids a girl and a little boy. They couldn’t be happier and there friends and family are happy for them.

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