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Strange Love

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S: Caroline Cabral - Stranger Love T-4

BC: Thanks for readig my story

FC: Strange love

1: This book is for my cousin Larissa for helping me in the book and Lara for helping me in some difficult moments

2: My name is Carol and this is my story.

4: It was a cloudy morning; I was walking along the street when I saw this beautiful guy. I didn’t know anything about him but it was so fast, at that time I knew that he was the love of my life.

6: I had to talk to him, so that was what I did; I got close to him, and said: - Hi, what’s your name? - Rafael, and you? - Carol, how are you? - I’m fine and you? - I’m fine too.

8: When I didn’t know what else to say and was already regretted about starting that conversation

9: he asked me, unexpectedly: - What’s your number? - My number? – And in that moment my face changed the color beige to red, but I told him – 81834509, Will you call me? - Yes, I really liked you and I would be glad to call you.

10: I went home so happy that I couldn’t stop thinking about him. I laid in my bed just wondering how would it be when he call me and at night, I dreamed about it: In the dream he called me and said:

12: -Hi Carol, it's Rafael -Hi Rafael, how are you? -I’m fine and you? -Fine! -Listen, I want to meet you so much, can you come to my house? -OK, I want to meet you too. Which address? -It’s on 4th Avenue to May 5 home. I’m waiting for you in three hours, is it OK? -Ok, that’s fine, I’ll be there.

14: On the way to his house, I was thinking, he is amazing, and he is perfect. I love him. “ But when I arrived there it was the scariest house I’ve ever seen, it was like hell, everything was black and ugly, the stuff was old and the whole house stanks. I rang the bell and when he opened the door he was so pale, wearing weird black clothes, and smiling wickedly.

15: At that moment I could see my death. He came toward me, and I screamed!

16: I woke up so scared: -Oh, shit, it’s a nightmare! I said relieved. Or a sign, oh my God, it’s a sign, my new boyfriend isn’t human.- I thought.

18: This night after the nightmare, was a bad night, I couldn’t sleep, rolled from side to side and didn’t sleep! I was thinking, isn’t he the love of my life? Why? I feel the love in my body, and he likes me too.

19: And the nightmare, Is it a sign? I had several unanswered questions in my head, I was going crazy! All these wonderings took all night long and I didn’t sleep at all.

20: When finally came the morning, I was waiting so much for him to call me, I knew he might thought I was crazy but that didn’t matter to me, I was decided to ask him what was all that about.

21: The problem was that he didn’t call me, I waited all day and he just didn’t call me! I didn’t know what to do, I didn’t have his number. I was scared about him, but to live with that mystery was too scary for me.

22: The only thing that I knew was that I had to go until the end of that story. Would he never call me?

23: Then came the night , I always used to live by myself, but that night I had never felt so lonely when I realized that I had no one to have dinner with me. I lost the hunger and decided to go to bed, it had been a long day.

24: Then, in the middle of the night, I listened to my cell phone ringing, it was an unknown number but I answered, of course. I had waited for a call all day.

25: -hi carol, it’s Rafael -Hi Rafael, why you didn’t call me earlier? It’s so late now. -Sorry, I had so many problems today, but I wanted to talk to you so much -Sorry you had problems, what time is it now? - It’s 3a.m -Oh my god, I have to get up at 7 o’clock! - I said -Sorry again for calling you at this time, but, I missed you I wouldn’t sleep if I didn’t talk to you

26: -Oooh, you’re so cute, I don’t know why, but I love you so much, told him -I love you too Carol. He said - Is this true? - I asked -Of course! But now I’ll hang out, have nice dreams. He told me -You too, bye. I came back for my dreams, thinking about him. He was so lovely and cute, but the nightmare was still in my head.

28: On the other day, at 10 am, Rafael called me again, and I was so happy because now I had time to talk to him. -hi Rafael -Hi carol, how are you? -I’m fine, and you? -I’m fine too -Rafael, I would like to ask you somethingDo you like ghosts? -Yes, I like. But why this question now? -Hum and, do you live with ghosts?

29: -It’s impossible, ghosts don’t exist! -Maybe yes, maybe no - Carol. it’s impossible, please, cut it out! -No, it’s possible! Do you like them, yes? -Yes, but there is just old stories that people used to invent, and I think its funny you know? It’s just people imagination, ghosts are not real! It’s impossible! -But you can evoke ghosts, can’t you?

30: -Of course not! Oh my god Carol, why all this now? You’re really scaring me with all this questions. I don’t know everything about ghosts, all I know is that they don’t exist! What is it? Did you have a nightmare or something? - No, sorry. It is just curiosity. -Ok Carol, bye, I have to go to work now. -Bye Rafael

31: Ok, I invented some things on that conversation, like invokes ghost, it was ridiculous! Impossible! Or possible? Gee, I still had doubts, even after all those questions! Was the nightmare a sign or just things of my mind?

32: That night I had the same damn nightmare, but now Rafael killed me with a big knife. Than I woke up, all sweaty and with my heart racing. What would I have to do to get this thing out of my head? And it was a nightmare about Rafael again,it was worrying. All that day passed and Rafael didn’t call me. I was never very patient, I decided I'd better call him.

34: - hi Rafael, is Carol - Hi carol, how are you? - I’m fine and you? - I’m fine too! What a surprise, I’m glad you called me. - Yes, I wanted to talk to you. I hope you’re not angry at me because all those crazy things I asked you yesterday. - Forget about it Carol, I’m not angry. I like you just the way you are.

35: - You’re so cute! - Listen, why don’t you come to my house? I want to see you! It’ll be cool we can have a nice dinner. - I’d love to! What is the address? At what time? - Is 7pm ok? I’ll send you an e-mail explaining the address - Ok! -I’ll see you then. Bye Carol. - Bye Rafael.

36: It was almost 6pm, I had only an hour to choose some nice clothes, get my hair done and be at Rafael’s house. Almost impossible for a girl. But I was so excited! He’d been so nice with me. If it were anyone else, would think I was crazy and never answer my phone calls again. But he was different and I knew that. I was so crazily in love with this guy that in this one hour I just forgot about that awful dream.

37: His house was on a quiet street, it was dusk and there was a cold wind passing, messing up my hair.

38: Then I could see his house. It was beautiful and much bigger than my little house. when I opened the gate, It made that weird noise and I remembered about my dream. But I had to forget it, I was already at his house, and he was the nice guy who talked to me on the phone, not the wicked one from my dreams.

40: I rang the doorbell, and he opened immediately. He received me gently, but he looked different from what I remembered about him. He was paler actually, maybe he was just nervous, because I was there. He asked to me have a seat because he had a surprise for me. The sofa was very soft, despite being very old as I could see. Moreover, there were many antiques on that house for a around 20-year-old resident.

42: I was distracted looking the furniture, when he appeared from nowhere behind me. - Oh RAFAEL! That’s you! Dear God, you really scared me! - haha, you didn’t think I was I ghost did you? - That wasn’t funny at all! – I said, was he making jokes about me? - Let’s go, the dinner is ready!

43: When we arrived at the dinning room, it was so beautiful. He really had striven to please me. We had a great dinner that evening, the food was delicious and Rafael was showing to be very funny and nice.

44: But after we ate, I was waiting for him to bring the dessert When the whole house became dark. I felt a chill and when the lights came back he was there, behind me again. I screamed, but this time he didn’t make any jokes. I could see in his eyes that my Rafael wasn’t there anymore. His eyes looked really evil.

45: - Now I’m showing you the real surprise! - What are you talking about Rafael? Please stop, you’re really scaring me! - What’s wrong sweetheart? Don’t you like surprises? - No, I hate surprises! What’s going on? - Ok, you don’t need to get angry. Besides, it’s not really a surprise. I think you’ve seen it before maybe in your dreams.

46: Oh my God, this was not happening to me! At that time was like a flashback in my head.

47: Everything made sense now. I had fallen in love with that insane guy, who now I didn't even know if he was human or not, and I had just ignored all the signs that told me to get away from him. I felt like running away as fast as I could, but something made me stay, maybe the curiosity, to see how things were going to end:

48: - What are you going to do with me? - Don’t you remember your dream honey? Sorry, but you know my little secret, I have no choice but to kill you.

49: - What does that mean? How will you kill me, don’t you love me ? Did you lie to me? - I love you Carol, but you know my secret! - Oh my God Rafael! Are you really a ghost!? How? Why?

50: -One day I made this pact, and because of that I will be a ghost forever. I can’t die, but instead I have to kill everyone I love, and love you! -No! You can’t! Please Rafael, let me go! I will never see you again, I promise!

51: I tried to get away from him, but it was like he was everywhere. I tried to run as fast as I could but there was no way. My life had ended at the moment I saw him walking down the street in that cloudy morning.

52: When the time came, he took me in his arms. I could see the pain in his eyes, but that was the last thing that I saw. It was like suddenly my heart just stopped beating and all my cells have stopped working slowly.

53: Now I am this soul that roams around the world looking for sad love stories. My only joy after that, was to have found that soulless girl whom I could take the body borrowed so I can tell everyone about my sad story.

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