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Teddy and Natalie

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Teddy and Natalie - Page Text Content

S: Natalie and Teddy's One Year Anniversary

BC: P.S. | U | Kocham Cie | Te amo | Kimi o ai shiteru | Wo ie ni | Miluji te | Je t'aime | Ich liebe Dich | Ti amo | Tangsinul sarang ha yo | Tora dost daram | Ik Hou Van Jou | Miluji Te | Mahal Kita | Eu amo te | Te iu besc | Volim te | Seni seviyorum! | I Love You

FC: One Year Anniversary

1: Natalie, we've been together now for 365 days, or 8760 hours, or 525600 minutes, or 31536000 seconds. And every one of those seconds has been like a dream come true because I've spent them all with you. You make me smile like no other and bring happiness into my life. I can't imagine a world without you, so to save myself from that world, I plan to be with you forever. I'm so happy for our 1 year anniversary, and I know it won't be our last! Forever Yours, Teddy

2: I love you because: -We both love dane cook -We both think we're faster than each other -You always smell pretty -I never want to let you go -Your a runescape nerd :) -The way my fingers run through your hair -How such an amazing kisser you are -how such random things will provoke us to start making-out -of the way you look me in the eyes after we kiss -you got me hooked on The Office -everytime i think of you, I get a warm feeling inside -you make me feel like the most special guy in the entire world -your 250% straight lol -you call me "baby" and i love it! -you always know how to cheer me up -you are smarter than me because you study -your stunningly beautiful -you have the longest run-on sentences -we talk about such weird things -we fantasize about crazy schemes and plans -OF THAT EXPRESSION YOU GIVE ME AND I LOVE IT -I love it when you squint and smile which is similar to the expression that i love -we both want to adopt a fat asian baby -you help me escape your mom when she tries to give me food -your smile can bring me out of any mood no matter how unhappy i am -I always dream about you -I love it when hold me tight against you | -i can never get mad at you -I love it when you rub my back -I love it when you put your hands in my sleeves -i love it when we both look up after kissing to say i love you -we both open our eyes while kissing to see if the other one is opening their eyes -we can stay up till sunrise talking and still talk to each other -we both want to go into space -you don't laugh at my dreams of being an astronaut -you send me bumber stickers announcing your love for me -you like talking to me using 1337 speak -your awesome -your perfect in my standards -you get scared at night thinking about scary stuff that could happen -when I'm there and you think about scary stuff, you hold me tight and close -your sexy -you don't ruin moments unlike me -I never cease to think about you -you play the piano -when I hold you, all my problems seem to melt away -I could spend forever with you -you make me feel good -every night I wish we could fall asleep together with you in my arms -your stylish outfits -your fear that you'll get caught without a hallpass so we have to make one out of notebook paper -you have a hot and sexy body -i love your laugh -I love holding your hand -Most of all, I love you Natalie because your my everything!

3: You love me because: - you are so much like me - your really smart but you dont really brag about it - you really care about me - you bring me candy =] - i always have a good time when im with you - we could be anywhere and i would still be happy - i have the best dreams when your in them - i love it when you say "i love you" to me - i could be talking to you for hours and not get bored - i could spend forever in your arms - i dont even really have to think about these reasons as im typing them - your hot =] - your awesome - i can tell what your feeling just from looking at your eyes - i love it when you look at me with that "i love you so much" look - we both argue about stupid things - you are so amazing! - your a great kisser - you made me fall in love - you send me digital hearts - you make me laugh - you tollerate me and my bitchiness =] - you can always make me smile even when im having a really bad day - your always there when i need to talk to you | - you always smell amazing - i stay up really late thinking about you, and when i finally fall asleep in the morning your still in my thoughts - i love your smile - you make me feel good about myself - you always make sure im warm - i feel so safe around you - when your not around me i miss you so much, even if you've only been gone for a second - im crying right now because i realize how true everything im writing is - you always call me back when i hang up on you - you make fun of me in front of your friends and i get angry, but you dont really mean it and i know that and i love you anyway - no matter what im never trully mad at you - you are so cute when you want something from me - you call me "baby" and i love itt =] - you admit you want to be with me - the way you try to impress me (it often works) - your a nerd - you watch the office & love it! - you always know what to do or say to embarass me - the way you kiss me - the way you tell me that you love me after you kiss me - you stick up for me - you help me - you always listen to me - you make me feel so happy - even when im mad you hug me - the way you always put your arm around my shoulders - you are so amazing - you make me feel complete <33

4: Our first Date! I took you to see The Rocker! We had the whole theater to ourself, and some guy at the concession stand thought he knew me from basketball. It took me 3/4 of the movie, but I finally built up the courage to hold your hand! One of the greatest days of my life! | August 20th

5: Second Date at the Carnival I rode on the Ali-Baba with you and won you a tiger at Whack-A-Mole. I played that game because I knew I couldn't lose! I was too motivated to impress you. I walked you down the road and you gave me one of the best hugs I have ever gotten from you to this day and an amazing kiss on the cheek!

6: Third Date: Eurotrip Although I suggested against it, you insisted we watch Eurotrip. I was so nervous about kissing you that I didn't even pay attention to the movie. Finally, we kissed for the first time. (Although I failed a little bit) I also admitted to you my secret love for Zac Efron. | "What would you do if I kissed you right now?" "I would kiss you right back."

7: On this day, you officially became in a relationship with this kid! And this kid! | August 31 We went on a double-date with our favorite couple to Country Pizza. We went back to Rachel's house where Alex and Rachel were being creepers. We finally got to be alone and I asked you out!

8: September 17th Your 15th Birthday! I bought you glow in the dark stars which you still have today, and The Office: Season 4, from which I became addicted to. | What am I going to do with two toasters?

9: What am I going to do with two toasters? | Michael- Guess what? I have flaws. What are they? Oh I donno, I sing in the shower? Sometimes I spend too much time volunteering. Occasionally I'll hit somebody with my car. So sue me-- no, don't sue me. That is opposite the point I'm trying to make. | Andy- "Every little boy fantasizes about his fairytale wedding." | Michael- "Man I would love to burn your candles!" Jan- "You burn it you buy it!" Michael- "Oh good! I'll be your first customer!" Jan- "You're hardly my first." Michael- "THAT'S WHAT SHE SAID!" | Michael- Myth! Three Americans every year die from rabies. Fact! Four Americans every year die from rabies. | Dwight- Your heart is a wonderful thing, Michael, but it makes some terrible decisions. Michael- That's true. That's true. It has gone down the path many, many times. Jan, Ryan... | Dwight- Plus you can use the molten goose grease and save it in the refrigerator, thus saving you a trip to the store for a can of expensive goose grease. Jim- Wow, win win. | Michael- "Bros before hoes. Why? Because your bros are always there for you. They've got your back after your hoe rips your heart out for no good reason. And you were nothing but great to your hoe. And you told her that she was the only hoe for you. And that she was better than all the other hoes in the world. And then...then suddenly, she's not your hoe, no moe!"

10: We all remember Halloween, and how sexy I looked in those shorts, although you had a different opinion. Officer Iwanna B. Bad and Lieutenant Dangle patrolled the streets that night, chasing down fugitive gorillas and runaway bananas. I am never allowed to wear that costume again now. | Halloween | Cool Beans!

11: We went our to Ichiro for my birthday with Tyler and ever since then, you've been addicted to that hibachi restaurant. For Christmas, I wanted to buy you a gift that would stay with you forever so I bought you a heart necklace. This way, you would always have my heart with you wherever you may go. | December

12: We made strawberry pancakes together and I became a poet out of my love for you. We went ice skating and I only fell a couple times. I played you our song "Everything" to show you that you are my world Natalie, and that I will always love you. | Valentine's Day

13: "Everything" You're a falling star, you're the get away car. You're the line in the sand when I go too far. You're the swimming pool, on an August day. And you're the perfect thing to say. And you play it coy but it's kinda cute. Ah, when you smile at me you know exactly what you do. Baby don't pretend that you don't know it's true. 'cause you can see it when I look at you. And in this crazy life, and through these crazy times It's you, it's you, you make me sing. You're every line, you're every word, you're everything. You're a carousel, you're a wishing well, And you light me up, when you ring my bell. You're a mystery, you're from outer space, You're every minute of my everyday. And I can't believe, uh that I'm your man, And I get to kiss you baby just because I can. Whatever comes our way, ah we'll see it through, And you know that's what our love can do. So, la, la, la, la, la, la, la So, la, la, la, la, la, la, la And in this crazy life, and through these crazy times It's you, it's you, you make me sing. You're every line, you're every word, you're everything. You're every song, and I sing along. 'Cause you're my everything. Yeah, yeah So, la, la, la, la, la, la, la So, la, la, la, la, la, la, la

14: Future Vacations There are so many different places that we've promised to take each other when we're older. Some of these locations include: Jamaica, Las Vegas, Hawaii, Fiji, Los Angeles, Maine, and Egypt.

15: We've "watched" so many movies together, I can't even remember them all! But here's a list of those that I can remember: | •21 (favorite Vegas movie) •Superbad •The 40 Year-Old Virgin •The Truman Show (a lot of flaws) •Ocean’s 13 •Wanted •The Pianist •Eurotrip •Old School •Happy Gilmore •The Princess Bride (Westley & Buttercup) •Love Actually | •Hot Rod (2 legit 2 quit) •Forgetting Sarah Marshall •Across the Universe •The Notebook (via the phone) •Dan in Real life •Sweeney Todd •Taken •The Strangers (barely) •Watchman (unfortunately) •Austin Powers (yeah baby!) • P.S. I Love You

16: Ring Dance

17: Why You’re my Soulmate | Well to start we are two of a kind Always thinking the same thing It’s as if we share one mind | And I love you no matter what Even when you’re silly You could wear a pillow as a hat And I would still love you…really! | Your smile sets off a chain reaction Of love for you to whom which I’m attracted Whether you’re dressed as a pirate, sailing the seas I’ll always be with you; it’s just you that I need | So if you ever feel lonely Or just feel let down I’ll always pick you up Your Soulmate’s been found

18: April Fool's Day | You completely covered my car in post-it notes from which there are still remnants =) Alex also put my phone number on Craig's list as a porn hotline. Let's just say we got a lot of strange calls that day. Some from Alex...and others from heavy set black men. | "Ello! My name ish Olga. How many hours you want?" | The Office post-its of various colors

19: May 9th - The Killers Concert | As part of your Valentine's gift, you took me to see The Killers! They were amazing!

20: Prom! One of the best nights of my life! We got to rock out on the dance floor and get air brush tattoos. Best of all, I got to fall asleep with you in my arms that night.

21: We could so be in the Mafia

22: 4th of July Party | The Sound and the Fury (formally known as Ship Set Sail) played at your 4th of July party. | We got to pet a chinchilla, and you were trying to stab me with an Epipen because my arm was swollen.

23: The Beach

24: Having been with you for one year now, I've learned there are a couple things that I really shouldn't do again. Some of these things include: Spiking my hair, wearing very short shorts, tanning without sunglasses, and trying to act gangster. | Rethinking Some Things...

25: Strawberry | Blueberry | Peach | Yum Yums | We both love making food, especially with each other. I love cooking with you because it always tastes better when we make it together. | "If these pancakes are bad, it's not my fault. We didn't have any eggs!"

26: Natalie | You Are | Truly | The

27: To My | Love Teddy

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