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the everyday fairytale...

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BC: "A cinderella story..." is about Princess Cinderellas daughter growing up and getting married just like she did. Like mother like daughter is a good phrase to use when describing this story.

FC: A cinderella story... By: Rebecca Roberts Honors english 1 2nd period | "She didn't know what was going to happen, only that she trusted him.

1: Once upon a time there was a princess named Cinderella. As a young child, she never dreamed that her life would be the way it is now. She used to be the maid of her house and now she is the princess of a kingdom. | Although this sounds like a fairytale, it isn't even close to the true end of the story. The story as it is now starts off where another ended. Cinderella married her prince and they had a daughter that they named Lily. She was born with golden locks of hair like her mother and with the same the chocolate brown eyes of her father. She was beautiful and everyone in the kingdom came to see her. Some were friends, some were family, but most were strangers coming to offer gifts of joy to the new baby as well as new heir to the thrown.

2: As Lily grew older, so did her beauty. By the age of 13, she was the most beautiful in all the land. But as much as she wanted to be a princess and have a true fairytale | just like her mother, sometimes, she just wanted to stay a child forever. The more and more she wished this special wish, the more and more she felt it would come | true. One night soon thereafter, as she lay in her bed thinking about the wish, jus barely asleep, she heard a knock on her window. As she went to go see what it was, all she came to find

3: was a shadow. The only thing that she found odd about this discovery was that the shadow was of a young boy about her age of 13. At first she thought that she was just imagining things, | but when she turned to go lay back in bed, she came face to face with a boy in unique green clothing with green pointy shoes and pointy ears to match. As astonished as she | was, she still found the words to ask him what his name was. He responded, "Peter Pan". Once she had composed herself, they started talking about the reason why he was there.

4: As they comapred their stories, they felt a bond between the two of them. It was like a special friendship bond that couldn't be broken. After about an hour of talking, Peter decided to ask Lily to go with him to Neverland. Although Lily wanted to go, she had never heard of such a place before. Soon though, she made up her mind that she would follow him to this unheard of place. Before they left Peter told the young princess to think of something happy. Even though she wondered why, she did as she was told. Lily then closed her eyes and started to think of something happy. She soon felt wind beneath her feet and when she looked down, all she saw was her kingdom getting smaller and smaller.

5: them. When she told Peter, he automatically took her over and introduced them one by one. All were very antisocial except for one named Ursula. She was very friendly towards Lily and invited her to swim with the mermaids in that | Once they had entered the black hole, the night suddenly turned to day. One of the main things that Princess Lily first noticed was a pool of mermaids that were close to the shore. She, all of a sudden, felt compelled to go over and play with

6: specific pool. After an hour or two, Lily started to feel different. Not necessarily a bad feeling, just diffrent then what she had ever felt before. Very soon after her feet started to turn into fins. Unknown by Lily, this was all part of Ursulas plan. Next, the princess was led by Ursula to a cave guarded

7: by a shark and two electric eels. All three seemed to have a sly look on their faces but Lily thought nothing of it at first. Then, in a single instant, Ursula changed from a beautiful mermaid to an ugly horrible looking beast of the sea. | Lily was very scared but had hope that someone would come and save her. As Ursula was thinking of the next step in her evil plan, Lily saw a flash of red and thought her end was near but then out of the shadows popped out a beautiful mermaid that looked sweet, trustworthy and above all very familiar. While Ursula wasn't paying attention, the mermaid grabbed Lily, who was tied in the corner of the dark cave, and taken to the shore where she had once been before with Peter. Onec they arrived on land, the mermaid changed into a human just like Lily. The mermaid introduced

8: herself as Ariel, Princess of Atlantica. Automatically, Lily knew who the familiar looking face was! It was one of her mothers friends that she had heard so much about before. After Ariel figured out why Lily was in Neverland, she was taken back home where she belonged and would stay until she was married. When she arrived home, her parents, the prince and princess of the kingdom, were | pacing back and forth through the hallways of the castle awaiting for her arrival. As soon as she stepped inside she was surrounded with hugs and kisses from the ones that she cared dearly for in the world. As a present for returning home, her parents gave her a unicorn that would watch over her and protect her everyday. The princess was very thankful for the gift and took her new present for a

9: ride the very next day. While riding, she came across a trail that led her to a waterfall. Surprisingly, there she found a young prince who was just watching the water fall into the pool of water and make little ripples on the soft | surface of the water. She then introduced herself , as did he, and after getting to know each other for a little while, Lily was then invited to a ball hosted by rhe prince whos name happened to be Eric. Very excited, the young princess Lily ran home and straight away got started on her dress. But she could never do it alone, so with the help of her mothers mouse friends and a fairy godmother, she made the most beautiful dress ever worn by any person in all the land.

10: arrived at the ball, she was the most stunning person there. None of the other ladies were as beautiful and none of the men could keep their eyes off of her. Then suddenly she saw the prince who just as suddenly saw her. Their eyes then | On the night of the ball, she wore her dress, and a pair of lovely glass slippers that were just like her mothers on the night of her first ball. The princess rode in an exquiset carriage drawn by magnificent white horses. When she

11: met and they danced the night away. By the end of the night, they were truely in love and Prince Eric proposed to the princess. She said yes and they soon were marriedand lived there after in their own castle where they lived and loved for the rest of there days happily ever after. The End!

12: A Cinderella story is a story that is iironic in the way that you wouldn't expect Cinderella's daughter, Lily, to end up exactly like her mother by the end of the story. Not only did she marry a prince that she basically met at a ball but she also got a glass slipper and lived happily ever after. Another literary term that can be used to describe this short story is setting. In each adventure that Lily under went, it descibed the setting.

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