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The Imprudent Knight

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S: The Imprudent Knight

FC: The Imprudent Knight Short poems of love and loss VICTOR W.T. HIU

1: The Imprudent Knight Short poems of love and loss VICTOR W.T. HIU

2: © 2015 Victor W.T. Hiu

3: To Adelaine, who has always believed in me. For my Porcelain Doll, whose absence gave rise to these poems.

5: A Case of Night Sweet night, wake me when the day is done for So I could plunge into your arms and soar; The clouds are swagging across your murky dress— Their myriad crimes they wouldn’t confess! Least of them on rainbow and her embezzled gold, Now en route to some island with treasures untold... Your domain is one where dreams roam free But do wake me, or yield to this ransacking spree! 5

6: The Plaintiff’s Remark Dear poet, pray pardon the lawlessness of my estate, But since the last riot no one was to mend the gate; Though the stars stood guard their kinds have been shifty— Thanks to them I had to issue an increase in bounty! When you visit next don’t forget your magnifying glass, For in my exhibits there are items of undefined class Retrieved last summer near one of Guantanamo’s piers, Among them a pristine necklace from your lady’s tears... 6

7: A Call For Truce ...O night, cursed be you, for yours is a scheme most vile— Were your offenses to be numbered, the list would run a mile; The Book of Mem’ries isn’t meant to be read for pleasure, Yet on the stage of dreams you dealt it out as hard measure... You turned loss into a love scene, as only a jester could; You rejuvenated hope, but that doesn’t mean you should! Love is gone—don’t you know?—it’s time to take your last bow. We were there, remember? We can’t ever go back now. 7

8: The Lost Summer Summer came down the stairs And stalked about town; Summer arranged meetings in pairs With a cheeky frown. When she was urged to concede Summer sent my girl afar, And left me with a wretched need To seal my memories in a jar. “Ahoy there! Hath my love hither passed?” “Nay, sailor, not since summer last.” 8

9: From Horseback This end will not be the end alone— ‘Tis the splicing of the meek and bold So blades would foil the eleventh hour scaffold Under the high noon of a fiendish loan ...Her face burns with chastening tears As reproach disrobes the Queen of Lust... Just then a hand reaches down amidst spirited dust, Lifts her up, from horseback, slaying all fears. 9

10: Those Who Wait Under the arc of night perpetual Are you lying wide awake, Waiting for the silver-break To claim its triumph eventual? Are you one of those who weep Over fate’s betrayal upon entry; Beauty lost in gallantry; A wound that cuts too deep? Don’t you know that those who wait Will reap the fruits of suff’ring long?— Love distills in them a mourner’s song And then arrives—not a day too late. 10

11: Linda In a samba house party Linda meets the man she left Years ago—stalwart, tanned face with feminine eyes; His charming smiles work to conceal a heart bereft But his feminine eyes have betrayed his lies. They dance around the house in a choo-choo train As if 1994 never happened... until the music calms... Linda has moved on but to him Linda’s scent will remain The sweetest breeze under the Brazilian palms. 11

12: Rusty Hearts Waiting, I ache; I wait but for love’s sake. Dancing, the music wanes; We dance in the years’ remains: Yet we love, though our hearts rust; We love because we must. 12

13: Christmas Morning She sneaked back into the house With frozen hands ungloved and a smile that got me worried, Then like morning mist descending low to visit earth’s surface she kissed me. But I pretended to sip coffee, Secretly clinging to the momentary warmth on my cheek— Until I pretend again. 13

14: Are You Just A Face Are you just a face That beseeched my desires?— They were aching to find A land among empires Where milk and honey flow Through souls wearied and hollow. Or are you something more Than the face I adore?— Holding out a wavering beacon High up in your abandoned fort When no homing ships can be sighted Out in the darkening port! My yearnings grew muscle When I saw you by the ray; I meant to seize the castle, But why did I wait another day?— Until my strength was spent Before any could be lent! 14

15: Can a fair and beckoning lady Give a man his might— Or does his strength come from elsewhere, Teaching him how to fight? This much I know is true: The tower must fall for you. 15

16: A Lover’s Parade We talk and live but briefly and to the point Never swerving far enough to spill ourselves; Oh how we must ever so often spill ourselves— And not just to close friends in closed quarters But as lovers, perching elevated in busy squares— Might the joys of life then spout and spray To surging in billows, arresting angels at the floodgate And call forth heavenly music in tickles. 16

17: An Aria From Fairyland She sang of a world in its solemnity, Where dreams live and die on a condition, So you would know That Love is not to be taken for granted—not even once She sang of a world with its sublimity, That only when your free Imagination Is safely bestowed Can it capture her dream by its silver horn—in a dance. 17

18: Wait Another Day Wait another day, Your heart can bear the weight; Wait another lonely day, You don’t have to mark the date Of your love departing, Days in the sun are returning— They miss you just as much, And the way sand and skin touch. Wait another day, There’s no need to cry; Wait another rainy day, You’ll soon hang your tears out to dry, And your Gene Kelly shoes Will bring back those steps you loosed That fateful day by the Seine— If ever there’s more to give, you can. 18

19: But don’t wait another moment To break free from the torment That imprisons your smiles— People queue up for them for miles; Don’t wait another minute To live again, if you mean it, But then waiting really is a virtue— Why, it leads me to you! 19

20: Elusive Lady of Love The many faces that you wear, The smile on them that shed my cares, Made me think you were really there... Elusive lady of love The hope you bring when I’m lost, Those gleaming eyes I like the most, All disappeared like a ghost... Elusive lady of love You promised a better tomorrow, But all you delivered was sorrow; You didn’t mean it to happen, I know, Now I trickle teardrops on my pillow... So it is myself that I blame For playin’ this destructive game... From now on heartache has a name: Elusive lady of love! 20

21: Her Jimmy Boy She liked to call him her Jimmy Boy Though he was about two years older! Jimmy Boy loved her with all his heart— But then again he never ever told her. Whenever they entered the coffee bar Jimmy Boy would play her favourite tune, They’d order a regular apple pie for two, Rain or shine, every Tuesday afternoon. Jimmy Boy could make her laugh real hard With a tickle, when his jokes were in vain; And then one day he made her cry real bad She never wanted to see Jimmy Boy again... So he wrote her a long, remorseful letter, Hoping that she would somehow forgive him, And when her friend handed him her reply, All she had to say in it was, “Sorry, Jim.” 21

22: The Night Before I Died The night before I died... There were still a million things left to be done My work was in a constant state of incompleteness, My bank account had more money than I could spend in a day My gym membership was overdue My novel finally had a title but I still couldn't decide on what story to tell The night before I died... I stayed up all night Just thinking Imagining The possibilities of a different life Could I have been more brash in behavior Or less indulgent with hiding? 22

23: The night before I died... I hadn’t clung to the lips of a girl She had visited me countless times at night But her face kept changing each time I named her my Porcelain Doll because I was Tin Soldier I loved my Porcelain Doll with all my heart The night before I died... I was playing All The Things You Are My Porcelain Doll and I were gliding on the pool of my mind We rested from our gliding and took a walk She said to me, “Finally come tomorrow, morning will never again interrupt us.” She was referring to my promise to her granted the day I died. 23

24: I See You I see you tears withheld hopes clenched As you await the verdict of your trial I see you as who you are The day you escaped the world Then you retreat to being someone else as soon as you have verdict in your favour If only you knew that I see you— Though you escaped the world— How then would your soul be glad that its beauty at last is known Yet I see you So will I fight for you Though it exhausts all that’s in me to offer I will fight for you notwithstanding Because the reward of you finally seeing yourself as I do would be far greater than the torture of a million deaths to claim it 24

25: Chase after your false lovers I will in time conquer them— Because the groom has seen his bride The day you escaped the world. 25

26: Cecilia’s Dress Cecilia wears a dainty new dress For a lover she’s dying to impress, And as Cecilia hurries to town She makes all the ladies frown. ‘Cause Cecilia runs with such speed Her flowing dress the boys heed— They thank that in Cecilia’s haste Her symmetry doesn't go to waste. As Cecilia reaches her rendez-vous In the middle of a bustling zoo, She spots from a distance her honey pie Who wears a lovely, big blue tie. Gaily he waves at his Cecilia dear Whom he hasn’t seen for one full year; And now he’s set with a poem and a rose, To Cecilia he’s going to propose: 26

27: “Cecilia, Cecilia, I must confess That is really one beautiful dress, But if you don’t mind me saying— Even the chimpanzees are staring!” 27

28: Backseat Smooches When they were young Only bank managers had cars He worked for no bank but Flew her in his carousel of clotheslines And gave her heart wings Then their son took over the wheel And invented the backseat smooches He awakened the dead manager’s ghost And took a dip in life’s roller coaster With his barren soul. 28

29: The Imprudent Knight At the sight of her beauty He leapt, kicked sand, and charged to her rescue— At the sight of her he fought With passion but not a sword! First blow landed on his face Where a helmet could have replaced disgrace; The second was planted right in his centre Where there was no breastplate as cover; Numerous other left bootprints on his behind— That shall serve as an achy remind! 29

30: Roses A balcony full of roses Is like your sweet love for me. They smile and astound, Blush when they are admired, Tenderly holding my breath. Then one day in all suddenness The roses I no longer see. Since you are not around The flowers grow sad and tired, And they miss you to death. 30

31: Sleep Well in Saigon In town they call you river-goddess. Your nose is the narrow cliff of their life source. The dripping faucet bids you home to the river... Your place is in this sun-baked room made of our liquid love. Your dark unruly hair makes the lawn of our bed fragrant. Your limbs are collapsed towers accepting a delicious fate. I eat and drink you for all these days that you let me. Now I cannot go back to earthen food or water. Your voice is a small house that I can live in, Your lips the swift portal of a labouring man’s bliss. I enter your voice through your lips and sleep well in Saigon, In the afterglow of a slumber I never wake from. 31

32: What I Have Left To Live For What I have left to live for Since you’re gone Is just the memories of your warmth That passed through my hands, My arms, my body; What I have left to live for Now that I’m all alone Is just the ghost of your smile Lighting up the dark corners of this room. What I have left to live for Everyday since you left Is to stand on the street we used to walk, Hoping you would suddenly appear The next time I look up; What I have left to live for Cannot fill up the hole you left When you took my heart away In the deep of an unfinished refrain. 32

33: I could pretend that nothing happened When someone asks me about you, Saying you’re just a fleeting romance. But if my heart had a say, Knowing what’s true, It would cry out your name again and again Till it breaks into a million shattered pieces... What I have left to live for Now and evermore May not be quite the same as before; What I have left to live for, Unless you reappear at my door, Would be all that I draw each breath for. 33

34: One Week Strange that a fire kindled my heart, And it has been one week since; Across terrains my soul did chart— O heart, hail to Love’s crown Prince! 34

35: I Take A Walk Outside I take a walk outside And wish you by my side. Nothing seems as gray As when you’re far away. Come back into my dreams And mend their broken seams. Long before robins sing You're my first hint of spring. 35

36: Questions To A Lover Dear Poet, you are not a sonneteer by trade, But by the way you love you might as well be; Your love is hidden in the swift Everglade, Away from fading eyes that are not meant to see. Do you want to tell the world how you worshipped, Of the distance you travelled just to true love taste? But the world is not prepared for a love so chaste And a bedtime story in such sorrow dipped. How did you do it?—tirelessly you seemed to rise From culminating deaths that attacked by night, When food and spirit were ever low in supplies— This cannot be, but are you also a Knight? Was there a lost secret we do not know of That kept you in the battlefield and the king’s court? Tell us now, even of a haven thereof; Have your eyes seen the city of gold?—love’s Free Port! 36

37: Answers (And More Questions) From The Lover Kind Sir, you would not have asked me such things If you have yourself in the Valley parched; But my burdens were fastened on saintly wings When all my eyes could see were dead souls that marched. If I were a Knight who gallantly slays, My deeds would have been told—no, I’ve seen my days Through the baptism of utmost Betrayal From heartbreak of death that drank wine from gall! And what of my service before comrades and lords? If love summons, would you not die by blade or quill (You may not find courage now, but then you will)— To meet lies with Truth with no thought of rewards? I bear no secret that has not been revealed— Unless streams can return to brooks they flow wherefrom! Do you still suspect I have a pouch concealed? Hear now: Joy may wane and Love bereave; Hope will come. 37

38: Young Lovers For Life Twenty years he’s lived, The last five loved the girl who’s been In and out of his twenty. Day their carriage fell, she whispered She’s glad to die by his side, then His arms felt like wings taking flight... When he had just turned nine, he said At the end of a swinging-rope, “Just don’t let go!...” And she never did. 38

39: There Is Danger In Love There is danger in love, and it lies in the will Of one so drunk in the rumour of greatness That love is enlarged and all its bridges burned, Not knowing nor ever allowing a lesser life resumed; Yea, I once trod a realm of desires so defined Where men were perceived as lost in the submission To love’s wildest demands, slaving and encountering, Only to be strangely cited for gallantry unknown By a fearsome order completely distant and familiar, Rising against fortified walls of condemnation. But let me be drunk in love than sober in safety Or wade in heaven’s marsh than stride in hell’s atrium! For what joy is there in love if it cannot be Paid in death?—My love is dead until it dies in love! Why does man favour security over the hope of triumph?— Would he not court the danger that is love so that What makes love glorious also befits its pursuit? If a morbid fall comes in the stead of glory, What of it? Tell me love is too small to fight for And you shall hear the last of it. Love mayn’t be all— But all that one seeks to venture in pure love shall Withstand all; still love desires all, and shall Consume even hearts that day and night bleed sulfur, And in the face of all odds be made complete. 39

41: About the poet Born under the tropical shades of Malaysia, Victor was raised by a town beauty and a civil servant to be a wealthy industrialist but ended up a religious zealot and a penniless romantic. Graduated with a degree in Australia, his affair with the land continued and eventually led him to nest in beautiful Melbourne, where he now engages in writing the great Australian novel. The Imprudent Knight was among the first unruly poems penned when Victor discovered poetry in him; the fruits borne since have yet to shake the world on a sweeping scale but have unfailingly provided him with an outlet of expression and a healthy dose of self-loathing.

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