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The Merchant of Venice

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FC: The Merchant of Venice Jon, Kasey, Jonathan, Anthony

1: Table of Contents | Characters 2-6 Settings 7-9 Theme 10 Plot 11-13 Quotes 14 Synopsis 15

2: Antonio | Antonio is a wealthy merchant from Venice. With all his treasure ships sunken at sea, he has no money to pay Shylock with, after he borrowed a loan from him for Bassanio to go to Belmont.

3: Portia | Portia is a young heiress from Belmont. She cannot shoose who she wants to be with because of her father. She wants to be with Bassanio but he must pass her fathers test before they can be together.

4: Jessica | Jessica is Shylocks daughter. She wants to be with Lorenzo. She runs away with him without her father knowing and is married to Lorenzo.

5: Bassanio | The story is basically centered around Basannio and Portia. Basannio is a young man from Venice. He cannot find love but knows who he wants to be with which is Portia. He passes her father's test of choosing the correct chest and marries Portia.

6: Shylock | Shylock is a money-lending jew whose business was lending money and charging interest for its use. He lent Antonio a loan for Basannio to go to Belmont. He makes a deal with Antonio that if he doesn't get pay from him that he will cut a piece of Antonio's flesh.

7: Settings | Venice The city in which the main characters Antonio, Bassanio, and Shylock hail from.

8: Belmont The city/residence of the young heiress Portia and her maid Nerissa.

9: The Courthouse Where Antonio's fate is to be determined. Also where Portia and Nerissa act as lawyers to save Antonio's flesh from Shylock.

10: Theme | It is important to be a loyal and helpful friend. Ex: Because Bassanio does not have the money to go to Belmont to be with Portia, Antonio, who has good credit, gets a loan from Shylock for his friend Basannio to go to Belmont. Along with this Antonio risks giving his flesh if the money somehow cannot be payed back.

11: Plot | Introduction Antonio, Basannio, Solanio, and Salerio are introduced in the city of Venice. Basannio wants to marry Portia. And Portia (from Belmont) speaks of him as being the only man she'd ever been interested in marrying. Rising Action Bassanio wants to go to Belmont but does not have the money. Portia wants to marry Basannio but cannot choose because of her father (who is dead). She can only marry the man who chooses the correct chest which will reveal a picture of her. Antonio borrows money from Shylock for Basannio but now owes Shylock money.

12: CLimax | With so many men coming to choose correctly to have Portia, she becomes more anxious for Basannio to arrive. Antonio's ships with his treasure are sinking at sea and he now has no money. Basannio and Portia were married after he chose the correct chest, along with Nerissa and Gratiano. Lorenzo has ran away with Jessica, Shylock's daughter. Portia sends Basannio with money to save Antonio's flesh from Shylock.

13: Falling Action | Portia and Nerissa act as lawyers defending Antonio. Because shedding blood was not in the bond between Shylock and Antonio, Shylock could not cut Antonio. Because he refused money he could not take it since he demanded for Antonio's flesh. He broke the law by seeking the life of a citizen. They let him stay alive with half his wealth going to Antonio and half reduced to a fine. | Denouement Back in Belmont, all the couples live happily ever after Portia and Nerissa reveal what they did and what happened.

14: Quotes | "Some men are known for their wisdom because they keep quiet. But if they spoke, they'd be called fools like me." Gratiano "I like not fair terms and a villain's mind." "Mislike me not for my complexion, the shadow'd livery of the burnish'd sun." "It is a wise father who knows his own child." "All that glisters, is not gold." "Ships are but board, sailors but men. There be land-rats and water rats, water thieves and land thieves."

15: Summary | Bassanio wants to go to Belmont and marry Portia but cannot afford it. Portia wants to marry him but he must first choose the correct chest with her picture in it. Antonio borrows money from Shylcock for Bassanio to go, but after his treasure ships crash at sea, he now has nothing to pay Shylock with. After Basannio and Portia are married she gives Basannio the money to pay Shylcok with to save Antonio.

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