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The Story

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FC: The Story

1: Once upon a time there was a boy named Jonathan Blair and a girl named Jennifer Johnson. One day two of their mutual friends decided they would try their hand at match-making. Guess who the victims were? You guessed it, JB and JJ. Soon the plan was into action and Jonathan and Jen met. They hit it off right away.

2: But, Jen was no easy catch. She was part of an impenetrable group called “The Unicorns.” Many a valiant man had been turned down by their “goalie” maneuvers (shut-downs). However, Jonathan really liked Jen and did not give up easily. To show his fervor, he crossed a scorching desert, slew a fierce dragon, and retrieved a magical pot of gold just to win the maiden’s favor. And win Jen’s favor he did, but not entirely. There was still more to earn over time.

3: They sent many messages back and forth, until he finally got her phone number. The more Jen found out about Jonathan, the more she liked him. From then on they talked on Tuesday’s (you know, whenever sometime is…) for hours on end. Jonathan drove all the way to Graceville sometimes too, just to see her.

4: One night he followed Jen home because she was very sleepy, and he made sure she arrived safely. Every minute of those Tuesday’s and extra sometimes were wonderful.

5: Later on they agreed to swap songs that they had written. Jen played hers on the piano and Jonathan played his on the guitar. While Jonathan was singing and playing out on the dock by the lake, Jen realized that she was falling in love with him, and she hardly knew what to do. They started seeing each other a whole lot more after that night. Tuesdays turned into Fridays, Saturdays, and sometimes Sundays as well. There was Bible study at the Mark, going to see Iron Man, swinging on swings at the park, watching Brian Regan and Tim Hawkins, and the list goes on…

6: Before they knew it, the time came for Jen to go back home for the summer, which meant the start of “The Silence” had come. “The Silence” was an undetermined amount of time to think and to pray about all that had transpired in the recent months, and to think about whether or not to move forward. Doesn’t sound like much fun for those two does it now? Well, it wasn’t. | They really didn’t want to say goodbye. But Jen had prayed that she would only fall in love once, and that it would be with the man she would marry. She wanted to make sure that this could really be it. She was a little behind the game. Jonathan had already made up his mind long before that. He didn’t need “The Silence,” and he had a pretty good idea what she was going to decide.

7: Finally, Jonathan got a call from the girl who had made up her mind that she was going to jump.

8: They met up again at Walker and Amanda’s wedding.

9: That weekend he helped her move into her apartment and met her parents. Jonathan spent most of the day with her dad in Walmart. He told him of his interest in dating Jen, and her dad gave him the go ahead.

10: It all felt like a dream. Soon they were dating “officially.” It was Jen’s first boyfriend. Needless to say, they liked each other a lot. | Several weeks later, Jonathan held Jen's hand for the first time

12: One night Jonathan decided to surprise Jen with a picnic date for her birthday. He had sandwiches, brownies, and sparkling grape juice in a basket. They ate dinner by the bon fire, wrapped up in blankets and gazed at the stars. | It was perfect.

13: After a while he asked, “So, how much longer do you think you can put up with me?” Jen said that she hoped at least a good while. Jonathan wanted to know how long that was, but Jen wasn't quite ready to say what she had been thinking. Finally, she said, “That depends on how long you want it to be…” He said, “How serious of an answer do you want?” She replied that he could be as serious as he wanted. “Well," he said, "I was hoping (pauses)…at least (pauses)…for the rest of our lives…” She said that she was very ok with that. They both smiled and Jonathan let it rest at that.

14: They enjoyed their time together.

15: They went to the Peanut Festival, had fun with friends, and spent time together hanging out at the Blair house, and such.

16: Days turned into months and soon it was Christmastime. Jen drove to Graceville after Church one Sunday. Jonathan picked her up and they went to his grandmothers, met the family, ate at O’Charlie’s, and watched the Black Night at his house. They enjoyed the rest of the night curled up on the couch—their favorite spot.

17: Jonathan told Jen that he liked her “a lot and then some.” Jen laughed and asked what the “and then some” was. He said he’d tell her someday. | Later he dropped her off at her apartment. As they we were saying goodbye (hugging and such), he said, “Alright, well tell me when you want to know what the ‘and then some’ is…” Jen said, “Ok, well right now would be good…” Then he said, “I love you.” And she said that she loved him very much too. Jen fell asleep with a huge smile on her face, and her head in the clouds. It was the best Christmas ever.

18: Valentines Day was even better. Jonathan picked up Jen’s favorite dish from her favorite restaurant, and brought it back to the house for a nice, secluded dinner. The best part was when he played Jen a song that he wrote for her. It was one of her dreams come true.

19: A couple months later, Jonathan was able to come and visit Jen's family. They celebrated Robbie's birthday and enjoyed a wonderful day in St. Augustine.

20: By the time July 16 rolled around, Jonathan and Jennifer had been dating for a whole year. Jen had been wondering if they were going to do something special, but Jonathan hadn't said anything much about it. | Little did she know that Jonathan had planned a surprise visit to her house. That Wednesday he showed up at her front door! The next day they explored MOSH, visited Treaty Oak, and ate a fantastic (and expensive) dinner at the Chart House on the St. John's River.

21: As they were walking by the river, Jen told Jonathan that she was so glad he came. He said, "How could I just sit back and let the day that marks the best year of my life go by just like any other day?" | Truly, it had been the best year of both of their lives. So, how does the story end for these two? Well, it doesn't really. It's just begun, and who knows what God has in store for the many years to come...

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