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The Story Of Us - Tom & Rachel

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The Story Of Us - Tom & Rachel - Page Text Content

S: The Story Of Us - Tom & Rachel

BC: to be continued...

FC: Tom & Rachel | O U R S T O R Y

1: I have | been writing | Two | Different Stories; | My Own | Tales | & | The Story | Of | Us

2: about us | Tom Viccaro | February 13th, 1993 | Blue | Video Games & Writing | Ambitious | Artistic | Easy-Going | Game Of Thrones | Danger - Etro Anime | Hot Fuzz

3: Rachel Fikslin | April 16th, 1994 | Green | Singing | Energetic | One Of A Kind | Loving | Life of Pi | My Love - The Association | Thumbelina

4: H O W W E M E T | The first time we met was at the cast party for, "You Can't Take It With You." After that, you came over with Amy, and eventually I asked you to go to formal with me, passing you in the hallway. I met your Dad first at the Mayor's Cup game, when you sang the national anthem and we beat Valley. | January 29th, 2010 - Our first "date" together, and our first time making pizza. It's a good thing we didn't burn it! Surprisingly, this was even before the Mayor's Cup Game. | O U R F I R S T D A T E

5: O U R F I R S T K I S S | Our first kiss was in Wollman Rink, in Central Park, NYC. The entire time I told you we were going to a surprise. When we got there, it was freezing cold winds, and we got hot chocolate with whipped cream. Afterwards, we climbed to the top of the rocks in Central Park and had our first kiss, walking next to the duck pond nearby. | Unlike most couples, we didn't use, "I Love You," very much, but when we did it was for a good reason. It was the first time we had slept together, while we were down the shore at Mike's house. Everyone thought I was asleep, and started drawing on me in my sleep. You took the opportunity to write, "I Love You," on my neck. | F I R S T I L O V E Y O U

6: It all started at the end of January. We started talking after the casting of the musical. Remember, "Team eXtreme Ensemble!"? You were the only one to hang out with me! We made pizza together on a snowy January day, and soon after I surprised you by asking you out in Wollman Rink & with our first kiss. | The Beginning

8: At the Ice Vault | Meeting Your Dad | Winning The Mayor's Cup | Mayor's Cup Game | The 1st Month

9: The first month of us was packed with events. We were already inseparable from the start. These two pages are only 2 weeks of memories! From the Mayor's Cup Game to blowing out my birthday candles with you and Doug. Speaking of which, we still haven't gotten to Valentine's Day. | At the Hypnotist - GC Got Hypnotized | Celebrating My Birthday

10: Again, I wanted to give you a big surprise. This time, I decided to do it on the front oval in front of the High School. I had you close your eyes, all the way to the middle, and gave you your heart necklace, that you still wear to this day. | Valentine's Day 2010 | .............................................. | Our First To Many

11: At the end of February was the Murder Dinner Improv Night. Pulling a "Tarzan and Jane" moment.

12: March 2010 | ................................ | How Time Flies | Our first couple of "Month-A-Verseries" were all really excited. For our 2nd Month together, we went to the Ferris Wheel inside Palisades Mall. Then, we had your Cabaret Night in the Commons with the Chorus.

13: Formal was such a blast. We were new dating, we were extremely excited, and we both got dressed very nice. Your dress was perfect, and so was the entire night. From taking thousands of pictures in my living room to the party bus ride to Dangerfield's, it was a wonderful and memorable night.

14: Remember where it all started? The cast party for the drama, "You Can't Take It With You." We started talking after the casting of "Little Shop of Horrors," and hung out through the Facebook group I made for the ensemble. From real motorcycles to a massive puppet, it was a wonderfully fun production.

15: Little Shop Of Horrors | ........................................... | 3.25.2010 | Our first Musical together. We were both a part of the ensemble, which gave us plenty of time to hang out with all of our friends, and even to color in the back hallway during the show!

16: Rachel's 16th Birthday | ......................................... | April 16th, 2010 | April 2010

17: Was this your birthday? I'm still not sure when it is. But seriously, while you were in Punta Cana with your friends, I worked on creating a giant piñata for your birthday. The video shows all of the rest. Later in April, you came to our Improv fundraiser at Positano's.

18: May 2010 | The Spring Concert. It was Erica's last choir concert. I remember watching from the audience and being pleasantly surprised by how fun the concert was. | When we first started dating, we had our freedom to start when I got my license. And when I got my car, we were together even more. | First Car | Spring Concert

19: Hey, remember when Anthony and Rachel dated? The girls made cookies while we were playing, "Western Game. | After the spring musical, people from the musical joined together to fundraise with Broadway Night. | Broadway Night | Remember This?

21: Memorial Day Weekend | Our first, "I Love You." It was while everyone thought I was sleeping, you took the opportunity to write it beneath my ear, and whisper, "I Love You," for the first time. | .............................................. | 5.31.2012

22: June 2010 | ................................ | A Lot in 1 Month | Going through this month, we did a lot with our summer. From Wayne Day and playing with your Dad, to the Central Park Summer Stage Jazz Festival, there was a bunch of fun stuff we did!

23: And there was even more! We ran in the rain together, started studying for AP testing, and watching you play with Kevin Edelson and the rest at WayneStock 2010.

24: July 2010

26: ......................................... | Our 6-Month-A-Versary | August 6th, 2010 | August 2010

27: Half of a year we had spent together by now. It felt like we did so much in such little time. For our 6 Months, we had a picnic...inside. It was the best sandwiches I had ever tasted that you made! I got you Big Bird for our 6 Month. I was originally going to get the life-sized version, but it would be bigger than you!

28: Field Hockey started back up again, with a new school year. You had a fantastic season, as one of the top scorers! And best of all, this was before they had the silly face guards so we could see your face and bright yellow mouthpiece.

29: September 2010 | ........................................... | Beginning A New School Year | We just started to finish up our summer, swimming at Doug's Mom's house, and getting dressed up to go to the Grand Lux Cafe at Garden State Plaza.

30: Face Painting | Playing With Kevin | Carving With My Pumpkin | October 2010

31: October together felt more like Summer than Fall. We both played at the Elk's Lodge. You played with Kevin and Giancarlo and I played "The Thong Song," together. We carved pumpkins, dressed Champ up, and you got to hang out with your friends. | You With Your Friends | Champ Dressed For Halloween

32: ......................................... | Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade | November 25th, 2010 | November 2010

33: I finally found our McDoanld's Dinner Date! We went to the Dollar Store, bought all a Candle, Plastic Fancy Cups, and a Tablecloth. The guys acted as our servers and got our three courses for a fancy dinner. Everyone around looked at us, and some people even complimented us on it!

34: There's nothing better than Christmas time, especially sharing it with your partner for the first time. From baking cookies, to my first directed show, and of course not forgetting Christmas itself, December 2010 was a perfect way to cap off the year. | December 2010

36: We spent New Years Together that year, getting dressed up and going to Dan's house before heading over to Connie's. | We went to the golf course on Parish Drive and created our own ramps out of snow. We sledded the entire day, from morning till sunset, and you wore your retarded hat that I got you from Christmas! | Sledding | New Years | January 2011

37: There was also an NHS Tricky Tray and the choir that you and Dana Poalillo did together. Look at the way Jesse has changed over the years! | At the Barn Theater Desiree invited both Caitlin Jamros and you to dance in her show. | Dancing With Desiree | Choir Concert | February 2011

38: Every February we have a huge celebration. We have our Anniversary, my birthday, Valentine's Day, and my Grandma's Birthday! We both exchanged gifts, you gave me the book and I asked you to prom through LittleBigPlanet 2. | Anniversary, Birthday, Valentine's Day!

40: March was packed with events too! We had your formal together, sang, "Summer Nights," at Cabaret Night, and more. | March 2011 | .............................................. | Formal and More

41: Apparently we had a cooking kick too during March! We cooked our Chicken and Peas, Mac & Cheese, as well as cupcakes! And you got a great shot with your Dad.

42: April was too packed to even contain it all. We put on one of the best shows, "Once On This Island," saw "Memphis", went to Atlantis in the Bahamas, had your Birthday Bash, and went for Aunt Barb's 50th birthday (Zack's Party) at the laser tag place! | April 2011

43: Rachel's 17th Birthday | ........................................... | 4.16.12

44: Dressed For Latin | Choir Concert | Mrs. Palomba | May 2012

45: June was the capstone to it all. Prom, down the shore together, Graduation, and "A Lep Is A Ball," playing at WayneStock 2011. | June 2011 | ..............................................

46: The start of summer before I headed to College. We had my graduation party with a specialized Captain America cake, we went on a date with our principal Dr. Beckerman and my parents, and we tried our hand at making spaghetti-gumdrop towers, except with marshmallows. | July 2011

47: August 2011 | ........................................... | Right before I left for college, I came down to Lavallete for vacation with you and your family. Even my parents came down to visit too.

48: Off To College! Anthony and you helped move me in for the first time. We talked on Skype each night, and I came back for Greg's Wedding, and my first time going to a wedding, which was wonderfully fun. | September 2011

49: October 2011 | We traded off visits. You came first to Boston, even while being Captain for Field Hockey. And of course, when I come to visit, it snows on the 31st, the only time that Winter.

50: Even as every month went by, there was never a shortage of fun. From staying with me at Radioshack to get my iPhone 4S, to eating at "Top Of The Hub," to making the podium for the Vabatto Awards Dinner, and even seeing the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade, November was packed! And you still liked me despite, "No Shave November." | November 2011

52: You already know what's coming up. The most wonderful time of the year. December 2011: Christmas, New Years, and more. I had a full month back home with you, and we didn't skimp out on having wonderful times together, and making wonderful memories.

53: December 2011 | ........................................... | Most Wonderful Time of the Year | Christmas Choir Concert, All-Star Game, Skating at the Frog Pond in Boston, going to the Radio City Christmas Show with Anthony and Lisa, and of course, Christmas. And i got you flowers this time!

54: ......................................... | Back To College! | After Dinner With Aunt Roseanne and Uncle Freddie, and a packed December Break, it was back to college! | January 2012

55: February again, and again it was time to celebrate Valentine's Day, my birthday, and my grandma's birthday. We went to Max Brenner's and dipped fruit in Chocolate fondue. And I didn't even remember I made a scrapbook for you before! You wrote an original song, and later when I visited back home we cat-breaded Jill because of Jimmy Kimmel. | February 2012

56: March 2012

58: Even when we were separate, we both had our own exciting lives. You had the Fashion Show with Eddie in April, and cut your hair short afterwards! I came home to blow out candles with you for your 18th Birthday. | April 2012 | .............................................

59: I was back from College, but you were still having a busy life with school! We celebrated my Mom's Birthday, saw the Zerbini Circus dyed belated and mutated Easter Eggs, and you finished two choirs! | May 2012

60: Now it was time for you to finish High-School too. For just $1.50, you were able to get a Prom dress! We went down the shore together, and soon enough, you had graduated too! | June 2012 | .............................................

61: I had been out for 2 months at this point, but you just finished High School! I started the Okabashi Challenge, you had your Graduation Party, and we went to the Dine-In Theater. | July 2012

62: Both of us were working during the Summer, you were Baby-sitting and I was a Receptionist. In August, we filled our weekends with all of the events we missed, like Emerald Point, and right before you left we spent an entire week together in Ireland! You'd think we would get tired of each other, but we had so much fun! | August 2012

64: friendship | Through thick and thin, I know you, and most importantly, I know us. Even at the end of a long day, we find a way to make things fun. We find a way to laugh it off. We find a way to make every day the best day. I can't explain how much fun I've had with you Ray. It's been such a blessing to know you, let alone be your partner through the years. There is nothing like our pure, true, and loving relationship.

65: Rachel, you've given me some of the best years of my life, and the fondest memories to match. I know that we will have many more years filled with love and happiness, both for us and those around us. The times and places may change, but we will always stay happy and filled with life. I love you Rachel. We have many more years ahead of us, and even more stories to tell. But for now, the Story Of Us is...

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