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The year that flew past

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The year that flew past - Page Text Content

S: The days that have flown by.

FC: A year that flew Away

1: LOVE BIRDS | Love is patient, love is kind. It does not envy, it does not boast, it is not proud. It is not rude, it is not self-seeking. It is not easily angered, it keeps no record of wrongs. Love does not delight in evil, but rejoices with the truth. It always protects, always trusts, always hopes, always perseveres. Love never fails.

3: Romantic love is mental illness. But it's a pleasurable one. It's a drug. It distorts reality, and that's the point of it. It would be impossible to fall in love with someone that you really saw. -- Fran Lebowitz

4: happy times

5: I believe that I resemble alot like Lucy from the peanuts gang. It's just I'm so restrictive in terms of love and I just have my own babbling thoughts whether you listen to me or not. And since you do listen to me that's most certainly why we argue all the time over the phone. I never know what I'm talking about when it's in terms of love. You Derek make me a hopeless lover and I blame you for making me so hopelessly in love with you.

6: “I love the fact that you still love me after I steal your food.”

8: Food has always played a huge part of our relationship. Most times when you're angry it's because your hungry. Most times when I'm upset I just need a piece of steak. I remember the months that you had left me for Marie and how dearly I wished I had you around to eat steak. When eating with you, for some reason everything tastes better. I also remember the days where you ate nothing but junk food and dear me your skin and health was really bad back then. I also remember eating at Sahara for the first time and how we had the prawn pizza and already my stomach is grumbling as I reminisce the juicy, juicy prawns on that delicious pizza. Another fond memory is how you never use to touch the fat of pork and how you would cut out the most precious part of bacon because you believed it was taboo to eat bacon with the fat attached. You're palate has changed ever so much during these two years and I am so proud of you for always eating things that I leave behind, especially when it comes to yum cha! We should really go again sometime soon it was just too much fun watching you eat everything like a pig!

11: derek says: most girls come off a production line Karen says: OI WE NEED TO GO YUM CHA derek says: you came off the slaughter line for pork Karen says: ... derek says: i picked you, just before they went *zingggg* across your neck HAHAHAHAHA Karen says: O_O

13: I love how we call each other names and I love it when you cook me breakfast. I hate when we argue and I hate when I feel so insecure about everything. There's so many things I love about you but equally there are just as many things I hate about you. Time has flown in front of me and two years of my life has been pretty much spent with you. There's so much i wish I could have from you but sometimes I know it's a far cry. I don't know if in the future we'll be married with kids and that's possibly why I'm so eager to go to a fortune teller. I just want to know that I'm not wasting my time with someone who potentially isn't looking for what I'm looking for and I don't want to spend the rest of my life alone. If only I could just read inside your head, I'd love to know if you really do love me the way you say you do. I also want to know whether you would be able to give up everything and anything for me. But like I said it's a far cry and so I cherish the moments we spend together now.

14: "I am proud to be called a pig. It stands for pride, integrity and guts." - Ronald Reagan

15: Dubbed The PIG

16: "lucky i'm in love with my best friend" | Have there been times where life kicks you in the balls and all you want to do is hide from everyone and anyone in society? Have you wanted to ever just sink into something hoping that all the pains would go away and never return? You Mister pick me up from my falls. You Mister give me a reason to enjoy life and enjoy time away from work. Without you my life would be 10,000 times more boring than it is now. You are amazing and hopefully I would never have to peek out from the bean bag to know that you care and love me. I'm lucky to have you as mine. If only you were a bean bag and you were squishy you'd be so mmmmm...

17: I sulk over many things hoping that you care.

19: There is no love sincerer than the love of food. - George Bernard Shaw

20: The sweetest things he's done for me: 1. The day he told me he was crazy in love with me. 2. Drove me down that road with lots of cows and horses. 3. Drove me to Hungry Jacks the day I was craving for Hungry Jacks. 4. Kisses on the forehead. 5. The kinder surprises he bought me. 6. The Marcs sweater. 7. Ox tongue. 8. Bought penang curry to Oporto Burwood from Holy Basil. 9. Drove from Liverpool to Burwood just to give me my Advantan ointment. 10. Waited for me at T-way while I was late by an hour. 11. Told me he loved me. 12) Running after me for the first time as we argued over the cheese and bacon roll incident. 13) Pashing me even though I kneed him in the nuts by accident. 14) Telling me that I look the same wearing make up and not wearing make up. 15) Coming to see me after work, even though it's like two hours away from his home. 16) Writing me that five month poem. 17) Giving me a massage 18) Telling me that I look great at my most ugly moment. 19) The moment he told me that if I ever leave, I could come back to his arms. 20) When he bought me my daisy perfume and he was crazy about the smell.

21: OUR FAVORITE MEMORIES | our first vacation

22: Food makes the heart young again and wipes out the years.

23: moments with you

24: Love is a canvas furnished by nature and embroidered by imagination.

25: A weekend we will never forget. The candles were lit and canapes were being served. It could have not been any more perfect than a weekend like this. | Never ending Dream

26: There's ever only been twice that we had fought really badly in person. Once was at the train station and the other was over cheese and bacon roll. That was the first and last time you ran after me. I will never forget that moment when your dad broke the ice for us while I washed the dishes in silent. I will never forget that moment when you apologised and I won't forget that moment when we made up.

29: Feed Me... | "The way to a man's heart is through his stomach." - Fanny Fern

30: I will always love you | “I’m sorry for the things I never did. I’m sorry for not saying the things I should’ve said. I’m sorry for hurting you. I’m sorry for not taking care of you. I’m sorry for neglecting your emotions. I’m sorry for being who I am. I’m sorry for the nights I keep you up when you had early mornings. I’m sorry I didn’t show you the love I shold’ve. I’m sorry for you falling for someone who lacked so much. I’m sorry for not being a good boyfriend. If you don’t come back, I’ll understand. If you want to come back, my arms will always be open to you. If you want to talk, your voice will never fall on deaf ears. I took you for granted- I’m sorry. You know when you don’t text me, sometimes I just wish you had. We’ve come a long way and if this helps you later on, then it must be best for you. Goodbye Karen. Your love never fell on deaf ears. Just ignorant and proud ones. I’m going to miss your laugh, you ideas and values, your love and your want to make me happy when I’m down, even after a hard days work. I going to miss it. I truly will. I’ll always be your guardian wherever you go. I love you and goodbye. The world is a scary place, and you were my sunshine buddy. <3 Via con dios.”


33: You're all mine and there is no one on this planet I'll swap you for... | Remember the day when you had to work all night and spend the next day with me? How I took full advantage of you while at Mong and how insanely tired you were? I thank you for the effort you made when you dragged yourself out to see me, when you gave me that little something extra and when you told me you loved me. Thank you for all those times babe, you are absolutely amazing.

34: For you I will...

35: Every time when a special occassion comes such as your birthday, Christmas etc. I plan months ahead and have inklings of ideas of what presents I look to get you or what I want to get you. Cost has never really altered my decision as to what I want to get you. I seem to be able to save enough to spend majority of my pay on you one way or another. I just always wanted you to have the best of everything and I just really didn't care about you not being able to afford anything. I was more excited for the red string bracelet than I was about the crystal pig. I love thought into presents and I personally love handmade things. I just really hope that I'll eventually get my four tiered chocolate cake covered in double clotted cream and an abundance of berries and hopefully my salted bacon caramels will come in a massive jar that I will never be able to finish. Though I cherish every present you get me.

37: Quotes from Derek to his mum. "If I don't see her once every two weeks she'll leave me for another guy." "She is a good one." "Mum when we get married and you call her fat I'm not going to be happy." "She's the manager one" "Mum she's fat. How many girls have you seen that I know are fat. That's why she's special."

38: Often, I tell you that what you want is what you'll get and many times I have proved this saying true to you. Your luck is not in anyone's hands, it is what you make out of your opportunities and what you believe in. I believe that in the future with or without me you'll be successful. I believe that you are absolutely amazing and the will power within you will give you all you want in life. You'll live in that mansion you want, you'll have the beautiful wife that loves you and you'll have everything that you could ever imagine. The food you will have will be served on silver plates and you will be adorned in jewels. Life can be a little far fetched sometimes dear but believe in yourself and you will achieve it all. You don't need to wish upon any shooting star or wait for 11:11 to come by. Your mind is all you need and maybe later on in life you'll realise that all these materials in life that you want will be in your grasp. But promise me that although you may have such materials and comfort in life you will never forget that people do genuinely care and love you with or without those creature comforts. | OUR FAVORITE MEMORIES

41: Great restaurants are, of course, nothing but mouth-brothels. There is no point in going to them if one intends to keep one's belt buckled. ~Frederic Raphael

42: The best thing about me is you. | "I'm only ever going to say this once so listen carefully. If ever you walk out of my life... You can always come back to me, because I really care about you." - Derek James Luu

44: Dearest, | You and me, such a long road we've taken. There's been U-turns, freeways, no through roads and plenty of traffic lights. The engine to this three wheeled car of ours ran with barely any petrol and yet it is still functioning today as we make our way to the mechanics. We've hit a few dogs along the way, passed through bushland and beaches, we also passed through the desert where everything had been dusty and dry which cried out in scorching, tearless pains. The car did not start during the earlier days when we had come across it, I believed that it would have been a failure and I was only dreaming to have my own car. Eventually after a year of trials and errors the engine was switched on and so we began this endless journey of ours together; side by side. We' have ventured through dangerous lands and I still sit quite comfortably with you at the steering wheel. Our car is obviously flawed and although it may not be a Porsche or a Ferrari, it's still taking us through this road trip. We lost a wheel along the trip and neither of us knows how to fix it. It had been due to the many bumps on the road that slowly took the hinge off the wheel and slowly it kicked out from under us. I do hope that eventually we'd come by a mechanic or even an instruction booklet that will just allow us to put in the fourth wheel for this car to work efficiently. This road I have chosen to take is to sit by your side while your steer us away from the pacts of society. The day we turned the engine on to begin our road trip, I knew that you would always shelter me through rain, hail or shine. You, have taken up your responsibilities of having a passenger by your side and although we've had some hiccups with a few roaming animals you have driven with such commitment it actually surprises me.

45: You have had triggers pulled to your temples, abandonment from those you trusted, you've had temptation slung across your face and lingering over you like lost souls on this planet. You've changed me from a lost soul to one knowledgeable to the world of sense, you've matured me and taught me that there is a need to have some fun in my life and it is impossible to have it cut out completely. Adventure is a guaranteed with you and although I despise the consistent changes, I do however love the everlasting love and commitment you have given me. This has been a rewarding year and I can truthfully say that even during the painful times where we past the deserts, I could not have been happier than to be with you. My life revolves around you and I can't even bare to imagine what would occur if ever we were to turn the engine off to our car. I know we have to refurbish it but please take control of the car and drive us safe through our never ending road trip. With every cell in my body I love you. From your love Karen

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