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What shows others who you are?

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S: What Shows Others Who We Are By Sharon Choi and Melanie Mohsen

BC: Your friendship, love and well wishes will be remembered always. | What would you do if the person you loved was sent away where you could never see her again? Find out how Henry Lee shows who he is to others by his actions, looks, where he goes to school, and how he handles different situations. | Loving, sweet, and mischievous... - United Press International | This book should get a 100% if it was an English project... - New York Times

FC: What shows others who we are? | Melanie Mohsen | Sharon Choi

1: Most of the time people judge you by how you look, speak, dress, act, and the way you handle different situations. In Hotel on the Corner of Bitter and Sweet, they show many examples of how Henry, the protagonist, shows who he is to others by how he looks, who he is friends with, the way he acts, the way he speaks, and where he goes to school. | I N T R O D U C T I O N

2: Henry wore a button that read "I am Chinese." You could think many different things while laying eyes upon the button. Some many think that he is ignorant because they might think that by wearing that button he is judgmental and not open to people who aren't Chinese. On the other hand, one could say that he is very clever to wear the button so nobody could mistake him for being Japanese. When Sheldon, Henry's friend, saw Henry wear it he seemed to think the same idea."Nice button, young man," said Sheldon,..."That's a darn good idea, what with Pearl Harbor and all." (Ford 14)Sheldon tells Henry that it is a good idea to wear the button so people don't mistake him for Japanese and despite him for something he is not.

3: How we look... | I Am Chinese

4: Who we are friends with... | Henry's father, a Chinese man, despises Japanese more than anything. '...his father had to meet someone for lunch at the Northern Pacific Hotel, at the edge of the Japanese marketplace. Even then, father had insisted they leave once he found out the place had been built by... a local Japanese businessman. They were gone before their food even arrived.' (Ford 24-25) When Henry and his father were to meet someone at a hotel which was built by a Japanese man, Henry's father immediately left the hotel. And yet, Henry becomes friends, then best friends, then even more then friends, with a Japanese girl, Keiko. this shows that Henry is daring and disrespectful to go against his own father.

5: Spongebob and Patrick | Letter #2 Chapters 5-16 Dear Melanie, ...Henry looks out for Keiko no matter what. He cares about her so much even though his father hates Japanese people. Don't you think that's the cutest thing ever? They are definitely more than just friends. I think they were meant to be together! Love, Sharon | Spongebob & Patrick

6: The way we act... | Letter Number 3- Chapters 17-28 Dear Melanie, ...In chapter 21, Henry's affection for Keiko clearly represents love because he hides her photo albums. Imagine if Henry's father caught Henry with Keiko's photo albums! He would be busted since his father despises the Japanese. Love, Sharon

7: Keiko asks Henry to hide her Japanese photo albums for her. "...I need a favor, Henry. A big favor."..."I was hoping you might hide them for us.." (Ford 95) Henry willingly hides Keiko's photo albums filled with Japanese people in his room. ' that shallow empty space between his lower dresser drawers and the floor below.' (Ford 97) This shows that Henry must really care for Keiko to hide her possessions even though Henry knows that if anyone finds it he will get into a lot of trouble which also makes him brave.

8: When Keiko and her family were taken from their home, Nihonmachi a.k.a. Japantown, and placed in an holding camp Henry went out of his way to see her. Every day after school he would go with Mrs. Beatty, the lunch lady and unlikely ally, to Camp Harmony to serve food to the Japanese internees until he spotted Keiko and her family.When he finally sees her once again he brings her a birthday gift and several sundries. By Henry doing this you can tell he is a devoted person and doesn't give up even in the hardest situations. Even when Keiko was all the way in Minidoka, Idaho ion an interment camp and he was in Seattle, Washington, he found her, which shows his devotion and how much he cares for her.

9: The way we act.. | Lettet #4 Chapters 19-45 Dear Sharon, In chpater 30, Henry goes to Camp Harmony in search of Keiko, but doesn't find her, and he still doesn't give up! I think it was a bit coincidential that Mrs.Beatty was going to Camp Harmony...In chapter 35,Sheldon gives Henry the last record available, so Henry can give it to Keiko... In chapter 36, Henry surprises Keiko with lots of presents. Isn't he so sweet!? Love, Melanie

10: Henry is Chinese but scholarships at the white school, Rainier Elementary School. Being the only Chinese kid, he is often bullied by the popular, school bully, Chaz. “Chaz grabbed him by his collar and jerked him up to his chest, so close Henry could smell his lunch – onions and powdered milk, still ripe on his breath.” (Ford 23). By sticking up to Chaz ,who was a foot taller than him, to protect Keiko, shows that he is brave. In addition, going to Rainier Elementary School proves that Henry is basically the same as everyone else (white kids) even though he is Chinese.

11: Where you go to school | Letter #2 chapters 5-16 Dear Sharon, In chapter 6, when Keiko and Henry are heading home a bully, Chaz, gets in the way, Henry tries to protect Keiko but Chaz is a foot taller than him. This shows that Henry is prestigious toward Japanese people unlike his father. Dont you think that is sweet that he sticks up for her? Love, Melanie

12: The Way We Handle Different Situations | Letter #3 Chapters 17-28 Dear Sharon, In chapter 20, I think it is hilarious that Henry translated lies to his father and Mr. Preston. Imagine all the trouble he would get in if he was found out! He must really care for Keiko a lot to not let Mr. Preston buy a Japanese building. Love, Melanie | Letter #3 Chapters 17-28 Dear Melanie, In chapter 20, it was funny how Henry lied to Mr. Preston and his father. He really cares for Keiko a lot! He goes to the extremes for her! Love, Sharon

13: When Henry's father was meeting with Chaz's father, Mr. Preston, Henry had to act as a translator for them to understand each other. As Henry started to translate for them, he realized that Mr. Preston wanted to buy buildings in Japantown and came to Henry's father for advice. "Henry could hardly believe that for the first time in months he was actually talking to his father-and telling him lies." (Ford 88) However, Henry did not want Mr. Preston to buy the only place he and Keiko met so he translated them lies so Mr. Preston would not buy the buildings. This shows that Henry is determined to be with Keiko even though he had qualms about lying to Mr. Preston and his father.

14: Sharon Choi was born in Queens, New York. She is fourteen years old and is currently a student in Herricks Middle School. She loves to read and her hobby is to dance. She currently lives in Long Island. What Shows Others Who We Are? is the first book Sharon has ever wrote. | Sharon Choi

15: About the Authors! | Melanie Mohsen was born in Manhattan, New York. She is thirteen years old and is currently a student in Herricks Middle School. She loves to read and swim. She currently lives in Long Island, New York. What Shows Others We Are? is the first book Melanie has ever wrote. | Melanie Mohsen

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