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A Collection of Short Stories

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BC: Greene County Gifted Education Program Angie Tipton, Teacher February, 2012

FC: A Collection of Short Stories by Amee, Austin, Caleb, Drew, Emilee, Kristen, Micah, and Reeve

1: Dedication This book is dedicated to those who are able to view the world from a different perspective. "If you just learn a single trick, Scout, you'll get along a lot better with all kinds of folks. You never really understand a person until you consider things from his point of view...Until you climb inside of his skin and walk around in it." spoken by Atticus Finch in To Kill a Mockingbird - a novel by Harper Lee

2: Table of Contents | Take to The Skies 4-7 by Reeve Amethyst: A Story of Faith 8-11 by Kristen Cast Away 12-17 by Drew Evil in the Darkness 18-19 by Austin The First Macaw 20-25 by Micah The Hunt: A Tale of Two Points of View by Amee & Caleb 26-31 Wild Mustang 32-36 by Emilee

3: Images used in this book were taken from google.com/images

4: Take to the Skies by Reeve | Athena swayed back and forth on the narrow perch inside her tiny cage as the train rumbled along the rickety old tracks. She could clearly hear the anxious, panicked cries of her fellow zoo mates around her and smell them as well, but a thick, dark cloth obscured her view of her surroundings. All Athena knew was that she was going somewhere far away, because she had been in her minuscule enclosure for hours, and there had been no signs of stopping soon. Her eyes blinked slowly and sleepily, but she had been fighting her urge to nap for she knew it wise to stay aware of what was happening. However, nothing truly bad had happened yet, so she finally succumbed and tucked her head beneath her soft tawny wing, and drifted into a deep sleep.

5: The elegant barn owl had just been dreaming of soaring through a clear blue sky, chasing prey, when she was immediately awakened by a loud screeching sound that pained her delicate ears. This was followed by a loud rumbling, and then Athena's cage was being violently shaken and thrown about, causing the poor owl to crash into its side. A high-pitched screech of alarm and pain issued from Athena's mouth, and there were matching cries from around her. She felt herself tilted even more, and then, cold, brutal wind was seeping in through her crate, and the cloth flew off, revealing a bright blue sky. The owl's cage crashed into the ground, breaking open the door on the front of it, and sending Athena tumbling out onto soft, wet grass. She hooted feebly, and tried her best to look around with her aching body. Thick, dense trees surrounded her. High above her, in the middle of the clear sky, was a long, dark line, apparently the train tracks from which she had just been thrown. Athena

6: hobbled up onto her feet, and tried to flap her wings. They felt fine, so she immediately flapped up into the air above the clearing, knowing that staying on the ground made her an easy target. Luckily, Athena had once lived out here, in the wild, before she was captured by Two-legs and put into the zoo. She still had those important natural instincts deep inside, that she had been able to neglect in the zoo, where everything was done for her. Athena's wings glided through the air easily and naturally, and she found herself gaining more and more height. Exhilarated, Athena continued to soar through the open sky, not in search of shelter, but for the pure joy it was bringing to her. Although she had enjoyed being pampered at the zoo, she found herself enjoying the wild much more. A few other birds were flying in the sky as well, and Athena hooted loudly to them, knowing that none of them would understand her, but to simply make them aware of her presence. Gradually, Athena relearned all of those dormant survival skills, finding food, shelter, water, and even learning how to camouflage

7: herself from dangerous predators. The owl even ended up finding a parliament, or group of owls, that were brown owls like Athena! She never did return to the zoo, or even try, because she felt so much more at ease here in nature, with her own kind and the endless freedom. Athena gave in to the call of the wildness deep inside of her, and became a free bird for the rest of her days. The End

8: Amethyst galloped after Jack as he drove away in his blue pick-up truck. She tried hard to keep up, but the truck was too fast. She walked slowly back to the unfamiliar horse stable. She noticed a large green sign above the stable office door, but could not read it. She was walking toward the other horses when two women in plaid shirts and cowboy boots grabbed her by the mane and put a bridle on her. Not knowing who the women were, Amethyst neighed and tried to get away. As soon as the women took her back to the stable, they gave her sweet feed, brushed her mane, and braided it. When the woman in plaid told | Amethyst: A Story of Faith | by Kristen

9: Amethyst that they would take care of her and to be a good girl, she knew she would have to stay. The next few days were not that bad, but Amethyst still didn't realize why she was at a horse stable away from her owner. She did enjoy the activities though. There was a large pond to drink from, a huge horse pool to swim and train in, and in the afternoons they had barrel racing contests. On the third night, Amethyst was going for an afternoon walk out to the hill where the yellow dandelions grew when another horse rode up next to her. She jumped when he ran up, thinking no one was behind her. They walked the rest of the way to the hill, and looked out at the horizon. I guess they became friends because the rest of the time at the "horse camp" they spent doing activities with each other. Amethyst thought it was nice to be around other horses for a while but really missed her owner, Jack. After another week passed by, Amethyst became worried that she would

10: never see Jack again and thought that he may have sold her to the foreign horse camp, but tried to keep that out of her mind, knowing that Jack had always loved her and cared for her. She did the regular activities as usual but grew tired of doing the same things. She was getting extremely stronger, and when she went out for her evening gallop to the hill where the dandelions grew, she was there and back with no problem at all, feeling like she could do it again. She was getting better rest and building her stamina. The next day began with the woman, in blue this time, telling her that tomorrow was her first barrel racing competition and that they would be packing her up in a trailer and she would be riding into the city, Dallas was what she called it, to ride. Amethyst was so worried she trembled while lying in the hay in the trailer. When would she ever see Jack again? When they got to Dallas, Amethyst stepped out and immediately Jack was at her side hugging her. She couldn't believe

11: he was there with her at her barrel racing competition. He explained everything to her, saying that he had only sent her to Horse Camp to train her for the competition. She was so happy that she performed her best time yet, racing around the barrels with tons of energy. She got second place right behind a strange horse from Kentucky. She would never again think that Jack would sell her, knowing that he could for her to be happy. The End

12: Cast Away | by Drew | I feel a chill run up my spine. The fur on the back of my neck bristles. Loud, scary noises blare around me. Where am I ? I curl into a ball, lying there. The wind rustles my fur. The smell of the forest is around me. Is that where I am, the forest? I can feel my paw pads freezing solid; why did they leave me? All I can think of is the cold. I know I have to get warm, or I''ll die. The sounds around me are familiar; I remember them from when I lived with the humans. Sometimes, during the night, I would awake to the sound and crawl to the window to see. One time, there were big white machines with wheels and bright lights driving through

13: the city. I figured they were the scary sounds. But now, they are not too far away, and I am not in my warm home. I am alone and cold. I peer through the bushes in front of me. Poised and prepared to escape if necessary, I creep forward. There are two big white machines and a fire. Yes, there's a big burning fire. I spot two machines under the fire. But, what does all this mean? Just as I am moving closer to get a better look, a giant red machine comes rolling up. Men climb off of it and run with a big white tube. Suddenly, the tube is blasting water and the fire is sizzling as it is extinguished. There are men with tall carts rolling sick men into the white machine. I see two smaller blue and white cars with blinking blue and red lights guarding the area. I am confused. Where am I? It seems just seconds ago I was sitting in my human's machine curled up on a warm seat with comforting hot air blowing on me. I remember feeling a hard impact, seeing my human's scared face, and being launched out of the machine with great force. Then I moved away from the scary machines into the bushes just as the fire started. I shiver now, watching the humans in the

14: great clamor. I need to find a warm place. I figure this bush is close to warm, but I can's stand those loud noises coming from all the machines. I turn and, for the first time in a few minutes, I stand. My leg protests painfully. I must've hurt it in the impact. I hobble into the woods, hoping to escape the sounds and machines. I manage to find a rock covered in moss as far away from the machines as I can walk on my pained leg. I crawl onto it and lay there, nursing my senses. I manage to find sleep as the machines and noises drift away. When I awake, light is upon the world again. I look at my surroundings clearly for the first time. I am in a forest, full of bare, leafless trees. The ground is covered in the fallen leaves and a chill is in the air. My leg still hurts, but a new feeling is taking my attention: hunger. My human always fed me before she went to bed, and that was usually when I went to bed. Now my stomach grumbles and roils, begging me for food. I can't understand how in such little time my life has changed so dramatically. I must find food. I climb off the rock and limp down a small slope. I can hear the running waters of a creek nearby. There must be food there. I find the water and lap up tiny slurps. Hunger...I can't seem to escape it. I desperately lick a wet

15: rock to try and stifle the growing pain in my belly. Finally, I spot something salvageable. I scramble to my feet as the beetle stops on a leaf. I've never eaten a bug before, only the mushy wet meat my human used to feed me. But I'm sure they're edible. I quickly smash a paw on its back, not crushing it, but holding it down. I lean my head in and gratefully gobble the beetle up. The taste is not even comparable to the meat my human offered. The beetle tastes awful, and leaves a smelly aftertaste in my mouth. I gingerly hobble back to the creek and lap some more water, hoping to wash the taste away. My stomach has been stifled somewhat, so what I decided to try to look for a way home. My human lived in a big city, full of tall buildings. Now, in this grassy, natured environment, I have no clue how to fend. I rarely left my human's house in the city, and when I did, it was only to the vet. Now, alone, hungry, and injured, I must find a way back. I feel utterly hopeless as I limp back in the direction of the machines from last night. Once I reach the site, I am shocked. The machines are gone and so is my human. The path that the machines drive on, called a road, has dark, black stains on it, unlike its usual gray color. I sniff the air. the smell of smoke lingers in the air, along with this strange, chemical smell.

16: Perhaps if I follow the road, it will lead me home. It's worth a shot. I begin to walk along the side of the path, hopeful, yet still feeling hungry, scared, and alone. After several hours, I am exhausted. I cannot find a single sign of a human, but every now and then a machine whirs by, leaving me where I am. I carefully avoid them, knowing all too well that if you get in their way, you may just get squashed like a bug. I sit by the road and examine my paws. The paw pads on my feet are red, sore, and some covered in cuts. As I sit, another machine drives by. But, this time, it stops in front of me. I begin to feel scared and limp backwards into the woods. The side of the machine swings open and a little human boy climbs out. He approaches me kindly, and I find his expression comforting. He picks me up and carries me back to the machine. Once inside, I'm glad I didn't protest. The air is warm and cozy, and the seat I am sitting is is warm, just like my human's. The people chat and blabber in their weird language. "Mom, can I keep it, please?" the boy asks. "Tim, what do you think?" a woman's voice replies.

17: I can't stay awake long enough to hear the man's reply, but, this feeling wafts over me, not a feeling of fear, but a feeling of safety. As sleep overcomes me, I know that I'll be alright. ...The End.

18: Evil in the Darkness by Austin Deep in the subway system, I scurried across the tracks. I turned and checked the light. If it got too bright and/or loud I needed to run. I looked to see where the sticky circle had fallen. Aha! I ran to the edge of the tracks and nibble off a piece. Then, I ran back to my nest and repeated the process. I was on my last trip when another rat came up and stole the last piece! I ran up and snatched it out of his teeth. He hissed and slunk up toward me, but before he could do anything, I gulped up the last piece. As we circled each other I sniffed the air. We were not alone. Suddenly the other rat charged at me. As he was about to gnash me with his dirty yellow teeth, I dodged and snapped at his tail, succeeding in tearing the tip off. He yelped with pain and scurried off. That was when I heard it-the screech...And then the rumbling of the monster...And finally, the Eye. The terrible bright blinding Eye. I stood there mesmerized by

19: it. Then instinct kicked in and I hurried for the den. I snuggled into my nest and nibbled the food. That was my closest encounter with the monster and its Eye. The End

20: The First Macaw by Micah He broke a small fraction of the hard encasing. It hurt him so much trying to break free. After three days of trying to break free he was still stuck, but it could no longer hear any other noises except the flow of water, the trees blowing in the wind, and the gentle hush of the wind. Even though this creature could hear all these sounds he couldn't hear any animal sounds, just the plants and water. He tried again but this time different...this time with more force than he knew he had. He had broken free from the dark imprisonment of this case. He had no idea of where he was, who he was, or what he was doing here, all he knew was he was hungry.

21: He saw a small creature in the water and tried to grab it with his talons, but it swam away too fast. He saw another and tried again and again and again. When his feet started to ache, he finally stopped trying and realized that it was almost dark. He sensed that something bad was about to happen, but he had no intention of finding out. He tried to climb a tree with his talons- it didn't work. He tried to use his wings, but it was no use. He was stuck on the ground. Night had finally crept up on him, and he couldn't see anything except the moon and stars in the night sky through a gap in the leaves. Several frightening minutes of darkness had passed when he heard a small rustling noise. It came again but closer and louder. Then all of a sudden, a creature a hundred times his size jumped out and snatched him up in a cage. It looked inside with its giant eyes and took something very sharp and poked it inside of his feathers and skin...everything turned black-so unspeakably black-I can't describe it in words. He awoke in the cage after what seemed like days. He could see a faint light through the metal bars and some odd see-through material. There was a small humming noise coming from somewhere below and the humming suddenly

22: started to become fainter until he could no longer hear it. He felt something moving the cage concealing him and realized that the man in the green jacket knew that he had awakened. The man took one of the sharp objects and tried to inject it into him again. Being nervous, he flapped wildly around the cage. Amazingly, he could now fly! The joy was great, but he still wouldn't let the man in the green jacket prod him again. He snapped at the bars trying to see how strong they were only to find out that it was ten times too hard to break or bend. He scratched the sharp object with his talons-nothing happened. He tried everything he could think of and tried not to panic. There was no way out. The pain felt exactly the same sticking through his feathers and skin until he began to feel sleepy, then descended out of him covered in a red liquid on the tip. His eye-lids began to droop and his wings felt heavy and finally everything was black again. After, what felt like days, he woke up to the sound of other animals. He could no longer see any bars-they had disappeared! He gently walked out of the small prison and saw many other birds. They were all different-some white, some blue, some yellow,

23: and some with crazy designs on them. He decided that he should eat after being trapped and prodded. Suddenly, a pile of food had fallen out of the sky and into the room where the birds wee kept. He decided that the food was good. After the first few bites, it began to taste better. He wondered how the giant creatures were so mean yet, they make such delicious food. He tried to catch another kind of the odd water creatures, but this time they were surprisingly easier to catch with his energy almost replenished. He nibbled on the creature until his eyes began to droop and his wings felt heavy again. He thought that he had been prodded again, but he felt no pain. He flew up into a tree and sat on a branch and fell asleep. The next morning the sun was shining brightly and the grass was green like normal. The only difference was a ringing sound coming from somewhere. He tried to fly up and see what was ringing, but ran into some kind of see-through material. He decided that he shouldn't wander into trouble so he simply sat down and rested. Out of nowhere a ig man in a tan uniform came in and snatched him. The creature took him and put him in a cage in a dark room. A woman in a blue uniform with a white mask came and looked a him, so he decided to back away from the two people. The woman then took him out of the cage and placed him on the table. He decided not to

24: anger this person too, so he stood still. The woman did no harm to him, or so he thought and returned him to the other birds. The next day the man in the tan uniform returned, but this time let him roam free! The first macaw could now fly away and do whatever he wanted. After a while he was gone, but the records of the first macaw were kept. Now anyone who visits the jungle can see him roaming around, eating fruit, or sleeping. Ever since then the macaw population has been growing and there are many macaw species now...and that is the story of the first macaw. The End

25: picture taken from http://www.sandiegozoo.org/animalbytes/t-macaw.html

26: The Hunt A Tale of Two Points of View | The bunny's POV written by Amee The fox 's POV written by Caleb | Somewhere deep in the forest of Greeneville,Tennessee, lives a lonely bunny and a father fox. They cross paths when the fox must provide for his family and the bunny needs water. An unusually harsh winter has plagued Greene County and caused food to be scarce and water to freeze over. In this story, both animals have a need for survival but only one can survive.

27: THE FOX The cold harsh night had ended, and the father had awoken before most of his family. The cold couldn't reach the skulk in the deep den, but the hunger from the harsh winter could. The fox knew he had to do something, or his family would be in perilous condition. To beat this problem, the fox set out into the cold dawn of the morning in search for food. THE BUNNY Still asleep, the bunny dreamt of luscious green fields full of clover and long warm days in the sunlight. He was awakened by the dryness in his mouth and knew instinctively he needed water fast. The cold had frozen the ground above his burrow, trapping him with little food and no water. Today was different; the sun had thawed the icy burrow enough for him to venture out into the woods in search of water. THE FOX The leaves crackled beneath the fox as he exited the den. He took a last look at his family knowing if he didn't bring back food it would be the end of them all.

28: The fox then stepped forth into the forest in search for food. He did not walk long for he had come across the scent of a bunny. This was his chance to provide for his family and he wasn't going to let this chance slip through his paws. The bitter cold bit at him as he stuck his nose to the ground searching for his future prey. The Bunny The bunny was cautious as he peeked out of his burrow. He knew that every second he was away from the safety of his home was a risk to his life. He was aware of his position on the food chain. The bunny was a noble grass eater, taking nothing but his share from the land and never harming another living creature. Hopping as fast as his little bunny legs could carry him, he made his way to the nearest stream. As he stopped behind a tree to take a breather, he felt the presence of danger. The Fox He was back to doing what he did best, stalking his prey. He had this little bunny right under his nose and now he could go in for the kill. The fox hid behind a bush carefully analyzing the scene. He was ready

29: to pounce, but something in the back of his mind popped up. He was feeling sympathy for the bunny, but the laws of nature told him he needed to do this for his family. He sat thinking for a moment, but decided it was for the best. He reared back, taking one last glance at the bunny he was about to kill. The Bunny Crack! He knew it;the bunny had felt it coming. Something was coming after him, but he didn't look back to see the face of his pursuer, knowing it would cost him. He ran through the underbrush and stormed past the trees, but no matter what he did, he could not throw off his shadow. He knew his time was coming to a close, so instead of running away from his problem, he decided that he would go out of this world peacefully. The Fox Never before had the fox seen such a brave little bunny. This bunny was willing to die for him and his family without a fight. He was amazed at this for in his lifetime he was taught that there was no easy kills. He decided to be merciful and get the kill over fast. He leaped out of the bushes

30: and with one quick movement, his mighty jaws sunk into the neck of the poor bunny...ending its life as quickly as it started. The Bunny Taking his last breath, the bunny could not think of any nobler way to die. He had not left this world from dying of thirst or old age. No, he had faced his untimely end head on, and as the life went out of him, he died happily. The Fox The fox was excited. He had gotten his first kill since the beginning of the long winter. He collected up the bunny in his mouth and had feelings of gratitude. His thoughts wandered to when he was younger, when his father had been teaching him to hunt. He had learned to kill only for survival, not for enjoyment, for every living being on this Earth has a purpose in the Circle of Life. If a living creature is disturbed in this circle, the whole thing becomes off balance. He came out of his thoughts, and started trotting happily back to the den. The fox's skulk was ecstatic when they discovered he had brought back food.The fox laid the bunny down and his three small kits

31: came running towards the bunny to dig in. The family of foxes dung in and finished up the bunny as the new spring arrived in Greene County. | Epilogue The laws of nature are made clear in this story about the fox and the bunny. Readers feel sympathetic for the bunny because he is a cute figure. The fox, on the other hand, deals with many hardships, struggling to keep his family alive. There is no good or bad side to this story. The two points of view allow readers to experience both sides of the ongoing struggle to survive.

32: Wild Mustang by Emilee | Wild Mustang | By Emilee

33: It all started out the day when I finally got across the fence. You see I am a wild mustang named Darcy. I roam freely with my band of mustangs over this land which we own. During the day we graze for food and roam around, and at night we lay down to rest. Most of our days are uneventful except the occasional man that tries to capture us. Most of the time, they try to capture me, but my speed and agility always gets me away. One day while I was grazing a little ways from the band I came to the fence that is next to the creek. It had always been there and I had never seen anyone or anything on the other side. I do not know why but I had a sudden urge to find out what was on the other side. I had not jumped a fence before but I had jumped many things much larger than this small fence. I told myself just to jump it like I would jump anything else, and I did just that. I was now over the fence, but I felt a sharp stinging sensation in my front right calf. Even though it hurt, my curiosity got the best of me. I soon found myself looking at a very large and beautiful pond, but before I saw the pond I saw the horse. He was standing a the waters edge drinking from the pond. All of a sudden he looked up at me. We stared at each other for

34: quite a while when finally someone called out, "Archer where are you? Come here Boy!" When I heard the voice my first instinct was to run away, but for some reason I stayed where I was. The man did not notice me at first until he noticed Archer was looking at something. The man whistled and said, "Well look what we have here! We've got us a wild mustang! Boy ain't she a beauty! John come over here look what we've found!" At those words I started to run away, but I noticed I did not remember which way I come from. So I turned and ran toward what looked like a long building with more horses in it. I soon realized that there was a lot more men there. The next thing I knew I felt something around my neck, and I saw that there were about four men behind me. One man was the man that I saw at the pond, a man who had the rope who I assumed was John, and the other men who I had not seen before. When I realized the rope was tightening around my neck I started to panic. I was not going to let a few people capture me. When they pulled the rope I bucked higher. When they yelled to each other threw my head back and whinnied even louder. Suddenly my front calf gave out. I remembered the stinging that I felt earlier, but this was an excruciating pain. I fell

35: to the ground not wanting to give up, but knowing I had to. I still tried to kick at them, but it did no good. They soon took me into the long building I had seen earlier. It was a nice place for horses if I do say so my self. There was an enclosed area for every horse, and lots of water and hay. Any normal horse would have a place like this, but to me it looked just like a prison. The men took me to one of the larger areas and put a large piece of hay and a bucket of water into the area. I soon realized they shut me into the are. This was the kind of thing that mad me realize that I, Darcy the wild mustang, had been captured. I had not realized I had fallen asleep, but when I awoke I realized someone hap wrapped my leg in something kind of soft. It felt like a cloth of some sort, but it was slightly damp with something that smelled pretty strongly. When i tried to stand up I couldn't. when I stopped trying to get up one of the men opened the door to my area. "Hey John, she's awake! It looks like she hasn't been up to long." John ran to me and knelt down to look at my leg. "She must have tried to get up and walk on it. We better call the doctor and have him take a look at it. It could just be something minor but you never

36: know" John said. "I'll go call the doctor John" the man said. The man walked out the door and into the hallway. John knelt down beside me again and said this, "Its alright, you're in good hands now we'll have you fixed up in a jiffy. In the blink of an eye we'll have you running around here again. You'll be happier than a fat tick on a skinny dog, here on this ranch." I knew one thing though, I would never be truly happy again until I was free. The End

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