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A Little Taste of Sarah

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S: The Diary of the Lone Emo Kid


FC: A Little Taste of Sarah

1: Prolouge | I am Sarah. The lone emo kid of LHS. A bit depressing when I think about it, But then again I'm used to depression. I'm writing this mostly because I have to, Partly because I love to write. This little book will give you just the slightest of peeks into what I'm really like.

2: Introduction I'm your stereotypical Goth. I wear a lot of black I paint my nails black I dye my hair I shop at Hot Topic I brush my teeth though. I have a huge interest in death. When I grow up, I'm looking to be in the career area of a mortuary scientist, a coroner, or a forensic scientist. Any of those jobs would agree with my personality in my opinion. I like to sit in my room for hours on end and write poetry and draw. I have no other hobbies or life.

3: (Date Here)

4: Likes | 1)Adam Lambert 2)Manga/Anime 3)Cute Things 4)To Draw 5)Purple, Black, and Red 6)Scissors 7)Being Alone 8)Books 9)Japan 10)Pokemon 11)Horror Stories 12)The Darkness 13)Lady Gaga 14)Vampires 15)To Cook

5: Trick or Treat! | Likes and Dislikes | Dislikes | 1) Surgery 2)To eat food 3)Large spaces of open water 4)Homophobes 5)Stupid people 6)Ugly things 7)Loud noises 8)Fire 9)Skirts 10)Chipped nail polish 11)Failure 12)New Zealand 13)Werewolves 14)Farm animals 15)The letter B

6: Symbolic Recipie Ingrediants | Sarah Tea, Anyone~? 1 cup of disaster A tsp. of clumsy 1/4 a cup of arrogance 2 cups of absolute evil 1/4 tbs. artist 1/2 cup of short 2 cups of goth/emo (well blended) 3/4 of a cup of alone a tbs. of poetry writing And a pinch of nightmares

7: Symbolic Recipie Instructions | Start with the 2 cups of absolute evil and begin adding in you ingredients by groups! The first group should include the pinch of nightmares, the cup of disaster, and the 1/.4 cup of arrogance. Blend these together lightly then mix into the evil. Next group should be comprised of 1/4tbs. of artist, the tbs. of writing poetry, and the 2 cups of Goth/emo (well blended) and layer them on top of your first mix according to preference. The last group should be made up of the following: 3/4 cup of alone, 1/2 a cup of short, and a tsp. of clumsy. Mix together all of your ingredients until it becomes fine, the freeze for 8,000 hours till frozen to the hardness of a heart of ice. Best when topped with powdered sugar. Chop up and enjoy!

8: Room, Sweet Room | My room is a special place. It is the darkness in which i hide all my fears and nightmares, a secret haven; an escape. My room is on the dark side of the house, so its always away from the sun in shadow. It's a bit of a mess but thats only because of my many books, art supplies, notebooks, and art ideas. But it's home for me. I used to go up and lock myself in my room for hours, working on art and listening to music. But since then, my parents have taken the lock off my door so my siblings travel in and out of my room as though they are actually invited. They're really only doing it to annoy me. My room consists of black furniture, with dark violet accents. The walls are painted a deep lilac that darkens from my violet curtains. I have only one poster in my room. It's from one of my favorite manga series: Code Geass Lelouch of the Rebellion. A story about fighting for the freedom to get revenge. A dark, empty room with one mirror I call home.

9: Ultimate Excuse | Well, I was on my way to school when I saw this super pretty guy. And, as he was alone, I went over to say hello, and saw that he was crying. So, i sat next to him to comfort him and another guy just came along and socked him in the face. I freaked. I was confused and disoriented, the next thing i knew, I was being kidnapped! Okay maybe not... it was more like being shooed away... but it felt close enough. Too bad for them I had already decided that i didn't want to leave the hot guy. So i ran up, grabbed the cute guy, and we bolted. He was ecstatic that I was taking him away, and decided to treat me as thanks. Unfortunately, we had to walk, as neither of us had a car to drive (not that i could drive anyways...). But soon enough we got to La Peep Cafe, sat, and talked for hours while i sipped my peach tea and he his coffee. All too soon, I noticed the time, I had to tell Randy (that was his name) that, "I have to go". We exchanged cell numbers then I rushed to school as quickly as possible. I arrived just in time to be late for your class.

10: How to Tie a Noose | 1) Start with a piece of rope/string a meter long 2) Get one end and fold it into 3rds(remember to have some rope left at the end) 3) Now with the string left at the end, slowly wind it round the 3rds(now it looks like a hangman's noose) 4) When you finish there should be a loop at both ends 5 With the string that has been wound round the 3rds, put it through the loop at the end 6) Once it is through the loop, pull on the loop at the other end to tighten the loop 7) Tighten

11: Who Am I? | Who am I? What am I? Why am I? I am. Sarah. I am. A little girl just over 15. I live, to dream of dark and fire Living an endless nightmare, where I live to wait until I die. I’m not lonely either, just alone I rejoice in the silence that is my home. I talk. If I listen, I’ll hear what I’ve been avoiding. I like to sit in corners, and watch the spider crawl, I set a butterfly alight and let it fly whilst aflame. I love to sit in my room and write. And write. And write. And write. I write poetry and stories, I write and show how I really feel about the world, And how alone I am in it.

12: My Medium Suitcase | What lies in my suitcase as I prepare to run away? My sketchbook and graphite monolith sketch set to draw my nightmares away. Mr. Stitches for comfort. My brother's dagger for protection. Dracula and the three books of Dante's Divine Comedy because they are good light reading material. My credit card for when I find something i absolutely must have. My fishnet and black sweaters for when I get cold. A rope, because you never know when you're going to need a rope. My book on poisons, because it is my favorite book. And my cellphone for when I'm finally tired of running away and am ready to go back home.

13: My dream car is the Mitsubishi Eclipse GT SPYDER. Year 2007. Midnight black exterior convertible with cobalt blue with royal violet undertones for the interior. Blue flame decals caress the exterior. There are no dents, scratches, or dings because I happen to be one of the best drivers EVER. The car is very reflective of me. My dark inside and outside personalities, not to mention fast and driven. One of the responsibilities that comes with having this car is abiding to the speed limits even though i could go faster. Or always wearing my seatbelt and never texting while I drive. | My Dream Car

14: Carpe Diem | I have already said my goodbyes. Every single one. I have said goodbye to my childhood. To survive in this world, you must mature fast or face the consequences. I've said my goodbyes to all of my family because I never know when one of us may disappear. I am ready to welcome, is the future. I want it to be over quickly though, so that I may welcome another friend, Death. Death will rid me of my sorrows , and the pains of living.

15: Pics

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