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A Midsummer Night's Dream

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S: A Midsummer Night's Dream by Elizabeth & Tiana Crosby

FC: A Midsummer Night's Dream By: Elizabeth & Tiana Crosby

1: Chapter 11 Stef groaned as she woke up, holding her head in pain, “Wha happened??” Sesshoumaru sat down next to her on the couch in her living room, “Are you okay? You hit your head pretty hard.” “I…think so. Did I miss something though?” Stef looked up at him, completely lost out of her mind. Sesshoumaru nodded grimly. His eyes were everywhere but on Stef as he said, in a strained sort of voice, “Your parents died.” Stef stared at him, “You're lying.” “I lie about a lot, Stephanie, but I wouldn’t lie about something so serious. They were killed,” Sesshoumaru finally looked at her, golden eyes reflecting sadness. Stef shook her head in denial, rising from the couch and backing away, “That’s not true…it’s not…possible…they can’t-.” Sesshoumaru caught her arm, stopping her escape short, “It’s true. It’s hard to believe, but it is.” He looked at the floor, “It was Naraku. He killed them because he was looking for you.” “No, no, no. They…did nothing…” Stef broke down crying, her knees giving up on her, “…okaa-san…*hic* otou-…san…don’t leave…” Sesshoumaru held her up, pulling her to his chest and holding her tight. “Just let it out, honey,” he whispered soothingly, rubbing her back as she cried. Stef clung to him, letting all her sorrow pour out her in that one moment. She was alone now. Nobody was there anymore to love her. ‘What do I do now? Nobody’s there anymore. I have no other family left. They were all I had. I miss them already.’ Sesshoumaru pulled her into his lap, tilting her chin up to stare directly into her tear-filled gray eyes, “Calm down, hon.” He brushed the tears away, keeping his voice at a low whisper, “You're not alone. You have me.” Stef’s eyes brimmed up again, almost like a dam about to break its containment. She buried her face in his shirt, clinging to him tighter, whispering, “Promise me…”

2: Sesshoumaru was still staring wide-eyed and unblinking at the screen, barely even breathing. Omoi unraveled herself from Sesshoumaru, and just sat there in his lap, shaking in terror. Sesshoumaru absentmindedly wrapped his arms around Omoi’s shoulders, finally breaking his trance and blinking. “Oh………god…” he breathed, shivering for a minute before regaining his wits and looking down at Omoi, “Are you okay?” Omoi nodded slightly, “I don’t think I want to go to sleep though…” “Want to sleep in my bed tonight?” Sesshoumaru whispered in her ear, “And I swear I won’t do anything inappropriate.” “Okay…you know…?” “What?” Sesshoumaru watched as Sonja and Inuyasha got up and went to their room, leaving Kouga to pick up Kagome and go to his own room. “You feel like a teddy bear.” Omoi’s eyes closed slowly as she let the silence lull her to sleep. Sesshoumaru raised a brow, a very light pink blush adorning his face. Scoffing lightly, he stood with Omoi held bridal style in his arms and went to their room, tucking her in and sitting on the edge of the bed. Omoi sighed in her sleep, shifting onto her stomach and burying her hands under the pillow. Sesshoumaru chuckled, brushing a few strands of hair out of her face. He didn’t mean to get comfortable next to her, but he did. He didn’t mean to lean down and plant a soft kiss on her lips, but he did. And he didn’t mean to fall asleep there…but he did.

3: A few minutes later, the sound of rushing wind got closer to the campsite. Sesshoumaru looked up, sniffing the air along with Inuyasha. The dog-eared teen groaned, rolling his eyes, “Not him…” Koumi peeked out the cracks in her lids, looking around, “Sore wa nan desuka?” “Kouga.” Miroku stated simply. Sesshoumaru stood wordlessly, going to the spot he knew Kouga would pass, “The disadvantages of being that fast are…” As Kouga passed, Sesshoumaru stuck out his arm, the wolf running directly into it and flipping over it, landing face-first on the ground. Koumi cringed, chuckling under her breath, “That had to hurt.” The entire camp broke out into laughter, the loudest being – surprisingly – Kagome. Sesshoumaru smirked, nudging the wolf with his foot, “Get up. That couldn’t possibly hurt as much as you're acting like.”

4: The captain wasn’t even listening. He closed the door and turned, walking slowly to his chair, “Renkotsu.” The big man looked up, blinking in confusion. “To muse and blabber about a treasure map in front of this particular crew, demonstrates a level of ineptitude that borders on the imbecilic. And I mean that in a very caring way.” Bankotsu snickered, looking away. Toshi covered her mouth to hide her smile, shaking her head in understanding. ‘That is a shame.’ She thought to herself, turning away to look at a map. Renkotsu scratched his head, “Uh…huh?” Sesshoumaru sighed, sitting down, “Let me make this as…monosyllabic…as possible. I don’t much care for this crew.” Renkotsu nodded slowly, staring up at his captain. “Good. Now get out of my office.” He was gone in less than a second.

5: “Pretty view. So what do you think of fairytales?” Sesshoumaru crouched down, a contemplative smile on his face, “I’ve always had a weakness for fairytales. I used to come down here everyday when I was a kid to watch the puppet show, just hoping that something like that could happen to me. But then I turned 15 and reality came crashing down.” The smile had faded by then, replaced with a slightly sad look, “Fairytales don’t come true.” Nik sat quietly, patting his knee, “I believe they do.” Sesshoumaru looked over at her, eyes widened slightly before he half-smiled and nodded, ‘I’d like to believe that too.” “Just keep wishing. It’s what I do.” Nik shrugged, looking back at the show. Sesshoumaru turned back to the show as well, slowly sliding his hand over to Nik’s and twining his fingers with hers. He leaned over slightly and, still looking at the show, whispered, “Thank you Nik.” Nik smiled slightly, a blush spreading across her face as she held on to his hand, “Your welcome.”

6: “So, how’s it feel being 22?” “No different than being 21, actually…I want strawberries.” Chelles hopped out of bed and walked into her kitchen, pulling some strawberries out of her fridge and grabbing some chocolate as well, “Yum~…” “Oh god. You cannot talk about strawberries over the phone to me.” “Why not?” “That’s an aphrodisiac for one, and it’s also my favorite food.” Sesshoumaru sighed heavily, dropping onto the couch. “Oh…I’ll try not to brag then.” Chelles replied, sitting at her kitchen island and eating her strawberries, humming very low in her throat. “…ngh~~~…you’re just trying to torture me, aren’t you?” Sesshoumaru groaned, closing his eyes and imagining what Chelles looked like right now eating the strawberries. “Um…no…chocolate goes really well with this kind of treat though. You should be here for this. Tis really delicious.” A breath shuddered from Sesshoumaru’s lips, echoing through the phone, “Please…please stop.”

7: Sesshoumaru poked his head out of the kitchen, smiling slightly, “Just rest. I’ll do everything.” “Mmm, my hero. I feel special now.” Nagoya smiled, laughing under her breath. “You’ve been special, Nagoya. You just never realized how much.” Sesshoumaru gave her a warm smile, ducking back into the kitchen. Nagoya dozed off, dreaming of a warm and sunny summer day spent out on the beach with Sesshoumaru by her side, dogs running around playfully as they walked down the shore. Sesshoumaru watched her dream, smiling softly.

8: Sesshoumaru crouched down next to her, hesitantly reaching out and shaking her, “Katsu?” Quick as a flash, Katsu latched onto his back, baring her fangs at him. She bit into his shoulder as she dug her nails into his sides. Sesshoumaru gasped, throwing her off, “Katsu, what are you doing!?” Katsu shook it off, standing and beginning to walk towards him, snarling. Sesshoumaru growled, glaring at her. Katsu flexed her claws, crouching down to the ground. Sesshoumaru backed away a step, red bleeding into his eyes. Katsu launched herself at him, scratching at his chest. Sesshoumaru caught her hand, pinning her to the ground and sitting on her thighs, forcibly pushing back his demon.

9: Sesshoumaru smiled through his face paint, pulling a pink carnation and rose from behind his back and handing them to Masu, “Happy birthday.” Masu gasped, sniffing the flowers, “Arigatou! I have something for you.” She pulled a golden locket out her pocket, holding it out for him. Sesshoumaru blinked at her, “For me? But my birthday’s not today.” “Remember me always. Here,” she took his hand, placing it in his palm, “there’s a surprise inside!” she ran off towards her house as people started to arrive for her birthday party, “Ja ne!” she called half way there before disappearing into her house. Sesshoumaru opened the locket, smiling at the picture inside. He slipped it on, hiding it behind his shirt and walking off, a rifle sitting over his shoulder.

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