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A Moral Dilemma (Susie vs Jane)

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A Moral Dilemma (Susie vs Jane) - Page Text Content

BC: MADE BY: Lauren Harrison Malindi Van Sant Katelyn Judkins Taylor Skym | (Group Four)

FC: Susie Vs. Jane

1: Susie works at a grocery store called Kroger to the Max. While working one day, Susie noticed her enemy Jane walk into the store. This upset Susie because she hates Jane more than anyone in the entire world. Jane stole her boyfriend; Bobby, crushing Susie's dreams of marrying him. Susie took a deep breath as she noticed the next approaching customer.

2: “How are you today, sir?” The old man glared at her. I guess somebody wasn't having such a great day. He handed over his Kroger to the Max Plus card key chain. Susie scanned it. “How's your day going so far? Did you find everything alright?” The man took back his keys with a deep sigh. “Absolutely not” he grumbled. “Can I help you with something?” Susie was getting annoyed. It was an 8 hour shift, and after 6 hours, she still hadn't gotten a break. “No. Nevermind.” Susie scanned the groceries as quickly as possible. “Here's your receipt sir, have a great day!” He snatched the receipt out of her hands with a huff, shuffling away. Susie yelled after him, “Sir! The exit is that way. That's the employee break room, sir.He glanced back nervously, shuffling faster. Susie sighed in exhaustion. The man opened the door and disappeared. Guess I’ll let Rick deal with it... she thought to herself.

3: Grabbing a roll of paper towels and cleaner, Susie set out to clean her register, as the store wasn’t very busy. Bored, her mind began to wander. Too bad nobody’s helping the fish That tank was awfully dirty. Gonna scare off our animal-loving and OCD customers. Deep in thought, Susie didn’t even notice the approaching customer. “Excuse me”, Jane said coldly. Susie looked up, mid-spray. “Can I help you? Is there anything else you possibly need?” Jane smirked. “Oh I’m just dandy! I had to stop by for Bobby. He ran out of his favorite Cocoa to the Max cereal”. This upset Susie. How dare she?!?!? Who does she think she is coming purposefully though my line just to rub in my face that she and Bobby are sooo happy. I could barf!

4: Suddenly, it hit her. Quite literally. Bits of wall, door and ceiling flew through the air with a loud “BOOM!” The sound of customers screaming filled the air as the lights flickered, going out. She ducked behind the register in fear. What was going on? Another loud explosion filled the air; this time it seemed closer! Jane’s high pitched screams echoed through the remains of the store. Now what? Although screams and crashes continued to fill the air, no more explosions followed. Susie slowly stood up from her shelter, trembling in disbelief. “What happened?” She said aloud. But nobody responded. I better get out of here before the place burns down

5: Susie started to make her way towards the exit, taking a few shaky steps. “OOF!” Suddenly Susie was back down on the ground again. What the heck? She got back on her feet, turning around to see what she had stumbled over. “Jane?” she said aloud, but there was no reply. It was the shoes that caught Susie’s eye- bright neon yellow with piercing 4-inch heels. It was definitely her. She was trapped underneath the beverage refrigerator, soda splurting out all around her. Well She’ll get out she’ll wake up any second now. And if she doesn’t Then Bobby will be all mine! She deserves it anyway, that witch! She turned on her heel, ready to escape the heat and falling debris.

6: Three steps later, guilt settled in. Before the whole Bobby thing, she wasn’t too bad. I guess she doesn’t really deserve to die. The place will be in ruins within the next few minutes. I hope I can get us both out alive! Susie turned back, knowing she was risking her life for a probably ungrateful Jane. I better not regret this! By the time she arrived back at the scene, Jane was clearly conscious. She was moaning, evidently hurt. “Jane?” Susie called out. There was no response. Susie dragged her out from the rubble just as a huge beam fell, right where they had been an instant before.

7: Susie supported Jane, as they ran together out the store. “Susie?!?” Jane asked. “Did you just save me?” Jane was still kind of out of it. “You can have my poodle!” Susie smirked. “Um. Thanks Jane” | THE END!

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  • Title: A Moral Dilemma (Susie vs Jane)
  • By Group Four Malindi Van Sant Lauren Harrison Katelyn Jud Taylor Skym
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