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A Normal Life?

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S: A Normal Life?

BC: Bridget is a normal teenage girl who loves surfing. She lives with her dad and has lived her whole life whole life wondering who her mum is. She thinks about her all the time and one day while she was surfing she finds a gold locket that leads her to an adventure she never thought she would have.

FC: A Normal Life?

1: “AAAAAAAAAAA,” she screamed. Bridget a normal 15 year old girl who lived life for surfing had just got dumped by a massive wave. She was scrambling for dear life to get to shore in the strong current. When she finally got there she saw two pieces sitting there. Her surfboard just broke. She was so annoyed, she kicked one of the pieces and a flash of gold came off her foot. Bridget went over to have a look but something was holding on to her long, blonde bleached hair. “Grrr,” “DAD LET GO” she yelled, but no one answered Bridget looked around to see if anyone was there but no there was no one in sight. She went to over to look at the gold thing in the soft yellow sand and picked it up. It was a locket in the shape of a love heart. She tried to open it but it wouldn't budge. She turned the locket around and saw it needed a key. Bridget sighed in disappointment, took the locket and went home.

2: When she got home she lied on the bed and tried to read her book but she couldn’t, she just kept thinking about what was in the locket. She then remembered a key that her dad had given to her when she was 5. The key was shaped like a love heart and was gold just like the locket. She looked everywhere in her messy room. She couldn’t find it anywhere. She was so frustrated that she almost tore up her book but then she remembered that her dad took it away from her when she was 8 for no apparent reason. She asked herself how she remembers all this, and went up stairs to her tiny Dad who was shorter than most teenagers, looked at him with her big, light blue eyes and asked him if he knew where the key that looked like a love heart was. Her dad looked worried, he asked in soft voice “Why Bridge what do you want that for?” she told him that she wanted to try out a locket she found at the beach but her Dad said “No.”

3: That night her Dad was going out with a couple of friends so she crept into his room and looked in his bedside table. There with many other pictures of her when she was little and at the back of the drawer there was the key. She took the key and crept out of his room. She went to her room, found the locket and opened it. Inside she found a picture of a woman that looked like she was in her twenties with blonde hair, light blue eyes, a soft face and rosy cheeks just like her. On the other side of the locket was her name. She slid the photo out of the locket and behind it was a tiny piece of paper with instructions written on it. Dear my little Bridget Lily Daze just go to Dethby Point and, she couldn't read anything else because Bridget was crying and the tears fell onto the page so the words were all blurred up. Bridget looked at the picture and her name and realized she had just found her mother.

4: She then heard a car door close and realized it was her Dad. She quickly hid the locket with the key and wiped her tears away. Her Dad came in the doorway and went straight upstairs to his room. Bridget thought she would get caught crying because her eyes were all red and puffy but she was safe. The next morning was a school day but instead of going to school Bridget wrote a note saying goodbye to her dad and telling her where she would be. But before she could finish her dad came in looking very angry. He snatched the note off her and read it, then teared it up. He then yelled at her “BRIDGET, HOW COULD YOU TAKE THAT KEY, YOU KNOW I SAID NO!” Bridget was about to cry “I I I I,” she stammered. “I need to go find my mum,” she yelled. Her dad screamed at the top of his lungs and took her arm. Bridget tried to fight him off but he was too strong. Bridget started crying and screaming, then bit her dads arm, got her bag and fled.

5: She ran off to the boat hire shop and hired a boat for two days. As soon as she got the boat she dragged it to the beach and started the engine. She knew which direction Dethby Point was except she didn't know which way was north. She looked in her bag and found a compass. It was peaceful at sea then it got dark and scary. There was no land except for a small, dark dead island with a sign DETHBY POINT. Bridget got off the boat, pulled it in and tied it around a small dead bush. Bridget looked around the tiny island. There was nothing except for a huge dark cave over on the far side of the island. She got her stuff and headed for the big cave.

6: When she got closer to the cave she saw a bright light coming from it. She went inside and saw an old man sitting there all alone. Bridget yelled “HELLO,” and the old man turned around. He was a freaky man with wrinkles all over him. He had no hair and was as skinny as a stick. He had black baggy clothes on, his teeth were all yellow and he was hunched over like the hunchback of Notre Dame. “Oh ello little girl ow are ya,” he asked. Bridget was speechless. “Oh paron me,” he said “The name's Rink.” “Oh right, my name is,” Bridget tried to say. “I know wha your name is Bridget I know ya mother as well,” Rink told her softly. Bridget told Rink that she was looking for her and asked him if he could help. He said in a kind of evil tone “Ha, yeah sure.”

7: Bridget woke up to the smell of eggs. She turned around and saw that Rink was making them. They ate then set off to Hutchruble bay where Rink said her mother will be. It was midday and the sky was grey with a cool wind blowing around. At 1 o’clock it started to rain. The seas were rough, with huge waves, lightning lit up the sky and the thunder was spine tickling. When Rink wasn’t looking a huge wave ate him up and he fell splashing around in the icy clod water. Bridget screamed. She couldn’t see him anywhere.

8: When the sky cleared up and the sea was flat Bridget saw a tiny island up ahead. She could see a black spot and fire on the island. She smelt eggs and saw a hunched over man eating them. She rubbed her eyes over and over. She could have sworn it was a dream but it wasn’t. When she was in shallow water she got out of the boat dragged, it to shore and tied it up. “Rink,” Bridget screamed and ran over to him. They gave each other a hug then Rink told Bridget they were at Hutchruble bay. Bridget screamed with delight, and then asked why Rink was in perfect shape. “Things aint always wah ay seem sweart,” Rink replied. Suddenly down from the sky came a beautiful black figure with blonde hair and light blue eyes. “Mum?” Bridget wept confused. “Sweetheart,” Bridget’s’ mum screamed. Bridget ran into her mums arms. For the rest of the evening Bridget and her mum talked about their lives and what they had been up to.

9: For a strange reason Bridget’s Mum told her to go to bed early even though it was only 8 o’clock so Bridget asked “Why Mum I mean, I only just got to know you. I want to learn more.” “And you will learn more so go to sleep while I look for some device to get us off this island considering your boat is gone,” Bridget’s Mum said too eagerly. Bridget looked around to see if her Mum was right and she was. Someone had taken her boat. She was about to yell at the top of her head but then she remembered what Rink had said, about how things aren’t always what they seem, and kept her mouth shut.

10: She nodded off to sleep quite easily under the moonlit sky but she woke up at the sound of howling wind and a tree crashing down. Then it started to rain. She went over to a dark cave and saw a light behind the thorny bushes. She went to see what was going on and saw her Mum, Rink and several other strange looking people, all wearing black clothing, huddling around a huge fire and sitting on logs. One person stood up. “We must or else she will stand in our way,” yelled one of one of the strange looking men. “Surely there has got to be another way,” Bridget’s Mum said softly almost looking like she was about to cry. There was silence. Then someone shouted “LOOK OVER THERE SHE’S SPYING ON US,” Bridget saw that the man was pointing to her and tried to run but couldn’t, she was panicking. “RUN BRIDGET RUN,” Rink screamed. Bridget looked at him, then over at the angry mob and started sprinting away.

11: “NO, SHE’S GETTING AWAY,” her Mum screamed and started chasing her. Bridget was running out of breath so she stopped to have a break but she didn’t realize that her mum was following her and grabbed Bridget’s shirt. “Let go of me you evil little AAAAAAA,” Bridget screamed as her mum pinched her ear. “You want to know the truth Bridget? I am the most successful witch on- the- planet,” Bridget’s mum told her wickedly. “I successfully rule 2 planets from a totally different universe and I am planning to rule 3 but you cheeky miss, hmm ARE IN MY WAY!” she yelled. “So to make sure I will never see you again I will send you off to- another planet,” she told Bridget.

12: Her mum the witch started throwing white streaks at her but kept on missing as Bridget was dodging them all. The white streaks stopped so Bridget kept looking back to see where her mum was but she was nowhere in sight. Bridget stopped for a break and started walking backwards but as she was doing that she walked into a thorny bush that cut her left hand. The white streaks started again but her hand for a weird reason wasn’t in agony. It had healed up just as fast as she had cut it. Bridget lifted her hand up and felt a tingling sensation running through her arm then suddenly shot out a blue streak that went straight into her mother. Bridget then thought about what her Mum and said about sending her to another planet. She wondered if she could do the same. Then another tingling sensation ran down her arm and this time an orange bolt like shape came out of her arm and her Mum had vanished.

13: Bridget started crying. Her mum was an evil witch that had just vanished to another planet, and her dad would be super cross with her. She had nowhere to go and Rink wasn’t in sight. Then out of nowhere Rink appeared. “Thanks Rink for telling me to run I was so scared I couldn’t move,” Bridget told Rink. “Aint no problem ya do relies tha ya mum was gonna banish you to a planet and then destroy it righ?” Rink asked Bridget didn’t have time to answer. Rink took her hand and before she knew it she was back at the front of her house. Bridget was absolutely speechless but Rink just said “Remember Bridget, things aint always wha ay seem,” then vanished slowly into thin air. Bridget rung the doorbell of her house and her Dad answered it. Bridget and her Dad just stared at each other for a long time then Bridget ran into her dads’ arms. Bridget told her Dad she was sorry and told him all the things she had been through. Her Dad told her that he knew her Mum was evil and was just trying to protect her. Bridget was about to cry.

14: They then enjoyed an ice-cream together but it wasn’t the same as other times. After a while things did go back to normal. Two years later Rink showed up in her bedroom and said “Bridget, ya mum,” he sounded worried “she as escaped from tha planet ya sent er to, no one knows where she is,” there was a long pause.” I think she's comin after you,” he told her and vanished just as her Dad came into her room. “What's going on here,” her dad asked. “My Mum has escaped from the planet I sent her to,” “Apparently she is coming after me.” Bridget told her Dad. Then they heard a cackle. Hahaha you think you could keep me on that planet didn't you? Hmm, well I’m back TO GET REVENGE!”

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