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A Piece of Cake

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FC: A Piece of Cake A Memoir by Cupcake Brown Mia Hunsicker Period 11

1: There is no other way to put it: Cupcake Brown is a fighter. After all she has been through, she is now grateful for life and appreciates every day she is living. Having to handle the curve balls life threw at her, Brown grew up faster than your typical girl. | A Piece of Cake is a memoir about a young girl's struggle and extraordinary hardships. In 1974 San Diego, it was an era consisting of drugs, high crime rates , and an unorganized foster care system; all of which punished Cupcake.

2: The memoir beings in 1974 with 9 year old Cupcake Brown finding her mom lying in her bed lifeless, and then Cupcake and her brother are sent off into foster care and separated from their loving step father Tim Long, whom she calls daddy. Mr. Bruce, her biological father whom she hadn't met before her mother passed away, obtained custody of both Larry and Cupcake. Tim was upset but according to California law, he could not do anything.

3: Before things started to fall apart, Cupcake and Larry didn't get along well. Since they both lost their mother, they were placed together in foster care. Cupcake was very loyal to her beloved brother She noted how the world was every man for himself, and then ran away from her foster home to escape the abuse. Cupcake never saw Larry after she left the Dobson's.

4: Diane, Cupcake and Larry's foster mother, was one of the main abusers in Cupcake's life. She treated her, at times, 7 foster children like slaves. She kept the kids for the check from the State. Diane would put on a show whenever the social workers would check up on them, and it was a good one. Diane didn't feed her foster children and would attack them. Diane was obsessed with having a clean house and controlling the children.

5: Dianne and her nephew Pete drugged Cupcake one night. Dianne then encouraged Pete to rape Cupcake. Fed up with the system and the other selfish children, Cupcake ran away from Diane's and found herself hitching rides up and down the coast of California. Cupcake never refused any drugs, and would resort to prostitution or "doing tricks" to pay the men who drove her from one place to the next.

6: In order to survive, Cupcake knew she needed to toughen up. Along sitting on a bench in San Diego, a prostitute named Candy approached Cupcake and showed her the ropes of the streets. Cupcake then started having sex for money. When Cupcake got money,she immediately spent it on drugs and maintained a buzz constantly. Being in 1974, law enforcement wasn't strict and Cupcakes dangerous options on the streets were unlimited.

7: After countless "tricks" and highs, Cupcake eventually landed herself in a hospital bed completely unaware of her surroundings. Police discovered her name and immediately returned her to Diane's. As she returned to Diane's, she came back pregnant and with a druggie boyfriend who had been arrested for drug dealing.

8: 'The blows came faster and harder, pounding my forehead, my cheeks, my neck. Protect your head! I screamed to myself. Protect your head!" | "They left me lying there, still on the ground, doubled over in agony, every part of my body pulsing with pain. But I wasn't so concerned about that I was worried about my baby. I Lay there for a while crying. I felt beaten in every way- physically, mentally, emotionally."

9: 8 months pregnant, Dianne ordered her real daughter, Connie, and her friends to beat up Cupcake. Only trying to defend her purpose for living, her baby, Cupcake lost and was badly injured. Dianne laughed and watched as her own child murdered an 8 month old fetus. From that point on, Cupcake didn't care about anything in the world except her survival. Dianne initially refused to take Cupcake to the hospital until she threatened Dianne with telling the social worker. The only thing Dianne feared was the Social Worker and not receiving her monthly checks. Cupcake ran away once again and promised herself to never return to Dianne's. Cupcake swore to never return where she was starved and her own child was killed.

10: After a few other foster homes and several more rapes, Cupcake moved in whit her great aunt in a bad neighborhood in L.A. She was now 16 years old and got herself into the notorious gang, the Crips. Cupcake loved everyone's loyalty to each other and loved being loved by others. In order to be a member of the gang, she needed to be there for | the "fun" consumption of drugs, and to help the crips supersede the rival gang, the Bloods. Cupcake felt like a true thug and hadn't this happy ever. Cupcake always tried to hide her age with fear of being rejected. Cupcake's "friends" were all atleast 4 years older than her.

11: High all the time, Cupcake wasn't concerned about her well being. She was surrounded with crime in the worst area in San Diego. Cupcake's days of being a crip ended suddenly when she was shot in a rivalry drive by. The doctor told Cupcake she would never be able to walk again. After recovery, and believing things couldn't get worse, Cupcake returned to Diane Dobson's house after 3 years.

12: Cupcake's step father, Daddy, Tim Long, had spent thousands of dollars and the preceding years battling for custody of Larry and Cupcake. After Cupcake was emancipated from the foster care system at 16, Tim found her and they lived together in an apartment in San Diego. Hooked on alcohol and drugs, Cupcake suggest she and daddy should start a drug dealing business to get money, as they have been having hard times. | Tim agreed to sell drugs with Cupcake. The business expanded, and somewhere along the road Cupcake was introduced to Tommy and immediately fell in love.

13: Originally, Tim wanted the best for Cupcake and encouraged her to succeed.

14: Tim thought Cupcake how to speak English properly, and encouraged she got a real job. Life was easier for Cupcake because she replaced her addiction of drugs and alcohol to an addiction of Tim.

15: After all the positivity Tommy brought into her life, it unfortunately turned sour. It wasn't long before Tim got Cupcake hooked on yet another drug, crack cocaine. Cupcake got a job, but was very incompetent because she was constantly high. Tim and Cupcake's relationship started getting abusive as a result of his controlling and manipulative habits. The fact that they lived together gave Tommy total control and victimized Cupcake. But unfortunately, she was still in love and couldn't see the damage Tommy was doing to her life.

16: With a low income and high dependency, Cupcake attempted to steal crack-cocaine from her dealer. He caught her in the act and then nearly beat her to death and raped her. He left her behind a dumpster where she later woke up. Then, at 21 years old, she realized her life needed change, and she immediately took action.

17: Cupcake got a job at Mesa vita and worked for Ken Rose who was the first to admit Cupcake to rehab after she admitted her dependency. In the start of her 12 step program, Venita, Cupcake's sponsor, strongly urged her to leave Tommy and move out. After doing so, Cupcake graduated from San Diego State University and then furthered her education by earning a law degree from University of San Fransisco.

18: To this day, Cupcake Brown has remained sober. She signed a $125,000 salary contract with prestigious law firm, McCutcheon & Doyle. She is still close with her father and has influenced him to sober up also. After hitch hiking, rape, abuse, being homeless, resorting to prostitution, a miscarriage, getting shot, trying every drug in the book, losing loved ones, toxic relationships, fights, and bad people, it is safe to say that Cupcake's success today wasn't easy to obtain. Cupcake Brown is, to say the least, a fighter.

20: The Great Gatsby and A Piece of Cake seem to be polar opposites, they have common themes. In the Great Gatsby, Jay Gatsby has a goal to get his old girlfriend, Daisy, back. Gatsby persevered in getting Daisy back just as Cupcake Brown had strong perseverance when she obtained her law degree. All odds were against both of them in achieving their goals. Nick doubted Gatsby and thought he was unrealistic, while all odds played against Brown to have any success.

21: In both books, the main characters long to have love and affection. Cupcake appreciated the love of fellow gang members at the least. She was completely desperate to be loved, as she was a lone traveler. Gatsby, too, wanted nothing more than the love and affection of his old girlfriend Daisy.

22: Both Cupcake Brown and Jay Gatsby are lonely individuals. Gatsby, before Nick, kept everything to himself. They both only had father's and did not keep contact with them. Where both of them ended up, no one would assume they originated from where they did. From their childhood to their adulthood, they made a complete change in their life.

23: Cupcake and Gatsby both ended up, in what they thought, to be better situations. Gatsby, obviously unaware that his lifestyle would result in his death, thought he was living the best life possible. Cupcake, on the other hand, was living the best possible life in the end. Both characters display huge amounts of perseverance.

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