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a pirates life book 1

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BC: what hapens when a boy a girl a cursed dog and a magic cat look for the temple of the mind find out in this book. | ages 9 and up

FC: a pirates life book 1 | by troy litle

1: chapter one a boy in a sack | are story begins at dock city. Were theres a boy named Tory he was a servent so he had to always were a potato sack until he escaped. he was only 8 or so he could not do much for

2: his owner except clean there house. But he was gonna do something not even his owners would atempt to do. he was gonna become a pirate but he did not no he was going to.

3: So he thought if he joined the navy he could get away from his owners and lose the sack.

4: chapter 2 cadet tory | so he joined the navy and it turned out it was not much different than his old life HE WAS A SERVANT BOY!

5: so he planned to escape he failed at that plan after that they got a gaurd he was not very good at his job but tory trained him and one day tory was teaching him to roll over and he

6: im not gonna do that stupid trick you idiot its insulting. You talked hows that possible im cursed because i have ben shot by the magic flint lock.

7: chapter 3 the magic in the flint lock? | by the way im Geffry you can call me geff i dont think i should tell you about it ok if you insist.

8: a flintlock is the kind of pistol pirates use only this one is magicical what as there was a pirate that was gonna steel it i tryed to get him but he shot me with it it makes people

9: unable to speak so it me a dog speak bamm! a noise oming from the rooms port hole it was another servant arest (air-est) she was the captains daghter

10: and she was gonna be sold! So we all escaped the ship made it back to port and got in the grasslands

11: first stop the temple of the mind it holds all memory tory you could see your parents alright then lets go. W when they were looking at the local wildlife they sall cat tory and

12: geff went on but arest hid the cat in her tote bag. Later on they found a pirate ship they had to steel it to get to the light islands.

13: chapter 4 the big hiest | tory distracted the gaurd when geff and arest beet all the other gaurds and tory stoll the yougest

14: youngest pirates cothes and weapons they fit perfactly so they sailed to the light islands they sall many strange things. On the first

15: island they sall a assorted bundle of slaves it as a slave trade they called it Slave Island.

16: chapter 4 the four islands | on the second island there were expert knife,spear and gun powder sack throwers we named that

17: Throwing Island. On the next island ther was very odd creatures it looked like they were preparing for war we did not get on that island it was named Vile Isle

18: it was named that cause of the vile creatures that lived on it. On the last island we droped anchor it was called Mind Island

19: we started are journey to the temple of the mind and we encountered many strange creatures on are way like fly the size of Geff. geff was a smaller

20: dog anyway but thats still HUGE! and we allsow saw many other wierd and wacky creatures but then we reached the temple of the mind it was gaurded by the residents of

21: Throwing Island we had to get past so we climbed up a tree and crawled across a vine to get to th temple we went in side but Arest's tote bg ripped from one of the spears and the

22: cat yell help and Arest grabed his paw and sad you can talk? yes said the cat now go! they crawled across the vine and caught up to geff and tory when they saw the cat

23: they were mad. but they had to shoot the shooter when they found the flint lock only the shooters skeloten appeard and geff shot the skeloten with his little paws and

24: bam he had no bad luck again he could still talk that was good and we sailed back port city i selled my boat and got a nice house 8 year olds are oload to have houses geff was with me to

25: and arest she went with the cat to seek revenge on the captain aka her pops we never saw each other again but we did wright.

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