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A trip Through Enlightment & Revolution

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A trip Through Enlightment & Revolution - Page Text Content

BC: The End. . . .

FC: Carl & Swanky"s journey through Enlightenment! By Michael Blalock

1: Hi! my name is Carl Simmons the 1743 nerd. You wanna go on a trip? I take them all the time with my horse Swanky, but this will be like one you have never experienced before. Enlightenment & Revolution The enlightenment helped philosophers, scientist, and others to succeed in the world. it basically solved problems.

2: One day day i got on swanky and took her out for a ride, my horse that is. as i was making my way down the road i came up on i sign, "Geocentric theory". Ouch!! i got hit by i rock, what does this theory refer to? oh yeah this was when the earth was thought to be centered in the universe. It was said that the moon, sun, and other planets orbited around the sun. This idea came from the Greek philosopher name Aristotle.

3: Scientific revolution i continued going down the road after getting hit by that rock I'm kinda on the look out, i never knew where it came from. I got off Swanky and i saw another sign, "Scientific revolution". In the mid-1500's there was a new way of thinking called the Scientific revolution. It kinda gives an idea of the way you think about the natural world the world we live in. this has people look at the world, or how things or how things can change in the world to be different or better.

4: Nicolaus Copernicus created the heliocentric theory.

5: Ouch!! i this is the second time getting hit by a rock, i got off the swanky and looked around. Nobody was around, so i turned and "BOO", ahhhhh!! who i are you? I asked. I'm Nicolaus Copernicus, and this big house in the shape of a sun is where i live, come on in! Wow! Whats up with all the little planets hanging from the ceiling, i asked? Well i as you know i always ha a theory that the earth and other planets revolved

6: around the sun. Stated that the sun is the center of the universe. And expanding this theory was another guy by the name of Johannes Kelper. But neither was true the sun, earth , and other planets orbit slowly around in a circular motion leaving nothing the center of the universe!

7: Swanky turned and looked she saw stacks of hay sitting in front of a little hut, her eyes got so big as she shot over to the hay.

8: Stop swanky stop, i yelled! Swanky ran right into a salon, every one held and looked at me wondering why a horse was in their hut. I quickly grab swanky and some hay and trotted away. But the funny thing was that they all went back to their gathering like nothing happened, so i carried on with my journey.

9: Declaration of independence

10: Thomas Jefferson wrote the Declaration Of Independence that was firmly based on ideas of the (Enlightenment). "Always take hold of things by the smooth handle" - T. Jefferson

11: Thomas gave me this neoclassical style of painting after he wrote a | copy of the D.O.C.! i was honored, i learned enough of info from him he was very helpful when talking about the ideas of the Enlightenment.

12: Swanky and i were beginning to get tired and the sun was setting. But we continued or trip stopping getting water from a wale. | Swanky and i were beginning to get tired and the sun was setting. But we continued or trip stopping getting water from a wale. We came up on man looking through a something up into the sky, i didn't know what it was so i stopped and ask.

13: Swanky and i were beginning to get tired and the sun was setting. But we continued or trip stopping getting water from a wale.

14: Hello sir, my name is Carl. i was riding by on mi horse and i saw you doing something. May i ask what this tool is. Well first my name is Isaac newton and this my friend is a telescope It decomposes white light into many colors to form a spectrum, and i built the first. I come out here alot saw i don"t have to deal wit the federal system1

15: i went down the road looking for something else to learn and i found A painting, on the back it said "Baroque" | Baroque is a style of art which was characterize by an grand ornate design, started in the Roman Catholic Church.

18: The Bill Of Rights is also known as the ten amendments. Gave people their rights of what they can our cannot do!

19: John Locke

20: John Locke believed that people can learn from their experiences and improve them selves He is very important to the social contract theory. his work had great impact on political philosophy..

21: Why was the Enlightenment Revolution so important? Because it was very helpful to everyone in many ways!!! things we have, things we created, and things we have done are because of the Enlightenment!!!!

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