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A Year to Remember

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1: My Sister Thalia. | My loving parents who are nice but always urging me to be more confident. | My cute little puppy called Cookie. | My best friend Lucy who isn't too lovely.

2: Hi. My name is Emily. I am 11 and live in New York. This is my diary. It is filled with the best and the most lesson giving experience I have ever had in my life so far. This is how it starts........ | My sister. | Me and my mum when I was 2 months.

3: How I looked as a young girl. | Me as a baby with my dad. | My friend Lucy. | Olivia my friend to be.

4: Love/Valentines Day/Anniversary

5: "Emily, Emily....." All my lovely friends called. aBut then I felt something tugging at my PJs. "Emily, EMILY!" mum finally started shouting. "Oh it was you calling my name." I said in disgust. It was only a dream. Once I was wide awake, I remembered, I only have one friend called Lucy, a cute little dog called Cookie, and loving parents who were always urging me to be more confident. I didn't have any lovely friends at all except Lucy who is barely lovely at all!

6: I was in the bathroom brushing my teeth. I had just had a boring breakfast of cereal and milk, when mum came bustling in putting on make-up and tying her hair in a neat bun at the same time. Exactly at 7:55 “As usual.....” I thought.

7: “You better hurry!” mum called as I pulled my white sweater over my head. It had a little brown stain on the sleeve but I didn't care. “Miss Lavigne will be so mad.” I worried aloud. I threw the book on my bedside table into my school bag and hurried to the front door. Mum was already waiting in the front seat of the rusty old silver car that every called Betsy and was trying to turn on the engine.

8: As soon as I was in the car, I started my usual morning moaning. “Why do I have to go to school?” I moaned as mum finally was able to turn the engine on. “Emily, we have spoken enough about this already.” she said as we zoomed past the grocery store. “Well at least I wont be teased if I'm a beggar on the street with no ED-U-CA-TION" I screamed in my head but nobody heard it but me.

9: “Ms. Smith,” My math teacher tapped her hand on the polished floor. “Please make your way to your seat.” she said impatiently. I ran to my seat and slumped in my seat straight away. “Brrrrrrrrrrp” “Oh no, not another whoopee cushion.” I thought as Matthew started snickering. I watched as Olivia snickered at me. Jealousy burned in my head as she turned to Matthew and started chattering away with him! That did it. I made a decision. Right there in the middle of math. I made up my mind. I wanted to be popular!

10: On the way home, me and Lucy stopped by the grocery store. I went in, bought some gum, mouth mint spray, and a glittery pink backpack. The next day, I signed up for drama. "This better work......" I said as I wrote Emily on the sheet of paper that had "Drama sign-up" sheet written on it.

12: “Ahhhhh” I yawned. “6:45 and I ‘m ready to go.” I got out of bed and started getting ready. “First, I wear my lucky top, then I eat some healthy breakfast, I spray some mint spray in my mouth, and I pop a piece of gum in my mouth.” Finally, I was ready for a boring day at school.

14: As I walked through the front door of the school, everybody stopped and stared. Even Olivia, the most popular girl in school stopped chatting with her friends and came over to me to compliment me! "Nice shirt." she said as I screamed "Yeah, it must have worked!!!" in my head.

15: So there it began. My life as a popular girl. Everyday. I did the usual things like on the first day when Olivia complimented me. I even had to start doing chores to be able to buy mouth spray and gum. on top of all that, I still had to stay on top of all my school work! "How do Olivia and all her friends keep up with this?" I thought "They must have gotten used to it." I decided.

16: After the days went on, I started to get fed up. Day after day it kept on going like this. " I'll never get used to this." I thought one day as I was mowing the lawn. "I wash I still had Lucy as a friend so she could come over to help with the chores." I said out of breath.

17: Let's Celebrate! | . "Honey, is anything wrong?" asked my mum. "Nothing, I'm fine thanks." I mumbled "Well, call me if you need anything, just call me if you want anything." "Okay."

18: The next day, I trudged into school sleepily. I had been thinking all night. I had made a decision. I didn't want to be friends with Olivia. I didn't want to wear pink and sparkles every day. I was sick of eating strawberry gum every day. It all leads to the conclusion: I didn't want to be popular anymore!

19: By the next day, I was officially un-popular. I had stopped wearing pink, chewing mouth mint spray, and spraying mouth spray. I had stopped talking to Olivia and her friends, I had remade friends with Lucy, (even though I thought she would never forgive me...) and I had even made a few new un-popular friends.

20: normal life!!! | On the last day of the first week being un-popular, I walked home happily with Alissa, one of my new friends, who just happened to live two houses away.

21: I thought about how happy I was getting back back to my normal life. It hadn't changed too much, I had loving parents who thought I was confident enough already, a loving puppy who was as cute as ever, and a friend called Lucy who actually turned out to be quite lovely!

22: Hana, the author of this book, is 10, lives in Hong Kong with her Mum, Dad, her Brother and her Sister, and goes to Chinese International School. When she is older she would like to be an author or a dancer.

23: ME!!!!!!

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