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Alone in the Dark

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BC: "Did you hear that noise?" Phil said shakily. " N-n-n-o it wasn't me? Allen said. " Then who was it. Suddenly a voice yelled "IT WAS ME!!!"

FC: Alone in the Dark | By Adam Weber

1: I would like to dedicate this book to people who have had friends or family members murdered. | Alone in the Dark By Adam Weber

2: The Wilfrid family is going on vacation. Allen and Elaine are married with two kids, Phillip and Elaine. Unfortunately Allen has a business meeting in Hamlet Village. So that is where they are going on vacation. But not everyone is happy about that. "Why do we have to go to a boring old town for vacation instead of Hawaii?" Elaine asked miserably.

3: "You know I have a business meeting in Hamlet Village." Allen said wearily. " I know but it seems so boring. And why do we have to go this way?"

4: "What do you mean? What is wrong with this way?" Allen asked. "Its creepy. We are driving through a dark forest at night." Phil said.

5: All of a sudden the family heard a loud snap. "What was that noise!?!" Lynn frantically asked. " I'll go check it out" Allen said calmly.

6: " It looks like the car battery died." Allen said. " Well this is just great now what do we do?" Phil said.

7: " I guess we will just have to walk to the nearest town and hope there is an auto shop there." Allen said. "Are you blind! We are in the middle of a forest we are nowhere close to a town!" Lynn screamed.

8: Around 6:00 p.m. the family stumbled upon a small town named Alston. "See I told you we would find a town" Allen boasted."Kind of a creepy sign though isn't it Dad?" Phil asked. " Who cares? Let's go!" Lynn said eagerly.

9: "Theres one small problem." Lynn says. " Oh yeah whats that?" Allen replies. " Well it looks like nobody has lived here for years.

10: " Who cares. They might have a phone or some food or something. Lets go check it out." Phillip said anxiously. "No. Absolutely not. There is no way i am going in this creepy town." Elaine said. "Fine by me. You can stay out here all alone then." Allen said coolly.

11: Suddenly Phillip yelled out "Hey look, a garage. There might be a car in it. Lets go look."

12: "Uh oh. There is a bit of a problem. There is a padlock on the door. We need boltcutters or something." Allen said sadly.

13: "Well this is just perfect. We have no food, water, or cell phone service. Now what. We don't even have a vehicle." Elaine complained. In a very excited voice Phillip told the family he had found a grocery store!

14: "Did you check to see if it is open Phil?" Lynn asked. "Um, no. It was more of a hope than an idea." "Well you better hope that its open or we're in trouble" Allen said.

15: "Yes its open. Oh Phil you are lucky. Okay guys lets go check it out." Lynn said excitedly. " Are you sure its safe?" Elaine asked. "There is only one way to find out. Lets go!" Phil said.

16: As they walked in the door Allen heard something. "Phil did you say something?" "No why" " Oh I was just wondering. It doesn't look like there is anything useful in here. All of it is either broken or moldy. Lets go." Allen said.

17: All of a sudden there was a huge CRASH!!! "Phil be careful." Allen called casually. " But Dad, I am right behind you." "Then what was that?" Lynn asked. "I don't know. Wait where is you're mother?" Allen asked worriedly. "ELAINE!! ELAINE WHERE ARE YOU?!?!?!" Allen yelled desperately.

18: "Dad I found a shelf that fell. It is near the juice aisle. But there is a pool of blood too. So whoever did this, did it on purpose."Phil called out. "Is your mother there?" Allen called back. "No. Where could she have gone?"

19: "Come on guys we have to go look for her. Since we didn't see anyone go out the front door they must of gone out a different way. Let's check the back." Allen said. " It is locked from the outside. No one came this way. Lets go outside and look there." Lynn said hopefully.

21: As Elaine slowly opens her eyes a bald man's face comes int focus."Who are you" Elaine asks in a very scared voice. " My name is Franklin Smith. But you can call me Frank." Elaine struggled to get up. But as she pulled on the bindings on her wrists and feet she felt something dig into her skin. " I see you have noticed the little surprise I put in the bindings. So if I were you I wouldn't struggle to much. You might bleed out and die before we even start the fun stuff. Plus it will make it a lot easier." All of a sudden Elaine felt a searing pain in her left shoulder. She screamed out in pain.

22: Elaine was strapped onto a table that was literally pulling her apart. The pain in her shoulder was increasing. All of a sudden her arm came off and hit the floor with a thud. This just made her scream louder.

23: This then happened to both of her legs until she passed out. A couple of minutes later she died from blood loss.

24: Allen, Phillip, and Lynn were walking down an abandoned street when they heard the screams. They ran towards the screams and came upon a house. By then the screams had stopped but Allen needed to get in. So he kicked open the door and ran inside. What he saw made him fall to his knees. He sobbed as he looked at his wife, strapped to a table with only one arm left on her body.

27: When he was done sobbing he stood up and walked outside just in time to see someone duck into an alley. "Hey! Wait up!" Allen called. He started to run after the shadow, momentarily forgetting the situation. He stopped at a split end. He heard a yell and ran back to the house.

28: When he got back he saw Lynn on the ground unconscious, bleeding a little from her head. He was looking around for Phillip but all he saw was a bloody ear on the ground.

29: When Lynn woke up Allen asked her what had happened. She said that she and Phil had been standing there when someone shoved her and she smacked her head on the wall. Before she blacked out she saw Phil being dragged away.

30: After she was on the ground someone had smashed Phil's head against the wall. Before she blacked out she also heard Phillip scream. Then she started to sob uncontrollably into Allen's arms.

31: After Lynn recovered they started to walk around again. Finally they found what Allen was looking for, a hardware store.

32: Allen broke the glass and opened the door. He made a beeline for the tool section. He handed Lynn a metal nail hammer. He looked for a minute then grabbed a pair of boltcutters. They turned to leave and a man blocked the door.

33: They both screamed at the top of their lungs. The man did not even flinch. It was like he was used to screaming. Once they stopped screaming he introduced himself. "Hello. My name is Franklin Smith. You can call me Frank.

34: Allen quickly gathered his wits and asked Frank, " Say do you know how to get to the autoshop from here?" " I sure do. Do you folks need help getting there?" Frank asked. "Yeah that would be great, thanks." Allen said. When they arrived at the auto shop, Allen took out the boltcutters and cut the padlock on the garage door. When he lifted it up he saw a beautiful green Camaro with white stripes.

36: Suddenly Franklin pulled out a knife and stabbed Allen in the side. As Allen fell Frank kicked him in the head. Allen went limp. Frank then started to turn towards Lynn. Lynn swung the hammer and hit Frank in the side of the head. Frank crumpled to the floor.

37: Allen moaned. Lynn ran quickly to him. "Daddy, Daddy please stay with me." Lynn pleaded. "I can't get up Lynn. You will have to leave without me." Allen said weakly. "No, No, I can't I am not leaving without you." " You have to. I will never forget you Lynn. I love you." As soon as the words left his lips, his eyes closed and he stopped breathing. Lynn climbed into the car and drove away, sobbing the whole time.

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