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Anjeli's 60th Birthday Book

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Anjeli's 60th Birthday Book - Page Text Content

S: Anjeli's 60th Birthday Book

BC: laughter | We love you, Mommy! June 17, 2011 | Laugh as much as you breathe and love as long as you live. --Anonymous

FC: Thinking of you is like the Spring, You bring love and joy to everything.

1: A smile as sweet as spring | God, grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, courage to change the things I can, and wisdom to know the difference.

2: Introducing Anjeli Prasad June 17, 1951

3: Anjeli 1952

4: 1953

5: 1954

6: Ready for action! | I know it's not raining... | Look at me posing! | I love my dog! | 1955

7: My beautiful skirt! | I'm so cute! | Check out my hat! | My birthday!

8: 1971

9: 1969 | Daddy & Mummy | 1951

10: Sujata & Me

11: As children... | As adults...

12: Ravi and Me | a young Ravi | Lucknow 1969

13: Mummy, Ravi, Babi, & Me | Ravi

14: Anjeli & Ashesh May 15, 1972

15: The Beautiful Bride

16: A Young Married Couple! | Look at her adoring gaze!

18: Prashant & Sujata | Shubra, Anant, & Jayant | Sujata, Ravi, Mummy, & Me

19: Rishu, Sonal, Anshu | Ammaji

20: The Many Faces of Anjeli

22: My first child, Jugnu April 2, 1974

23: She lit up my life...

24: My Second Child, Naina | M | March 28, 1977

25: She would always gaze at me with her big brown eyes...

26: My third child, Manisha | January 29, 1981

27: She always caught on so quickly. | July 1981 | Sept. 1981

28: so many | Each memory we keep with care means future happiness to share. | Apr. '80 | I loved watching you play with our children... --Ashesh

29: LIVE WELL LAUGH OFTEN LOVE MUCH | Jugnu's first birthday! | Sept. '79

30: ***DAUGHTERS*** | May 1981 | Apr. 1979 | June 1978 | Jan. 29, 1982

31: MAKING MEMORIES | Mar. 1978 | June 1982

32: 1980 | 2000

33: MEMORIES | 1989 | 1998 | 1993

34: Daughters...

35: all grown up...

36: Smiling

37: ...Happy...Happy...Happy... | Wonder where I get my loud voice and laughter from? --Naina

39: Jugnu and Tony July 15, 2000

40: Naina & Kalpesh April 5, 2008

41: Love

42: Tony | Tony

43: Kalpesh | My Sons-in-law

45: Loreto College B.A. Final Lucknow, U.P. 1971

49: Places I Have Visited

50: Taj Mahal

51: India Winter 2001

52: Space Shuttle Atlantis 5/14/2010

54: Dogs are not our whole life, but they make our lives whole. - Bettina Eddie | Ruby | Ride 'em, doggies! | ah, resting... | All three dogs... | Jump, Ginger, jump! | Jump, Jay, jump!

55: I love my dogs! | Rajah & Rani | Jewel | Sheera | Ginger

56: My first grandson | Jay Kumar Foti

57: September 15, 2004

58: Jay is a joy to be around... | JAY

59: I love you, Jay!

60: Raj Matthew Foti April 20, 2007 | My Second Grandchild

61: mischievious... | I love you, Raj!

62: RAJ | Raj is precious to me!

65: Texas Bluebonnets

66: "Jay, I'm so glad you love dal!"

67: When I think of Mommy, she always wanted me to eat all my vegetables. One day she made me eat a whole tomato, which didn't take. She did teach me how to cook Indian food...--Manisha

68: Nani loves you! | Butting heads already?

69: A grandchild fills a space in your heart that you never knew was empty. -Anonymous

70: sunshine | bloom

71: JAY | RAJ

72: JAY | RAJ | Nani, we love our garden! | Peek-a-boo!

73: explore | discover

74: Cici goes to Naina Mausi's! | The Adventures of Blankie and Cici! | Blankie bride... | I can't see you!

75: It's a Cici skirt! | Jewel needs Blankie! | Sleeping... | Thanks for our blankets, Nani! | Cici is on my head! | Blanket mummies!

76: CHOW MOW! | "One of my favorite things Mommy did with my kids when they were little was chow mow! She is such a wonderful Nani!" -Jugnu

77: I love doing Chow Mow with the kids!

78: Do you like my bunny ears? | American Idol, anyone? | Gobble gobble! | Aaargh, matey! | Go horsey, go!

79: I love big red bows! | Do you like my hair? | I'm being attacked! | Mwah! | hahaha! | Are you kidding me?1?

80: Diwali

81: Celebrations

82: Friends | I enjoy my friendship with Anjeli because we can talk about anything with each other. She is always interested in whatever I am talking about, no matter how trivial it may seem. Being a grandmother herself, she never tires of hearing about my favorite subject, my grandchildren. -Sue | Anjeli and I were instant friends - you know, when you meet someone the first time and you just click. Well, that's how it was with us. Though we had all these background differences, we just could relate to each other. Our biggest difference has always been temperature - she loves the cold, I love the heat! So, we figured it must have been a cosmic mix-up that she was born in India and I was born in W. Virginia. It should have been switched. -Sammie | TRUE | ARE EVERLASTING

83: " | Oh I came from India Many years ago. Moved to Pensacola And little did I know. Went to Graduate School To get my Masters Degree. Found a job at Pea Ridge And later moved to G.B.E. Teaching my 4th graders Is what I do the best. Raising writing and test scores Is keeping me from rest I’ve raised three wonderful daughters And now have two grandsons. Wonder what else the future could bring, I feel I have already WON! Turning 60 is just an age And only my hair dresser really knows. I have fun and laugh a lot. Life is good and it really shows!!!!!!! -Karen

84: A memory I have is of all the Diwalis Anjeli has invited me to. I am always in awe at the amount of food that she prepares and the number of people that are there. I love seeing the beautiful saris that the women wear. -Sue | Something Anjeli always does is avoid the sun at all cost. So, my favorite Anjeli school moment is during the last field day which was only MILDLY warm and sunny, here comes this ethereal ghost wafting across the PE field draped in white gauze, sporting this ginormous sun hat and sunglasses followed by a slew of munchkins running amok. This was Anjeli avoiding the sun while being the dutiful teacher cheering her class on during field day events. It was indeed a sight to see. -Sammie | Two words to describe Anjeli? a hoot--Sammie loves life--Karen caring and interesting--Sue | FRIENDS

85: I enjoy my friendship with Anjeli because it is comfortable - we can say anything to each other and know that no one gets hurt or offended. We use each other as a sounding board, and we just always have fun and laugh a lot when we're together.--Sammie | Something Anjeli always does is arrive at a party on Indian time. --Karen | My favorite school moment is watching her class have "water day". --Karen | I enjoy my friendship with Anjeli because she is a true friend and I think we have been in a former life together. --Karen

86: Through our stay in Pensacola, we formed a very loving and strong bond between our two families. Our kids became good friends and over the years, we have been able to maintain the relationship. Anjeli and myself are like needles of a clock, though we are in the same clock, we are not able to meet. Even if we meet, it’s only for few seconds...but we always stay connected. We may not be able to talk to each other on a regular basis.however whenever we do; it is like no time has passed. Anjeli has always been there for me. She has given me the time to listen to my heartaches, share my joy, wipe my tears, and guide me when I have been off the track. She is a true friend, who thinks I am a good egg even though she knows that I am slightly cracked.--Rajni | Anjeli, don’t worry about getting old. It is better to be “over the hill” than under it. –Nalini | Something Anjeli always does is laugh energetically. –the Visarias | Something Anjeli always does is smile. –the Dharias | I enjoy my friendship with Anjeli because of her infectious laughter.--Kaberi | The Pensacola "Old Crowd"

89: Anjeli is very focused and efficient. She does not spread herself too thin. She believes in true delegation of responsibilities. Anything that is not her field of operation, she will not concern herself with it and totally trusts Ashesh to take care of it. So often we hear the 'seasoned' answer "Ashesh ko puchho" (ask Ashesh) from her. By now we are trained to know what to ask her and what to ask Ashesh. Anything relating to home maintenance or finances would be answered by Ashesh. Any social questions would be also be answered by Ashesh but they are fed to him in the background by Anjeli. --Vasanti | A new couple was invited during one of the gatherings. The lady approached me and said, "Hi, Auntie”. Anjeli overheard and was tickled that a married woman would refer to me as “Auntie” and a loud outburst of laughter came from her. Anjeli has a very unique joviality. –Nalini | When we think about Diwali, we always think of Anjeli. She always manages to gather everyone together as a family for an important Indian holiday.- the Samantas | I have known Anjeli and her family since I have moved to Pensacola. She has always been an inspiration and guidance to my kids while they were growing. --Teo | It all started in the spring of 1986 when we had moved to Pensacola, Florida. We did not know a soul in town. Shriram and myself sat down with the telephone directory. Yes, in those days we had telephone directories.and started going through the names in alphabetical order. Lucky for us we saw the Agrawals listed in the first few pages. We called them up and Ashesh offered to come and pick us up from the Red Roof Inn for dinner at their home. When the Agrawals came over, Ashesh was accompanied by his family. While following them to their home, Shriram mentioned something about Ashesh saying he had three daughters, but actually four came to pick us up. Well, little did we know the fourth daughter was actually his very young looking wife, Anjeli.--Rajni | Over the years, we have gracefully matured but are still young at heart and silly, taking life’s challenges as they appear. --Annie

91: Anjeli, since April 1986 to the present, we have created memories; we have created a bond; we have formed a friendship that will always be there. We cannot get rid of it. Because we know, whatever we do or not do, we will be there for each other. I love you my sister, and wish you a long, happy, healthy, and content life!!!!--Rajni | We truly are fortunate to have Anjeli and Ashesh as our friends. We have grown together and have been able to achieve closeness which is really a treasure. –the Visarias | We enjoy our friendship with Anjeli because she is a classy woman. –the Dharias | One of my favorite party memories are Anjeli’s cute center table arrangements. --Vasanti | I will always remember her as a no-nonsense practical friend who lives up to the saying “A friend in need is a friend indeed”. --Annie | Two words to describe Anjeli? humorous and fun-loving --Kaberi jovial and fun --Teo lively and happy --the Dharias cool and composed --the Visarias independent and frank --Nalini simplicity and friendly --Seema | Friends and friendship ... it's a package of feeling ... nobody can make it, nobody can delete it, nobody can explain it. Only we can feel it.--Rajni | My favorite party moments are good company, great rajma and lots of laughter.--Seema | My memory of our meeting...well met. This chance encounter augurs well for my contentment. I thank God that He should bring you across my path. I was hurrying...It is fit that I slow down to luxuriate in your wisdom and probity.--Seema .

92: I enjoy Anjeli’s friendship because she is like "Dear Abbey”, “Ann Landers” and “Hints from Heloise” all rolled in one. She can come up with perfect suggestions for gift ideas. She is an expert on traveling light and is always ready to help you with appropriate ideas for the occasion. In an instant she can transform herself into your personal teacher. --Vasanti | sunny days | We love Anjeli's Diwali celebrations! --the Dharias | I enjoy my friendship with Anjeli because she is loyal and responsible.--Nalini

93: Friends | Anjeli is famous for her beads, salads, and her loud infectious laughter! -Annie

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