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Belieber Hell

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S: Belieber Hell By Lauren Sallee

1: A Belieber is an extremely dedicated fan of Justin Bieber.

2: The first level of hell is twitter. (dot) Com. Justin Bieber, my human reason leads me. With each step it gets more hot. “You see all these girls? 21 mil to be exact. They tweeted me all day while they sat on the computer getting plump and fat.” These girls, the tweeters, sat and stalked Biebs. They’d tweet “Follow me! My dreams will come true!” JB retweeted some so content, they’d be. I looked to my right and saw @JustinCrew. Her fingers were just dangling from her hands. She’ll never type again, I already knew. I walked up to her, eyeing her more closely than I ever had. Misery, misery, and more misery was all that I saw. No more beauty, but ugly and ghostly. | The Tweeters

3: I looked deep into her eyes and felt sucked in. I was taken to her past. Reliving her memories. I was in her house in the den. There she was on the computer in the corner of the room. I didn’t even have to look to know the website. Retweeting, was JB. @JustinCrew tweeted around 100 times, but he never retweeted the poor, hopeless girl. Her face wrinkled and she began to cry. She walked away, but “Beep” the computer had a new tweet which appeared on the screen. JB retweeted a girl “Never say never and I love you too!” “He’s retweeting! He’s retweeting!” she would yell and squeal. Once again she is on the computer. This is what brought her to hell.

4: Justin took my hand and lead me deeper into hell. A door appeared, opened for us, and darkness surrounded my head. A light turned on in the middle of some room we were now in. I looked around. The room was huge. I felt really little. I began to make out the outlines of girls chained to a wall. I wanted a closer look, but was scared. Justin gave me a shove and I stumbled towards the dark figures. Their faces were cracked and seemed rusted by many years. “What’d they do to be here?” I asked Justin. “Inside jokers are what they are and now they have been masked | The Inside Jokers

5: with scars.” I studied their faces even more closely and soon discovered the punishment they received when I looked at their crusted lips. Black thread had been used to stitch their mouths shut. I touched my own lips. I’d rather be dead.. A glimpse of red hair caught my eye. I walked over to the person Who much to my surprise was Jason Rhoades. He always had his inside jokes with his friends and told me that girls were too dumb to understand this kind of thing. I’m glad he ended up in hell because he offended me long ago. Now he’s forever in this fiery den.

6: We have no reached the third level of hell where the emotionals dwell. A dark, creepy bird suddenly flew over our heads. Steaming puddles of some yellow liquid flowed all over the ground. “What is this?” I am meaning what are the puddles from? Could it rain in hell? Justin handed me a pair of extreme rain boots. “The pain | The Emotionals

7: of stepping in these puddles will be unbearable if you don’t wear these.” Justin took my hand and lead me Toward a group of humanly figures that Were almost submerged within one of The eerie puddles. A hat of black clouds fogged up the skies overhead. These humans were sobbing and their cries could be heard from miles away. The tears steamed down their cheeks and burned off their skin. This is the price they pay for always crying about everything. Their bones can be seen since their skin is just a ring of shreds lying on the ground. The six year old named Cody who is famous on YouTube has an acid tear rolling down her cheek. She really wanted to meet Justin it brings sadness to me.

8: We now arrived in the fourth level of hell. Most of the girls here are ages 12 and 13. Here there is now love Laughter, or joy. Here are all of the girls who have claimed themselves Beliebers, but have left JB when he Made mistakes. Most of these girls turned on Bieber whenever he cut off his hair and this caused whirls of tornadoes amongst Beliebers around the world. This showed all who were the true Beliebers. It was bound to happen; I mean him losing some fans. No one truly knew how many fakes there were and dumb | The "Wannabeliebs"

9: wannabes. Now these girls must be punished. Their punishment occurs every night at dusk. These so called fans are so fake that they must suffer being forced into a plastic make. They’re forever in a mold where hot plastic cakes to their bodies. They all must share The same excruciating pain. Everything about them is fake in hell from head to toes and even their veins. They were fake Beliebers and now they are truly plastic and fake as they were about JB. Now you know how.

10: I couldn’t believe that we were already in the 5th level of hell. Justin handed me What appeared to be a gas mask and a pair of ear plugs. “In this extreme class of hell the captives who always would scream at the top of their lungs for me now wish that they could not emit such high-pitched trills.” Justin told me. “Why not?” I questioned. “Why punish the thrills of seeing you?” I just could not understand why these girls have to go through a hot | The Screamers

11: rain of fire filling their lungs as they forever scream a horribly loud shriek. The burning pain has to be quite terrible. I saw my brother Hunter in this level. He never sceamed for Bieber, but I knew why he was in this level. He most certainly was a screamer. Especially whenever he’d host Black Ops matches on his xbox. “Here you idiot! No don’t go there!” He’d scream all this and more. Now his lungs fill with fire as for the rest of eternity his scream’s pitch rises higher.

12: I followed Justin into a deeper part of hell. In here dwell the cutters. A grim reaper appeared and told us that what we will see in this level may cause us serious discomfort and we may flee if we feel the need. We walked into a room and a huge stage took up most of the are. A crowd of people stood in our way as we tried to work our way to the front. A dark hooded figure, I’m assuming a demon of hell, walked up to the mic, let out a grunt and the crowd began to cheer and clap. A group of emo Beliebers walked onto the stage screaming. The demon gave one a slap | The Cutters

13: across the face and she wimpered like a puppy. They lined up towards the front of the stage. The demon moved the mic so we could see better. More demons went to the stage. One for each girl. They stripped off their clothing and men began to coo. now was the time for their punishment. A blade of metal appeared in the demons hands. they held the girls by their hair and made several incisions on their skin. From here they grabbed the dangling skin and pulled it all the way off of the girls bodies. Fear took over my body. No longer with skin on their bodies the crowd could see all of their internal organs. Laughing, were the men.

14: In level eight of hell I saw many, many, MANY girls. like a dogs paw this place was gruff and filthy. I really didn’t want to continue. My hand began to sweat because I knew that I had dealt the same sin, but was yet to die. The girls that stood here in sullen groups were in-a-way dear to my heart because I knew how it felt to hate Selena and to cry | Selena Haters

15: because I wanted Justin to be mine. A girl with blonde hair in a small group looked me directly in the eyes. My vision instantly blurred. I closed my right eye and began to see what this girl saw. With one eye open I saw her walk around and with my closed eye Selena kiss Justin over and over again. The girls here eternally see Justin and Selena’s acts of affection and the curls of their bodies into each other. I recognized the girl who met my eyes. My long-time friend Mak. Why?

16: We finally reached the final level of hell. Justin dragged me in because I didn’t want to go. In this level were the stalkers. The lowest of low who never gave Justin any privacy. They followed him everywhere with their cameras and went out of their way to get images. The people here may have been paparazzi or just crazy fans who wanted to be near to JB. They are in the last level of hell because Justin never had any type of love | The Stalkers

17: for these people. Justin and Selena could never have peaceful dates because The insane stalkers would snap images of their every move. Since these people chased after Justin They must wince from the pain of forever running from giant monster cameras. If the cameras catch the slow, dumb ones they will take a picture and the flash will make every limb in their body fall off, beginning with their hands. I see Brooklyn running with a group. They will circle back into the cycle of running after being mutilated from the cameras way.

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