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Below the Ocean Waves

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Below the Ocean Waves - Page Text Content

S: Tess

BC: But more wonderful than the lore of old men and the lore of books is the secret lore of ocean. H. P. Lovecraft

FC: Below the Ocean Waves

1: The yellow fish embraces its ocean environment. It swims quickly through the water, wiggling its fins. As it goes it passes other sea creatures. A sea turtle catches its eye.

2: The sea turtle is green. Its heart shaped shell protects it. It has single claw flippers allowing it to move throughout the oceans wonders. It nibbles on sea grass.

3: Next comes the sea lion. Its large eyes search for other creatures in its surroundings. It moves with powerful strokes of its front flippers. The water makes its brown fur black.

4: Without warning comes the whale. The large mammal is gray. Its swims with a powerful tail. The tail is a third of its total length.

5: The dolphin flips back in fourth from each world. The dolphin is mostly gray with a white stomach. It blends in with the lighter colored surface water. It is the best sea creature to end with.

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