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Bony & Clyde Anatomy

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BC: A Time for Giving Thanks

FC: The Adventure Of Bony & Clyde | A Trip To The Museum

1: By: Miranda Pfeiffer & Sara Allego

2: One day, two little boys had to find their costumes for Halloween. Bony, had already picked out his outfit, while Clyde still couldn't decide on his.

3: Bony and Clyde's mother spent all day making Bony his skeleton costume. It turned out amazing!

4: When Clyde saw Bony's skeleton costume, Clyde began to ask a lot of questions. So Bony decided to take Clyde to the museum so he could understand the anatomy of skeletons better.

5: Exhibits | How Bones Grow In Length | Remodeling | How Bones Grow In Width | WELCOME TO THE MUSEUM

6: How Do Bones Grow? | Bony and Clyde go through the first exhibit to learn about bone lengths.

7: Bony (to Clyde): You know, bones come in different shapes and sizes | Clyde (to bony): That's cool, but how do bones become longer than other bones.? Why are the tibia and fibula (leg) bones different sizes? | Bony (to Clyde): Well, let's look at the first picture on the wall over there.

8: There are four zones or stages in the creation of how bone grows. The first zones is resting cartilage, followed by the zone of proliferation. Then comes the zone of hypertrophy followed by our final zone called calcification. If you follow the mural along the wall we will explore each zone. | The zones occur between the short end of the bone and the long end of the bone. | Ephiphyseal line is often called the growth plate

9: Resting Cartilage | Sleeping Babies... | Resting cartilage is the lazy cartilage that sleeps all day! | Real resting Cartilage from your bones!

10: Proliferation | New cartilage is made. They separate and make stacks or columns like pancakes.

11: Cells enlarge and mature. | Hypertrophy

12: Last Zone: | Calcification Cemetery | Just like any living cell, cartilage cells eventually die.

13: Bones increase in size when new bone forms on top of old bone.

14: Bony and Clyde exit the first exhibit. Along the way Clyde begins to question Bony about the types of cartilage there are.

15: Clyde: Bony, I don't understand cartilage. What is it and how does it work? | Bony: Well there are three types of cartilage cells; Hyaline, Fibrocartilage, and Elastic Cartilage. Each one has a special job. | Clyde: Well what do each of those have to do with how bones work? | Bony: Hyaline Cartilage is the special cartilage that creates bone matrix. It is needed for bone length growth to occur because it is where the bone begins. (he pauses) Fibrocartilage is needed at your joint such as your knee because it is very firm and tough. It can take an injury and still be okay depending on the level of the injury. (he pauses) And last, but not least Elastic Cartilage which is found in your ear is flexible. with out flexible cartilage everything would be stiff.

16: Exhibit 2 | After what seems as though a thousand questions, the two kids finally reach the next display. Here they will learn about how bones grow in width, Come on everybody let's go too!

17: Fall...The Colors Leave You Breathless | Exhibit 2

18: Bony and Clyde are now ready to exit the exhibit on how bones grow in length. And yes, Clyde does have a question or two. | Clyde: Bony, I don't understand bone cells; could you explain it to me? Are they like cartilage cells? | Bony: No bone cells are any of the cells that are found in the bone. There are a few different types of those as well. | Clyde: Like osteocytes and osteoclasts? What do those bone cells do? | Bony: Osteocytes are the mature bone cells. Osteoclasts job is to breakdown the bone.

19: It's Turkey Time! | Bony answers all of Clyde's questions in a short amount of time. As they approach their next exhibit a fire alarm goes of. A voice comes over the loud speaker instructing everyone to slide down the fireman's people into the Exhibit called Remodeling.

20: The fireman's pole took them down into a tunnel which began Exhibit number three; How a bone remodels?

21: The voice on the louder speaker rang through again. This time telling Bony and Clyde: Osteoclasrs dig a hole or tunnel in compact bone. Calcium used to do many functions in the body can be released into the blood stream. | *** Hint: Osteoclasts are a specialized cell found in growing bones. *** | Before resorption ends the osteoclasts will disappear.

22: The children are now are approaching the part of the tunnel where Mesenchymal stems cells (beginning stage of osteoblasts) multiply and turn into preosteoblasts before becoming osteoblast at the top of the tunnel. | ***Hint: Osteoblasts are bone forming cells. ***

23: Clyde and Bony have almost finished the exhibit when they reach the top of the tunnel. Here the osteoid is released which forms a new bone containing calcium and phosphorus (which help make the bone strong)

24: Clyde: Wow! I learned so much from the museum today. I think I want to be a skeleton too! | Bony: We can be skeletons together if you get your mom to make you a costume too! | The boys leave the museum to head for home once competing their last exhibit. Along the way Clyde tells Bony that he had a great day of learning!

25: Once the boys arrive back to Bony's House, Clyde asks his mother if she could make him a skeleton costume for Halloween! "Of course," she replies.

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