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Cedric's Easter Nuts!

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S: Cedric's Easter Nuts Written By: Geneva Taylor

FC: Written By: Geneva Taylor | Cedric's Easter Nuts

1: To my children and grandchildren

3: It was that time again. The time when all the area rabbits gather to select this years Easter Bunny: that's right, select, pick, whatever you want to call it. The Easter Bunny is not like Santa, who can visit every child in the whole world in one night. For the Easter Bunny its more local.. This year was a little different. All of the other large strong rabbits had already had their turn as Easter Bunny, all except for Cedric. Now it was not that he wasn't large or strong, he was both. The problem was that he was a little clumsy- and a whole lot absent minded. Cedric wanted to be the Easter Bunny more than anything he ever wanted in his whole life. All the other rabbits loved Cedric. But they were afraid he couldn't handle the job. After all, the children of West Ridge depended on the Easter Bunny to hide all the beautiful eggs in all the fun places in the park before the annual Easter Egg Hunt. The children looked forward to it every year and they just couldn't disappoint them. This was a big problem.

5: What were they going to do? While the group discussed their dilemma Cedric was hopping up and down, begging "please, please, please. I'll be the best Easter Bunny there has ever been in the whole world. I will dye the eggs the prettiest colors and I will find the very best places to hide them." "Please, please, please." All the rabbits decided that Cedric should have his chance. After all, if enthusiasm counted for anything, he should do well. They all nodded their heads and crossed their paws.

7: Cedric could not believe he had been chosen. He promised himself he would go to bed early and get plenty of rest. He would practice running as fast as he could so he would be able to get all the eggs hid in one night. Cedric knew that he had a little trouble remembering things. So as he practiced running, he would go over all his chores. As he ran he chanted over and over again... "Got to gather, got to color." When all of a sudden, he ran smack into a tree.

9: When he woke up, he staggered around and tried to gather his thoughts. "I have got to gather the .... and color the .... Wait a minute, what have I got to gather and color?"

11: "I know, I know, oranges; I have got to gather oranges." "No it cannot be oranges. If you color them, they would still be called oranges. Let me see, I know, peaches. No it can't be peaches, they are soft and fuzzy. They would just get soggy if you tried to dye them. I know, maybe it is grapes. No, no whoever heard of Easter Grapes?" Cedric thumped his paw and shook his head. Then he said, "I've got it, it's nuts, Easter Nuts!" He wondered for a moment where he could find the nuts. Cedric decided to go home and sleep on it. After all, running head first into a tree leaves you with a terrible headache.

13: The next morning Cedric woke up bright and early, picked up his basket and headed out to gather his nuts. Cedric knew there was a pecan tree in Mr. McDoogan's yard and a huge oak tree in Mrs. Petree's yard. When he got to Mr. McDoogan's there wasn't a nut to be found. It was the same in Mrs. Petree's yard. What was he going to do? The children were counting on him and he could not let them down. That was when something rare happened to Cedric. He had a bright idea. "It's the squirrels, the squirrels have the nuts. But where?" He started snooping around the edge of the woods, under logs, holes in tree's; he looked everywhere until he had his basket filled with nuts.

15: Cedric didn't know it, but he had an audience. The squirrels were watching his every move, wondering what that dumb rabbit wanted with their nuts. After all, everyone knows rabbits do not eat nuts. The squirrels decided to keep a close eye on Cedric and their nuts. Cedric headed home as fast as he could, he knew he had a lot of work to do before tomorrow night. When he got home he carefully laid his nuts out and admired them. Cedric mixed all the dyes and started dipping the nuts, but all they got was wet. "OH NO! Something must be wrong with the dye." Cedric thought. It was not coloring the nuts. He thumped his head and prayed for another bright idea and glory be one came.

17: He remembered watching Mrs. Wigglesworth paint bright colored flowers while sitting at her easel in the front yard. Cedric was sure Mrs. Wigglesworth wouldn't mind if he borrowed a little bit of her paints for such a good purpose. He hurried over to her front porch where she kept her paints in a big tin can. He only took a little of each color and promised himself that he would leave the prettiest nut he painted on the porch for Mrs. Wigglesworth. Cedric painted for the rest on the day. He painted red nut, yellow nuts, purple and pink nuts. On some of the acorns that still had their caps he painted faces. He thought this was fun, but he had to hurry and finish because tonight was the big night, the night that he had to hide the nuts for the children. Cedric carefully placed all the beautiful nuts in his basket and headed out to the park. He hid the nuts in tufts of grass, on branches of small trees. He hid some in easy places to find. All of the town people began to arrive.

19: Mayor Tucker led the procession, along with his wife Muffie and their five children, Kyle, Howie, Matthew, John, and Stephanie. They were the most spoiled children in town and really got in a snit when they didn't find the most Easter Eggs. All the women were dressed in their finery. The girls danced around in their lace dresses with ribbons in their hair. The boys hated their new shoes and their bow ties. Everything was going fine until the Mayor told the children to being the hunt.

21: The children ran in every direction with their baskets in hand looking for Easter eggs, that's right eggs. But what they found were nuts, bright colored nuts. "What is this?" asked Stephanie, "whoever heard of Easter Nuts?" The rabbits watching from the edge of the woods looked at each other and said "Nuts?" "We must have been nuts to let Cedric be the Easter Bunny." "What did I do? What did I do?" asked Cedric. "You were supposed to give them eggs, not nuts, you ninny" said Arthur.

23: About that time, the squirrels who had been watching the whole thing, decided it was time to retrieve their nuts. They dashed in every direction, climbing up ladies dresses and getting tangled in their hair. The men were trying to chase the squirrels off. The women were screaming and the children were rolling on the ground laughing and tossing nuts to the squirrels. The children said "this is the best Easter we have ever had." The mayor said "well it was certainly the nuttiest." All the rabbits looked at Cedric and said "we agree, you are the best Easter Bunny in the world. We have never seen the children have this much fun."

25: The End

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