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Chapter 8 Heart: The Bonesetter's Daughter

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Chapter 8 Heart: The Bonesetter's Daughter - Page Text Content

S: The Bonesetter's Daughter

BC: Thank You For Listening!!!

FC: Do- Now "Watch now, Doggie, she ordered, and drew the character for "heart:" See this curving stroke? That's the bottom of the heart, where blood gathers and flows. And the dots, those are the two veins and the artery that carry the blood in and out" (173). If you had to draw the character for "heart," what would it look like and why? Please explain your symbol (approx. 5 lines) and how it pertains to your life.

1: Chinese Symbol for "Heart" | Miriam, Alex, Brandon, Mike

2: Immortal Heart: Important Facts: "The village lay between hills in a valley that dropped into a deep limestone ravine" (174). The village began as a sacred place. Legend: Visiting emperor had planted a pine tree in the middle of valley. (3000 years old when Precious Aunties saw it) Visitors chipped off bark from "lucky" tree before leaving... killed the tree.

3: The Liu Clan: Inkstick Makers

4: List of Things to Do: 1. Burning and Grinding 2. Measuring and Pouring 3. Stirring and Molding 4. Drying and Carving 5. Wrapping and Counting 6. Storing and Stacking

5: Confusion Itch: Tiny Flea Crawls Into One's Ear Victimized Great- Granny

6: Oracle Bones Words on Bones- Questions to G-Ds Valuable- Ground Down for Medicines

7: Liu Hu Sen: Luling's Real Father

8: Dragon Bones: | Location: Monkey's Jaw (Mouth of the Mountain) Cave in Deep Ravine of Riverbed "To get there, we went down into the End of the World and walked along the middle of the ravine, away from the walls, where the grown-ups said there were things too bad to see" (184).

9: "The Inside of the Cave looked like the molars of a monkey that could bite you in two..."

10: Chang | Brought Son to Bonesetter Golden Wood had Fallen from Stack and Knocked Baby's Shoulder out of Socket Coffinmaker

11: Baby Uncle | Fortuneteller = Bad Omen $$ = Good Omen -One Thousand Coppers -Made Fortuneteller Think Harder

12: Fortuneteller | "Later that week, unbeknownst one to the other, each man went to a different fortune teller" (191).

13: - Wanted to know if their combination of birthdates with Precious Auntie's was lucky. - Used Animal Symbols - Fortuneteller's Mole Position... Her Smile Changed Omen

14: Wedding Day: Chang sprang out from behind bushes. Chang dresses up like a bandit and kills Baby Uncle. Precious Auntie's father had also died. "That was how Precious Auntie became a widow and an orphan in the same day" (197). Ironic: Chang came three days later with coffins.

15: Precious Auntie "But Great-Granny did not let this happen. Baby Uncle's ghost had come to her in a dream and warned that if Precious Auntie died, he and his ghost bride would roam the house and seek revenge on those who had not pitied her" (198).

16: Precious Auntie Pregnant with Luling "And then she (Great-Granny) noticed that another part of Precious Auntie had become swollen: her womb" (198).

17: Other Important Quotes: "Baby Uncle was the fourth son, the youngest, the favorite. His name was Liu Hu Sen. He was my real father, and would have married Precious Auntie, if only he had not died on their wedding day" (181). "For those desperate customers, Precious Auntie's father had remedies of three kinds: modern, try- anything, and traditional" (186). * Also Binding Feet

18: Heart Review Questions What did the Liu family perfect after centuries of practice? Where could the best oracle bones be found? What did the fortuneteller at first about Baby Uncle's marriage to Precious Auntie?

19: Heart Review Questions Continued Who was Chang? What did he do that would make Precious Auntie "very sorry"? How did Precious Auntie try to kill herself? Why did Great-Granny try to save Precious Auntie?

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