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Charles Baker Harris (Dill)

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FC: Charles Baker Harris | This is NOT a girly scrapbook.

1: Table of Contents: Page 1: Table of Contents Pages 2-3: About Me Pages 4-5: Folks Worth Mentioning Pages 6-7: Memories in Maycomb Pages 8-9: Prized Possessions Pages 10-11: Little But Old Page 12: Works Cited Page

2: Miss. Rachel, the lady I stay with during the summer, tells me that I talk way too much. She always tells me that I need to stop my fibbin, she says that someday I’ll regret it. She told me that I should keep this scrapbook, she says I can write down anything she don’t wanna listen to. She says I can practice tellin the truth in here. I don’t think that a scrapbook sounds like a thing men do. I reckon if Jem found out, he’d say I’m acting like a girl, so I’m gonna try mighty hard to make sure Jem n’ Scout don’t find out bout this. By the way, name’s Dill. Well actually my full name is Charles Baker Harris, but I like Dill better. I am almost 10 years old. I live in Mississippi, but I visit Alabama in the summer to stay with Miss. Rachel. | People say I tell fibs a lot, which I guess you could say is the honest truth. I only tell lies though because my life ain’t that interesting, it’s actually kinda sad, and I don’t want people looking down on me or nothing. My mum and my new dad don’t pay no mind to me. They buy me new things but they don’t care what I do.s why I ran away from them and came to Maycomb County. | About Me

3: I reckon I should also write about the things I enjoy doin’ in my free time. In the summer, I come to Maycomb, most every year, and I like to play with Jem and Scout, we used to play a game where we pretended we was Boo Radley, a mysterious man that lives by Jem and Scout. We also liked to see who could get the closest to seeing Boo Radley, but we almost got shot. It was all my idea, the game and the contest. I’m very creative, Mrs. Rachel says so, and she says I come up with the wildest tales, which I reckon is a good thing. But me and Jem are to old for that now, so we like to sit in the tree house, and do boy stuff, usually without Scout. | One thing I don’t understand is why people can’t all be nice to each other. This summer I went to the court case of a fellow named Tom Robinson. Tom was treated so badly. I just don’t get why we all can’t get along with Blacks. I’m gonna change that some day. Well, I reckon that’s all I need to write about for now. I better hide this in a real good place, so nobody can find it. | This is Me.

4: Well, I’m still alive, which means Jem still don’t know I have this scrapbook. He not about to find out either. I’ve been thinking about what to write and I decided to write about the important folks I know. I mean, if your gonna get to know me, you might as well get to know the folks I hang around. When I think about who matters to me, the Finches come to mind write away, even before my own Ma. | The Finches are my favorite family in the whole wide universe. Scout and Jem are Finches. They are my best friends, plus Scout is my fiancé. We always have great adventures, and we always manage to find fun and trouble. Atticus is a Finch to. He is Scout and Jem’s daddy. Atticus is a brave man, and he’s got some good manners. He don’t look down at nobody, he sees every man the same. Atticus is a good man for a boy to look up too. Without the Finch family, my summers with Miss. Rachel would be almost unbearable. | This is my friend Jem Finch. | Folks Worth Mentioning

5: I’ve heard that there are some people that you don’t never forget, because they change your life. The Finches are some of those people. I think there are also people in your life who are there for a reason, whether you think you need them or not. My parents and Miss. Rachel are some of those people. Even though I don’t understand why some people are in my life the way they are, I’m determined to figure out for myself why they’re there and make the best of my life. | I guess I should probably mention Miss. Rachel in here too since I stay with her every single summer in Maycomb. Besides that, there ain’t much to say. She obviously don’t like me much, and don’t want me with her. She also drinks, and think I don’t know. I know more than she thinks I do. My mom and my new dad are also pretty important I guess. Probably worth mentioning too. They are mighty fine in the eyes of some kids I reckon. They never bother me, but they never play with me neither. They don't understand that money don't buy love. | This is my friend Scout Finch.

6: Considering all my years of livin pickin an important event is hard. It seems to me like all my memories in Maycomb are important in there own ways. I think one of the most important events of my life was when I realized for the first time that the world is a more cruel and unjust place. This event happened on August 26, 1935 in the Maycomb courtroom. Jem and I were watchin Atticus defend Tom Robinson. Tom Robinson was a black man claimin that he didn’t rape Mayella Ewell, a white girl. There was obvious proof | that Tom should have been a free man, he was obviously innocent and the whole courtroom knowed it. When Mr. Gilmer, the prosecutor started questioning Tom, it wasn’t fair at all. He treated him like he wasn’t nuttin but dirt. It was so unfair, I just couldn’t stand it. Scout had to take me outside because I couldn’t not stop crying. (Don’t spread that around now, or I’ll come after ya.) When I was outside I was able to talk to a man who understood what equality was. His name was Mr. Raymond, he didn't judge anyone | Memories in Maycomb | This is a picture of the Tom Robinson trial.

7: by their skin, in fact he was a wealthy white man who preferred hanging out with the Blacks. When I got back, the jury decided that Tom was guilty.They were givin up an innocent man’s life just cause of his dark skin. That was a night I will never forget, I learned the unfairness that plays out today. Another important experience in my life was when I ran away from my ma and new dad in Mississippi back to Maycomb. I was a little scared cause I ain’t ever traveled completely alone before. People kept lookin at me, probably wondering what a boy so small was doing all alone. Although I was scared, all I could think about was how I wanted to get to Alabama and so I wouldn’t be alone. So I didn’t look back none as I climbed on and rode the train all alone. From the train ride I walked all the way to the Finch’s house. When I got to the Finch’s house, I hid under Scout’s bed until she found me. I knew that I would be welcomed into their house. That night I slept in the same bed as Scout and we just talked into the night. Those memories are the kind that I will never ever forget. I hope me runnin away said something to my mom and new dad that I can’t say in words. Maycomb feels more like home then Mississippi. I hope I showed to the adults that I am way more than just a little boy, I am a person with thoughts and feelings. I have had so many important experiences in a such a short life, and it’s funny how most of them take place in Maycomb during my summers there.

8: A boy like me has a lot of stuff. Like I mentioned before, my ma and new dad give me everything I want. But even with all my new stuff, it’s my tickets to Maycomb county that I look at most fondly. Maycomb, Alabama is my second home. Whenever I see my ticket to Maycomb, lots of images come to mind. In my mind these images will be associated with Maycomb until the day I die. I can picture Tom Robinson, clear as day, and innocent as a child standing up on that courthouse stand. I hear the rustle of feet as Scout, Jem n I sneak up to the Radley place, tryin to catch a look at Boo. I taste the sweet flavor of Mr. Dolphus Raymond’s Coca-Cola in a paper bag. I can feel the whispers muttered throughout the small town where nothing is a secret. Holding my tickets, IWhenever I look through my things I am also reminded of Maycomb throughout the letters I have. feel like I’m back in Alabama, instead of alone in Mississippi. Sometimes when I miss it real bad, it helps to sleep with my tickets right next to my pillow, and plan out next summer’s adventures. Whenever I look through my things I am also reminded of Maycomb throughout the letters I have. Not the alphabet kind of letters, but the but the kind you mail. One of my favorite letters I have is the one that Jem n me were gonna give to Boo Radley. | Prized Possessions

9: We thought maybe Boo would come out if we wrote an extra nice note. So we tied it to a fishing pole so that it could deliver better. I think out plan was great, and would have definitely worked if Atticus wouldn’t have discovered our intents, and made us stop. I also have letters from Scout. Sometimes when am in stuck in Mississippi and I’m mighty lonely, I read her letters. She lets me know what is going on in Maycomb. One summer I couldn’t come to Maycomb, and letters were the best way for me to not die of boredom. Looking at my beloved letter makes me think that the good times ain’t over. I reckon there is more to come. | This is a picture of one of my tickets to Maycomb. | This is a picture of one of my letters

10: “I’m little but I’m old.” (Ch. 1, page 7 paragraph 10) That was one of the first things I told Jem and Scout when we first was acquainted. At the time I just meant that even though I was small, I actually was not little, and I was very smart for my age. However, I have learned over the course of my summers in Maycomb, that there is a deeper meaning to my statement than I thought. Although I am little, I have gone through some hard times, and have witnessed some hard things. I have witnessed my parent’s divorce. I’ve seen an innocent man get convicted simply because of his skin color. I’ve seen good men do dumb things when they don’t think. I’ve seen men be judged by people who don’t know nothing bout em. I’ve witnessed my mom remarry. I was there when my new folks paid no mind to me. The things I have been through help me grow up, so that although I am young, I am also in a way grown up. When I say that I’m litte, but I’m old, I mean more than just that fact that I’m small for my age, or a good reader. I mean that I have been exposed to the world of grown-ups. And after seeing the world of grown-ups, I’ve decided one thing; I want to stay a kid forever. | Little But Old

11: "I'm little but I'm old."

13: Written by Hailey Skinner and Lexie Salamone

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