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Classic Mixbook

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S: James Scott Fans

BC: James Scott Fans

FC: With Love from Your Fans

1: Dear James, We think you're a phenomenal actor and also quite an incredible human being. You are dedicated to your craft, you bring the best to every scene, and you're always entertaining. Your screen dynamic, presence, talent, and sheer ability to deliver entertainment through your dedication to acting is what has kept us connected to Days. The character of EJ DiMera is one of the most entertaining ones in soap history. Since the day you first walked into Salem, you stole our hearts with your portrayal of EJ. We've grown to love EJ. As talented as you are, we just know we will be watching you someday in feature films. James, we're proud of you and proud to be your fans. We have gathered some fans to make you this book. It has facts and letters from us. We want you to know how important you are to us. Remember you always have the full support of your fans. You can be sure there are legions and legions of James Scott fans. We love you!

2: Soaps' Most Beautiful People - Aussie TV Soap

3: adonis 2011 DAYS OF OUR LIVES 1. James Scott (45.9%) 2. Eric Martsolf (11.2%) 3. Galen Gering (10.4%) 4. Shawn Christian (9.6%) 5. Bren Foster(5.1%) 6. Chandler Massey (4.9%) 7. Francisco San Martin (4.0%) 8. Wallace Kurth (3.6%) 9. Peter Reckell (3.4%) 10. Casey Deidrick (2.0%) | Shrine to the Soap Hunks | http://soaphunks.net/ | adonis 2010 DAYS OF OUR LIVES 1. James Scott (44.0%) | adonis 2009 DAYS OF OUR LIVES 1. James Scott (49.2%)

4: Sexiest Man Alive — 2011 TVGuide.CA Sure, his mercurial dark locks, devilish smile, arresting charm, perfectly chiseled face, adventurous, boyish eyes, insanely statuesque physique and enveloping accent all make him the perfect package. But Days of our Lives leading man James Scott has something his physical equals do not: God-given acting talent. He may just be DAYS’s best male actor. Ever. http://tvguide.ca/Soaps/Features/ Articles/110216_sexiest_man_201 1_NB.htm

5: Dear James, I want to let you know how much I enjoy your acting and how you bring EJ to life on Days. I met you in Dallas this April and was so impressed by you. Not only are you handsome, but you are also a gentleman. I feel you are a great asset to Days, and I watch because of you. I admire you and your acting. God Bless, Vicki

6: Dear James, You are the most interesting actor out there. You do brilliant work, scene after scene. You certainly deserve an Emmy. I hope you win some day! I love you as EJ, but I also would love to see you in other projects such as movies or prime time. You have proven that you are an amazing, talented actor who could do it all. I personally would love to see a more romantic/charming side to EJ. Just keep him on my screen as much as possible, and I will be happy! Victoria Chase

7: Hi James, I think you are a splendid actor. You always brings top-notch performances to the table, regardless of the material you are given. You are, in my opinion, the best actor on daytime television, and you rank up there with the best on television in general. It has been a joy to watch you give EJ the depth and layers that bring such a conflicted character to life. My favorite scenes of yours are with Alison Sweeney and Joseph Mascolo. You have a way of drawing out masterful performances in each other and going ‘toe-to-toe’ in scenes that draw the audience in. Whether EJ is hated or loved, you cannot argue that he is definitely the most talked about character on the show. I am proud to be a fan of such a talented actor. You truly make Days of Our Lives ‘Must See TV’ for me! Michelle Kubi

8: Hi James!! I enjoy watching you as EJ on Days. You do such a great job portraying him. You bring him alive. I've been watching Days since I was a kid, and I've never been so captivated by a character before. You do a wonderful job, and, as a fan, I appreciate all your hard work. I'm loving the changes with the show in general, but most of all I'm loving the changes with EJ. I feel like the EJ I grew to love a while ago is returning. I'm excited to see what comes next! Keep up the great work. Your efforts are greatly appreciated! Thanks, Tish

9: Dear James, I had the pleasure of meeting you twice in Greenville, but I have always been on the shy side, so I never had the courage to say what I wanted to say. I really enjoy your work on Days. Even when the writing wasn’t good, you were still able to make me enjoy it. And EJ has become one of my favorite characters thanks to your acting. Normally villains are seen as one note, but you add so many layers to EJ that make him very rootable and a joy to watch. And, as a fan, I really appreciate your hard work and dedication to your character. Looking forward to many more years of your work to come, and wishing you the best in whatever you decide to do. Your Fan, Lauren Groce South Carolina

10: Hi, I love the actor James Scott. He is one of the best actors I have ever seen on a soap. I have been a fan of his since the day he showed up on Days as a race car driver, and then I got even more interested when they put Allison Sweeney with him as a love interest. He has many Ejami fans. But this is about the actor himself. He is a private man and shies away from his fame because that's the way he wants it. Winning the Adonis Soaphunks for four years in a row and being nominated for an Emmy two years straight hasn't changed him in any way. Jame takes the time to show his fans his love. He has even had chats at the Forbidden Love website where we could ask him questions and he answers. I have been a part of them three times, and it makes us all happy to be chatting with James. There aren't many actors who go out of their way for their fans. I love that he is an animal lover and gives his time to every charity that he can. Maybe one day I will get to meet this fantastic actor. He loves taking care of his garden and fixing up his house, and this is what he says he does when he has time off. A humble, gracious person who I look forward to seeing on Days every day that he is on. Sincerely, Dorothy Galanis

11: Dear James, Since you first started on Days as EJ (Wells) Dimera, you have quickly become my favorite actor on Days of Our Lives. I love that you use your body to communicate. Words alone only tell so much of what a character is going through, and you have shown so much depth to EJ with the looks you give, the way you use your body, and the way you use the props that surround you. You have really brought so much to the Soap genre, and I hope you know that you are appreciated. Keep doing what you do best. -Julian | Hi James! I've never met you but I've been a fan since 2004 when you first appeared on AMC. I've watched your acting talent grow better every year. Today, I would vote your acting ability equal to or better than most of the actors I've seen on TV or in movies. Keep up the good work. I'm so glad Days extended your contract into 2013. Now, if they would just write a good Ejami storyline for you and Alison, I'd be even happier. Wishing you the best, Loretta Holliman Richburg, SC

12: Dear James, Thank you for the many years of laughter, tears, and amazement I've had watching you bring life to EJ Dimera. It takes an extraordinary actor to take what could become a typical villain and transform the character into one that many love. I appreciate good acting, and you are, by far, one of my absolute favorite actors. Some of my other favorite actors are Timothy Olyphant, Hugh Laurie, Walton Goggins, Daniel Faraday, David Tennant and Richard Armitage, if that gives you any indication of the caliber of actors that I hold in high regard. Your performance when EJ considered suicide after he had lost Sami and the kids is one of the best I have ever seen. It brought me to tears, and not the watery eyes kind of tears, the ugly cry kind of tears where you don't even care what you look like anymore and become a sniveling mess. My heart broke for EJ. You have such a way of bringing depth to scenes, and I am pulled into EJ's emotions and grow to love him even more. I hang on to hope that one day EJ and Sami can find true happiness together. In the meantime, I want to thank you for every ounce of energy, line of script memorized, early morning and late night at the set, and all of the other things you do to bring your amazing talent to fans of the show. Your scenes will always be counted as some of my favorite memories of watching Days of Our Lives. Many blessings,

13: Dear James, First I’d like to thank you for the last five years of entertainment. The dedication and effort you’ve put into breathing life into EJ DiMera shines through in every performance and continues to amaze and captivate me still. You are such an amazing talent, an asset to daytime, to Days of our Lives, and of course, to the fans. We absolutely love you, but I’m sure you already know that! I’ve been a Day’s fan, watching on and off, for 17 years or so, which is a teeny bit more than half my life. I’ve seen it all, sat through all the crazy storylines – Team DiMera the entire time, of course. Nothing has held my attention, or drawn me in, as much as you have with your portrayal of EJ. You really are the complete package - gorgeous, tall, killer smile, AND talented. How did Days get so lucky? Honestly, I’m an EJami, but I think your scenes with Joe are my favorite. No matter what the storyline is or what EJ/Stefano are doing, I know it’s going to be a powerhouse performance from both of you and always worth watching. One of my favorite things is the way you’re able to convey with an expression, or a look in your eyes, how EJ should react or feel, and I think that’s why your performances stand out. Seriously, you act circles around certain other actors, and I’m not gonna lie, sometimes I feel sorry for him. LOL. Before you came to Days, I was more of a general viewer, watching purely as a distraction. All that changed with the arrival of EJ. Over the last two years I’ve been a bit of a fair-weather fan, I admit, but I look forward to the future and to seeing where it takes you (and EJ). Hopefully, it will put you back in Ali Sweeney’s path, because the chemistry between the two of you is simply outrageous and thrilling to watch! I’ve got my fingers crossed on that one. I hope you continue to grace us with your brilliance, be it on Days or elsewhere. No matter where you go from here, know that we will follow you. (And I don't mean that in a stalker kind of way, I mean as an actor.) Thank you again for all the time and effort you put in to develop your character; you are truly a shining star, and please know that your hard work has not gone unnoticed or unappreciated. Always, Nicole

14: Dear James, It was a pleasure meeting you in August. I have so admired your portrayal of EJ. Thank you for gracing our screens. I wish you the best in wherever your career takes you. Hopefully, that includes many more years in Salem. Sincerely, Ellen | You such a rare treat in the soap opera field. You are down to earth, talented, humorous, professional, worldly, and just a very beautiful man. Days is lucky you landed there. You consistently give outstanding performances time after time despite the writing. You deserve an Emmy. Juliet Thelma,Washington

16: Dear James Scott, I just wanted you to know what a profound impact you have made playing EJ Banks /DiMera on the show as well as on me as a viewer of Days of Our Lives. I am 36 years old and have been watching the show with my best friend and her mother since we were kids (I would say about 8). Your character has made the biggest impact on me. (Hey, not just saying your handsome looks and charm didn’t help it! ; ) Seriously, you are truly a top notch actor. It really resonates in every performance you give to us in every episode we watch of you! Every emotion, every aspect of the craft of acting and beat; you don’t miss it, and we are truly honored to have you as part of the cast of Days of Our Lives! I just wanted you to know how much you mean to me and all of us. You are not just an actor; you’re a gift we get to get to watch everyday! Best Regards Always, Nicole Rodriguez (A James Scott Fan Everyday)

17: Dear James, Thank you for the magnificent job you have done portraying EJ DiMera. You have taken material that would have destroyed the character of EJ and made him into one of Days' most beloved characters. I suspect your stellar talent and connection with the fans has caused the course to be changed on more than one storyline. I watched DOOL from the 70's until 1997. I happened to be home on March 30, 2007 and decided to see what was going on in Salem, and WOW! There you were - playing a character I did not know but could not look away from, and I knew I had to tune back in to watch EJ DiMera and see what he would do. I have not missed one second of any of your scenes on DOOL since. DOOL is incredibly fortunate to have you in the cast, and, if they had let you slip away, I would have had no hope for the show to survive. You have been the sole reason I have hung on to DOOL over the last couple of years especially. I truly believe you are extraordinarily talented and gifted and that you are capable of starring in prime time and/or in a movie. I hope to be able to enjoy your talents for years to come, and I wish you much success and happiness! A fan in North Carolina, USA, Renae

18: Hello James, I had the opportunity to see you at the Meet and Greet in Niles, Ohio and the awesome experience of running into you in the Holiday Inn lobby. I really appreciated you taking time out of your busy schedule to chat with me. Believe me when I say it was surreal (you thought I had followed you to the hotel. It was fate, giving me an opportunity of a lifetime..lol). You are the main reason I watch Days. The way you portray EJ DiMera makes him larger than life. You make the viewers laugh when EJ is happy, cry when EJ feels pain, and be angry when EJ suffers an injustice. Mr. Scott, I applaud you for giving us EJ DiMera. No one else could ever portray him because he is unique; he is you. I am still hoping that EJ will be reunited with Samantha, Johnny and Sydney. TPTB need to write some redemption for EJ. I still hold on to the theory that Season 46 was a bad dream. The news that you had re-signed your contract made me extremely happy. If you had left, I would have to show my reaction to Days of Our Lives like the slogan on the tee shirt I was wearing in Niles, "Don't make me go DiMera on you." by canceling my viewership. Your loyal fan, Jorgeann

19: Hey James, I just wanted to tell you that I think you are the most amazing, talented actor I have ever seen. You are a gifted actor. And I am so glad that I get to see you act everyday on my favorite soap opera. It's an honor to watch someone as talented as you. I love how you make me feel every single emotion that EJ is feeling. It's an awesome feeling to be able to connect with a character like that. To me EJ comes off as a bad boy with a good heart who loves his children and anyone close to him dearly. I just love that about him. I know only you and you alone could make me understand and accept EJ the way he is. You portray EJ on screen in such a way I cannot describe it. You never disappoint me with your acting. You always give your 110% and just blow me away during your scenes no matter what kind of dialogue or material you have been given. I have watched many soaps in my lifetime, and never have I seen another actor who could even come close to comparing to you. You are wonderful and someone I have come to think very highly of and have respect for over the years you've been on the show. And, by the way, tell EJ that he belongs with Sami! lol I'll love and support you through thick and thin, till the end. Your fan, Jenn

20: Dear James, For almost 46 years DOOL has been part of my life. I started watching from the very first day. During the years I have enjoyed watching many wonderful performers and enjoyed them all but no one as much as you. So glad you are part of this wonderful cast and so happy to hear Ken Corday acknowledged you as carrying the show. That is so true. The day you first appeared on our screens, I just about fell out of my chair. There you stood clad only in the towel and silly smile and the moment you and Ali made eye contact, I sensed that I had witnessed television history in the making. You are wonderful no matter who you play opposite, but you two have this chemistry that is unbelievable. I hope the ptb take advantage of this very soon. The ratings would rock. Watching you is such a treat,no matter what you do. You just express yourself in so many ways. Even when you never utter a word, your eyes say paragraphs of dialogue. And your smile is so riveting; it's like a zillion twinkle lights come on. Your hand gestures and your stance all play such an important part in your performances. There are so many great scenes that you have been in but the one lately with the children at the opening of the Horton Town Center was a blubber fest. You are such a unique performer, and I feel so lucky that I have been able to watch you. When I heard you might not be resigning with Days I felt devastated, but I can understand if you were to seek other ventures. All of your fans would gladly follow you wherever you went. Thank God there is always YouTube. Someday I think and hope two fellows named Oscar and Tony may sit on your shelf as you so deserve it. Besides Ali, I do love your scenes with Ari, whom I adore, and Joe, and, oh God, I wish Thaao were back. The Dimera men are a force to be reckoned with. Thank you for attending so many fan events and giving us fans the opportunity to see and meet you. You are always so generous with your time. I love your interviews. They are always so thoughtful. I love the way you are so gracious and respectful to your fellow castmates, a sign of a true gentleman and professional. I also appreciate your love of the land and our animal friends. I heard you might want to herd sheep in New Zealand, lucky sheep. I wish you would stay here and continue to perform here so that we can go on enjoying you. However, whatever you decide, I wish you Godspeed and good fortune and every success in anything and everything you choose to do. Recently sent you a T-shirt saying Classic 1979 and a book about your birth year. I hope you receive them. The shirt is appropriate because you really are a Class Act. A grateful fan Annie

21: James, I have enjoyed watching you so much on DAYS for the past almost 5 1/2 years. I was so excited to see a character like EJ come on the show. He was mysterious and I was so happy to see him turn into a gray character. It's just what DAYS needed! Although I don't think anyone else could have pulled off EJ like do. I'm always mesmerized watching you play EJ with so many different emotions. You play him with such passion. I actually lose myself in the moment when I watch you. One of the main reasons I still watch the show is to see your incredible talent! Jen | At first, I didn’t know what to write, because English is not easy for me. But I would like to say to you, that your talent, your dedication to your work and your acting play always make my day. You are the reason why I try to learn English, why I take time to seat front of my TV at the same time, everyday. No matter what is happening on Days, your perfomance in any scene is captivate me. For all that and for the dreams you make me feel, I want to thank you!! Je sais que tu comprends le Franais et je veux que tu saches que sans aucun doute, tu es le meilleur, le plus talentueux et le plus séduisant des acteurs que je connais! Je te souhaites tout ce qu’il y a de meilleurs! Une admiratrice du Canada! Nathalie (Québec, Canada)

22: Dear James, I just wanted to say how much you and your work are appreciated. You truly are the best actor on TV, films and anything acted related. I have watched you ever since you started on Days. I even went back on Youtube to watch your work on AMC (that's how much of an amazing actor you are) haha. My favorite scenes are the scenes you have with Ali,Ari and Joe. Not only are you beautiful, but you are incredibly talented. You can make us laugh,cry and smile all in the same episode. You are a tremendous actor and a great person, as well. You always make time to show your appreciation for your fans. You always make time to give back to the community and put smiles on people's faces. I met you in Hartford,CT in 2009. I drove all the way from NY to see you, and you were as sweet as ever. You are a gentlemen and the most near to perfect person I have ever seen. I love you not only for your acting and amazing looks but your great personality. I wish you all the happiness in the world and all the best to come! I know whether you are acting or doing something else, you will do great. But please stick to acting and Days because I love seeing you on my screen everyday! I love and appreciate you, James. Thank you for amazing acting and everything you have done for your fans and the world. You are loved!! xoxo All the love and Best Wishes, Sami <3

23: Hi, You're a brilliant actor, one of the best I've ever seen. This is rare that actors make you feel like what you see is true despite the fact that we watch fantasy. Your ability to act is so high that you make people feel pain, anger, love, to feel every emotion. Not every actor has this ability, you have a gift, and I believe I'm not the only one who thinks you need to use this gift for big things, prime time or movies. I do not know if you try, but I believe that if you tried I am sure they'd take you, I hope you make it one day . I love your character, and you're the only reason I watch Days of Our Lives, I love EJ. You have a real talent and need to show your talent to the world; you have huge audiences growing every day. I wise you all the best. Natalie Aoraura

24: Dear James, This is just a note to thank you for your consistently outstanding performance as EJ Dimera, who is my favourite character on Days of our Lives. Your talent, dedication, and professionalism have added an incredible amount of depth and complexity to this compelling character. It is no mean feat to make your audience feel empathy for a character that has often been written as a black-hearted villain. Thanks to you, the audience knows that EJ has a very deep, intricate soul that is not black at all, but a beautiful shade of grey, and that he faces a constant internal struggle to balance between his dark inclinations and his beneficent impulses. It has been a privilege to watch you grow as an actor over the last five and a half years on Days and I look forward to seeing your acting evolve as Days continues and you move on to other projects. It was a lovely experience to meet you in both LA and Boston this year at the FLCE and DCE events, respectively. Thank you for being so personable and indefatigably attentive to your many fans. It is greatly appreciated. Krista Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada P.S. I hope that you enjoyed the book that I gave you at the DCE event in Boston. :)

25: Dear James, I know it may seem odd to tell someone you've never met that they've had an impact on your life, but that is exactly how I feel when it comes to you. Your portrayal of EJ continues to astound me, and I appreciate all the work you've done in order to keep EJ a grey character. EJ keeps me riveted to the screen, whether he's making me laugh, cry, or bang my head against the wall! It's obvious that you have fun playing this character, and your enthusiasm makes it that much more enjoyable to watch. I enjoy the mannerisms you've created for EJ in order to give us a sense of what he is feeling at various moments. I particularly enjoy the way you are able to show so much emotion through your eyes. The intensity is sometimes overwhelming (in a good way!). Although I'm an Ejami, I greatly enjoy your scenes with other actors, particularly Joe and Ari. I look forward to EJ interacting with more of Salem's residents in the future, and I would love to see Thaao back on the show! I'd like to end by thanking you for all of the little things you do for your fans and let you know that it is much appreciated. I hope that I will have the opportunity to meet you in person some day! Best, Jody

26: Dear James, I was so pleased to learn that you’d signed a new contract with Days. The thought of you not on the show was most depressing to me, so I’m happy you will be gracing our screens for some time to come. As trite as it may sound, you are the reason I watch Days. Your performances are compelling, and, even when I’m not too interested in the story, I’m still dying to know what EJ will be up to and how you flesh him out that day. I love the character you’ve created. I love how much he loves his children; I love that his heart belongs to Sami, although she does need to undergo some intensive moral rehabilitation, at this moment, to deserve that devotion. I love his loyalty to his family, and I particularly love how EJ has changed the DiMera family from clichéd villains to deeply layered people. I hope the new creative team recognizes what a gem they have in you and give you stories worthy of your ability. No more scarf – sniffing for you, even if you sold those insipid scenes. It’s time for EJ to triumph and to show the hypocritical people of Salem with their corrupt, nepotistic police department, just what an honorable man looks like, foibles and all. Oh, and it’s time for EJ to get his children back. My best to you. I’m looking forward to enjoying your scenes for many years to come. Sincerely, Patty

27: Hi James, WOW!! where do I start? First off I would love to thank you for bringing your wonderful acting to Days of Our Lives; you are such an AMAZING addition to the show. I have watched you since the day you first opened the door in nothing but a towel!! (still picture it to this day). When I met you at the Day Of Days fan event, I was speechless; what a wonderful, wonderful person you are, and you just have such a wonderful spirit!! I too will meet you this November at the Day Of Days fan event, and I am so looking forward to it!! I am really enjoying you running for Mayor against Abe Carver and hope like hell that you win! I am not too happy that you are not with Sami; I sure hope the writers put you two back together. There are so many of us out here on Facebook that are so in love with you. I don't think you realize how much you are loved and how glad we are that you are staying on Days for another Year!!!!! YAHOO!!!! I have so much to say and would love to type all day, but since I am the mother of 4 children, I must run and take care of mother responsibilities! Thank you again so much for the time you spend on Days making all of us women go CRAZY!!!! Much Love from your Fan in Utah! Rebecca

28: Dear James Hi, there we girls from Sweden would just like to show our love!! Hi, I am Sheree the first time I saw you playing Ej (Wells), was only last year since we are 4 years behind the states here. I had watched Days from like the early 90’s growing up as we all do!!So, in Sweden I wasn’t even planning to watch soaps, I don’t really do soap dramas!! However, that all changed when I saw Ej during his photo shoot you know (Ej topless, Sami Brady giggling like she is having the time of her life sitting on his lap). I was like “who is this tall handsome guy and why is he looking with snoggable eyes at Sami?” So, the rest is kind of the same as everyone else I was spellbound, with your charming ways as Ej flirted outrageously with Sami and she didn’t put up too much fuss, I might add but I don’t blame her! It wasn’t hard to be endeared by the magnetic chemistry that you radiate onscreen with Ali Sweeney! Even though we are behind in the story of Ej, but curiosity got the better of me, I just had to know!! So I found myself finding out all there was to know about him and of course what happens with Ejami! Eeek!! I feel like Ej has gone through so much, in such a short time but with your amazing portrayal and delivery of real emotions it feels like I have on a personal level experienced Ej’s journey too. That is all thanks to you, and your talent of bringing out Ej’s emotions without even having to say a single word. I enjoy Ej’s scenes most with his family including, Stefano, Kate, Lexie, Chad but even Sami and the children as I am see them all part of one crazy dysfunctional family! I feel that Ej DiMera thanks to your wonderful portrayal has brought a whole new culture formula to Days. DiMeras Empire turning into shades of grey!! By making the DiMeras more than just criminals but making them have real relationships, conflicts, and all now have redeeming qualities which is something I truly love about this show.

29: Hi, I am Sara You are a truly great actor one of the best on Days of our lives. You are an inspiration for many people. EJami is our favorite and I think they are truly exceptional and they belong together. You and Ali have lots of chemistry, one of the best I have ever seen. The day you came into days you immediately became my favorite character. You really put much depth in EJ and make him likeable with your brilliant performance. You are one of few actors who can make me feel lots of emotions at one and the same time. I cry, a laugh, I smile, I feel the pain, the anger everything EJ feels because you really put so much heart and passion into EJ and that makes it easy to feel with him and for him. And that is why he is so many people’s favorite character and we will always stand by EJ no matter what. Keep up the good work. And we love to have you on the show for many more years. Thanks for everything. We are proud to be Ejami Fans, and truly believe that you and Ali make the screen come alive as Ej and Sami, there is so much “must see soap drama” with this story! Thanks once again for all your efforts onscreen as the dastardly handsome Ej Dimera! In addition to all the amazing humanitarian causes you feel passionate about, it only makes it easier for us to be a faithful and inspired fans. It is a true honor to support you. Love always, Sheree and Sara from Sweden.

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