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Clear, Blue, and a Million!

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1: To Theron, The Best Pilot in the World This book was made with lots of love from your Mother. I hope it conveys the 'wide-eyed' excitement of your initial flying experiences - mirrored with your genuine love of flying! It's in your blood! | HAPPY 35TH BIRTHDAY THERON! 3/04/11

2: It all started with a family vacation to Florida~ | "I want to go back a ways and explain how a trip to Florida has forever changed me. When I was nine years old, my family took a vacation to Orlando, Florida. They had everything planned out, camp site, meals, money, Disney World, Sea World, Epcot Center, and a trip to Cocoa Beach to watch the lift-off of the Space Shuttle Challenger. All the tourist attractions were a lot of fun and very memorable experiences for me, but there was one in particular that changed the way I think, act, and plan." | "It was there that my outlook on life radically changed. I started setting high goals for myself and promised myself to always [work] the hardest I can to achieve them. To this day, I keep in the back of my head the raging desire to fly into earth's orbit on the wings of a shuttle. And that's what keeps me going from day to day, and is my most driving of all motivations to succeed." By Theron Borgman, English assignment | "Saturday morning we got up early and made ourselves ready for the beach. We packed into the car with a planned destination of Cocoa Beach. The space shuttle was supposed to lift off from Cape Canaveral around 10:00 a.m., so we wanted to swim, play, and see that. At about 9:45 people from all over the country and Florida began swarming in to see the launch. It was about this time that I began realizing what a phenomenal scale this launch was on. All the thousands of people coming together to watch 7 people be hurled into earth's orbit by such a fascinatingly complex and sophisticated piece of machinery. People began cheering when the countdown clock reach[ed] T-1.00 minute." | "Then everyone for what seemed like miles, yelled out in unison, "10 - 9 - 8 - 7 - 6 - 5 - 4 - 3 - 2 - 1! My heart was pounding so fast I could feel it in my toes and the adrenalin rush so great I almost burst. Could you imagine the intensity of one of those people sitting in the shuttle waiting to be launched?"

3: On July 12, 1985 the excitement and the adrenalin rush lasted until T-3 seconds! What a disappointment! The on-board computers detected a problem with a coolant valve on main engine #2. We never saw the launch! The valve was replaced and the shuttle Challenger lifted off on July 29, 1985. | ABORT AT T-3 SECONDS

4: SPACE CAMP, 1987 | LEVEL I | We saw an advertisement on a bulletin board at the Milwaukee County Museum for Space Camp. Theron really wanted to go! After a lot of begging, we finally decided he could. We went down on vacation & were happy with all the security & attention to details. Campers wore color-coded hats & were assigned a counselor. The "upper classmen" teased the younger kids and called them the "Color-Coded Kiddy Kampers!"

5: The September 17, 1987 issue of Muskego's local paper contained quite a large feature article on Theron and his experience at Space Camp! The writer, Vi Joy, spent a lot of time talking with Theron and really explained the entire program and activities that Theron took part in. Following that, a local radio station called and interviewed Theron on morning radio. He was quite a celebrity! | A CELEBRITY!


8: THERON JOINED CIVIL AIR PATROL, THE WAUKESHA COMPOSITE SQUADRON, JUNE, 1988 | SQUADRON LEADER | FLIGHT LINE AT 440TH OPEN HOUSE AT MITCHELL FIELD | Theron excelled in CAP. He loved going on 'mock missions' looking for ELT's, summer camping w/the guys, flight lines at the 440th, working at EAA & taking leadership classes for cadets.

9: RECEIVING A PROMOTION | Theron learned very quickly how to iron his entire uniform, spit-shine his shoes and make sure that the buttons on his jacket were not only polished but all facing 'up' in the right direction! | Major (Captain) Bruce Beyerlein Chief Master Sergeant Jack Jorgensen

10: US SPACE ACADEMY LEVEL I Theron wanted to go to camp again, & this time we let him fly down alone. (Scary for mom!) He flew out of Mitchell & met up with his cousin, BRYAN BORGMAN Both of our families then went to Alabama for vacation. We toured the grounds & were able to attend the graduation ceremony for the boys at the end of the week! APRIL, 1989 | WAITING TO LEAVE MITCHELL AIRPORT! (Notice the Space Shuttle Operations Manual! Good reading on the plane ride down - but I think Theron had already had it memorized!) | SPACE ACADEMY I


12: SPACE ACADEMY LEVEL I | GRADUATION DAY! | Home to Space Camp, the US Space & Rocket Center is recognized as one of the most comprehensive US manned space flight hardware museums in the world. | Neil's brother Bob, his wife Louane, daughter Kimberly & son Bryan met up with us & we toured the US Space & Rocket Center together.


15: CIVIL AIR PATROL ACCOMPLISHMENTS * served as assistant flight line officer at the 440th Open House at Mitchell Field for 3 years * member of Precautionary Crash Team for 3 years * member of 2 practice missions for EAA Convention * 1992 served on the WCA staff organizing drill & physical training, instructing, evaluating classes and setting up the honor room and display * completed Cadet Officer School * completed WIWg Basic Cadet encampment and WI Cadet Academy for Officers (graduating with honors) * earned The Rescue Find Ribbon * received The Air Search and Rescue Ribbon * received model rocketry award | WORKING THE FLIGHT LINE

16: seat with a view

17: While in Civil Air Patrol, Theron had the opportunity to go on a "refueling" mission on the KC135! He had a great seat!


20: JUNE 1990 | The General Billy Mitchell Award is earned by passing a series of leadership, aerospace and physical fitness tests and attending moral leadership training for each achievement from Cadet Airman Basic through Cadet Chief Master Sergeant. Cadets are promoted to Cadet 2nd Lieutenant upon receipt. Theron's award was presented by Lt. Col. Libby Curry.





27: AMELIA EARHART AWARD | 2nd Highest Achievement in CAP

28: PILOT SOLO WINGS | 1992 | Theron could hardly wait until he was 16 - not so much for his car license but so he could attend flight school and try to earn his wings. Even the bad weather during summer camp did not deter Theron from completing his mission: SOLO WINGS!

29: Major Connie King presenting

30: MILITARY BALLS | Even 'double-dated' with sister Stacy | THROUGHOUT | THE YEARS

31: Theron had a lot of his own equipment for participating in "search and rescue" drills and practices. CAP groups would go out and try and find an ELT that was set off for them to locate as practices. In April of 1992, Theron knew that a real search and rescue mission was going on near Port Washington and he wanted to join CAP in looking for the downed plane. The high school was not too happy when we called to give our permission for him to go. The search ended with finding the wreckage of the plane along with the bodies of the two men. Theron had a difficult time dealing with the sad outcome of the mission.

32: 1992 CADET ACADEMY | Assistant Cadet Director of the 1992 Cadet Academy, Wisconsin | Theron left CAP with the rank of Lieutenant Colonel

33: MUSKEGO HIGH SCHOOL GRADUATION: June 12, 1994 | STARTED CLASSES AT FOX VALLEY TECHNICAL COLLEGE June 6, 1994 | Theron started at the Tech (prior to his formal graduation) on Monday, June 6, the final week of high school. Arrangements were made to do exams and projects ahead of time. He also had to be excused from graduation rehearsal on Friday, April 10, due to attending classes at FVTC all week. | The Cobra, another 'love of his life' | PILOT SHADOWING MARCH 22, 1994 For a high school composition assignment, students could 'shadow' someone in a career they had interest in. Theron was able to 'shadow' Joel Stoller, Midwest Express pilot. He met up with him at Mitchell Airport, toured 'behind the scenes' and flew with him to Boston and back! Theron wrote of his experience and decided he would love to work at Midwest!


35: September 15, 1994

36: JUST PLANE FUN! | Theron rented a 172 Cessna 4-seater and took me & grandma Joyce for a flight first; then he took Neil. I couldn't believe how clearly you could see everything from above - even the "little cows!" Theron taught Neil how trees get "little" and how trees get "big!" It was an absolutely beautiful day to fly!

37: Theron took Grandpa Bill to EAA on one of his birthdays! He couldn't wait to show him around and they had a great day together! They were having so much fun, they almost missed Grandpa's birthday! Flight line tickets $$ - gas going to Oshkosh & back $$ - food $$ - day spent with Grandpa - PRICELESS! | Theron & his grandfather

38: FLIGHT TO PENSACOLA, FLORIDA Multi-Engine Instructor License, June, 1996 | A CROSS COUNTRY FLIGHT | "Fax from the Pilots' Pad": The first weekend in May, Steve, Mark, Kelly, Dustin and I are going to Pensacola, FL., Leaving Friday afternoon, flying down, relaxing on the beach at night, touring the Naval museum and some other goodies on Sat., then going out to eat at a nice restaurant and going home on Sunday. Really cool hey?"

39: SOLOED AT CAP ENCAMPMENT: July 18, 1992 PRIVATE PILOT LICENSE: September 6, 1994 152 Cessna COMMERCIAL PILOT LICENSE: May 30, 1995 152 Cessna (N64985), Mooney (N9328V) INSTRUMENT RATING: June 2, 1995 Mooney (N6826V) GROUND INSTRUCTOR LICENSE: August 2, 1995 MULTI-ENGINE RATING: November 16, 1995 Beech 76 (duchess) FLIGHT INSTRUCTOR LICENSE: April 5, 1996 GRADUATED FROM FOX VALLEY TECHNICAL COLLEGE: Associate's Degree in Aeronautics: June, 1996

40: THE PILOTS' PAD | Theron shared an apartment in Oshkosh with Tim Holmes. Their place was affectionately called "The Pilots' Pad." Many group study sessions were held there with other classmates using chart paper and white erase boards all around the room! | cleaned up for company!

41: GRADUATION DAY | June, 1996

42: We celebrated Theron's graduation by going out to dinner! Grandma Joyce, Grandpa Bill, Jason Cox, Mike Ney, DJ Ney, Stacy, Rick, Neil, me and, of course, Lisa were all there. We stayed at a local hotel and made a whole weekend out of it!

43: Tim's mom made the cake! | Presents: flight bag, knee board, new shirts and ties (For someone who hates shirts/ties [and hats] he picked the wrong profession!)

44: HIRED by FOX VALLEY TECHNICAL COLLEGE As A Pilot Training Assistant; 1996

46: EAA IS ALWAYS A "HAPPENING" PLACE | Theron just loves going to the EAA show! That love started when he went with CAP and was able to work there. They helped keep track of airplanes coming & going (no small feat!); checked out ELT's, & worked crowd control. At the Tech, he was able to get flight line tickets to go and sometimes took Neil, some of his buddies or Grandpa!

47: Fox Valley Technical College got new airplanes for training; four Cessna 172 Skyhawks Summer, 1998

48: FIRST OFFICER, SKYWAY AIRLINES | HIRED BY SKYWAY AIRLINES, The Midwest Express Connection 11-11-1998

49: Theron was hired as a First Officer at Skyway Airlines, flying Beechcraft 1900D turboprop19-seat airplanes | photo used with permission by James Mellon | NOVEMBER 11, 1998

50: Theron's schedule took him to Appleton a lot. I decided to take some vacation time to visit Stacy (in Appleton) and see if I could get on a flight that Theron would be on! I was able to get on Flight # 1021, Milwaukee to Appleton, on May 1, 1999. I lucked out with Theron flying the leg up there. The Captain knew I was on the flight and announced, "We'd like to welcome one of Skyway's most frequent flyers on board today!" It was an exciting and noisy ride in the 1900 with my son at the controls! | preflighting the airplane

51: FAIRCHILD DORNIER 328 JET | In 1999, Skyway became world launch customer for the Fairchild Dornier 328JET aircraft. Because the jet was so new they had to improvise with the training. Theron went to San Antonio, Texas, to do simulator sessions in an experimental jet. He then flew to Amsterdam, The Netherlands, for wind shear training! OCTOBER 6, 1999 Check ride with FAA for first officer training. Theron & Bob (H.) became the FIRST LINE CREW IN THE WORLD to be certified in the 328 Jet!

52: After Skyway received new Dornier 328 Jets (32-seaters), Theron was able to get clearance and "showed off" one of the planes to Neil, me and grandma and grandpa. (This was done before 9/11!) Theron was excited to show us the modern "flight deck" and all the instruments. I actually took off the seat cushion "to use in case of a water landing" just to see if I could do it! It did work. Theron said, "These planes are sweet!"

53: MAY 6, 2000 | UPGRADED TO CAPTAIN July 26, 2000 | THERON & LISA BORGMAN | Theron had his check ride with the FAA and received his type rating in the 328 Jet. After OE he started in the Training Department and worked as a check airman from July, 2000 until July, 2002.

54: "THIS IS CAPTAIN BORGMAN flying you to Cleveland" | Neil and I decided to take a "whirlwind" trip on the jet with Theron as the captain. On July 3, 2001, he was flying to Cleveland on an 'out and back' so we came aboard. | July, 2001

55: PROUD PARENTS! | December 27, 2004; We were flying to Columbus, Ohio to see Grandma Borgman for Christmas and were at the airport at 7:30 a.m. That is the time lots of "connecting flights" come to Mitchell to start the day. Theron happened to have an early flight out that morning, too, and stopped to say 'hi.' (I got him in the hat!) | We flew on the 328 Fairchild Regional Jet. It has 32 reclining leather seats and a 3-member crew: Captain, First Officer and Flight Attendant. Neil and I sat in seats 10C/10D. We cruised at an altitude of 29,000 feet for the one-hour flight. Our flight attendant, Jacqui, served us champagne, Alterra coffee, and Racine Kringle. After breakfast she brought out 'little wet, hot, finger towels' to clean up with! A quick 'turn-around' at Cleveland Airport and we flew the one-hour flight back home! It was a thrill with TJ as Captain.

56: The Future Theron (paper written for a high school English class) | "The future self that I have created is one full of life, success, and mystery. His peers are never quite sure what motivates him to do the things he does the way he does them. All they do know is that in some special way, unique to each of them, he has touched their lives and made a positive influence on them. The three areas that he has focused on and devoted the most time to are his career, family, and free time." "The future Theron has a well established career in the aviation industry. He has been flying for Midwest Express for five years now and loves nothing more than flying. The “high” he gets from his flying experiences are just as great, if not greater than, the first time he ever flew. Now he’s even happier than he was then because he gets the “highs” on a day to day basis, and gets paid for the thrills at the same time. Right now he’s waiting to hear whether or not he’ll be accepted into a NASA position where he’d be on board a space shuttle or station conducting experiments. He’s very optimistic but has many other opportunities that he could pursue if it fell through. He always seems to have a backup plan if the original falls through." "Future Theron is deeply devoted to his family which includes his wife, son, and daughter. He spends much time with them and plans many functions for the family to attend together. They go to the park, swim at the lake, or they fly somewhere for the weekend. They all love to visit relatives and spend time with the family in Wisconsin." "Most of future Theron’s free time is productive and spontaneous. He doesn’t get much for himself and when he does it’s only about 20 minutes. But he likes it this way because it makes him value this time very much. It’s usually spent thinking, sitting and relaxing, or flying his twin engine Navajo." "As you can see this future Theron is one made up of all those components. He leads a balanced life and loves every minute of it. I can’t wait for this future Theron to become a reality!"

57: FIRST OFFICER - MIDWEST AIRLINES | AUGUST 8, 2005 Hired at Midwest Airlines flying MD-80's | Photo for mom (not w/the hat); Midwest flight out on Easter Sunday, April, 2006 | "future Theron became a reality"

58: McDonnell Douglas (MD-80 series) | photo used with permission by Dan Brownlee

59: NOVEMBER, 2008 "Furloughed" from MIDWEST AIRLINES | As part of Wisconsin's "retraining program," Theron and Mike Ford were able to go to Las Vegas to receive training for flying a 737. They stayed with Mike's aunt & uncle while they were out there and they even helped Theron celebrate his birthday! Theron and Mike completed ground school, simulator training and received their type rating for a Boeing 737. February-March, 2009

60: HIRED BY REPUBLIC AIRWAYS February 1, 2011 | Honeywell Primus Epic Integrated Avionics System & all-glass cockpit technologies | It seemed like a whirlwind - a few emails, some phone calls & before Theron knew it, he was given a class date of February 1 to start ground school for Republic Airlines! Theron gets to fly again! (After 2 years, 4 months on furlough.)

61: EMBRAER 170 - "THERON'S NEW WINGS" | photo used with permission by James Mellon

62: Theron quick sent us a picture of the simulator he was being trained in. He was in St. Louis for classes and had a crazy late night schedule for going in the SIM. Some sessions were 11:00 p.m. until 3:00 a.m. Luckily, (even with all 3 sims down for repair), Theron and Mike were still able to complete their training and final tests pretty much on time! 25 hours of OE out of Washington, DC; then based in Philadelphia. | Email; March 23, 2011: First Day "Hello Mother, Got your text late last night - didn't get into Dallas until 11:00 pm. First day was great, everyone was very nice, plane is wonderful to fly. First two landings in 2 years and 4 months weren't too bad either!! My check airman seemed confused why I just wanted to stare outside and fly instead of read something like part of the newspaper on a 3 hour flight. I told him I just needed to suck it all in. Enjoying the 70 plus degree weather in Dallas. Have a great day. Theron"

63: copied with permission

64: 2011 | Theron & Lisa Chase & Niyah | family

65: . . . the dream goes on

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