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Creative Writing

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FC: This is the story of a girl ....

1: Short Story - pg. 2-11 Drama- pg. 12 - 33 Poetry - pg. 34 -47

2: I was getting more and more annoyed by the minute. I reached over to pick up the remote and turn on the television. “Maybe if I watch a bit of Jersey Shore, I’ll forget life as I know it,” I thought bitterly. I went through the channels and realized I didn’t even have MTV. The only stations I had were the six programmed channels you receive when you apply for cable. I flicked on the local news for Oakley, Pennsylvania. The newscaster appeared young – maybe mid twenties. His white teeth, sandy blonde hair, and flawless complexion added to his already good looks. He looked accomplished and dignified – something I might never be. I hoped his melodious voice would drown out the annoying bicker from my parents; it didn’t work. “Harold, I need blue paint. I want the happy, bubbly, sunshine blue. You know the blue I’m talking about. It’s the one in the sky on cheery days. I need that blue!” cried Cynthia, my mother. “Cynthia, my dear, I have already bought plenty of blue paint this week. Do you really need more?” questioned my lifeless father pitifully.

3: I couldn’t help but feel sorry for him. Harold was at the mercy of my mother’s wants and needs. She was constantly moving us around; I don’t recall a time when I made a true friend. It’s not exactly easy to find a companion when every three months you’re in a new town. Oakley was our newest destination. The newscaster discussed charities occurring in my new hometown. Apparently, the high school was trying to fund scholarships. I would never be in the running for a scholarship. My mother despised education; Cynthia would rather “live as many lives as possible”. I heard the front door of our Victorian house close. I assumed my father had left to purchase the paint that Cynthia wanted. Rolling my eyes and sighing, I turned towards the television. “Just in,” announced the newsman, “police have found the body of another young girl.” I turned the volume up. “Police have identified her as seventeen year old, Carrie Lynn Monroe. A picture appeared on the left side of the screen. The girl had choppy red hair, bright green eyes, and a quirky smile. She looked happy. I felt my eyes fill up with sorrowful tears.

4: “She is one of three teenage girls found this month,” he continued. “Young women are advised to remain indoors or use the buddy system. If you have any leads or evidence pertaining to this case please contact the local police” I sat on our old sofa shocked. I couldn’t hear anything but my own thoughts screaming in my head. We had just moved right into a murder investigation! My mother was either too oblivious to notice or too ignorant to care. Either way, our family was at risk because of her. “Cynthia? Did you see that? Kids are disappearing. Why would we move here? How could you put your own family in danger?” I asked angrily as I turned off the TV. “Monique Hanson, I chose Oakley solely for the tragedy. I could use the heartbreak in my work. It’s the perfect time to expand my artistic horizon. Goodness, how could you be so selfish?” She crossed her arms and pouted. How could she be so daft? Innocent lives were being taken by a psycho, and Cynthia wanted to be a part of the action to create better paintings. Good Grief.

5: Cynthia’s demeanor changed abruptly. She shook her pointer finger in my face. Rage emitted from every portion of her body. “Monique, I will not feel inadequate in this house. I am your god damn mother! I know what is best for this family, and I know what is best for you! I moved here for you. I sacrificed everything for you, everything! My teenage years were lost in oblivion because of YOU!” She picked up the nearest frying pan and hurled it at my head. It missed. I got up off the sofa, shaking my head disapprovingly, and walked to the front door. I stood there and looked back at my mother for a long moment. Her expression was wild. “Goodbye.” I mumbled, more so to myself than my mother. She was still screaming as I walked out the front door onto the rickety porch. It was dark out, and the sky was far from clear. The moon’s bright luminescence radiated through the clouds. It was a crescent moon.

6: I looked towards the hazy night sky and wondered if there was something out there, something bigger, something that mattered. I began to run. I loved running. For as long as I could remember, running was my way of releasing negative energy. I would run through the streets of all my old hometowns and feel so alive and free, but now I couldn’t. The newscaster’s words rang in my ears: young girls were advised to remain indoors. I erased that thought from my mind. Sure, there was a freak in Oakley, but I lived on one of the most populous roads in town. I ran down Sapling Street, my newest escape route, for about a mile, and then turned left on Holly Road. I passed houses on both sides of me. It seemed alarmingly darker than when I first left my house. The lack of light between each home caused this illusion. You could hear the hoot of an owl and the crickets’ low hum. Otherwise, it was completely silent. I felt a little wary. I was huffing from running so much. I slowed to a stop and hunched over hugging my knees. As I did so, the autumn leaves on the ground beside me began to rustle.

7: The wind blew slightly and twirled my long brown hair around. It sounded like someone was whispering... “No. You’re being ridiculous, Monique.” I told myself. Maybe my anticipation gave me an adrenaline rush, but all of a sudden, I was sprinting down Holly Road as fast as my scrawny legs could take me. I sensed someone was watching me; that “whisper of wind” I heard earlier became more life-like I should have gone home, but I didn’t. I had no flashlight, no cell phone, and no weapon. If there was a murderer out, I was toast. I attempted to reassure myself. “I will not go home. I will not go home. I WILL NOT GO HOME. Ahhh Maybe I should. Ughhhhh, then I’d just be more miserable. Whatever; if someone’s near me, I have enough endurance that I could run to the closest house. I’m gonna be fine.” I looked around. The nearest house was approximately a quarter of a mile in the direction I had come from, and the lights were out. I couldn’t see a house ahead of me - just a dark lonely road. Beyond the street’s edge was a forest.

8: I shrugged helplessly. I decided to turn around and head home- even if it meant facing my careless parents. As I headed back home, goose bumps appeared on my arms and legs. The hair on the back of my neck stood on edge. Someone was near by; I could sense it. I scanned the area around me. To my left, there was a driveway, to my right - a dark Oak tree. I looked into the distance. For a mere second, I thought I saw the moonlight illuminate a man’s silhouette. I rubbed my eyes. “God, I’m going crazy. My mind must be playing tricks on me.” The man seemed to be approaching me. “Wait!” he yelled, “Don’t go!” His alarmed voice seemed urgent I quickly wheeled around to run. Wrong move. As I turned, a large sweaty handed covered my mouth. I could feel a man’s hot breath hit the back of my neck as he murmured, “Hello, little girl.” His other hand grabbed at my wrists. I squirmed, kicked, and attempted to holler for help. “You’re not going anywhere, sweetheart,” he whispered darkly.

9: I sank my teeth into his disgusting hand. The man screamed a foul assortment of curses. Meanwhile, I ran back down the road and took off into the forest. I jumped over fallen logs and dodged behind trees. I didn't know if my attacker had followed me or not; I just kept going. "God, please help," I prayed. "I promise if I get out of here, I'll try to make it better. I’ll make it all better. Oh please, lord, give me the strength I need to survive.” Tears streamed down my face, and I realized I was sobbing – gasping, choking, coughing, and crying, uncontrollably. Running wasn’t an option anymore; I was hyperventilating, suffocating on my own breaths. I slowly came to a stop and crouched under a large needled tree. My breaths came out short and quick. I allowed myself to wheeze and spat out the gunk which was lodged in my throat. Air returned into my lungs, and I caught my breath. “Thank you,” I said to the dark fall sky. I sat for a few minutes under the greenery until I fell over into a lifeless heap. The autumn breeze sent deathly chills down my already shivering spine. I rocked back and forth and attempted to soothe my trepidation.

10: Every portion of my body ached. Every portion of my heart yearned for my mother’s unpredictable behavior. “How could this be happing who was that other guy? What do I doooo?” A shaky moan escaped from my sore throat. For the third time in one night, awareness kicked in, and I looked around for the tiniest hint of peril. Everything seemed clear, so I slowly stood up and crouched behind the trunk of the old Pine. My vision was distorted, my legs felt like jelly, but my senses were electric. A man’s low voice could be heard ringing through the hollow trees. “Little girl Oh, little girl. Come out, come out, WHEREVER YOU ARE. You can run, but I WILL find you.” His voice became more menacing as impatience set in. “C’mon, you little whore. I heard what you said to your mother, and it was not very nice. COME OUT!” he roared. His footsteps grew louder as he came closer. Fifteen feet, eleven feet, six feet – in just a few seconds he would pass right by me. I hoped for strength to return in my legs. I took off. Thankfully, my attacker was clumsy and slow. I looked back every few feet frantically. I ran until Darkness.

11: I can't recall how long it was, but for a time I lay down on the damp forest ground. I had fallen over a huge rock, and apparently, I had hit my head hard enough to knock myself out. It was quiet- almost too quiet. I rubbed the giant lump on my forehead and inspected my surroundings. I was almost near a clearing – some sort of field. However, my body ached, and I could barely muster enough energy to get up. “Don’t fail on me now, legs.” I tried to stand. Suddenly, as if on cue, someone approached. I couldn’t get up, and my sight was impaired. I covered my mouth to silence my heavy breathing. My heart seemed to pound out of my heaving chest. It was too late. The figure had spotted me. I attempted to crawl away, but it was of no use. He was wearing a hood over his head, and I could not see his face. However, he hovered right above me, and then he leaned down to stare right into my eyes. I couldn’t even scream. The sound was caught in my throat. “Shhh.” he said. “It’s going to be okay”

12: YOU CAN'T STAND IN THE DEEP END A DRAMA BY: Grace Griffaton Characters: CANDICE WILLIAMS- 17 ANNE WILLIAMS-37 PATRICK WILLIAMS-41 MARK MONTGOMERY/COACH MARK-40 MATT MONTGOMERY/COACH MATT-23 MICHELLE-17 (Prior to the play, MICHELLE pushes CANDICE into the YMCA's pool. She gets a severe neck injury and is forced to wear a neck brace. She is told she can never compete again. Both were 12 at the time. CANDICE was just about to make the national U.S swim team. MICHELLE was always jealous of CANDICE, and the pushing-in 'accident' made way for a new swim star.)

13: ACT 1 SCENE 1 (At the YMCA, in the coaches’ room –Anne is seated on a computer chair with her feet on top of a desk. Coach Mark is bending down, tickling her. At a glance, they would appear to be discussing Candice’s future.) ANNE: Ah! Stop! (giggling) Mark, Stop it! They’re going to hear us! Pleee-aa-seeee stop! We’re way too old to be doing this. (still laughing) We have ree-sponn-siii-siii-bill-i-ties. COACH MARK: (seriously) Oh c’mon, Anne. Who’s gonna hear us? You’re really worrying about that? I think by now we know how to keep this, us, under our belts. Besides, we should be celebrating (playfully reaches over to grab Anne) Now come over here you lil’.... (Door opens. Enter Candice. She appears unaware of the actions of the adults.) BOTH: (let out sighs of relief) Candice: Hey mom. Hi coach. COACH MARK: Hey, girly? How ya feeling? (beams)

14: CANDICE: I feel great! (smiling) Today’s a good day, I can feel it. I love being able to help out around here. I know I can’t swim and all, but at least I get to see my second family. (beams) (Coach Mark smiles in appreciation) COACH MARK: That’s my girl. (pats Candice’s shoulder and glances at Anne nervously) ANNE: (mouths) Thank God. ACT 1 SCENE 2 (Later that night in Anne’s living room. It’s around midnight. The lights are off, and there is only a slight glow coming from a clock on the wall. Anne is scene with her husband, Patrick. They are in the corner of the room, whispering urgently.) PATRICK: Anne, you gotta start coming home. You’re always at that damn pool. Why Anne, why?! ANNE: It’s for Candice, Pat. It’s for her, her recovery (exasperated) for everything! Why don’t you get that? PATRICK: What recovery?! She’s never going to get better. Can’t you get that through your thick head?

15: PATRICK: Her career in swimming is over. I will not risk hurting her neck again. She’s just starting to get over the pain from the injury and the pain of losing her dream. ANNE: But Patrick... (excitedly) Her dream isn’t over!! PATRICK: Uhh... Yeah it is. ANNE: No, Pat! I’m serious. The reason I wanted to talk to you tonight was cause.... (Louder) I found out some really good news! PATRICK: What news? ANNE: Candice can... (Enter Candice. She appears drowsy. She rubs her eyes and stretches. Anne looks shaken, and Patrick looks impatient.) CANDICE: Hi mom, dad. What are you guys doing? Whose dream isn’t over? PATRICK: (under his breath) God damnit, Anne. ANNE: (nervously) Candice honey, I have something to tell you and your father. PATRICK: (angrily) Damn right you do.

16: ANNE: I uh... I um talked to Dr. Eisley... earlier today. (turns to daughter) Candice: Annnnnnnnddd? ANNE: Well... (contemplating) when I talked to the doctor I kind of found out some great news. CANDICE: Yes, mom. You’ve already said that. (laughs) PATRICK: Get on with it. ANNE: (quickly) Your neck is healed. You can swim and compete and run and jump and everything again. (tears of happiness stream down her cheek) CANDICE: (grabs hold of her mother) You’re kidding me, right? PATRICK: GOD DAMNIT, ANNE. Why in God’s name would you give her false hope? ANNE: Pat, I’m not. Call Dr. Eisley yourself. (walks over to phone, picks it up, and goes to hand it to PATRICK) PATRICK: (staring in disbelief, more calm) No, no. That’s not necessary. CANDICE: I can really be normal again?! ANNE: Not only that, but you can remove the brace too.

17: CANDICE: I almost don’t know how to react. (laughs then starts to cry) This is .... ALL: A miracle. ACT 1 SCENE 3 (It is the next day. There is a swim team crowded around the starting blocks in the YMCA pool area. It is right before swim practice. Coach Matt appears to be in the middle of the crowd. Everyone is talking amongst themselves. The atmosphere is excited.) MICHELLE: (to herself) I can’t believe it. COACH MATT: (overhears) Me neither. (to himself) Maybe now we’ll win again. (chuckles to himself) BOY ONE: She’s finally coming back! GIRL TWO: She deserves it. She worked so hard. COACH MATT: Agreed. There’s no one who wants it more. MICHELLE: (still murmuring) This is bull. She can’t be back. She just can’t. BOY TWO: Is the brace off now? I kinda missed seeing her normally

18: GIRL TWO: I hope so. She’s so pretty. BOY TWO: (nods in agreement) MICHELLE: (louder) Ha, yeah, pretty, right. Screw this. (walks away) COACH MATT: (grabs Michelle’s arm) Alright, Michelle. Cut the crap. You’re supposed to be happy for your teammate. Yes, I said teammate. She’s going to be swimming in your lane, working out with you, motivating you. I’ve been ignoring your petty comments, but this is getting ridiculous. I can’t believe your acting this way. MICHELLE: (stammering) I am motivating... I mean I am ha, ha happy for her.... It’s just that I... uhh... COACH MATT: No. you’re really not. You’re afraid she’ll steal your spot in the 50 fly, and you’ll be exhibition... Or maybe you’re terrified that she’ll get a qualifying time or straight up beat you. You’re thinking the guys will like her more than you.... (Group starts to back away, nervously. They continue on into their lanes in the pool where they are instructed to warm up. COACH MATT begins to whisper menacingly.)

19: COACH MATT: You’re wondering if you’ll still be able to manipulate everyone around you. Maybe the flirting won’t work anymore. I know what’s going on, Michelle. I know what you’ve done with your other coaches – what you’ve been doing with my dad. (almost growling) It has to stop. This cute innocent act of yours may as well work on everyone else but I see right through it. (COACH MATT begins to walk over into the coaches’ room. (MICHELLE runs to catch up with COACH MATT, but he keeps walking. She has more self confidence.) MICHELLE: (yells) You’re jealous, Matt. COACH MATT: (erupts into sarcastic laughter. He turns around abruptly.) That’s really funny, Michelle, practically hysterical. (MICHELLE stands up on tiptoes and whispers in COACH MATT’S ear.) MICHELLE: You want me, Matt. I know you do. I know you have a lil’ thing for Candice, but she’s not right for you. You need someone strong. I think you need someone... Just. Like. Me. (taps his face with each word) C’mon, let’s go, baby.

20: COACH MATT: (shakes her hand off) Cool it, Michelle. You’re an immature little girl who doesn’t know what she’s doing. Get in the pool and swim. Candice will be here any minute, and I have to help her out. You better do the same. (starts to leave again) MICHELLE: (angrily, yelling) That’s illegal you know!!! She’s 17, Matt, 17! (snarky laughter) That’s statutory rape, kiddo. (Everyone in the pool has stopped swimming to watch) COACH MATT: (concealing his anger) That’s enough. Out. MICHELLE: Fine by me. Bye cutie. (MICHELLE grabs her towel and storms out of the pool area.) COACH MATT: (recovering himself) Alright guys, nothing to see here. Get back to swimming. ACT 1 SCENE 4 (Team continues to swim, and then CANDICE enters pool area. She is in a one piece Nike swimsuit. She has a cap and goggles in hand. ANNE proceeds in after and heads into the Coaches’ room to talk to COACH MARK.

21: COACH MATT is pacing by the starting blocks. Swimmers stop for a moment to smile and give CANDICE congratulations. COACH MATT walks over to CANDICE.) MATT: Need help with that? (smiles and points to cap) CANDICE: (laughs) Yeah, actually I do. I think I need help with all of this. (looks around at the whole room in awe) I’ve grown used to maintaining the team, not being on it- not since I was 12 anyways. That’s like what... 5 years? MATT: You’ve always been on the team, Candice, and you’re going to be fine (puts hand on CANDICE’S shoulder) real fine. (squeezes shoulder) CANDICE: Ahhhh, geeze. Thanks Matt. I’m ready to start training for districts! MATT: (chuckles) Take it slow, Candice. (pauses) You nervous about diving from the block? (glances at her neck) CANDICE: Noooo... Can I tell you a secret? The only thing I’m nervous about is being pushed in. (glances in MICHELLE’S direction)

22: MATT: Oh, don’t even think about that. No one is ever going to hurt you – on purpose or on accident. (looks in CANDICE’S eyes) I promise. CANDICE: (blushes) Thanks, Matt. (MATT and CANDICE walk together toward the starting blocks. CANDICE gets into an open lane by herself where she is encouraged by MATT (COACH MATT). CANDICE stretches her legs and practices the motions of all four strokes. This is the first time in 5 years she has been in a pool. She's frightened by the whole situation but conceals her fear with determination. Scene flashes over into the coaches’ room. ANNE and MARK (COACH MARK) are talking.) ANNE: I’m married, Mark. We shouldn’t be doing this. MARK: Yes, we should. (goes over to kiss ANNE) ANNE: (pushes MARK away) Not now. Please! (thinking) Later tonight maybe. (sighs) This just doesn’t feel right. My daughter is right outside. MARK: (attempts to kiss ANNE again) Anne, not only does this feel right ... it feels gooood.

23: You have to live your life, ya know? Go with the moment. ANNE: I have a husband, Mark. You’re single. Maybe this is perfectly okay with you but... (MARK grabs ANNE and kisses her. She is reluctant at first, but then she gives in. They kiss for a while. Enter MICHELLE) MICHELLE: Maaaaaaaarrk! Oh, Mark. I miss yo (notices ANNE AND MARK) Oh, man. Sorry Mrs. Williams for uhh.. interrupting. (MARK and ANNE immediately separate and straighten their clothes. MICHELLE begins to walk out but hesitates.) MICHELLE: I want to talk to you. (looks at MARK) Mrs. Williams, I’d leave if I were you. (ANNE exits uneasily. MICHELLE approaches MARK with seduction.) MICHELLE: Hey. I didn’t know you had a thing with Mrs. Williams isn’t she married? Whatever. This is between me and you. (grabs MARK’S hand) C’mon baby. MARK: Michelle, you’re 17. I’m too old for this. I’m done playing your games. I can’t keep this up. drops MICHELLE’S hand)

24: Whatever we had ... well it’s over. Matt would kill me! His opinion matters to me so much. (louder and with conviction) This is wrong. For God's sake, I could loose my job! MICHELLE: (begins to sob) Mark, please! I love you! (wraps her arms around MARK and cries into his shirt) MARK: GET OFF! Jesus Michelle... I could have you thrown off the team. MICHELLE: (She backs away and stares at MARK and screams) And I could have you fired! YOU FREAKIN` PERVERT! (MICHELLE runs out of the coaches’ room crying.) MARK: What have I done? (puts head in hands) What have I done? ACT 1 SCENE 5 (A few weeks later. The team is gathered around the pool. COACH MARK has announced some qualifiers for districts but has yet to call out MICHELLE or CANDICE. He is still coach but wonders if MICHELLE will tell about his inappropriate relationships.

25: CANDICE has been training with COACH MATT everyday. Her strokes have developed as well as their relationship. It is right before swim practice. The tension could be cut with a knife.) COACH MARK: (reluctantly) I’m pleased to say that we have one more qualifier. Great job, Michelle. You’ll be swimming the 100 butterfly at districts. ALL: (applause) COACH MATT: Wait... There’s one more person who had a qualifying time. My dad promised me he’d let me announce this one, though... (laughs then dramatically hesitates) I am so honored to say that Candice Williams will also be swimming the 100 butterfly at districts! ALL: (applause) BOY ONE: Awesome freaking job, C! (BOY ONE and GIRL TWO hug CANDICE) CANDICE: This is amazing. (runs over to hug MATT. He picks her up and spins her around.) These past few weeks were the best. (whispers) Special thanks are in order. (blushes and secretly entwines her fingers with his) (Later that night, CANDICE and MATT sneak into the YMCA with his keys. They are in the pool area sitting on bleachers.)

26: CANDICE: (looking at the pool) In just two weeks, I’ll be in there... MATT: Kicking Michelle’s ass. CANDICE: (laughs) Hopefully. MATT: You will. I just know it. CANDICE: (turning to look at MATT) I love how you have so much faith in me. Seriously, no one else thinks this highly of me (murmurs) I don’t know why you do (looks into MATT’S eyes) but I love it. MATT: (blurts out) I love you. CANDICE: Wait, what? MATT: I I love you. CANDICE: Oh MATT: (looks into CANDICE’S eyes) LookYou don’t have to say it back. It’s just these past weeks have been wonderful. I mean this whole year has. I love your determination and your strength and your courage. Your eyes they’re so blue. I could look into them forever. (glances down) Your lips are perfect. (CANDICE laughs) No, I’m serious. I just wanna kiss you all the time. (quicker) I want to be with you, Candice. I CANDICE: (puts her hand behind MATT’S head and pulls his lips to hers.) I love you too.

27: MATT: Ah, wait, this is so wrong. I could lose my job for being with a swimmer Damn. I could even go to jail. Candice, you need to turn 18. (laughs nervously then kisses her again) (They continue to kiss until CANDICE pulls away. She looks upset.) MATT: What’s wrong? CANDICE: We shouldn’t be doing this. I don’t wanna get you in trouble, Matt. I don’t wanna cause problems for myself either. I have to go. (runs out of pool area in tears) MATT: Candice!! Wait! ACT 1 SCENE 6 (Two weeks later. The qualifiers are all in the pool area in a tight circle in identical suits and caps. ANNE and COACH MARK have stopped seeing each other but continue to talk. She’s at the meet with PATRICK. MARK still has his job, but continues to worry every day. MICHELLE is smug seeing MARK squirm. MATT and CANDICE have barely talked since the night in the YMCA. CANDICE continues to ignore him. He’s watching CANDICE stretch from a distance. COACH MARK is encouraging the qualifiers.)

28: COACH MARK: Alright guys, this is a big moment. For some of you, this will be your last year making districts. For others, it is just the beginning. Let’s make it count. Team on three.. (everyone puts their hands in) One.. Two... Three! ALL: TEAM! (Everyone scatters. ANNE approaches. COACH MARK and ANNE whisper frantically.) ANNE: Oh, god, Mark. I’m so nervous about all of this. I don’t want you to lose your job. It isn’t worth it. Besides, you need to focus on the team now. They need you Candice needs you... I need you to be there for her. COACH MARK: Anne, I really care about you. I’ve known you for a long time, and I want to be there for you in every way possible. You’re marvelous - I hope you know that. I’d understand if you didn’t want to keep this going, but I doubt that’s the case. You’re lonely, Anne. I know that. ANNE: My husband is awful, Mark. God awful. I want to leave him, but I’m afraid. He’s payed for just about everything: (she nods her head in CANDICE’S direction)

29: the swim team, for the private schooling, and he’s about to pay for all of her college tuition. Truthfully, I don’t know how I’d manage without Patrick. COACH MARK: Anne, I can help you, and I will. We could be together. Don’t you want to be (Enter Patrick. He looks annoyed.) PATRICK: Anne, come sit with me. We’re a team a team who’s supposed to be supporting our daughter TOGETHER. That doesn’t happen anymore, though (murmurs) Not since that piece of (shoots a dirty look in MARK’s direction) COACH MARK: Excuse me? Maybe if you’d pay some attention to your wife every now and again, you’d realize I’M not the problem in your marriage. (People begin to stare.) PATRICK: Don’t you dare, Mark. Don’t you even dare. You have no right. Who are you to say anything about marriage – You haven’t had a real relationship in 10 years. COACH MARK: (raises his fist) I have every right to say whatever the hell I want to- specially the truth.

30: (ANNE cuts in and grabs MARK’S arm.) ANNE: Please Mark, don’t. PATRICK: What’s this?!?!?! (Enter MICHELLE with a smile on her face) MICHELLE: (happily) I think I know. PATRICK: Know what?!?! COACH MARK: Michelle, DON’T! Please. MICHELLE: I think I will. (turns to PATRICK) Mark’s sleeping with your wife. (looks at ANNE) Oh, and I slept kinda slept with Mark too. Sorry, Mrs. Williams - my mistake. Your daughter’s screwing around with Matt. I thought I’d let her tell you, but this is just too much fun. (glances at the board with the upcoming races) Ohhh look at the time, gotta go. Lovely chatting with you. We should really schedule these. ANNE: Oh my god. MARK! PATRICK: WHAT THE....... (PATRICK is cut off as the gun sounds for a race. CANDICE approaches. She looks apprehensive.) CANDICE: Uhhh Mom? Dad? I’m racing soon. Just thought I’d tell ya... PATRICK: YOU’RE SEEING A 23 YEAR OLD!?! Coach or not, you will NEVER speak to him again. You are to have nothing to do with him or his father. (throws MARK a dirty look)

31: COACH MARK: I’m standing right here you know. CANDICE: (disregarding MARK) What the heck? No, I’m not. I’m not ‘seeing’ anyone. PATRICK: That’s not what Michelle said. CANDICE: Screw what she said! Matt and I kissed. That’s all. What else did she say? ANNE: Pat, she doesn’t need to know about anything. (pleading) She’s about to race. CANDICE: I have a right to know if it’s something that concerns me. PATRICK: (hesitates first) Your mother’s seeing Mark. CANDICE: Mom?! You are?! (begins to tear up) ANNE: (angrily) Oh, shut up. Don’t even act like you haven’t been having your own fun behind all of our backs. (Enter COACH MATT. He looks nervous.) COACH MATT: Mr. and Mrs. Williams, I am sorry for everything I may have caused, and Mr. Williams if you want to beat me up, go right ahead because I totally deserve it. PATRICK: Matt, we weren’t even talking about that COACH MATT: (lowers his head) Ah... crap.

32: PATRICK: But while we’re here why don’t I do just that? (punches MATT in the face) And here’s a toast to you, Mark, for screwing around with my WIFE. (punches MARK.) (Coaches then escort him out of the pool area. The cops are called.) (ANNE is crying, and CANDICE is completely repulsed. MICHELLE is seen getting ready to swim with a giant smirk on her face. CANDICE and MATT walk away together towards the starting blocks. She is about to race MICHELLE in the 100 butterfly.) CANDICE: Matt... save me from this nightmare. (puts her swim cap on) COACH MATT: (looks away, blushes, and murmurs) I want to. CANDICE: I heard that. (laughs. It is quiet for a long moment.) Look, I’m sorry about everything - for not talking to you for the past two weeks and for my dad and, God, everything else that’s happened. I’m afraid to get close to you.

33: I don’t want to get you in trouble, and I’m afraid of losing my coach and my motivator and one of my best friends. (earnestly) You’re all those to me, Matt, and plenty more. COACH MATT: Don’t apologize. I completely underst... CANDICE: (ignores him) But...I’m tired of being worried. I want to be with you. No more hiding. (puts her goggles on and gets behind her lane.) Wish me luck!

34: Good natured girl Rich in happiness Amore forever CRAZY! Eccentric Gregarious! Rare Is in love Fragile heart Friendly Appeasing Tanning Out going personality Never say never Name Acrostic

35: Rhyme Royal Breezy Days The air is fresh, the wind’s on my skin The days are new and young School’s out, but summer’s in I can taste the humidity on my tongue Memories are in the making; summer has begun Swimming, tanning, romance, and friends Nothing left but blissful ends.

36: LIMERICK BULLY WULLY ULLY There once was a man named Jay Jack Who punched me so hard I could yack. He pinched, and he poked . He spit ; I was soaked. I promise you, I'll get him back.

37: VILLANELLE For You, My heart is a Blank Slate <3 My love, I have shown My heart I give to thee You're all I've ever known We, as one, have grown like a blossoming tree My love, I have shown Those kisses you loan Those eyes that I see You're all I've ever known I am stick, and you are stone I am lock ; you are key My love, I have shown I could love you with mind alone Wherever you are is where I long to be You're all I've ever known You are the treasure that somehow I own Our worlds have collided; Together we're free My love, I have shown You're all I've ever known

38: PANTOUM Departure Awaits Please don't go He smiles ever so slightly I can barely breathe The sun is shining He smiles ever so slightly His fingertips graze my hair The sun in shining My cheeks blush crimson His fingertips graze my hair You are beautiful My cheeks blush crimson The sun begins to set You are beautiful He pulls me near The sun begins to set I will love you, always He pulls me near I can barely breathe I will love you, always Please don't go

39: FREE VERSE ICE HAS NEVER FELT THIS COLD I’m standing on thin ice peering at the cracks below. Reflections of my life encompass me in a whirlwind of frost. Clouds conceal the sun, but my base is already too fragile; This world is remote and raw All of the surrounding ice is noticeably split. Soon I'll be drowning in frigid waters, gasping for air. Is it too much to ask for the slightest notability? To grab my hand and pull me out of this detached environment. The ice has frozen over, and there's no air left to breathe. With a single touch, you'd feel how numb I've become. There's the image of sunlight above, but it's only an illusion. I long for the warmth of a stranger's palm How can I go unnoticed, drowning in the glassy walls that contain me? I scream and shout, but not a sound escapes my lips. Maybe it's my fault for standing on such unstable ground, Or for letting such a cold cruel world pull me deep under.... It’s warm now; the light beating against my membrane is fiery Scintillating rays blind me temporarily, and I squint to see My naked body can be observed by all except for myself But my vulnerability is not an issue; I am finally free.

40: RONDEAU WEAPON WORDS Hold your tongue, boy! The world in which you will destroy Will soon be long gone, dead, and done Your mouth is like a firing gun The missiles shoot, and our men deploy Man! Your wife is not your decoy Take time to sit back and enjoy Don’t forget: woman is the one Hold your tongue, boy! Your mouth is not a silly toy Your words are deceiving and coy This world has only just begun Life’s a battle which can’t be won Do not waste what time will destroy Hold your tongue, boy!

41: HAIKU Willow Tree The rain pours on tree I watch in awe and wonder The willow still stands Habitat River flowing swift Animals, fish, plants alike Dwelling upon you Heaven Lake in all its blue Pitter patter; the rain hits Oasis of my dreams

42: The sky is a dream filled with heavenly clouds Puffy clouds, skinny clouds, white, gray, and heavy clouds Each with its own distinct shape. Each with newfound hope for that despairing human looking For a significant sign of meaning and faith I could lay on the clouds and wish; Wish for new beginnings, wish for happy ends Wish for a time when our hearts would be whole again Clouds are pretty. Clouds are nice | Concrete Poem Clouds

43: Typography - Hail S M A C K. The hail hits the ground. It's icy and painful, but it's a part of nature. Hail big as golf balls; hail round as golf balls. People duck ' and run for cover. It's something we humans can't alter. We just have to take the hail as it comes... and hope for a heavy duty umbrella. S T R I K E

44: Italian Sonnet My Sun Star Look at the sun, and stop to stare Feel the heat radiating on your chest The thumping rays surely are pressed Feel the sun's beat and flare Absorb the warmth, if you dare Afterwards, you can relax, rest To watch the sun glimmer is your quest This hot star is your only care Now with your thumping heart you yearn not to be lain against the cool Earth's ground, but rather with your brilliant star Hearts will always be there to burn When your sun is around, light can never be far...

45: English Sonnet Poetry Poetry is sweet Poetry is pretty Poetry is a treat Poetry is witty Either way, it's like a song which plays and plays in my head. All day or all night long Awake or asleep in my bed It can be hard but mostly great Once you get past the rhyme, the rest is up for debate, but connotation is time. It's really truly up to you, Personally, poetry is what I do.

46: Ode to the Night- Ode The nighttime is peaceful and still. Most dread this cool black, but I am watching the heavy clouds fill the heavenly sky, while lying on my back. Oh, it is such a sight! I can't pretend I'm not amazed. I can live here, deep in thought. It is such a wonder, the night. When my world was chaotic, and I was fazed The night was the escape I sought ...


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