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Creative Writing

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S: Create and Imagine

FC: Creative Writing Collected Works Of Alby Black

1: The Most Dangerouser Game The ache of Rainsford’s hands woke him from his sleep. Wiping his eyes, Rainsford looked around the room. The door to the bedroom lay ajar from when he had dragged the body of the previous resident into the main hall. Rainsford eyes closed as his mind flashed back to the fight and the subsequent strangling of General Zaroff with a curtain. Standing, Rainsford staggered, his legs exhausted from the hunt and ensuing swim. Walking slowly out the door and down the stairs Rainsford came upon the body laying in the entrance way. Reaching down Rainsford checked for a pulse. “Dead,” said Rainsford with a sigh, wiping his forehead and feeling cold sweat trickling. Turning Rainsford headed into the common room. Taking a seat on a chair, Rainsford stretched his stiff back. Suddenly a bang sounded making Rainsford heart jump and the hair on the back of his neck stand on end. “It can’t be, I checked, he must be dead,” said Rainsford spinning round trying to calm himself. Another bang sounded below made the memory of the others Zaroff had trapped dawn on him. “The crew of that Spanish ship,” said Rainsford as he walked toward the door to the cellar, “it must be.” Wiping more cold sweat from his forehead Rainsford opened the cellar door. Picking a torch from the wall he said, “Get it together man” as he started descending the stairs. Reaching the bottom of the stairs several cots appeared, set against the far wall of what as Rainsford could only assume was a dungeon made of granite. Walking several steps into the dungeon Rainsford was suddenly rushed by several men. Pinning him to the wall the men held him as a voice from where Rainsford could not see spoke. “¿Dónde está el general,” spoke the voice so loudly that it made an echo around the room. “I don’t understand what you are saying,” said Rainsford. “Where is the general?” said the voice

2: this time closer to Rainsford ear than the first time. “He is dead,” coughed Rainsford as he struggled against the men holding him. “How did he die?” asked the tall man who now strode into sight. “I killed him,” said Rainsford who was released by the men holding him after the man asking the questions said several things in what Rainsford assumed was Spanish. Turning, Rainsford saw a group of men of obvious Spanish origins standing around in what appeared to be little more than rags. “We apologize senor, my name is Captain Javier and these are my men,” said a tall man. “I must ask now senor could you take us to the body?” said the Captain. “Recent events have made us much more cautious men.” “It is fine,” said Rainsford as he stretched, stiff from the trials of the last few days. “Up the stairs then,” spoke the Captain as he turned following the rest of his sailors up the stairs. “Yeah,” said Rainsford taking one last look at the dungeon which left a bad taste in his mouth. Ascending the stairs the group walked into the entrance way where they came upon the body. “Ah” said the Captain “I didn’t think you actually had it in you”. Rainsford nodded his head standing several steps behind the group. “Choked him, takes a lot of rage to kill someone like that,” said the Captain, eyeing Rainsford as he stood from checking the body. “Would you have done any worse?” said Rainsford feeling his temper raise. “I’m not criticizing you, believe me I would have done much worse,” saying this Captain Javier smiled. Rainsford mind flashed back to the curious red-lipped smile of the man that now lay dead at their feet. “Now,” said the Captain clapping his hands together, “I have had enough of this place, men if you want loot the place, me and Mister?” said Captain Javier gesturing toward Rainsford, who quickly replied with his name, “will be looking for a way off the island,” said the Captain in both English and Spanish.

3: Exiting the house the Captain said “I assume that beast of a man Ivan is dead as well.” “Yes,” said Rainsford, “dead somewhere in the jungle from a knife trap I made.” “If I may be so bold,” asked Rainsford, “how are we getting off this island?” “I figured that the demon general must have a boat to ferry supplies onto the island,” said Javier. “I think I remember him saying that he had a boat that he would take me off the island if I won his game.” Again Rainsford mind flashed back to the General, bearing his teeth. Cupping his ears which suddenly echoed with the barks of dogs Rainsford took a deep breath. “You alright senor?” asked the Captain raising an eye brow. “Yeah fine,” said Rainsford taking a deep breath. “Anyway where on the island would he keep a boat?” said the Captain. “Must be somewhere he didn’t want us to be able to get to,” said the Captain. “The southern swamp must be,” said Rainsford, “he warned me of it before he began his little game.” The two quickly walked south through the dense jungle till they reached the swamp and the quick sand within. “There,” said the Captain pointing to a plank walkway leading deeper into the swamp. A small mound of dirt lay at the end of the plank walkway. With a last duck under a fallen tree on the mound of dirt, the ocean was in sight and a ship drifting in the waves sat at the end of a pier. ”Let us take it around the Chateau,” remarked the Captain boarding the ship. “Think we can?” asked Rainsford. “A sloop only requires a ten man crew for full sea travel it will be nothing for us to rig it for a few miles sail to the chateau.” The sloop sailed smoothly to the shore in front of the chateau. ”Men all aboard now and burn that accursed place to the ground!” yelled the Captain. Within seconds the compound was a blaze and the sloop was sailing away.

4: “Where are we bound for?” asked Rainsford. ”Rio should be only a few hours’ sail,” said the Captain. “You look tired senor, maybe you should rest,” said the Captain as he ordered the rest of the men to stations and riggings. Rainsford sat for only a minute it seemed until he was awoken by the yells of men as Rio came into view. “There she is,” said the Captain, “Rio!” The ship splashed to dock alongside a much worn pier. Exiting the boat Rainsford parted ways with the Captain and his crew. Entering Rio Rainsford was caught off guard by Whitney yelling from a distance. “My lord how did you get here you lucky bugger?” A hand shake and then a long story followed. “You are lucky man to get out of all of that in one piece,” said Whitney. The two had sat in a café for awhile now talking of the previous days. “Guess you’re not game for another hurt to soon,” said Whiney. “No, I think I will give up the sport after recent events,” said Rainsford who, for a second, just a second, thought he smelled a cigar he knew far too well.

6: Dark Days Are Coming

8: Perlude When the idea of a short story started I considered doing it on that of a fantasy interpretation of how secret societies such as the Templar or Illuminati would interact in modern day. It would really show the various secret societies that are present in history and how if they had survived they would be changing. The story would cover the more extreme rituals blending in actual historical facts of the various secret societies with fantasy elements. The plan for the writing style would be to do a H. P. Lovecraft for the more fantasy elements and a handling of the historical element with more of a Sherlock Holmes style on them. The story would really start with a secret society that is completely made up. Either I would go with a new member or with a newly formed team in the society. From which point the team would confront other secret societies. Digging into the arcane and taboo rituals that each society has would be one made point. Along with blending in real places such as London an events such as the revolt in Egypt during the course of the story proceedings. The imagery would be vital to the story making good with each detail being extremely important to the climax and conclusion of the story.

10: Dark Days The door slammed shut as those inside the room took their seats. Fifty in total gathered, some seated, some standing, around a semi circle table in front of a projector. A man leaning on a wall of the small windowless room dug his fingernail into the pencil that he was holding. A large muscular man pushed his way in front of the projector and in effect he ended up in front of those gathered there. With a cough the man silenced the room with uncanny speed. “Alright,” said the large man moving off to the side of the projector, “Let’s get started”. “My name is William Hall and I have been appointed by the mayor to head this task force. We are gathered here along with the local police and FBI to deal with this issue. To get some introductions done; the three FBI agents who have joined us are Richard Bodlux seated here at the table and Felicia Mullen seated to his right.” Both raised their hands as they were announced. “Finally, Theodore Grayson who is standing” Hall turned toward the man who was digging his nail into the pencil a moment ago, who waved from the wall on which he leaned. “Now, to the point of why we have been called together, there is a cult that has been popping up around the United States as of late” said Hall as he pressed a button making the sideshow play from the projector. “In cities and towns from New Orleans to Boston small pockets of ten to fifteen cultists have shown up. The reason this has meaning to the city of Detroit is that the leader of this cult has shown up in the city and unlike most of the other cults, we have reports of several murders and armed robberies committed by this cult.”

11: “Yet, the cult itself isn't the main reason we are here,” said Richard Bodlux. “Correct,” said William Hall “the main reason why we are here is because of the leader.” “In the past the leader of the cult had been fairly conservative, but a new man recently rose to the position. With his rise, the cult’s activities have gone from passive to having risen to the most dangerous in the country. We have named this new psychopathic leader ‘Elder’. His real name is unknown, but from now on we will refer to him as ‘Elder’. The goal is this operation is two fold, first to find the location of the cult based in Detroit and then to find Elder who we should consider to be armed and dangerous. You will report to your superiors for your specific assignments, said Hall, “any questions can be directed to me or to Richard Bodlux. Good luck out there people.” Following the group out the door Theodore found Richard Bodlux standing in the middle of the police station. “Sir, a pleasure to see you again it has been awhile” said Theodore shaking Bodlux’s hand. “Aw Grayson it has been a long time, how is the girlfriend?” asked Bodlux with a smile. We broke up two weeks ago, Sir. I just got back from a personal leave” said Theodore. “I see that you will be assigned a local police officer to help you around the city,” said Bodlux”. “What?” questioned Theodore showing annoyance, “You know I like to work alone”. “Theodore this man we are hunting is out of your league” said Bodlux. “He is a monster even by my account.” “Fine, but who is my partner to be on this case?” asked Theodore. “His name is Lucas Jackson he knows the streets of this

12: city and his knowledge will be invaluable,” said Bodlux. He then handed Theodore a file and said,” This is all the information we have on the cult and as you can see it is not a lot.” “Where do I find this Jackson, sir?” said Theodore turning to leave. “He will be outside waiting for you. There is a local researcher on the occult that I want you to visit; Jackson knows where he is”, said Bodlux. Exiting the police station Theodore saw a man standing near a squad car. ‘Must be Jackson’ Theodore said to himself as he was descending the steps. Approaching Jackson Theodore noticed the odd color of his eyes which was almost white fully around. The color of his eyes and the dark brown skin color gave intensity to the way he looked that Theodore thought would be frightening in an interrogation. “Jackson I presume” spoke Theodore as they shook hands. “Yes Sir and you must be Theodore Grayson, the famous serial killer investigator?” “Is that what they call me?”, said Theodore chuckling to himself. “So shall we be off Mr. Grayson?”, asked Jackson opening the squad car door. “Call me Theodore”, he said as he got into the car. “So where are we off to?” asked Jackson as he started the car. “Bodlux told me to check out this occult researcher, said he might be able to fill in some of the blanks in our cult's background,” said Theodore as he flipped through the file. “Well, if you want to know more about the occult then that is just the person to visit,” said Jackson pulling out of the parking space. The car sped along the road deeper into the city. “Where are we going?” said Grayson looking

13: up at the many dilapidated buildings along the way. “To see a legend of the underground, said Jackson smiling. If anyone knows what is going on in the city it is him.” “Where can we find this legend?” asked Grayson. Jackson answered, “He runs a bunch of different places but during the day he usually at his club called Pluto.” Pulling down a long ally the car came to a small courtyard where there was a sign that read ‘Pluto’. “Speak of the devil we are here” said Jackson putting the car in park. “Before we go in, what is this guy’s name?” asked Grayson while exiting the car. “Atlas,” said Jackson “he has a whole ancient Greek thing going on”. “Anything I should know before we go in” Grayson asked Jackson as they stood outside the door. “Just don't look scared, they like that a lot “said Jackson as they entered the small door to the club. Once inside the door they found that the light was drawn down and small red lights lit the inside. Walking through the pounding music, Theodore saw hundreds of people on a dance floor below. As Grayson and Jackson came to a small door which Jackson opened, Grayson found himself in a stairwell that was completely sound proof. “How do you know the way so well?” asked Grayson. “Boys will be boys, Mr. Grayson,” Jackson said smiling as he descended down the stairs. After several flights the stairs ended at what appeared to be a large blast door. “What in the name of?” said Grayson mystified. “Oh, and he is also a little paranoid,” said Jackson as he knocked on the door. The door swung open just as Grayson noticed several cameras on the walls.

14: Walking inside what Grayson had once figured as a simple club, he found they where in a bar that had been transformed into a Middle Eastern look. Walking a little way Grayson questioned Jackson, “Where is this guy?” “In the back,” said Jackson eying several of the people seated on benches surrounding the walls of the bar. Reaching the far end of the bar Jackson knocked on the wall. “What good will that do?”, asked Grayson while staring at a couple that was drinking a glass of very viscous liquid. Turning his head the wall swung open to reveal a tall Middle Eastern man with long black hair and beard and a man dressed in a cloak that had seen better days. Grayson only had a second to see the man in the cloak before he left. What was the most shocking was that he was not a man at all but of a kid of maybe nineteen. “His face,” Grayson would remark later had a shadow cast over it. “Step in,” said Atlas lighting a cigarette. Stepping into the room Grayson noticed two large individuals who closed the wall door behind them. “Been a long time since you have been here Jackson” ,said Atlas puffing out smoke. “We need to find someone Atlas and don't you know that those will kill you?” said Jackson smiling. Laughing Atlas also smiled, “Alright, so who is this person you are trying to find and introduce me to your friend here”. “This is Theodore Grayson and the man we are trying to find is a cult leader nicknamed Elder”. Where there was once light in Atlas’s face, darkness now replaced it and he said, “That be a dangerous fish you be after Jackson”.

15: “That is a psychopath that must be stopped before he kills more people. Please Atlas”, pleaded Jackson. “How much do you know about the man and the cult you are going after Mr. Grayson?”, asked Atlas. “Umm not much besides that they have a wide area of influence” said Grayson shocked at being spoken to suddenly. “They call themselves Forerunners and recently the man you know as Elder has slain the previous leader” said Atlas. “A civil war inside the cult broke out, but it was quelled quickly by Elder and his followers”. “What is it then with the sudden spike in violence if the civil war is over?” asked Grayson. “There is a time table of things the cult wants to do and unlike the previous leader lets just say Elder wants it done sooner rather than later”, said Atlas getting up. “You must go now I have business I must attend to”, said Atlas putting out his cigarette. “Is there anything that you can tell us about the man Elder before we leave?” asked Jackson. “His name is actually Thomas Pace and he, as my father would say, has a lot of different voices in his head”. Leaving in silence until exiting the front door both Grayson and Jackson were talking more in their heads than speaking to each other. “Well that was enlightening, but we still don't know where Elder is”, said Grayson as they exited the club. “I will have the people back at HQ run the name” said Jackson picking up his cell phone. Just as Jackson was about to open his phone it rang. Answering the phone Jackson said, “Hello.... this is Lucas go ahead..... I understand we will be right there. We got to go, said Jackson

16: opening his door quickly, “there has been a murder”. “Was it the cult? asked Grayson getting into the car. “Yeah, there is no doubt “said Jackson as he took the car out onto the main street. “We better hurry”, said Grayson as he buckled his seat belt. “Okay” said Jackson with a smile as the accelerator hit the floor. “This is so not protocol,” said Grayson as he grabbed hold of the handle on the door”. Several moments later the car pulled up into front of an apartment complex. “Wonder where this person is?”, said Grayson as they both exited the car. “Oh,” said both at the same time as they saw the apartment complex which had bodies scattered all around the grounds. “My god!”, said Jackson, “Why would anyone do this?” “From what we can figure out it happened because they wanted something one of these tenants had and didn't want any witnesses”, said Richard Bodlux approaching from a group of other police officers. “Hell of a thing isn't it?” said Bodlux opening a flask. They missed one witness though and Felicia took the account. “Where is he now?” asked Grayson, “the witness that is “. “Over there”, Bodlux said as he pointed, “but he’s pretty traumatized as you can imagine. “Anything we can do?” Asked Grayson. “Yeah actually there is.” said Bodlux. There is a weird looking rune in the one room I would like you to take a look at”, said Bolus. Following Bodlux the three entered into a room where three bodies were laying and on the far wall there was a rune made from what appeared to be

17: made of ashes. “Looks like an eight “said Jackson. “We aren’t really qualified to tell you what this is Sir”. “Look closer“, said Bodlux. Approaching the rune it was apparent that the rune was actually etched into the wall. Rubbing his chin Grayson said, “This means that the rune was here before the cult attack”. “Did that kid know the people that lived here?” asked Jackson. “Yeah”, said Bodlux as they all started walking out of the room. Suddenly a large explosion occurred outside. “What was that? “Asked Grayson as the three drew their guns. “Rocket propelled grenade”, yelled one of the officers on a floor above. “The witness, where is the witness?” yelled Bodlux. It hit where we were holding him, there’s no way he made it out”, said the officer again. Hours later it was proven true that the boy and two officers had been killed in the RPG attack. The moon was just peaking out from the horizon as Jackson and Grayson got into their car. “I'm covered in dirt” said Jackson. “Shame about the kid”, said Grayson as he lay back in the seat. “Back to no real lead”, said Jackson. “Wait”, said Grayson sitting up in the seat. Didn't Felicia take that kids account. “Yeah, where is she? “, asked Jackson turning on the car. Upon saying this Grayson’s phone rang. It was silent in the car as it rang several times.” It’s Felicia” said Grayson showing worry on his face.” Why is she calling you” asked Jackson as Grayson answered the phone. “Hello Mr. Grayson this is your old friend Thomas Pace I see you got my call about that messy apartment “. “Now I can’t miss the chance to meet the famous Mr. Grayson so I have set up a meeting place at old L74T ask your friend for directions.” The phone turned off as

18: it began to rain outside splashing on the car windows. “Where is L74T ?”, asked Grayson lighting a cigarette. “L74T is an old factory” said Jackson turning on the car, “it’s fairly famous”. “Why?” asked Grayson putting out his cigarette and plunging them into the darkness of the night. “It’s the Headquarters of the biggest gang in Michigan” said Jackson taking the car out of the parking space. The car pulled up to L74T. Both of the men got out of the car. “There is something weird with his rain,” said Jackson staring toward the skies. Grayson felt it too it was like the rain was made of hot steel, it almost seemed to burn and felt heavy on the skin. Entering the building both drew their guns. Walking down a long hall they came upon the factory floor. A light flickered from the one side door, but before they could reach it a bang sounded from behind them as dust was puffed into the air. A gunshot and running was all Grayson heard as he fought his way out of the dust cloud. He coughed hard in his sleeve. “Jackson,” yelled Grayson looking around. “Must have gone after someone” said Grayson to himself. Walking toward the door that he had seen the light coming from, Grayson found him in a small corridor with doors on all side. Walking slowly Grayson turned the safety on his gun off. Grayson heard a squeak from a door at the end of the hall. Turning on his flash light Grayson saw to his horror Felicia’s head first. Then the rest of her body hanging from hooks. After vomiting several times Grayson saw a green light flash from a small maintenance stairwell. As he was about to take a step onto the stairs Grayson feel a hand reach around his throat grabbing him. Throwing his weight forward Grayson fell down the stairs with the attacker in tow. Scrambling to his feet Grayson saw who the attacker

19: was. “Richard Bodlux what what are you?...” Lunging forward with a knife Richard Bodlux swiped at Grayson. Not fast enough as his swipe missed and Grayson pulled the trigger and his body fell motionless at Grayson’s feet. Continuing down the stairs Grayson found himself in an old service access room. Looking with his flash light Grayson saw Jackson sitting in the middle of the floor surrounded by two bodies. “Jackson!” rushing forward Grayson felt the deep cuts all over Jackson’s back. “Jackson did you kill Elder” said Grayson trying to pick Jackson up. “He did not Mr. Grayson.” said a voice from behind Grayson. Turning and firing two shots where he thought the voice came fromGrayson felt sweat pouring from his brow. “Your friend is a good fighter Mr. Grayson” said a voice from behind him again. As Grayson felt a knife go tearing through his shoulder, “Dark days are coming for the world Mr. Grayson, but death comes for your today” said Thomas turning the knife. Turning Grayson punched the man who had stabbing him. As he did Jackson fell from his grip. A gunshot sounded in the dark. Jackson had shot Elder. Grayson saw the blood covering the walls. A light flashed into the room from a small hole in the wall. Wiping his eyes Grayson saw Elder running for the hole. Before he could get to it Grayson pulled his gun and shot two shots into his back. The body of Thomas Pace feel onto the ground. Staggering Grayson looked down at the dead body of this partner. “Good shot”, said Grayson wandering toward Thomas’s body. Flipping the body Grayson saw Thomas Pace’s pale face for the first time.

20: A handsome man with no hair on his head or face and a long hooked nose. Looking into the hole another flash blinded Grayson whose legs gave way from the loss of blood and he fell into the hole. Several hours must have passed Grayson thought before he woke from the fall. Turning on his flash light and looking around Grayson found he in front of a large portal like object in what he would assume was a sewer. Looking around the wall of the sewer Grayson saw what happened to the Gang members that had been here and why he feels very wet. On all the walls were stacked bodies in a circle connecting to the portal. Grayson felt shock set in, but just as he was thinking of finding a way out a large eye flashed onto the portal. “Hello Mr. Grayson” said the eye “I see you have made our appointment. “What said Grayson numbly? “Mr. Grayson I need you to do me a favor your phone is going to ring in a minute after we conclude our business and I need you to answer it for me” said the eye. “Who would be calling me” asked Grayson feeling his blood dripping from his wound. “Your girlfriend, or your ex girlfriend as it was, she will call the other police who will come in the nick of time to save your life.” “Why do you care about my life” asked Grayson. “Because I need you to protect someone for me Mr. Grayson and you need to be alive to do it” said the eye. “How will I know who it is” asked Grayson lighting a cigarette which he let slip from his mouth”. “You will know Mr. Grayson, you will know said the eye. “For as Thomas told you dark days are coming Mr. Grayson” the portal faded and in the darkness a phone rang.

22: Yin and Yang A Drama By Alby Black

24: A Play By Alby Black Yin and Yang Characters Yin Yang Master Villager Monk Scene The sound of cracking twigs and moving feet sounded in the cold dark night. Sweat dripped from the brow of the two people as the chase continued. Splashing through a stream one of the runners stopped and turned.

25: Yin: “Yang, why are you chasing me?” Yang: “Yin you killed Master, I cannot allow you to just leave.” Yin: “He wanted us to do nothing; you disagreed with his choice as well.” Yang: “It doesn’t matter what I believe it was improper for you to kill him for any reason“ Yin: “Even if doing so would save those people from suffering?” Water splashed into the air from the kick Yang threw. Grabbing the kicking leg under his arm Yin threw Yang back. Stumbling onto the opposite shore Yang grinded her teeth as Yin took a step back onto the opposite shore. Yin: “You always start with a kick so predictable.” Yang: “So what Yin, you think that killing is acceptable now?” Yin: “If it saves more lives then of course it is acceptable” Yang: “So if 99 lives would save 100 then you would kill the 99?” Yin: “If you could save one more life wouldn’t that be worth it?” Yang: “But doesn’t the future of the 99 people matter too? One of them could create something that saves more lives; you can’t just remove the heart from a choice like that.”

26: Yin:”Isn't there more of a chance that one of the 100 will create something than the 99?” Yang:”Shouldn’t you try to save all of them, or in our case try to reason with Master?” Yin:”There was no way...” Yang: “There is always a way!” Wind blows through the trees as the sound of water echoes, masking the tension that now fills the air. Yin: “It would have been a waste of time.” Yang: “If it saved his life then it would not have been.” Yin: “Yang there was nothing I could do.” Yang: “What happened?” Yin: “He attacked me.” Yin stared at the water rushing by as he remembered the death of his Master. The scene before his eyes was inside the dojo in which he had been raised for many years. Yin: “You wanted to see me Master?” Master: “Yes I did, I saw you training the other day.” Master gets up from a meditation position to face Yin. Air becomes tense as Yin slides the door closed behind him Yin: “Master I can explain I was just testing out.” Master: “You were performing techniques that I forbid you from doing Yin.” Yin: “I'm sorry Master I just don't see the harm.” Yin felt pain in his chest as his master's fists hit him several times. Crashing backward through the closed door Yin landed on his back. Yin: “Master, please allow me to explain.” Master: “You have disobeyed me for the last time Yin!” Getting up Yin turned and ran into the center of the courtyard followed closely by his Master. Yin: “Master please, I did not mean to offend you I promise not to do it again.” Master: “Prepare yourself Yin I will not stop until one of us is dead” Both striking at each other Yin and his Master gave and took greatly. As it began to snow Yin found himself laid flat on the ground. Yin: “Master I beg you please don't do this.”

27: Master: “What is it Yin? You do not strike at me with purpose. Do you have not the killing intent? Yin: “I do not want to kill you Master.” Master: “You always were weak Yin. Now lie still and I will end this.” Tripping his Master as he came at him Yin began to pummel his Master. Yin: “I'm not weak Master you are weak.” Attempting to block Yin’s raging attack the Master covers his face. Master: “So this is the power of that forbidden technique.” Yin: “You forbid what you do not understand. Now you have pushed me too far master” Rage in his eyes Yin smashed his fist into his Master’s arm and then into his Master’s skull. Yin: “That one I call ten- ton fist!” Standing, blood dripped from Yin’s hand into the fresh snow. Yin: “Now Master I will take the power you never could. With this power I will save those who you chose to think didn't matter.” Looking up from the water Yin wiped tears from his eyes and stared at Yang with a strong look in his eyes. Yin: “Rage clouded my mind and I said things I did not mean. Yet it makes no difference he attacked me and I had a right to defend myself.” Yang: “He had his reasons to tell us not to use the forbidden techniques.” Yin: “Master only ever told me not to perform forbidden techniques. That means that you also know how to .” Yang: “Yes I know how to us forbidden techniques Yin.” Yin: “How did you learn it? “ Yang: “Remember when Master first brought us together to the temple.” Yin: “We were only four years old, but yes I do.” Yang: “Do you also remember how Master found us?” Yin: “Not really, why should I remember?” Yang: “He found us fighting each other using the forbidden techniques all be it at a lesser level.” Yin: “So this whole time I figured I was the only one who knew how to use the techniques.” Yang: “You never were, but unlike you I understand that using power overly can cause more damage than good.” Yin: “You’re sounding like Master, Yang.” Yang: “Using too much power is dangerous.” Yin: “Not if used for the right reasons.”

28: Yang: “Abuse of power will always lead to suffering.” Yin:”So Master is dead and we are alone get to make our own choices.” Yang:”What shall we do? Yin we have no home left.” Yin:” Remember the villages being attacked by bandits?” Yang: “Yes, we were both upset by the news, but two people can't simply take on a whole group of bandits.” Yin: “Not without the backing of the villages at least.” Yang: “What do you propose then Yin?” Yin: “We leave and join the villages. With their support we can push the bandits from the area.” Yang: “This plan of yours will take years Yin.” Yin: “What is our alternative?” Yang: “I suppose we will see then which of your ideas work best.” Yin: “So we shall, until we meet again. Goodbye Yang.” Leaving the river both walked many miles separately till finding a small valley. On one side was the small village with a large temple. On the other was a small village with many farms laying in front of it. Yang went to the temple town, while Yin went to the farming villages. Upon enter the farming village Yin saw an old man struggling with a large wagon. Yin: Hello there sir. I was wondering if there was any work in this village?” Villager: “Yeah there might be. Why, do you need a job?” Yin: “Yes I do.” Villager: “Where are you from stranger?” Yin: “A village in the mountain to the north.” Villager: “Yes, I believe I know of such a village. What is your name stranger?” Yin: “It is Yin sir.” Villager: “Yin what kind of job are you looking for? “ Yin: “I will do any job and I am a hard worker.” Villager: “You seem the sort. How about this, as a deal I will allow you to stay at my farm. I'm getting older and my sons have their own farms so if you work hard you can have my farm when I pass from this world.” Yin: “Sounds like a deal.” Villager: “Good, then you can sleep in the guest room. Be up early in the morning and I will show you around the farm.” Yin: “Yes, sir. “ In the temple village a similar event was taking place as Yang wandered in to the large temple in the northern part of town. Bells began to ring as Yang walked up to a young monk standing near an altar.

29: Monk: “Hello there young lady.” Yang: “Hello there kind sir. I was wondering if you had a place for the night.” Monk: “It depends. Are you willing to work for lodging?” Yang: “Of course. I would never expect so much” Monk: “Then in the morning you will help me do my rounds around the village.” Yang: “I'm new to the village so you will have to show me the sights.” Monk: “Where did you come from originally?” Yang: “Umm a village far in the north.” Monk: “Yes, I believe I know of such a village.” Yang: “Where would I be sleeping?” Monk: “Follow me; it is in the side part of the temple.” Yang: “Thank you Sir for your hospitality.” Monk: “What was your name?” Yang: “Yang sir, just Yang.” Years past as Yin and Yang became more entwined within each of their villages. Three years after they arrived, both Yin and Yang became the leaders of their villages and the massive offensive against the bandits in the region began. Yin: “Here we are again, beside this river Yang.” Yang: “It would appear so and as we had planned we will wipe the bandits from our lands.” Yin: “I debate on whether it will be worth the cost.” Yang: “Of course it will be. They are a disgrace upon our lands” Yin: “Time has made you hard old friend.” Yang: “Time has made you weak to the world.” Leaving the stream both Yin and Yang readied their armies for war against the bandits group. Three days passed till the armies marched toward the bandit village location. Both armies soon attacked the opposition as the bandit army had moved their village forward to meet the army. Yin and Yang found each other in the battle. Yin: “Hello there my friend. How goes the battle on your side?” Yang: “It goes harder than I expected.” Yin: “I have been trying to find bandits for my new found power.” Yang: “As have I.” In the thick woods Yang and Yin turn to see two of their solders fighting. Yin: “You two stop that and go find some bandits instead of fighting each other.”

30: Yang: “Wait Yin! Why is your solider dressed like a bandit?” Yin: “I was going to ask yours the same?” Turning Yin and Yang understood finally why their Master had choose to not fight the bandits Yin:”This means that you are my enemy again.” Yang: “This means that you are my enemy again as well.” Rolling up their sleeves they both face each other as the sounds of battle echoed through the thick woods. Mist began to gather in the morning air. Yin: “Again it comes to this old friend.” Yang: “This time you will not escape.” Yin: “I do not plan to run any more.” Striking at each other the two fought for hours. Even after both of their lines had fallen back, the two fought in the middle of the valley. Each using there own version of what their Master had forbid them from doing. Yin: “We are an even match.” Yang: “You have improved Yin.” Yin: “So have you and you no longer start with a kick. You have learned how to see into the mind of an enemy.” Yang: “And you have learned the cautious use of power.” Reaching down Yin felt blood tricking down his chest. Yin: “Shame, it seems you have ended me old friend.” Reaching up Yang felt blood tricking down her head. Yang: “It seems you have done the same to me.” Falling down, each of them fell onto a tree across from each other. The two began to speak as life left them. Yang: “You know there is something that I never understood about our lives.” Yin: “What is that Yang?” Yang: “Where did Master find us when we were children?” Yin: “I would assume from one of the villages we live in. “ Yang: “I would assume so to, but no one in the villages recognized us and when I asked of it no one seemed to know.” Yin: “That is odd, but do you know what is more confusing?” Yang: “What?” Yin: “When I went back to try to bury Master I could not find his body or even the compound in which we were raised.” Yang: “That is odd...”

31: Yin: “Very.” Silence filled the forest as it began to snow. The black blood pooled with the white snow. Such is the story of Yin and Yang.

32: Poetry Section Including: English Sonnet Italian Sonnet Villanelle Concrete A Rondeau A Pantoum Free Verse

34: Questions An English sonnet By Alby Black Should I have a sandwich for lunch? Or should I have a bowl of soup? Maybe I should eat nothing for lunch And just today relax and recoup So many a question buzz in my head The answer to these questions I cannot find Yet, it does not stop me from thinking in my bed About all the questions that plague my mind But, while I lose my sleep I do not wish to figure it out For what keeps me from sleep Intrigues my mind when I’m out and about Still I wonder while I lay in this bed If maybe something is wrong with my head

35: Ferryman Italian sonnet By Alby Black Where I'm I on this quite night Fog twists around the ground I think I hear the howl of a hound Through the fog I can see a light A boat did sail into my sight Drifting on the water without a sound Sailing over the water the ship most fogbound The pole of the ferryman plunged from such a height In front on me the boat ran ashore The ferryman looked up from the water His mouth opened with a silent roar The eyes stared with undying horror Placing a coin on his hands implore I stepped from the river shore

36: Mad Villanelle By Alby Black I’m so very mad today Everyone knows that I'm mad Yet, it shall be a good day My hand are made of clay Well isn’t that is just to bad I’m so very mad today The men with their hair of grey They tell me I’m mad Yet, it shall be a good day Fooling them is like child’s play Yet, I’m still very glad I’m so very mad today They tell me my family was in disarray They are make me very mad Yet, it shall be a good day I will be leaving this place today For what they don’t know is I have been very bad I’m so very mad today Yet, it shall be a good day

37: Allergies Concrete By Alby Black Allergies come every year. For some it stays all year For some it comes only/ once a year. From pollen to dust/Many things cause it. It can cause/quite a fit. Allergies make you just /want to sit. Doing nothing the whole /day long. It must really such for those /who have it yearlong. No one wants/the allergies to be prolonged. For it causes /you nose much pain. And it makes you/ not feel sane. All day long /

38: Ghost of Golem A Rondeau By Alby Black Many centuries ago a mid the sands In very far distance lands Lay the ruins of a forgotten city Those who have seen it whisper what a pity As they wipe away the sands Greeted by ancient craved hands You can almost see what was a city most grand Yet eyes do not wander on the ruined for long city For while the city is gone the people remain Their present amid the building commands Forever the ghosts stand branded In the homes of the forgotten city Near the forgotten statues standing in committee Trapped in the ruins of their city For while the city is gone the people remain

39: Moms Car A Pantoum By Alby Black My mom's car isn't very good in the heat In the summer it gets much worse It gets so hot in the car that you could cook meat Any car would be better even hearse In the summer it gets worse The car stalls at every stop Any car would be better even a hearse We could not trade it in at a pawnshop The car stalls at every stop It gets so hot in the car that you could cook meat We could not trade it in at a pawnshop My mom's car isn't very good in the heat

40: Twister Free Verse By Alby Black The snap of lighting and the boom of thunder Sounding my Arrival onto the field The air is sweating with the heat of the day sun Animals run from the slightest idea of me I can lift many objects without losing any strength I tear the ground as I walk on top of it The sky becomes darker and darker As I become stronger and stronger My voice is like a train that I once threw far away Forests and Rivers only slow my approach Men blow their sirens in the hot night air Fear gripping their hearts as they walk on their stairs. I pour over their towns and their streets They remember why they once feared nature My body becomes adorned with their houses As soon as I came to their town I leave their town As day breaks on the horizon I feel my strength ebb away My voice grows weaker as my trophies fall away I feel my body being pulled back into the sky Escaping into the clouds that once bore me


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