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Creptic and all things Scary

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S: Crepic and all things Scary

FC: Creptic and all things Scary

1: Ever since the beginning of time a horrid man named Creptic owned all things scary and had all power of all the monsters in the Universe. Creptic was a purple skeleton who wore a pimp stripe suit and a top hat that lived in the deep unknowns of the Earth. His job was to manage every nightmare or frightening thought that anyone has had and keep it from going into reality. He is the reason people say something is “creepy.” He was the reason monsters didn’t run muck all around the world. Too bad for us he quit…

2: One day Creptic was in his filthy office trying to find a place for a new nightmare/monster called the “IRS”. He figured it couldn’t be that scary so he put into reality. Everything was going well for Creptic that day until the Boogey man and the Cucoy showed up.

3: Every day the Boogey man and Cucoy would bug Creptic. Trying to convince him to set them free, so they could send terror all across the world, and Universe on weekends. They tried using treaties, money, even betting him to a game of Dance Dance Revolution but nothing worked. | “Come on Crep’ you can’t keep us locked in here forever and you know it.” Said the Boogeyman. “Yeah, one day this place will be so stuffed up, the only choice you’ll have is to let us go into the sick society of humans. They’re our creators,” hissed the Cucoy. These words angered Creptic but before he could reply the Boogey man took his top hat!

4: f | You see Creptic hardly ever throws a fit but he loves his top hat, and well, he hates when people touch it. “I’VE HAD ENOUGH! I QUIT!” Creptic yelled with an eye of fury! (He only had one eye by the way)Creptic became the thing he had been trying to prevent for years. A very powerful skeletal being of doom. He had no control, he destroyed every cage in the unknowns with a shot of power from his finger tips. | With all the monsters free a riot broke out. This only made Creptic angrier. He was starting to gain control though; he knew he was going to pass out. He needed to put the monsters somewhere or else the whole unknowns would be lost. He put them in the one place nobody keeps clean or ever looks. Under the beds of Earth’s people.

6: Now Creptic didn’t pass out for a few minutes or hours. He passed out for about fifty years. When he woke up he didn’t even know what happened. He felt as if he were in nightmare. All cages were destroyed, fire burned high, loud Pantera music played from the distance. This could only mean one thing. His boss was near, he knew this cause his boss loved Pantera.

8: Creptic walked hundreds of miles in the Unknowns to find his boss the Sandman waiting for him. “Umm, Mr. Sanders sir, ehh how do I say this? Um, well I’ve missed up haven’t I?” Asked Creptic, nervously fixing his top hat. “Well, let’s look back on the last 50 years shall we?” asked the Sandman. “1991 a boy named James Sullivan goes insane and keeps going on about his late cat Mclfly under his bed. 1982 Lisa Burnheart fails her math exam because of a strong case of insomnia due to a dancing F under her bed. Oh and this ones my favorite, in 1996 a grown man named Phil Norton refused to go to work because a voice from under his bed told him flipping burgers means you’re a slave to the grill” The Sandman explained.

10: “Wow, I had no idea…” said Creptic pushing his one eye back into his head. “Oh the list goes on Crep’! You have to fix this!” The Sandman exclaimed. “I can’t, all the cages are the cages are destroyed I could only fit half the monsters in here now.” Creptic explained. “Well, Creptict,” the Sandman pulled out his hour glass. “I’ll give you six hours to figure something else or else you’ll spend the rest of time in a cage as well. Without your precious top hat and sleek suit. Get to it!” The Sandman said.

11: Creptic sat for about hour thinking. “The monsters do fit good under those beds. But what about all the nice people in the world, they shouldn’t have to suffer.” Creptic was confused. So he thought harder.(By the way its hard thinking when you have no brain.) “Wait that’s it! The nice people shouldn’t suffer. But what if there were only monsters under the beds of people who misbehave! I'm a genius!”

12: So Creptic went to the Sandman with his idea. The Sandman was skeptical at first but as Creptic went on a big grin came upon his chapped face. With a little help from Santa Clause Creptic knew where every naughty person’s bed was. So he put one monster under the naughty people’s bed and took the rest out the good peoples beds. The Boogeyman and Cucoy were never found though. Some say they jump from bed to bed as they please. Who knows they might be in yours tonight. So there’s a listen to be learned here, if you misbehave you might receive a gift from Creptic.

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  • Title: Creptic and all things Scary
  • This story tells how monsters get under our beds.
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