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Cyrano de Bergerac

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FC: Cyrano de Bergerac | By Chariden Lewis

1: Reflections from the Play | In the play, there are a lot of lines that refer to other stories. In one scene, Cyrano refers to the story of Beauty and the Beast when he talks about his ugliness in comparison to Roxane's gentle beauty. | In the play, there is a "spiel im spiel," or play within a play, in the first act. La Clorise was supposed to play at the Hall of the Hotel de Burgogne in which Montfleury was supposed to star. However, Cyrano crashed it.

2: The entire play is basically a story of morality. It shows that personal appearances can be misleading and can be compared to the line, "Don't judge a book by its cover." Cyrano's nose massively prohibits him from showing Roxane his true feelings for her. Christian, however, cannot show his feelings for her because of his inability to convey his emotion.

4: 10 Quotable Quotes | "What if she turns out to be a prude- or an intellectual? I wouldn't dare speak to her, I don't have the brains. The way people speak and write nowadays makes my head hurt." -Christian, Act I. | Christian is expressing his

5: "Magnificent, my nose! You pug, you knob, you button-head, know that I glory in this nose of mine! For a great nose indicates a great man." Cyrano, Act I. | This is a perfect example of how sensitive Cyrano is about his nose. It also shows how clever he can be when taking an insult in stride.

6: Cyrano "I fought not for my nose, but for your bright eyes.: Roxane "And then, to tell you- but before I can tell you, Are you- I wonder, still the same big brother- almost- that you used to be" | It is obvious that Roxane is used to getting complimented on her beauty, as she ignores Cyrano's comments. It can also show that she is a very shallow person regarding her own outer beauty.

7: "Hm- the boy looks pale. When he is asleep- thin, too- starving to death- If that poor child knew! Handsome, none the less..." | Cyrano expresses his jealousy towards Christian. As he lays there, starving and fighting for his life, he still has his good looks while Cyrano has nothing but his giant nose.

8: "You remember when Beauty said, "I love you," to the Beast that was a fairy prince, his ugliness changed and dissolved, like magic... But you see, I am still the same." Cyrano, Act V | Cyrano references Beauty and the Beast as he talks about how Roxane just confessed her love to him. He tries to tell her that he cannot change his appearance for her but she does not care.

9: "Did you not ask, my dear, why against one singer they send a hundred swords? Because they know this one man for a friend of mine!" Cyrano, Act 1 | Cyrano boasts about his swordsmanship often. It is clear that he is a very confident person when it comes to his skill rather than his appearance.

10: "Oh- these arrogant grand airs! A clown who- look at him- not even gloves! No ribbon- no lace- no bucles on his shoes!" Valvert, Act I | Valvert shows how obsessed he is with personal appearances. This is the reason that he and Cyrano clash so much in Act I.

11: De Guiche "Shall we go and sit upon the stage? Come, Valvert." Christian "Valvert!" The Vicomte "Ah, that scoundrel! Quick- my glove- I'll throw it at his face." Act I | Christian is showing bravery by confronting Valvert for imposing himself on Roxane. However, this also shows his lack of forethought. He does not think things through before doing them.

12: "And you remain here, wasting all that gold- For ever in mourning?" De Guiche, Act V | De Guiche is so materialistic that he cannot understand Roxane's undying love for Christian. She is practically rich, yet the gold means nothing to her without her love.

13: Cyrano "Have you forgiven me?" Roxane "I am here." | Cyrano is shocked at Roxane's loyalty. As a woman, she brings a sensitivity to the play that none of the male characters can. She is also able to forgive, which Cyrano is very unused to.

14: Roxane

15: Roxane is a very intellectual woman. She has no interest in the many men who chase after her. She thinks about more complex things compared to Christian and often makes him feel stupid.

16: Roxane also goes wherever she pleases. She often frequents play houses and sees all sorts of plays. She is often the only female in parts of the play.

17: Roxane is in love with both Cyrano and Christian. She only knows that she loves Christian because of his looks. She actually loves Cyrano for who he is, when he wrote her letters from Christian. | Roxane does whatever she pleases. She road all the way to the battle at Arras just to see Christian, where she brings food for the soldiers. She does this simply because she wants to.

18: Rhinoplasty | During the surgery, you would be put to sleep. We would be reshaping the nasal bridge, reducing the shape or width of the nose, and adjusting the angle between the nose and the upper lip. | Surgery to the nose normally requires an overnight stay at the hospital. Initial healing may include some swelling, bruising and headaches, which can be carefully controlled with medication.

19: Before | After | The average price of a rhinoplastic procedure is approximately $6,200.

20: Act 1 | In Act I, most of the major characters are introduced to the audience. The major storyline is explained, as Christian and Cyrano meet Roxane for the first time. The true nature of Cyrano is revealed as he uses both his words and his sword to defeat his opponents. It is also revealed that he is poor, as he gave the owner of the playhouse all of his money for ruining the show. Christian's true nature is also revealed as he is mostly all looks. However, he does rescue Ligniere.

21: Setting | Most of the first act takes place around the Hall of the Hotel de Bourgogne. A pla called La Clorise is about to come on. An enemy of Cyrano de Bergerac, Montfleury, is supposed to be the lead in the play. Everyone knows that there will be some sort of confrontation, so there is tension amongst the crowd.

22: Act 2

23: Setting

24: Act 3

25: Setting

26: Act 4

27: Setting

28: Act 5

29: Setting

30: List of Characters | Cyrano de Bergerac | Cyrano is the main character of the story. He is humble, witty, and the best swordsman in France. He is a friend of Christian, and he is in love with Roxanne.

31: Christian is entirely what he seems. He is very concerned with appearances and is often seen as nothing more than a "pretty boy." Christian is also in love with Roxanne. | Christian de Neuvillette

32: Roxanne | Roxanne is one of the only women in the play. She brings a softness that the male characters can not. She is loyal, but also a little condescending when it comes to personal appearances. She loves Cyrano for his poetic skills, but she loves Christian for his appearance. She is also Cyrano's cousin.

33: Comte de Guiche

34: To my dearest Cyrano, | Y | A | Your soft-spoken words have so enchanted me. Your poetry engulfs me. I now understand that all the time I thought I loved Christian for his words, it was you. The whole time I wept as I read those letters from Arras, it was really you behind the quill. For it was you all along that I loved, no matter your rigid appearance. It means nothing to me. Yours, Roxanne

35: To my dearest Christian, | Alas, I am sorry. I thought that it was you who I loved this entire time. At first, I had loved you only for your looks, but then, I thought that I loved you for your words. However it wasn't really your words that I loved, but Cyrano's all along, I am sorry that I've mislead you this long. Yours, Roxanne

37: Here Lies Cyrano de Bergerac Friend, Lover, Son He was able to die knowing that Madeleine Robin loved him for who he truly was.

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