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Dad's 60th Birthday (Copy)

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Dad's 60th Birthday (Copy) - Page Text Content

S: Happy 60th Birthday rajan!

BC: Anu Makes 2011

FC: HAPPY BIRTHDAY! | July 5, 2011

1: Dearest Rajan, Happy 60th birthday to my wonderful husband! I am so proud of you for your incredible accomplishments over the span of your life. We have had so many great memories together: from living on Merryhills Drive, to going on safari in Kenya, to walking on the beautiful white beaches of Sarasota. Our lives have been quite an adventure! One thing that I will always admire about you is your relentless optimism. You have always made me laugh and made me smile with your quick wit and positive attitude. No matter what life throws our way - successes or challenges – you keep our family strong and believing that despite all the wonderful blessings in our lives, the best is yet to come. This book was lovingly put together by your friends and family from all around the world, who came together to celebrate YOU! We celebrate where you have come from, we celebrate the journey you have traveled, we celebrate the man you are, and we celebrate everything that you have accomplished over the last sixty years. Abraham Lincoln once said, “In the end, it's not the years in your life that count. It's the life in your years.” I hope you always remember that your life has been filled with the things that truly make a man rich: loving family and true friends. And as our favorite song goes, “I love you more today than yesterday, but not as much as tomorrow...” Always yours, Nita.

4: Well Bro, you finally hit the big 6 zero. Wow, what a journey from the hills of Solan to the sea of Sarasota - leaving your considerable mark along the way, on 3 continents. Sistova Road and that Osokool (and your goatee beard) are but distant personal memories for us to cherish. Thanks for being the best brother possible, you have always been there for me and I really miss your advice and wit (ok, just the advice). A very happy birthday and have a great time celebrating this special occasion. Wish we could be there with you. Here's to the next 60 Bro! Love always, Rajeev

5: Dearest Dada, I know we are miles apart, I just want you to know you are always be in my heart. I always think of you, I always remember you, And I know you do too. How I wish things were different and we all lived close to each other, Sharing our lives together. We have missed out on so many precious moments of our lives. I wish things could have been different. Our children have grown up and will soon move away (or already have) to live their separate lives, Still, I know, we will be there for each other as always. I am so glad you are my big brother, You’re so sweet, And so loving, so caring. Of all the big brothers in the world, I got the best! I look up to you in so many ways, You are by best friend. I am fortunate, and I'm glad I got you for my brother. Even if I had the chance, I would not pick another. | You are so dear to me, In so many ways. I'm wishing you the best, On this special day. Wishing you your happiest birthday yet, A birthday too special to ever forget. It's your birthday and I can't be there, But I am sending you a special birthday wish and a little prayer. Have a happy birthday. Hope that all of your birthday wishes come true. May you have a great time today and always find happiness in everything you do. This message comes to you with warm thoughts and extra special wishes on your 60th birthday! Happy Birthday to a wonderful Brother and a super human being! May the Lord give you the stamina to blow out all those candles (in one shot)!!! I love you Dada ! P.S You are one year closer to dressing like Dad....! | Brothers and sisters are as close as hands and feet (A Vietnamese proverb)

6: Good times! | "Life is the first gift, love is the second..."

7: I do not know where to start because every meeting with Rajan has been special for us. The very first time Suresh met him, to literally check him out: Winky's Mom and Dad wanted Suresh to meet Rajan since their daughter was marrying someone living in the West (we were living in Romsey, England, and Rajan was in London). They met in a Greek eating joint. Needless to say Suresh found Rajan 'acceptable'! From a suit, a brolly and a hat in cold and wet England to take on an exotic food store, serving customers in Sunny Florida! Amazing adaptability and versatility! Winky too, of course! Rajan's wit and humour had a special appeal for all of us. And he hasn't lost his touch still! We wish we could be with you, Rajan, on your 60th Birthday! We will, however raise our glasses and send you our good wishes across the oceans on the day! Good health and happiness forever and ever! -Suresh Mama and Rashmi Mami

8: My first and foremost Masaji, the most friendly, loving and loved person I have ever known. Despite the distance and long years that separate us from you all, you will always be special to us. One of the things that click into my mind whenever I say Rajan Masaji, is the word “trouser”. Years ago you were in Jaipur for a wedding and you asked me to pass you your ironed trousers... I didn't know what to pass to you! I was so naive. I hadn't heard the word! But now I know Masaji. We love you lots and wish you a very happy 60th birthday! -Chandini | Rajan Bhai will be 60; just few days before me. He is a gentle person who can only be loved by all. We all fortunate to be his close relatives , especially me, his co-brother and Mama. Wish him many, many happy returns of the day. -Y.K. and family. | Masaji, You are a lovely person, always with a smile! It’s an honour to have you in the family. We all love you a lot. Wish you a very Happy Birthday from all of us in India. It’s a year with lots of celebration.... Sasurji!!!!!! :) Love you and miss you. Have a great day!!!! – Deepika

9: Friendship Continued | Friends Forever! | Dearest Rajan, A birthday wish for you, Only the best - health, wealth and prosperity too. Though you don't look a day over 30, If Nita says that you are older then it must be true. Loving, caring, generous, smart and funny. that is what we think of you. Hope you gain all you wish for May it be a sports car or a trip to Peru. Wishing you a very Happy 60th Birthday! With lots of love, from Ritu, Ajay, Anika, Vikrum and Nikita to you. | Hi Rajan Bhai, We are very thankful and fortunate to have a brother-in law like you. Lots of love and many good wishes on your 60th birthday. Geeta-Kamal | Dear Rajan Masaji- Hope you have a wonderful amazing birthday! Lots of love and wishes, Divya | Masaji! you're 60 years young! i wish i could look like YOU when i'm 60... no... wait... doesn't work that way. Many many happy returns of the day. Lots of Love and a big hug, Dish

10: Memories? So many. The new boy at school who came into class and sat next to me. The Mathur Brothers in Balham. Then Raj and Nita in Enfield and Samir and Anu coming along! Your visits to us in North Woolwich. But above all, and you could possibly put this in your book, is simply 'Blackpool October 1970'. Your Dad will know what it means (and no, it won't embarrass him!). -Bill and Pauline

11: During my childhood I was fascinated by space, rockets and a country that used to be called as USSR We were in Paharganjrganj, Delhi medium when a colorful book delighted my heart. I remember who purchased the book for me as a gift. That was my first time meeting and knowing “Rajan Dada from the UK”! Dear Dada, wishing you a very happy birthday and many more to come. And thanks a lot for the book; it was truly a moment of joy for seven year old! Warm Regards, Rajey

12: HAPPY BIRTHDAY dearest Rajan! Today as you celebrate your 'Special' Milestone birthday, relive the magical moments of life even as you look forward to new experiences and more challenges! RAJAN - the perfect gentleman, the wonderful friend and a cheerful person, who spreads brightness where ever he goes! We still reminisce the first time we met Rajan and Nita in London in July 1995! Our first Diwali together, where we were welcomed like family! The New Year’s Eve when we celebrated and rang in 1996, singing and dancing to 'Cotton Eye Joe"! THANK YOU RAJAN for giving us immense joy and wonderful memories which we cherish even today! HAPPY BIRTHDAY RAJAN! Here's wishing you a Happy 60th! Keep it going friend, and good luck in all that you do! Love and best wishes always, Deepak and Anu Tewari

13: Rajan Jijaji, 60 Golden Years! Hard to believe! All I can say is WOW and a double WOW for the coolest and most fun-loving, caring and witty Jija one can ever have. Jijajji ,you really rock and you really are so so sooooooo special to all of us! Love and hugs, Montu PS – I hope and pray the mould the All Mighty used to create you is still being used so that other like me/us too can have such wonderful Jijas. God bless! | To my favorite Mama :) Hap-hap-happy 60th !!! You have always been an inspiration to me, being the only Chartered Accountant in the family... Wish you all the love and happiness on your 60th birthday ! - Raghav

14: When Winky Didi's wedding date was set I was really bummed out because I wasn't going to be able to attend it... had just attended Pinky Didi, Anu Bhaiya and Munnu Bhaiya's weddings... and my older cousins were always very special and dear to me. The silver lining was that she was to come to England after marriage and for me that was huge as I had no family living in England. When she arrived, we finally met Jeej - and from day 1 he was and still is one of the coolest people I have ever met. Not only did he and my parents hit it off instantly, but the love and affection he showered on two little brats (Abhay and me), was something I had never experienced. For someone who didn't know us from Adam, to come in to our lives by marrying our sister, to play badminton, listen to music - even buy me music albums, and be constantly kidding around and mast... was such a treat. Jijaji, its your 60th and its been an honour to have known you for about 30 of these years. You will always be very special to us. We love you dearly! God Bless! -Abhishek PS - Didi, good choice!!!

15: Accept no one's definition of your life, but define yourself. - Harvey Fierstein | To stay young, You should remember the past, That, they say, is the trick, But when very few brain cells remain, It's hard to get nostalgic, But a good thing about forgetfulness, I've heard people say, Is at least you get to meet, Brand new people every day Remember us. From U.K. to U.S. ~The Sathyanarayanas

16: Dearest Raj, How time has swiftly passed and yet again we arrive at a milestone that speaks volumes of a beautiful life that you have led. Reminiscing about our London days I recall the great sense of camaraderie between us although we didn’t have much! I look back at the many years in Blinkhorns doing mundane, boring accounts but since then our lives have certainly evolved. Our journey in life took us in different directions but what I hold dear is the fact that despite everything we’ve always managed to stay in touch. You have not changed a bit, still the same warm, kind and polite Raj who gives utmost attention to detail in everything he does. You certainly have nature at your side as you look the same if not better. We would like to wish you a very, ‘Happy Birthday’, and may you have God’s choicest blessings for you and your family. Have fun after all being sixty is certainly nifty!!! Love, Bala, Sharnti and the girls

17: Rajan Jijaji is one of the nicest humans I have ever met. I remember when we first met how easily he made us feel comfortable. My stay with you all in England will remain etched in my memory for ever as he was always so accommodating and helpful. In simple words Jijaji - you are the best and wish you all the very best now and forever. Happy Birthday! Love, Deepu, Anju , Rahul and Saumya.

18: Happy birthday! I hope you have a fabulous day celebrating up in New York. I so wish I could be up there with you all. Thank you for so warmly welcoming me into the family. Lauren | It is said that the "First impression is the best impression". Mr. Rajan indeed impressed me when I met him first time in Dec 2009 at Orlando, FL. He impressed me with his calm and collected confidence and as a patient listener. This impression of mine has been reinforced again in March, 2011 when I met him in Tampa, FL. He is a good conversationist with open mind to make significant contributions in any topics discussed. I enjoyed his affable company during our meetings. I look forward to the same in future. My family joins me in wishing him many happy returns of his birthday. Mr. Rajan becomes one year older but many years wiser. We wish him a productive and successful life ahead with his family. We wish him all prosperity in his business. - Gopal Rajakumar and family | 60? Mr. Mathur is turning 60?! Well, I won't give him a hard time about it, even though he gave me a hard time the first time I introduced him to my parents. I remember it quite clearly. We were to meet at the Comfort Inn. I didn't think it was a big deal really. Both Anu's parents and my parents knew we were meant for each other. Our families were going to meet for the first time but everyone was calm, cool and collected. What's the big deal? I knew her family, her family knew me. Wait a minute. Where is Anu's family?, my phone started vibrating. "Hi Love," said Anu "we're in the lobby of the Comfort Inn." I thought for a second. Then spoke. "I'm in the lobby of the Comfort Inn" [awkward silence] "I’m in front of the big Christmas tree." I said, with all 121 members of my family following behind me. "I don't see a big tree" she said. A little anxiety started setting in. Then I realized, her family is about to meet my family for the FIRST time - WHAT IF IT DOESN'T GO WELL?!!!" The thought occurred to me for the first time, ever. "Maybe you are in another hotel," I suggested. Then a voice chimed in. "Did you send us to the wrong place?" It was Mr. Mathur. Of all the times to bust my chops. I think I a bead of sweat popped off of my skin. "Uh...I'm at the Comfort Inn. Where are you?" I said. "We're at the Comfort Inn." he stated. "Oh man, this is awkward. On top of that, none them have smart phones. I thought to myself" Luckily we ended up realizing that there were 2 Comfort Inn's within a block of each other and everything was fine. I always appreciate Mr. Mathur's jokes and make sure to laugh extra hard. That way, when I screw up in the future, hopefully he'll remember that I'm the guy that laughs at all his jokes. And he'll forget about whatever I screw up. Oh yes. And I think i'm supposed to say something about trousers. Trousers. Happy Birthday! -Bharani

21: At the end of the Harry Potter series, Harry says of one of the characters - I won't say which, because one day you might actually watch those movies and I'd hate to ruin it for you - "He was probably the bravest man I ever knew." That line always stays with me when I think of you, Dad. It blows my mind to think of all the things you've done in your life that took incredible guts. Taking care of yourself and your brother as a teenager. Moving your family to a completely different country. Keeping a business successful during a recession. Being a Chelsea fan in the 1990s... All courageous feats! This year, especially, I've never been more proud to be your son. I'm glad I inherited your sense of humour and mum's looks, and not the other way around. I'm very lucky to have such a positive role model in my life - I've tried to be as good a man as you are, and now I'm going to try and be as good a husband as you, too. If I get even close, I'll have done well. Happy 60th Birthday! And here's to sixty more. (Why not?!). All my love, Samir

22: he ro noun | . | a: a man admired for his achievements and noble qualities b : one who shows great courage | Over the last few years I have come to realize that you truly are my hero. I admire you for accomplishing so much in your lifetime. You came from so little and achieved self-made success through your own hard work and determination. You always displayed honesty, integrity and a strong work ethic, which in turn helped us understand the importance of always doing the right thing. You worked so hard your whole life so you could provide for us - and you succeeded. By following your dreams and moving us here, you showed me how brave and strong you are. You displayed an incredible amount of courage to follow your dreams and seek more out of life for yourself and for your family. Your constant optimism gives us all strength and you must never let it go. You are an inspiration and a role model whose story I will always be proud to tell. So on your birthday, I want to remind you how much I love you and tell you that you will always be my hero. Happy birthday Dad! Love always, Anu

24: I hope your dreams take you to the corners of your smiles, to the highest of your hopes, to the windows of your opportunities, and to the most special places your heart has ever known.

25: What greater thing is there for human souls than to feel that they are joined for life - to be with each other in silent unspeakable memories. ~George Eliot

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