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Diary of an orphan

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Diary of an orphan - Page Text Content

S: diary of an orphan by kathryn morrison

BC: My name is Alice and I live in the Jessica Wilmore orphanage with my friends Kaylee and Stacey. Our friend Irene then decides to become a blonde and changes her hair from red to yellow to become friends with Hillary. Hanging out with Hillary made her mean and snobbish. Will Irene apologize for being mean or stay with Hillary? find out! | Images By: The Sims 3

FC: Kathryn Morrison | Diary Of An Orphan

1: I wonder, if you've known about some girls in your class or school or somewhere that have foster parents or live in an orphanage.I live in the Jessica Wilmore Orphange for girls.It's got so many rooms and anyway here is a diary that involves everything that happened.There are also some pics of what the girls would look like in real life ,this is probably one of the funny books, what do you think? from, Alice | Introduction

3: CHAPTER 1 That girl on the left? yeah thats me.People say i'm quite pretty but I try to ignore them,i'm not boastful like some people.I am referring to Angelica Romé. A beautiful blond girl that's in the next room, I hate hate hate hate her. Who says my nail polish colour is out of date? everybody she tells me. Another thing I hate is this place; it's terrible. I still have to go to school anyway,but i'm 15, next week 16.

5: Angelica is 16,had a party an everything,I don't know why i'm making such a fuss about my sweet 16; parties at the orphanage are usually so dull.They never let me go to McDonalds or anything. They even get mad if I just wear my satin dress for my own birthday.When people look at me they say: ''Oh how cute she is!'' then they see Angelica and rush to her cooing at her cuteness as if she was a newborn baby girl.

6: I have got school today, boooring! Maybe everyone will start teasing me- AGAIN! thats what people do to me, they call me the dumb brunette and ms.orphan.I can't help not knowing my family.The only reason I never get a star is because there is never the stuff I need at the orphanage so I have to end up accepting a tick.Or a cross, if the subject is P.E. We write evaluations of our lessons, whats the point of it?

8: Chapter 2 I bet you didn't know I have friends.There's me,Stacey, Kaylee and Irene.All of us have different good stuff.I'm a pink-lover,Kaylee is the most cheerful (she's the one wirth the short blonde hair) and Stacey is a scene girl, me, Kaylee and Stacey are orphans.Personally I like Kaylee and Stacey more because Irene gloats about her rich family and how she goes to Disney Land every single year since she was 4 years old.

10: Near the lockers that day there was something going on.I slammed the door shut. ''Whats up with you?''Asked Stacey. ''Hate my life'' I told her.''Dont worry, it gets better by the hour'' Said the optimist Kaylee.''It gets worse for me, remember what happened during 6th grade 5 years ago?''I told her pointing upwards as if there was a cloud that replayed the moment.''When Angelica pushed you into that well''

12: My mind kept replaying it over and over.I waved my hand fiercely in the air like I was trying to flick the cloud away,Stacey grabbed my hand and made me hit my own face.''STOP!'' she said.''Where's Irene anyway?'' Kaylee said.Suddenly the bell rang to go home, outside the building we saw Irene, we saw her all right. She must've took the day off to go abroad, i'm guessing she went to Paris.

14: ''What have you done to your hair, Irene?'' I asked her. ''I dyed it, duh. What do you think I did? got my yellow markers and scribbled on my head?'' She replied trying to be funny. Kaylee did her part and laughed. ''That sounded like a dying cricket'' said Stacey. ''Why didn't you keep your old hair anyway, I liked it'' Stacey told her. ''That explains it really'' said Irene spitefully. ''All of you get jealous of me, but I don't

15: blame ya'' All of us were shocked. We were way not jealous of her. She was our bestfriend! she got us for what we really were. Now she is acting exactly like Angelica. Eventually we all had to go troop back to the orphanage in distress. On the threshold we saw our maid waiting impatiently, Ms.Crump was not a thing to get excited about anyway, she doesn't do anything at all, yell or even talk much.

17: ''Come in, lil girls. You all lates for tea time!'' She stuttered. We all rushed in. Angelica obviously sat next to Cyndie as usual and they continued gossiping about their weekly topic, it was us this time. ''I mean, who do they think they are, like, the queens of this place?'' she said. I was blazing with anger. In the science room i'm going to cook up one of my own surprises for them! just you wait, Divas! oh yeah!

19: Chapter 3 BOOM! '''what is that noise!'?'' said Yolanda rushing downstairs. One of the test tubes had exploded. Well the one with the stink bomb chemical in it. Everyone covered their noses to live. Me and the girls fled straight away leaving the others spluttering. Haha! that was not the first time I did that though, err, at the orphanage i mean. School is a piece of cake, the staff and teachers dont care about anything.

20: **** Today it's my birthday! hurray! i'm gonna be 16 today. I suppose ill have to make do with a dumb orphan party but at least I get cake! I've invited all of the gang. Right now they all replied to my letters, here is what I got. Dear Alice, Of course I can make it to your party 'wouldn't miss it for the world, XXXXX Kaylee

21: Dear Alice, Yeah I think I can come but if I couldn't i'd beg to! xoxo Stacey Dear Alice, Can't come, but don't get your hopes up, ALL of your parties have stunk so this might stink too, From Irene

22: OK i had to kind of expect that from Irene. At least the rest are coming! slammin'! The party starts now, can't wait to see them. I was only kidding earlier. The invitations were real but they live in the same place as me! it was just for a laugh to send the invitations to Kaylee and Stacey, but Irene could have come. I made a wish when it was time to blow the candles out. I wish me and the girls will stay BFFS forever!

24: After all that havoc in the welcome room everybody gathered around to watch me open my presents, even little Becca pushed everybody to see. Only the top of her head was visible. ''Looks like Irene sent you a present'' said Kaylee staring at the parcel that just came through the mail. ''Goody!'' I shouted running to pick it up. ''Sure is light'' I remarked. ''I know, what do you think it is?'' Asked Stacey. I opened the parcel.

25: To my great disappointment it was not even a proper present; it was only a card with a shattered heart on the front. It looked like it was for all of us, not just me. ''Oh look here'' said Angelica. ''Looks like you're not the only girl in this house with a birthday'' ''Ssssssh, one second, let me read it'' I said. Stacey and Kaylee moved a few paces closer. ''Why does it have a broken heart?'' asked clueless Kaylee

26: Dear Kaylee, Stacey and Alice, Sorry but you're just not cool enough to be my friends, I mean, who likes being friends with kids who cant have sleepovers or do anything? the answer is nobody! and for your present, Alice. You get this. From, Irene


28: ''How horrid!'' exclaimed Stacey.''Why did she even bother to do it? we've already broken friends with her'' said Kaylee, unwisely. Mine and Stacey's necks craned around to look at her. ''What do you mean?'''we asked. ''Well it's Irene, come on girls we all know we've secretly wanted to stop being friends with her. Although the snag is that it's better to have her as your friend rather then your worst enemy'' said Kaylee in a

29: hurry. ''Yeah you have got a point'' I told her. So from then on we started going around in 3's. ''What kind of girl guru do you think Irene picked anyway?'' Asked Stacey. ''A girl like herself, snobby, rich and selective'' I joked. It was not a good time to joke because I was correct. Hillary was the one that Irene chose. Hillary was a tall 16 year old girl who was nearly like Irene. Although she was a blond,

30: She was enough to upset us. Irene was a red-haired girl originally, as you know. I would have liked to be a blonde actually, people say it wouldn't suit me a lot. I know you might tell me about Kaylee, but the truth is her hair isnt till her shoulders yet. The colour is fine but I dont want people mistaking me for a boy, and inviting me to join the soccor team. They would realize I was a girl anyway, the boys in our class are smartie-pants. Besides, everyone knows that I am the one that stinks at soccer.

32: chapter 4 ''So did you get my letter?'' Irene said to us at school. We kept walking, wishing she'd leave us alone. ''No walking away! answer me!'' she said firmly. ''Go with your new friend'' We told her. Irene realized we did get it, she's quite an exquisite detective. ''Why should I?'' she replied. ''So you could bail on her instead of us! now leave us alone, we don't want to talk to you unless it's a dire emergency'' I shouted at her.

33: ''It is! you gotta understand, I lost my phone and I need you to phone me so I could find it'' Even I wasn't that selfish. ''Ok ok, were did you lose it?'' I asked. ''In my handbag'' She said. I picked it up and I nearly collapsed on the floor. ''What the! what are you carrying?'' ''Makeup'' she said flashing an cute smile. I picked up my own phone and dialed Irene's number. A ringtone was heard, but very softly.

35: My hand dived into the handbag and came out with a very very glittery pink mobile. Irene thanked me and ran off clutching her mobile so violently that few of the rhinestones fell off and fell into a crescendo of jewels. Trust Irene, the rich girl. It happens to be that every parent has the job of a very famous actor according to her. Kaylee and Stacey were both staring at me, arms crossed impatiently.''What?''

36: ''You had to do that'' They said. ''Is that considered a crime?'' I said sarcastically. ''Look'' said Stacey. ''She's mean to us, we do it to her back, and stop rolling your eyes at me like that! it's creepy'' Kaylee didn't know what she could say. Classic Kaylee, clueless as far as I can say. ''Lets just, just...-'' I was running out of words. ''Go to class, arithmetic, you're favourite. NOT!'' said Kaylee laughing clutching her arm.

38: We sauntered into class with half the class staring at us. ''What?'' we wanted to know. Then all of us turned around to check if anybody was doing rabbit ears with their fingers to us. The whole 10th Grade was laughing and laughing when we turned. Zoe came and tore off a sign from our backs. All of them said: ''KICK ME!'' or ''My knees hurt in the morning!'' we knew who it was too. That Irene and Hillary, oh yes you'd better

39: run! just you wait! Chapter 5 At the orphanage me and the girls were all tired out. We had to do loads of running during P.E, trust me, loads! running around the turf non-stop. Oh and by the way it wasn't the SMALL turf it was the huge one we use for football matches. Since we're duffers at P.E it was like running an obstacle course of death.

40: ''Too...much...running!'' we puffed while everybody was running around with no trouble at all. ''KEEP RUNNING!'' urged Mr.Cecil. ''Sir, we cant do it!'' we said getting slower and slower until we were walking and then standing. At the same time the whole class bumped into Kaylee, then eachother and all crashed. Our fault again, well SORRRYYY! A few teachers were keeping an eye on us in front of the office

41: for once, if only they just go away we could give them the slip and escape. I wanted to leave and get back to the orphange though Ms.Crump and Yolanda might get suspicious. oh and Yolanda was this 20 year old girl with wavy ginger locks and wore pink dresses knitted by hand. We call her Goldilocks sometimes for a laugh, especially when she wears her crimson dress.

42: By the way did I show you a picture of that girl Zoe??? no eh, well look!

43: Chapter 6 The week after the class had open day. Me, Stacey & Kaylee were sooooo excited. We agreed to wear our best clothes and to pay absolutely no attention to Irene and Hillary. Irene's mum knows us though, and encourages us to be friends again with her. Well it's all Irene's fault! if only she was a better friend she'd enjoy herself more with us instead of Hillary! Kaylee is a blond, doesn't that count? ask Irene not us.

44: At my dormitory I shoved clothes out of my way in order to find the perfect outfit for open day. Kaylee knocked on my door and let herself in. Anybody could see that she already knew what she was wearing to open day herself, a bright blue dress with a bright blue alice band AND bright blue wedges. ''You're looking very.....bright'' I told her. ''You're looking ordinary, come on Alice lets see what

45: we can find for you'' She said. ''Whats your favourite colour?'' ''pink'' I said pointing at my current outfit, a pink top and pink shorts. ''Yeah ok, so which section has pink in it?'' Asked Kaylee. ''The top'' I replied. She shuffled through it all and found my old magenta tunic with a picture of a white puppy near the bottom right, Kaylee also found my black leggings in my trouser section and

46: my long-forgotten ballet shoes, though they didn't have any points so I was able to convince people these were flats. ''Perfect, you're a life saver Kaylee!'' I exclaimed. THUMP TUMP! another knock, it was Stacey, and wow! she looked totally fabulous! I mean, how could she not be popular like a few girls in my class at school! she deserves to be popular with her pretty self. Look at the picture if you dont believe.

48: ''You look amazing, Stace!'' said Kaylee. ''Where did you get that outfit from?'' I asked. ''My wardrobe'' Answered Stacey smiling a huge smile. ''How long till open day starts anyway?'' asked Stacey. ''We have about....10 minutes! come on girls lets ditch Ms.Crump and get there early!'' I said. We ran out of the the door, dodged Yolanda, ditched Ms.Crump and finally got out of the orphanage. A few minutes

49: later we arrived at school. It looks like we were not the only fabulous girls there. Hillary and Irene were dressed to kill, in glittery gold dresses and knee-high boots with a thin high heel. They were walking over to us. ''Girls, you look so.....'' said Irene. ''Stupid'' Hillary joined in. Kaylee and Stacey stood there crossing their fingers and wishing that maybe maybe Irene and Hillary disappeared.

50: I pushed past them both. ''Look! we dont care if we look stupid, and if you're asking us who really looks stupid these giant bananas really make a statement!'' I yelled at them. They looked stunned. Irene flipped her hair and sashayed off. Hillary pathetically swatted her hair, turned around and ran after Irene. ''Nice on, Alice'' said Kaylee and Stacey. You really can fight for your fears'' I smiled, it was nice being

51: complimented. The rest of the things at the open day were all cool, like bouncy castles, book sales, music, and even cookies on a stick! mind you, big cookies. Me and Irene are still enemies, but at least I've got my friends to fall back on. They're awesome at supporting. I wonder why they dont sign up to the cheer squad tryouts, they know how to cheer and shake pom-poms of confidence.

52: Afterwards, when open day was about to end, Kaylee and I had to talk about something. ''Listen Alice, I don't know what to do, I feel so sorry for Irene to have to stay with Hillary. They're not even properly compatitable'' said Kaylee. ''Well, Irene chose Hillary because of her wealth. Besides Hillary is the one that needs to stop being friends with her. She is a total follower to Irene'' I said, after all it was the truth.

53: ''I miss our redhead Irene. She used to be a bit less snobbish at that time, although i'd take that over this blonde girl who just doesn't care about anybody but herself'' sighed Kaylee. ''Well now it's too late, Irene doesn't want to be friends with us; but it's not the end of the world'' I said. By the time we were talking Stacey came with lots of colourful objects sticking out of her purse. When we stared

54: her she put on a guilty look and said: ''Cookies, you know i cant live without my cookies'' Kaylee and I started laughing, it was funny that such a gothic imitation of a girl loved cookies so much. We had to go back to the orphanage now- we knew we had to, but we also knew that boredom was an exception. Instead of going back to the place with old Ms.Crump baring her teeth at us, we decided to go to the park.

56: Chapter 7 At the park I started walking along arm in arm with my friends. We saw beautiful scenery and even full bloom flowers. There were children running about and screaming ''TAG! YOU'RE IT!'' or ''FREEZE! YOU'RE FROZEN NOW!'' and I replayed back to my childhood, when those games were strictly forbidden at the orphanage. ''Youwl only break the vase witt the flowers in it'' Ms.Crump had said firmly. ''Wont we get in trouble?''

57: asked Kaylee the goody-two-shoes. ''Of course we wont, that is, if you know how to handle it'' said Stacey the bad girl. ''I always knew this day would come'' she continued and took out a crumpled piece of paper with black ink on the side were Stacey smudged the pen. ''Oh nice idea'' said Kaylee. After an hour we decided to get back, but I worried; ''You extra sure we wont get in trouble?''

58: Stacey was getting a bit mad. ''WE WONT get in trouble, But Ms.Crump will use her angry face, like she uses on Becca when she comes back covered in mud'' said Stacey.We all remembered that day- Becca went over to Ava's house and came back with a brown shirt and brown bermuda shorts. She really shouldn't have worn her cream outfit to a place were they owned a playful puppy who rolled a lot in mud. It's surprising her

59: hair didn't turn brown! When we arrived at the threshold Ms.Crump was there. She did have her angry face when we saw her. ''What were you girls thinking?'' she shouted, spit spraying on our face. ''We were only bringing something for a special person'' said Stacey innocently. ''What special person?'' huffed Ms.Crump. ''YOU!'' said Stacey taking out a pink cookie on a stick

60: from her purse. It had crimson smarties on it and sugar that showed more than the icing. ''It's cookie on a stick, you'll love it. Well gotta go bye bye see ya around!'' said Stacey taking me and Kaylee by the hand and taking us to our dormitories. ''Wow Stacey, you sure make honesty look silly'' I said. ''Well'' said Stacey proudly. ''I happened to be prepared for anything'' and as she walked she tripped over a book

61: left on the floor. ''Anything!'' she repeated as she got up. ''So what do you think Irene is doing?'' asked Kaylee. ''Hmmm, let me see, probably bathing in a billion dollars'' I answered. ''Not really, i think a million.'' Kaylee said staring at her pale pink nails. At that moment Becca came in our room. Becca was a light-orange haired girl. She was also 8 years old and a great listener.

62: Chapter 8 ''Yo, Beck, sup?'' asked Stacey. I elbowed her and made her rewind her speech. ''Hi, Becca what's going on?'' said Stacey this time. ''Hey um did any of you see a snake?'' she asked. ''yeah, at the zoo'' laughed Stacey. ''No here, me and Madeline lost one'' said Becca. ''You mean a wooden snake don't you?'' said Kaylee. ''Oh no, a real one'' Becca said smugly. All of a sudden a large yellow snake emerged from under my bed.

63: ''AHHHHH! SNAKE!'' shouted Kaylee. ''IT'S A SNAKE! A SNAKE! AAAAAH!'' shouted Stacey very unlike her usual fearless self. I was about to start screaming too but then I saw Madeline behind my desk holding a controller. Every time she sways her arm to the left the snake obeys every time she presses a big button he starts hissing. Immediately i go there and hit the OFF button. The snake then

64: stopped. Madeline tried to get out of the room but Kaylee stopped her. ''Madeline that was just horrible. I thought you were nice but instead you just scare us! really, i am ashamed of you!'' said Kaylee. Kaylee really knows how to make somebody feel guilty. Madeline hesitated and fumbled her hands. Becca couldn't stand her best friend getting in trouble. ''It was my idea'' confessed Becca.

65: Becca Madeline

66: ''What?'' I said, wanting her to say it again. ''I told Madeline to help me with this, i'm very sorry'' said Becca. ''It's alright. Since you apologized we forgive you'' I said. Becca and Madeline thanked me and went out. ''I thought you would be the first to say that'' I laughed. ''I was too shocked, but Stacey certainly took a shock herself!'' grinned Kaylee. Stacey was rather taken aback. She was not the most fearless anymore.

67: ''I was only acting'' stuttered Stacey. ''It's OK to admit you were scared, Stace. I did'' Kaylee said. ''I admit I was being pretentious!'' said Stacey. Me and Kaylee had to stop making her tell us the truth, unless we wanted to start a fight with her and we knew it wouldn't end nicely. We had to go to bed at 7:00PM according to Ms.Crump. ''It's soooo not fair!'' Argued Stacey. ''Lynda can stay up till 9:00PM!''

68: Chapter 9 Lynda is Ms.Crump's niece, she is 13 and very fussy. ''Well she's mah niece!'' snapped Ms.Crump. ''She only stays up two more hours than you, dun' be fussy'' She didn't understand that Lynda was way more fussy than us any day. We went to bed, and tried hard not to get angry. Even though we went to bed at 7:00PM every day we were not used to it yet. To get used to it it would take 2 more years- when we will turn 18 and finally become

69: adults and get out of here! Lynda says it's far in the future although i think it's more far for her! We were already getting tired and decided to go to sleep and then we'd be in for another boring day at school................. 8 hours later we awoke to the sound of Ms.Crump's bell which was making such a noise that i put my pillow on my head. ''Stop Stop Stop!'' I yelled.

70: ''Stop stop stop!'' mimicked Angelica from the room next to me, although i knew she wasn't a fan of loud bells. Everyone except for Kaylee went halfway down the stars and say Lynda ringing the bell like a wild thing. ''Rise and shine'' said Lynda, but we were such a state in our nightwear and sticking up morning-hair that we were better off having a shower and combing our hair first. Especially Juanita!

71: Juanita is new here. She is a 9 year old girl with light gold hair. Juanita is considered the smartest here and the one that forgives. She always remembers her manners and she cant help feeling proud of herself when we praise her for her politeness. When Kaylee explained it to me i told her: ''Ok i'm confused....is she bad or good?'' and you should have heard her giggle that day.

72: Juanita

73: Chapter 10 When we went back up to get dressed and everything we saw Kaylee. Her hair had grown quite a bit! it was unnoticed for a while Obviously we knew that hair grows......but amazingly Kaylee couldn't care less that what used to be strange is now princess material. I liked her hair and wished I was a blonde, not a brunette. ''Why are you all staring at me?'' she asked wearily. ''WOW! Kaylee did you look at your hair!'' me and Stacey said exitedly. ''Huh? wha-whats going on?

74: is there something on my hair!'' worried Kaylee. ''There is nothing on your hair, but have you looked at your hair?'' said Stacey.I took Kaylee back in her dormitory and let her take a look herself in her baby pink pyjamas. She looked and then smiled at us. ''Well that makes a difference doesn't it?'' she said in a sweet voice. ''I hated my old hair, all in a cut like a tomboy's'' she explained. All of us were a bit shocked. Kaylee never

76: a bad view about anything. Although her hair did look tomboyish..... I knew that Kaylee was going to get lots of compliments for her new hairstyle like Irene got. Thankfully Kaylee will never ever become like Irene and that boring Hillary. Personally I like Hillary more, because Hillary cant commit to anything, she proves it everyday pathetically tagging along to Irene. Irene says whatever she likes. Hillary

77: doesn't. She says whatever Irene says, not the exact thing but you know what I mean. At school we sat down for our first lesson, English. A perfect way to start the day. It's true and it rhymes! At my usual desk by the window I realized Irene wasn't here. I knew because there wasn't anybody in the room pulling their hand up to ask were the nurse is because they're dying on boredom. Irene is that

78: rude. It was such a peaceful first lesson. I said first because she can come to school in the second lesson and be counted as late instead of absent. During science still no Irene, me and my friends were so happy. It showed so much that Kaylee finally said something.''We're being horrid to Irene'' she said worriedly. ''But she's horrid to us'' I pointed out. During the third lesson which was P.E i fell flat on my face trying

79: to kick the ball into the goal because Dillon tackled me. Thats the last time I become an attacker, i'm better off as a defender, who doesn't have to do anything usually. Stacey is a star at football. She is always an attacker, but it's never easy to win in football games thanks to Dillon and Sean. I know that Dillon fancies Stacey, not just because of her football skills, but because they're

80: best friends. They are not as close as me, Kaylee and Stacey though. We all have stuff we're good at. Kaylee's good at Home Economics and i'm good at recess! only joking, the thing i'm good at is Art. I shine at Art, I once painted Irene with a cartoon mustache and beard, but then Mrs.Opal said that it was a bit unkind. Don't roll your eyes at me! it means she realized it was Irene! thats gotta be good, it means

81: i'm a good artist. After Art Stacey was rather annoyed of something. ''Ok seriously Stace whats wrong?'' Kaylee asked. ''Nothing'' replied Stacey. ''I know your something-is-wrong face'' I said. ''Ok ok, I kinda miss Irene'' she lied. ''Thats all? I thought you had a crush on Dillon'' I laughed. Stacey grabbed the top of my school blouse and lifted me up (don't be surprised

82: Stacey can be rough sometimes) ''Who said I had a crush on Dillon!?'' she asked me angrily. ''Apparently you did. Right now. Please put me down'' I said in a chocking kind of voice. Stacey put me down and started running to the school grounds. ''Where is she going?'' Kaylee asked me drowsily. ''Hey do we have the turf today?'' I asked. Kaylee and I looked at eachother and started running at full speed towards the tarmac, darted

83: across the car park and got to the turf. It was where everyone wants to play football instead of the rocky corner near the dustbins on the tarmac. It had some faults, like were the false grass was peeling near the goalpost and the part of the fence that's razor sharp and holds on to anything, if you get your shirt caught on it- good luck getting it free. When me and Kaylee searched for Stacey we expected her to

84: be a bit watery-eyed, but no! We found her chatting pleasantly to Dillon. We didn't go interrupt, we just stayed and watched as Dillon got up and taught her some cool moves in soccer,even though she knew most of them Stacey rested her head on his shoulder and said he was a star at football. He grinned a rockstar smile and said: ''So you know lots of people who're friends and do that?'' but I knew that he didn't mind, in fact he was

85: enjoying it. Dillon, the most boyish guy in the school. He was setting more hints than Stacey, I got so tired of seeing him do stupid stuff to impress her. ''Oh just ask her out already! you'll be 90 years old till you do!'' I yelled at Dillon. Being Dillon he just looked excited and told me: ''i'm going to live till 90 years old? SWEET!'' I tutted, it was useless. I mouthed a 'Help Me!' at Stacey desperately.

86: Stacey decided to get it done herself, and it was way easier, He said yes and left the turf. I though it quite rude but then I saw everyone on the turf leaving. ''Did I forget to do deodorant?'' asked Kaylee. Then I heard a faint ring. It was the school bell ringing for us to go to our last lesson. CHapter 11 While we were walking back to the orphanage we saw Irene. She had dyed her hair

87: again,this time her hair was pink! actual shocking pink hair! it was a bit like Stacey's only longer and pink. ''Like my hair?'' She asked us. ''Um'' said Kaylee unsure. ''You don't like it do you?'' Sniffed Irene. ''I wanted it red, I want to be friends again! I don't want to be Hillary's friend anymore. Thats why I dyed my hair. I want to be your same old redhead Irene'' Cried Irene. ''So thats why you didn't go

88: to school? to get your hair done?'' asked Kaylee. ''Yes'' Sobbed Irene. ''We forgive you Irene, dont worry, we're friends again'' said me, Kaylee and Stacey together. ''Thanks you guys'' Irene said happily and moved in. ''Make friends, make friends, never ever break friends'' said me and the girls holding hands. ''Listen guys i'm soooo sorry for not being nice to you. I shouldn't have acted mean. I'm especially sorry to you

90: Alice for not coming to your birthday party'' Irene said. ''It's alright, Irene, at least you apologized to us'' I told her. ''I want to make it up to you'' whispered Irene. ''How?'' Kaylee wondered. ''How about we hang out on Saturday at the mall?'' Suggested Irene. ''Good idea'' I said happily. ''Maybe we can get your hair like mine, Alice. Since yours is the longest. Wont your hair look nice if it was pink? We can do them in plaits too''

91: Irene told me.

92: I got Irene's number back on my phone. She sent me and the girls a message every day and at the bottom there was a little signature that looked like: XXXX From your BFF Irene Chapter 12 At 8:30PM on Friday night something happened though...keep reading and you'll see what it was. Well then at 7:00PM me and

93: the girls had already got in our beds. At 8:30PM I heard a faint sound. It sounded very much like my ringtone. Yolanda had heard it too, she came in and told me off; ''Oh Alice! turn your phone off at night, answer it now before I lose the will to live'' I answered the phone quickly. ''Hello?'' I said in my I-want-to-go-back-to-sleep voice. ''Hi!'' said an excited voice. It was Irene. Since Irene was allowed to stay

94: up as long as she wants I shouldn't have been surprised. ''Why didn't you call Stacey or Kaylee?'' I asked. ''I did try, but nobody answered'' Said Irene innocently. ''Look Irene, not trying to be mean but you have to understand that we don't have a family like you. At 7:00PM it's lights out for us.The others didn't answer because their phone was turned off.'' I told her. ''Oh alright, well then i'll see you tomorrow at school then

95: wont I? bye then'' said Irene and she hung us up.''Right Alice, i'm confiscating your phone until tomorrow'' said Yolanda firmly. ''I suppose you must'' I said sadly.''Thats right, Alice'' Said Yolanda before she left the room. Irene can be a magnet for trouble sometimes but she's worth it.She charms everybody but teachers. They think her deliberately insolent, not to mention rude and snobbish.

96: That can be true, but deep down Irene has a nice side in her; she's going to take us to the mall.I love going to the mall, like most girls do.I hoped we'd go to that Sweet 'N' Petite shop, it had all sorts of pink and whites in it's clothing.Kaylee, would go to the Sumise shop, with lots of yellow and smilies.Stacey will definitely go to the Dark Lolita Doll shop, full of black and gothic designs to suit her gothic image.

97: Chapter 13 School was very annoying.It kept me away from fun stuff like.....um...dancing.Right now you might be like: ''OK really, thats the best you can do?'' and to answer that, YES that is the best I can do.I'm not even good at dancing, I look like an out of control firework when I dance, arms everywhere.I bet if I signed up for dance class I would get sent out

98: just because i'm very bad at dancing! it can happen, the teacher can say that I don't seem to be enjoying dance class.I wouldn't anyway, everybody would laugh at me and call me an elephant.At school I was so excited that even during break I couldn't stay still and be quiet.After school I waited for Irene with Kaylee and Stacey and we all went to the mall when we found her-just like she promised us.Apparently the

99: Sweet 'n' petite shop has introduced blue.Kaylee said to learn to like something new and I ended up loving it! I guess after everything has happened Irene decided to stay friends with us.How it all used to be, how it all should be.(Although she spoils us rotten, hehe).There will be a continuation to my story.When i'm an adult.You'll recognize me for sure when i get older!

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