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Elizabethan England Era

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S: Hallie Gersten

FC: The Elizabethan England Era | A look into the Geography, Religion, Achievements, Politics, Economics and Society of the Elizabethan Era. A sneak peak at the life of William Shakespeare!

1: GEOGRAPHY OF MEDIEVAL ENGLAND | During the Medieval Era in England, the geography was very mountainous and contained many islands off the coast of its borders. Many rivers, oceans and several waterways surrounded and cut through different parts of England's land. | The atmosphere consisted of a moderate climate. The climate varied from hot or cold but usually stayed in between at a warm temperature. A majority of the land was fertile with rich soil that came from silt, which allowed agriculture to become a very big part of their economy.

2: IMPACT OF GEOGRAPHY | With many waterways and rivers, England had easy access to trade and transportation over bodies of water. Since England neighbored Scotland, political involvement occured betweeen the two countries. | Many of England's natural boundaries such as mountains helped to provide protection from foreign invaders and attacks. The geography impacted the way people moved from place to place and the groups that were involved in trading purposes.

3: RELIGION OF MEDIEVAL ENGLAND | A main belief of many Europeans was in witches and the practice of witchcraft. Witches were the first to blame in the event that a bad situation occurs such as disease or a crime.Usually, many poor common folks were accused of being witches. | A very common idea believed by regular citizens, nobles and people who were part of the monarchy was superstitions. Superstitions dealt with being unlucky or silly things like if sneezing with your mouth open, you were letting the devil enter your body. One of the major superstitions were if you cross a black cat, you receive bad luck or if you find a four-leaf clover, you will receive good luck.

4: CHURCH OF ENGLAND | The Church of England was the main building where a religious person would attend. Queen Elizabethan was given the position of governer of the church and was able to control what went on. However, christianity was not allowed during this era. | A set of rules were set up by Queen Elizabeth that needed to be followed when practicing a religion. 1. Very proper clothing must be worn- like working in an office 2. When praying, one must pray while kneeling 3. It was important to bow in the name of Jesus 4. Preaching and Instruct by questions and responses 5. All Priests must be interviewed before accepted to work

5: ACHIEVEMENTS OF MEDIEVAL ENGLAND | Music was very delightful, moving, creative and different during the Elizabethan Era. Ballads were sung at several places such as church, court and on stage/at a theater. Throughout the era, string, wind and keyboard instruments were discovered and made more efficient. | Art during the time of the renaissance of the Elizabethan Era, art was based on discovering the idea behind their main subjects. Artworks were very detailed and descriptive to get to the point the artist was trying to prove. Artists created works of art for two purposes. 1. To decorate 2. To illustrate texts

6: ACHIEVEMENTS CONTINUED | The Europeans were the first to event certain types of games such as knights fighting on horseback to entertain a large audience. Tournaments, sports, gambling and theater were also used to keep the citizens active. Festivals and Banquets helped to unify the people together and allowed for quality time to be sent with the famly. | Medicine was created from natural resources in order to cure illnesses such as popular diseases like the bubonic plague. Clothing to wear daily, to weddings, for men and for woman were also developed in a specific design to fit in with the Elizabethan Era. Queen Elizabeth's style was used to design clothing for her disciples and the people she had power over.

7: POLITICS OF THE ELIZABETHAN ERA | The main type of government used was the set up of a monarchy.A monarchy was s form of government in which only one person or family was in control. Queen Elizabeth wrote up a set of laws and controlled the citizens living during her era in which she had total control. Citizens were told what to do and were expected to complete the task they were asked to preform. Although the way of life was very difficult and harsh, the government was very successful and highly centralized. By having a centralized government, the era was very organized and people were able to expand trade and get along with foreign regions.

8: MORE POLITICS | Throughout the Elizabethan Era, there was no central form of religion. Christianity was not allowed to be practiced and was not approved by appointed leaders in the government. Arrest and torture were the punishments for a person when they had committed a crime. Depending on the level of harm caused from the crime, punishments varied to match the level of the unlawful act. The government officials were the ones who had assigned the punishment and the perpetrator as well as the rest of the people had no say in how everything would turn up. A common punishment was being locked up in a wooden stalk in the middle of the community.

9: ECONOMIC RELATIONS DURING THE ERA | England was very successful when interacting with foreign regions. Certain traders exchanged culture, art, cash crops, tradition and literature. Considering England's geographic location with water access, sea transportation helped trade to prosper. Elizabeth developed more relations with Spain, SCotland and the center of commerce, London. | Cash crops were produced to help increase trade. They consisted of poultry, fish sugar, honey, vegetables and fruit. The Tower of London was the center of trade and foreign relations throughout the Elizabethan Era. Coins used to trade, buy and sell were made in the tower.

10: SUCCESS IN THE ECONOMY WITH THE HELP OF QUEEN ELIZABETH | Queen Elizabeth was able to become that wealthy and important leader by being the soul supplier of goods. She had very good communication skills with other places that England had connections with.

11: SOCIAL HIERARCHY AND DEVELOPMENT | Like most societies in older times, a social hierarchy developed to show where each group of people belonged and what there job was in order to keep the society organized. 1. Monarch 2. Nobles 3. Gentry 4. Merchants 5. Laborers | Despite the power that Queen Elizabeth had being a woman, regular female citizens were inferior and dependent to males. Most occupations involved working as a close family. Certain skills that a father was successful with, were passed down to the son in order to keep the family's ability alive.

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15: WILLIAM SHAKESPEARE'S EARLY YEARS | William Shakespeare was brought into the world on April 23rd. 1564 in Stratford upon Avon by parents John Shakespeare and Mary Arden. In a church, he was baptized by a priest 3 days after his birth on April 26th. He was the third of eight children and attended primary school and then a Latin grammar school. His family belonged to the middle class in society due to the lack of money earned by both parents. At the young age of 18, William married a 26 year old woman named Anne Hathaway. Together the parents had 3 kids, Sussana, Hamnet and Judith. Sadly, one of the twins, Hamnet, died at a very young age. Many problems had occurred concerning their relationship due to the fact that the marriage legal documents had different dates.

16: BEGINNING TO A SUCCESSFUL CAREER | Shakespeare had become very famous for being a playwright, a poet and an actor. An acting company he took part in was The Chamberlain's Men which was then renamed to The King's Men. Back during the Elizabethan Era, there were no female actors due to the fact that woman were not allowed in theater. Men were assigned both the female and male roles. Being a playwright, he focused on three main genres which are history, comedy and tragedy. Shakespeare's pieces of work incorporated some of his own life experiences and what was going on in the world around him. In total, he was able to write up to 37-40 plays in his career some in which are still popular today.

17: RELIGIOUS TROUBLES | England during the reign of Queen Elizabeth was torn by the religious arguments and disagreements. The Protestants and the Catholics fought over whose beliefs were more politically correct and which was the better religion. Shakespeare being born a catholic later on joined a protestant group. | EDCUATIONAL TROUBLES | William Shakespeare lived during the time of a censorship which meant that books and literature were banned from being used. People who research the life of Shakespeare find it hard to believe that William was able to get his hands and annotate different novels.

18: THE GLOBE | The globe was a very large theater built by Shakespeare and others in order to have a place where his plays could be preformed. The theater opened over the summer of 1598 outside the city walls. Entertainment locations such as a theater were not allowed inside the city walls of London because the government would take it down or disapprove of the idea and not allow it to be built. Years after the globe had opened, a huge fire burned the entire place to the ground. For a couple of years, the spread of the Bubonic Plague shut all theaters down to avoid the chance of receiving the deadly disease. | Physical Features of the Globe Include: - an octagonal shape - an open air arena - 2 sets of stairs - pillars supporting the roof - made of timber and plaster - roofs made of similar materials to straw

19: INTERESTING FACTS | During the Elizabethan Era, there were spies that recorded EVERYTHING that was going on in Medieval England. | William Shakespeare died April 23rd,1616. People say that he had completed the entire circle of life because he died the same day he was born. | "To be, or not to be, that is the question." | "The tale of someone's life begins before they are born." | "O Romeo, Romeo! Wherefore art thou Romeo?"

20: WORKCITED FOR PICTURES THROUGHOUT PROJECT | http://www.abm-enterprises.net/shakespeare.html Early Years- SHAKESPEARE HEAD http://www.ribarambles.org/reviews.htm Early Years- SHAKESPEARE'S WIFE http://www.deadline.com/2010/10/abc-developing-romeo-juliet-series-with-catherine-hardwicke-possibly-directing/ Career- ROMEO AND JULIET http://www.manyebooks.org/list/1_1.html Career- HAMLET http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Shakespeare's_plays Career- PLAY WITH ACTORS http://philosophicaldisquisitions.blogspot.com/2010/08/oppy-on-disagreement-part-3.html Religious- TWO KNIGHTS FIGHTING http://fluffbuff.com/2006/09/banned_books_week.html Educational- HANDS OUT OF BOOK http://kellyheng.pbworks.com/w/page/13851451/The-Original-Globe-Theater-by-Eloise-Libre Globe- INTREIOR OF THEATER

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