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1: EXPELLED | By Aleeza Ladhani

2: In ‘72 was considered a leader, to the daughters and sons He was the Pres of Uganda, know as the righteous number one Idi Amin, people thought he was great, till one red night He had an awful dream, which told him he should fight He claimed the Asians were taking over his country So he gave them three months, to leave Uganda without dignity He was a vicious monster, so the citizens couldn’t refuse But when they tried to stay, Idi Amin would have them abused Idi Amin, was a very cruel man He sent them afar within a three month span Asians left with nothing and now around the world Seeking no help cause they’ve out whirled Boom, boom, bam, they heard gun fires galore In the middle of the night, it sounded like war Family members were taken within the knock of a door Some to come back, while others were as though to be no more For those who were safe, they packed their single sac of belongings Were forced to leave valuable jewels, trailing behind and dwelling When they found out they had received a long flight to the unknown They sunk into tears, dismayed for those, who hadn't yet reached a free zone | Idi Amin, was a very cruel man He sent them afar within a three month span Asians left with nothing and now around the world Seeking no help cause they’ve out whirled The innocent civilians, struggled with nowhere to go So they begged and pled, but neighboring countries said no Tanzanians, Indians, Kenyans and Aussies, put up their gates Hid their welcome mats from refugees in their own personal space These nations didn't want to be a dumping ground They limited their acceptance to their own profit bound They never acceded with Pres Amins atrocious decree So they felt they weren’t responsible, for the left out refugees Idi Amin, was a very cruel man He sent them afar within a three month span Asians left with nothing and now around the world Seeking no help cause they’ve out whirled As the people of Uganda, travelled to Kampala, they hit some big spot checks Where the army stripped them of their great treasures, and left them with barely a spec When they finally arrived, their eyes started glowing to the signs of the great big savior They saw the Embassies of other great nations, with lines reaching out around the corner When they got to the front, and found out they were in They packed up useful items, and started to begin Worried for the change in worlds, yet when they reached their new destinations They were relieved by the care of the government, and called it habitation | EXPELLED

3: Idi Amin, was a very cruel man He sent them afar with only a three month span They left with nothing and now around the world Seeking no help cause they’ve out whirled Once they settled in, they had all the tools The kids got a chance, to go to great schools They graduated well, with husbands and wives Fortunate professions, to keep them more than alive They were living oh so comfortable lives That they created their very own family that strived They came with nothing but they’ve learnt so well Still alive, with success stories to tell Idi Amin, was a very cruel man He sent them afar within a three month span Asians left with nothing and now around the world Seeking no help cause they’ve out whirled Idi Amin, was a very cruel man He sent them afar within a three month span

4: President Idi Amin expelled all Asians from Uganda in 1972 and gave them 90 days to leave.

5: He had a dream that made him feel that the Asians were taking over the business world of Uganda so he thought that expelling them would give the Africans more jobs and give their country a better economy.

6: Many countries were not accepting the Ugandan Asians and were even protesting the idea of sharing their homeland.

7: "Kenya shuts the door to Uganda Asians" | "INDIA SAYS NO" | "Asians unwelcome unless city is given aid" | "Tanzania says no!" | "Britain will reject Amin's ultimatum on Asians" | "No dumping here, Uganda told"

8: There were still the few welcoming countries who offered their land to all Ugandan Asians

10: The Asians of Uganda all stood in lines waiting for Immigration papers.

11: "'Is there a place in Canada for me?'"

12: They started to pack their single bags and head to their designated flights.

14: "'Every shilling taken'" | "Asians searched to skin by Uganda Customs"

15: When they arrived to a new country, each Ugandan Asian was stripped of everything valuable that they had brought with them.

16: They didn't know what to do as they had nothing with them so they wandered the cities in search of a new settlement.

18: There were some individuals within the countries who were extremely welcoming to the refugees.

19: They were the greatest forms of helping hands to the Ugandan Asians, by helping them settle in to their new homes.

21: Once they were settled in, they each got to have the life they truly earned. The kids got a chance to go to school, have good professions and now they're still here, with great stories to tell

22: August 8th, 1972, on this historic day, the President of Uganda Idi Amin signed the decree of expulsion that all Non-Citizen Asian origin people must leave the country in 90 days. The deadline of expulsion is November 8th 1972. On August 11, 1972, President of Uganda Idi Amin declared that all Asians whether they are Ugandan citizens or non-citizens must leave the country. All Asians started selling their things and preparing for documents. The news spread throughout the world. British and other countries asked the President to withdraw this decree and let the Asians stay in the country. Uganda’s President Idi Amin said in Kampala that his expulsion decision was final and in London, Uganda’s foreign Minister Mr. Kibedi said that his country is determined to expel all Asians from Uganda within three months. If they still remain, they will soon see what happens to them. n a few days Ugandan Army started roaming around the country. People were scared of the army but there was no fighting. | Almost one month passed and no action was taken by the Asians to leaves the country, but the United Nations and other countries started planning how to move 80,000 Asians from the country. Ugandan Army had already set up control check points at about every 10 kilometres on the way to Kampala. Now if you have to go to Kampala you have to pass though the army spot check. There were about eight spot checks between Masaka and Kampala. On September 14th, 1972, at night army people came to Gulamhuseinbhai’s house and took away Gulamhuseinbhai and Amin in the army barrack without any fault or reason. Next morning at 10.00 a.m., the army released Gulamhuseinbhai and Amin and they came safely back to our house, then I went with them to their house. On September 17th, 1972, trouble started among the army of Uganda and African Guerrilla at Kyotera, Kalisizo and Masaka. At night, we heard the gun fire behind our house and we got the kids from bed, still in their PJs and we left the house and went to Gulamhusinbhai’s house to sleep. | My Grandfather's Personal Experience | Extracts of Akbar Mawani's AutoBiography

23: We had only 55 British Pounds traveller cheques with us and no other money. Anyway we don’t need any money, we cannot buy anything in the plane. When the plane was full, there were about two hundred passages, all Ugandan Asians and I think we were about six Ismaili families from 200 hundred passengers and this was the 10th Canadian Chartered flight from Uganda to Canada. At 1.00 p.m., the plane started and left (Entebbe airport) and the soil of Uganda, we all said farewell to Uganda. Then the pilot announced that now you are free from Ugandans and welcome to Canada. We were crying not because what will happen to us in Canada, we had our Hazar Imam with us spiritually and his blessings and also Ma’s blessings were with us. But because what will happen to our relatives who are still in Uganda and only 18 days are left for the deadline and what will happen if they don’t leave Uganda by 8th November. That is why we were crying, it was left to God, and He will do whatever is good for them. At the Montreal airport, we were welcomed by the Manpower, Immigration and Army officials. Speeches of welcome were given by the head of Manpower and Army. They told us that you do not need to be afraid of the army in Canada, they are here to help you. | The Ugandan army jeep, then the Canadian Embassy car with the Canadian flag and then our four buses and again a Ugandan army jeep. Like a procession, we left the hotel for Entebbe Airport. There were two Canadian escorts in each bus. The bus came at the airport and stopped near the custom office, we have to pass through the customs. Custom officers check everybody to see that we are not taking any cash, money or jewellery. When our turn came, Anis, Gulzar and Amina passed through, they checked my pockets I had four hundred Ugandan Shilling, they said you cannot take this money with you, I said now I don’t need this money, you can take it and I gave him these Ugandan Shillings. Then I passed through and the lady custom officer checked Gulshan and she saw three golden rings on Gulshan’s hand, custom officer said you need only one ring on your hand, you don’t need three rings, take out two rings, Gulshan took out two rings and gave them to the custom officer, then she also passed through. From there we straight went to the plane, where Canadian Embassy people were waiting for us. They checked our boarding pass and took us to our seats. We did not worry about the luggage because they said that you would get your luggage in Montreal.

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