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Fairytales From The View Of A Wierdo

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BC: A family is pieced together with hope and faith. A family is quilted and bound with love and grace. Nah, I just wanted to put something fancy on the back : )

FC: WONDERTALES By: Nevada Walker

1: OLKLY There once was an old oak tree. It was about 300 years old. They called it Olkly. Olkly was very tall, but did not grow any more. Many years ago he was strong, but now he is old and weak. Olkly lives on a farm. The farm has cats, dogs, cows, pigs, and children. The cats and dogs liked to scratch Olkly's trunk, and no other trunk, but Olkly's. The kids liked to climb Olkly's branches and no other tree, but Olkly. On hot days the pigs, cows, and the farmer liked to sit under Olkly for shade. On rainy days Olkly got | watered. Olkly had the perfect care. There was a stormy day like no other in the April of 2009. The wind was blowing so hard it knocked over many trees, but not Olkly.But there was something Olkly couldn't withstand. LIGHTNING! There was a flash followed by the loudest crash of thunder you would ever hear. The next morning the entire farm found out why that thunder was so loud. It was because not only did the thunder crash, but so did Olkly. No more shade, scratching post, or climbing. Only the memory.

2: FLUSH There once was a giant named Seth. He lived in Antarctica. He had fish for dinner every night. It was hard to find a variety of food and supplies in Antarctica because of the cold weather. Seth had to make the things he needed himself. The most clever thing he made was the giant toilet. He would read a newspaper whenever he WENT. The most convenient thing was that his poop could swim because his stomach was warm, but contained no acid so the fish he ate could survive. The most inconvenient part about his toilet was that it made his tush cold.

3: HUH? Once upon a time there was a girl named Nevada Walker and she was very confused. She had seen a picture in her classroom and was supposed to write a story about it. But she didn't know what to write about so she wrote about a leprechaun. Here is her story. WIERD LEPRECHAUN Once upon a time there was a leprechaun who liked to walk. His name was green Leopard Orange Walky Person. People thought it was too long so he changed it to Walky Person. Back to the he liked to walk thing. So he walked miles and miles and he didn't sleep walk he sleep jogged. He is very unusual. | Walky person walked everywhere he even walked in the ocean. Then one day he walked into a forest. Past the forest was a farm. He walked past the farm to Antarctica. He saw Seth the giant next to a horse so he kissed the horse and took a ride on his back. When the ride was finished they were at a beautiful place with mountains and trees and water. So he ate some peanut butter. And that is why Nevada was so confused. Poor Nevada. ice cube

4: WATER WALL Once upon a time there was an evil fairy. This fairy really liked to make people cry. It didn't matter who they were. It could be a family member, a friend, or even a child. One day, after she ruined a playground, the evil fairy decided she wanted to make some surfers cry. So she took her fairy wand and POOF! there was a water wall. All of the surfers were on top of the wall and if they fell in they were in for a surprise. Below the wall were all of the sea creatures. All of the sharks, jellyfish, snails, fish, and sting rays.If the surfers fell in they would surely die. But lucky for the surfers a good fairy heard about it and broke the water wall and freed the animals. The evil fairy ended up in jail. Everyone, all except the evil fairy, "lived" happily ever after.

5: H-O-T HOT! T 'was a bright and sunny day in the state of Corkletoe. Everyone wanted to get out of the sun. So everyone went in the sewer because there houses were too hot even with air conditioning. The sewer was 88 degrees, but it was the coolest place in Corkletoe. They brought a television connected to an outlet near a person named Jackie's house. But they had to turn the T.V. off because they couldn't decide on a channel.

6: DR. DONUT In Charelstinchengrill city there was a very successful donut shop called VERY SUCCESSFUL DONUT SHOP. People came from all over the world to taste their donuts. Everyone loved the donuts, but the person who liked them the most was the owner Dr. Donut. Dr. Donut made many donuts chocolate donuts, cereal donuts, cricket donuts, and lots more. The most popular donuts were the campfire donuts. | One day the shop was really busy. So busy Dr. Donut became very confused.Someone had ordered a cereal donut, but Dr. Donut thought they ordered a campfire donut. He was all out of campfire donuts so he had to make one quickly. He was gathering the ingredients so fast he didn't notice that instead of putting flour in the donut he put the gun powder for VERY SUCCESSFUL DONUT SHOP's 12th anniversary fire works. Directly after he put the | donut over the campfire it burst into colorful explosions sending people and donuts flying through the air.The best donut shop ever was gone leaving Charelstinchengrill donutless. Everyone was sad especially Dr. Donut when he found out his customer ordered a cereal donut not a campfire donut. THE END

7: I DON'T KNOW WHAT TO NAME THIS On a hot day the snow will fall, But on a cold day the snow will fall, But when the flowers bloom the snow will fall, and all the flowers will die. On a fall day it will rain clouds, On a summer day hobos will sit on benches, On a winter day the snow will fall, And all the hobos will cry. But the snow has to melt sometime. Hmmm maybe I should call this story "On A Day", yeah sure that works.

8: SWIRLY SKIES Once there were tragic days when no one wanted to go outside and play because the sun would not shine, it couldn't shine. The sun was trapped. Not on Earth, not in the sky, but in an imaginary stone box. Peoples imaginations were too powerful and the box became real. The stone box traps the sun every three million years to cool the planets in the summer. No one knew that so they cried because there was no sun. The dumb people also didn't know that the light would show to all that were....MEAN. I know you were probably expecting me to say nice, but this is my fairy tale so back off. | So the sun didn't shine because people were nice.Thats too bad because they could have just changed their attitude.Mmm, Mmm, Mmm, too bad. The sun never shone because People were nice and so they didn't get all their vitamins. Oh and the box had a door that only opened on Halloween. Impatient little people. THE END... finally

9: COOLIO The coolest kids around, The coolest kids in town, The cool kids never frown, They're dancing to the sound, The cool king has a crown, For he is so cool right now, isn't it coolio, yo. | YO I like the word yo, And everybody knows, I can't resist the sound, It makes me want to break it down, So I joined a dancing club, Where they say yo what's up?, Well unfortunately I wasn't good enough, Or tough, But I still love that yo.

10: SPIES Hello, I’m agent W of Ma & Pa spy agency. Lately, they have been recruiting spies for a certain case, but they finally realized it was time to send the best. My partner, agent B , and I were sent out on a mission. We were told to pursue a Walker woman, somehow in relation to me, but that doesn’t change a thing. After grabbing our spy kits, we set out on our new mission. We arrived at Ms. Walker’s residence at the perfect time, she was just about to leave. She has been in trouble with the agency recently and they are now suspicious of her whereabouts. We followed at a safe distance, as she hiked through suburbia with agent B and I close behind. After a while of pursuit, she met up with a female around her age. “African American, Brown eyes, Black curly hair, about 5 foot 3 inches, around 120 lbs.” I described the woman to my partner through my walkie-talkie. The two women entered what seemed to be an apartment building. I checked for my binoculars, to spy through an open window, but found I had forgotten them. How could I be so unprepared? I glanced at agent B and found she had come to the same dangerous conclusion, “ Someone is going to have to go in” I said through the walkie-talkie. When she didn’t speak up, I offered. She waited outside, while I went in. I followed them, staying a flight of stairs below. They went through a doorway with a row of apartments ahead. As I reached the

11: room I saw them enter apartment B7, but before they could close the door I took a step, the floor creaked, and they turned just in time to see my worried face rush down the stairs. When I got out of the building, I yelled to agent B “ Abort mission! Abort mission!” We hid under the stairs that led to the apartment building. We saw two women with angry expressions rush out of the building. Ms. Walker screamed “ Stop following me!” I glanced at agent B, not daring to say a word, but I could tell by her expression that she was disappointed by my failure. When Ms. Waker retreated back into the building, we came out of hiding. As Ms. Walker was returning I heard her say a name, but my disappointment was too overwhelming to remember. I finally broke the silence and said “ I blew our cover, but I got the info,” as I spoke I had a sad, sorry look on my face. Agent B’s face turned tomato red “ But now that that they know we are watching they will probably abandon the area! Thanks a lot Agent W!” I couldn’t respond, I was too disappointed, first I was unprepared, then I blew our cover! I was losing my skill. Before we could report our findings to the agency, I had to remember that name Ms. Walker had said. What was it? Brianna? Adrianne? Abri? Yes! That was it! Abri. We returned to the agency and reported our discoveries. This Abri lady had never been in trouble with the agency, but they knew her name. Why? Maybe she had been seen with Ms. Walker before? I don’t know, but that isn’t important. I got the info and that is all that matters, right? Wrong. Her meeting with this woman is exactly what they were suspicious about. I guess I may have skimmed over the file and missed a teeny, tiny detail. Apparently Ms. Walker had recently been dishonest and the agency wanted to confirm her said whereabouts were accurate. Ah! Case closed!

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