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Falshur (Copy)

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S: Standard Spine

FC: Falshur By Kyle Conley

1: In a land of amazing forests and beautiful waters, somewhere between a mountain and a river, sat Greenwold, a large village that sat near the base of Dena mountain and the Timons River that ran right through the center of the village. The people of Greenwold were normal people who loved their home.

2: Greenwold was more than a home for farmers and traders; it was also a home for the young knight in training, Falshur, and his teacher Rictor. Rictor was once a brave knight who fought for the country that Greenwold was built in, but over the years Rictor grew too old to fight, so he left the capital city and went to Greenwold.

3: Falshur was not Rictor's only student. There was another man in the village named Harold who also wanted to become a Knight and serve the king. Falshur and Harold for the most part got along, talking to each other and making bets about who would do what better. The two of them were Rictor's oldest students and the only students he had taught enough to trust to defend the village if anything was to happen.

4: There were times when Harold and Falshur weren't getting along, though. Sometimes Rictor would choose Harold over Falshur simply because Harold was older. Falshur could barely stand when Rictor would take Harold out on dangerous jobs and leave him behind to wait for them to come home. Falshur began to ask Rictor if he could come along and help, but Rictor would reply, "Falshur, you're only 16; you're simply not old enough to come along! Plus, Harold has been my student much longer than you." Falshur had had enough of being told that he was too young and that he didn't have enough experience. He was going to help Rictor the next time he left the village whether he asked or not.

5: Early in the morning, Falshur woke up and watched as Harold and Rictor rode their horses slowly to the dark Dena mountains just outside of the village. "They are leaving without telling anyone; this must be important." Falshur grabbed his stuff and quickly ran out the door, following his friends up the mountain and to a cave.

6: Falshur watched as Harold and Rictor walked into the cave, and slowly he followed, watching them both slowly draw their weapons. Falshur stopped and peeked around the corner and watched as a dragon rushed out before Rictor. "Run!" he heard Rictor shout as Harold turned his back and headed for the entrance to the cave.

7: Falshur ran for the entrance as well, taking deep breaths as he watched Harold run out. "What are you doing here, Falshur? I thought you were told to stay home unless asked to come?" Harold screamed as Rictor fell out of the cave. Rictor stood up and quickly ran to Falshur, handing him one of his swords. "Both of you get out of here! I'll stay here and fend him off."

8: Falshur turned quickly and ran down the mountainside, watching as Harold slowly followed. "What do you think you're doing, Falshur? We can't just leave him there!" Harold yelled, stopping. "I'm not going back there! I, I can't!" Falshur shouted back, pointing to the top of the mountain. "Well, I am!" Harold turned and quickly ran back up the mountainside. "And if you were really as brave as you say you are, you would come too!" Falshur sat listening to the yelling and roaring coming from the top of the mountain. Falshur knew he needed to help, but he was too afraid to move from where he stood. Finally Falshur put his head down and charged up the mountainside. Falshur ran and ran until finally he saw his teacher and Harold trapped in a corner as the dragon circled them slowly. "Over here!" Falshur shouted throwing a rock at the monster as it turned, taking a step towards him. Falshur tossed another rock and prepared himself as the dragon charged at him. `

9: Quickly Falshur dove away from where he was standing as the beast tumbled off the side of the mountain. Falshur took a deep breath and watched as the dragon fell into the forest. "You did good boy," Rictor muttered, taking back his sword. "I'll still need to punish you when we get home, Falshur, but I'm proud.

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