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Freezing Moon

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BC: Freezing Moon | Libby Cummings

FC: Freezing Moon | Libby Cummings

1: By: Libby Cummings | Freezing Moon

3: Prologue... Ever since preshcool Moon has had the displeasure of being in Dawn's class. Dawn has held a grudge ever since Moon bumped into her wing. Now, they are in high school at Wing Academy and nothing has changed. Dawn has had some bad and over-the-top pranks but nothing like...Well, I won't say. They live in Volcanic Snow, which is another planet deep in our universe. All fairies are very organic eaters. But not only that, they lead a very eco-friendly life. They live in trees, use leavs as rugs, curtains, and as blankets. They use no electricity whatsoever and everything they use is hand made. They change winter to spring, spring to summer, summer to fall, and fall to winter. Fairies only eat fruits and vegetables and are never bored. Something is always going on in Volcanic Snow, especially with Dawn and Moon! | Pink Tink

5: Introduction Ouch! Ooh! Ah! In the midst of her burning pain, Moon saw Dawn peep around the corner. She, no doubt , planted the burning bee hive in Moon's locker at Wing Accademy. Of course, this was no surprise, Dawn has been pulling pranks on Moon as long as she can remember. Moon could see Dawn's fiery red hair flare up as she laughed her diabolical laugh. "So," she said, sarcastically, "You feel the burn?" Moon replied, "No, not anymore, I used a little water fairy magic and well, all the burns are gone!" Dawn was furious, the whole hall cleared just in time for Dawn's hair to turn to fire and lightning to be thrown. The other fairies knew the drill when Dawn got mad. They ran into a class room and waited for her tantrum to subside. Luckily, the school bell rang and the fairies were released.

7: Moon Up Close Moon was a water fairy. She also has powers of light and can heal other fairies including herself. She has sparkling baby blue hair, white teeth, her ears like all other fairies, have a point to them, her skin is rather pale, and she lives in a huge oak tree. Moon loves to dance and is always wearing blue clothes. Her clothes change to dark blue when she is mad to light blue when she is happy. When she is very mad, her hair will turn to ice and she has a tendency to freeze people. Dawn has pulled alot of pranks on Moon in her younger days but some of her worst were locking Moon in a closet, feeding her worms, and painting her like a clown at Mystic Camp.

9: Dawn in a Nutshell Dawn wasn't a very quiet person. She was a fairy of fire and natural disasters. She is mean and always playing pranks on her main target , Moon for a good laugh. Some of her favorite pranks were when she turned the sprinklers on when Moon was flying outside, locked her in a closet, purposely set her hair on fire, and painted on her so she looked like a clown. Her hair is always in a ponytail and turns to fire when she's angry. She has a sinister smile, as well. Dawn has a not-so-good reputation at Wing Academy and the other fairies called her a "meary" which was a combonation of the words, mean and fairy.

10: April Fool's Dawn... "Here comes Miss Meary!" snickered Flair. I wondered what she was talking about. As I walked down the hall, everyone seemed to be staring and laughing at me, it was a little uncomfortable. As I opened the door to my first class, a big bucket of fireflies fell on my head and it was stuck. I absolutley despised fireflies! I got so mad that the bucket melted off my head and fell to the floor in ashes.

11: April Fool's Moon... I was awaiting the arrival of Dawn through the door for an April Fool's prank. The prank was nothing compared to the things Dawn has done to me. Once I got the signal from one of my friends in the hall, I got ready. Dawn opened the door and I could tell she was surprised when the bucket of fireflies dumped on her head. I was in shock when the bucket disentigrated right on top of her. I hopped out and yelled, "April Fool's!" But Dawn didn't look to happy.

12: Revenge Dawn... My hair turned to flames, and I knew I had to get back at Moon big time. I hoped she knew she was in for something bad! So that night, I snuck into Moon's house in the big oak tree. I climbed into a bathroom and substituted toothpaste with blue thick icing, shampoo for blueberry syrup, and conditioner with super glue. I took a moment to admire my work and started wondering why the bathroom wasn't very girly, I thought it was unlike Moon that the bathroom wasn't blue and neither was the shower leaf/curtain. I decided to put the thought aside and left because I heard rather loud footsteps coming from down the hall.

13: Revenge Moon... From the look on Dawn's face I knew something bad was going to happen. I didn't know what, though. All I knew was that it was going to be unpleasant. That night, I checked all the rooms to make sure I was safe. Everything looked normal so I went to sleep. About 2:39 am I thought I heard wings fluttering and banging in my parents bathroom. I went to investigate, but no one was there.

14: Morning Dawn... I was excited to see what Moon looked like that morning. But Moon came to school looking normal, and I was very surprised. I overheard Moon saying how her parents looked horrible and were angry. Moon kept going, almost in tears, "My parents looked like clowns! Their teeth were blue and their hair was greasy and messy. I left before things got really bad." Now Moon was weeping hysterically.

15: Morning Moon... I woke up the next morning to my parents yelling and complaining. I got out of bed and flew down the hall. I took one look at them and that was enough. They looked terrible! Their teeth were blue, their hair was messed up, and their hands were stuck in their hair. I was scared; So I got ready and left as fast as possible.

16: A Case of the Chills Dawn... I pieced everything together and realized that I had made a big mistake. I apologized and said I committed the horrible deed hoping that Moon would be sympathetic. Moon's reaction wasn't anywhere near what I expected! I had never seen this side of Moon. It was rather scary and I was glad it had been dormant all this time. Her tears turned to ice, as well as her hair, and let's just say she turned a certain fire fairy to ice.

17: A Case of the Chills Moon... When Dawn came up to me and told me she did those things to my parents, I was furious! I didn't know what to say. She hurt more than me this time, she hurt the people I love. MY body froze up and I couldn't stop my self from freezing Dawn. I'm still mad and I can't believe she got that mad over and April Fool's prank.

19: Epilogue Moon ended up thawing Dawn out, but she still didn't understand why she would do something like that. Maybe she didn't know it was April Fool's Day, she just wasn't quite sure. As they went to Magic College, Dawn backed off. I guess she understood that they weren't kids anymore and after that last prank she realized Moon meant business. Dawn hasn't talked to Moon that much after the incident. A couple years later, the two ended up working together. They brought the four seasons to Earth and Dawn moves the sun throughout the day, and Moon works the moon throughout night. They ended up becoming best friends, and to think they spent the last fifteen years bickering at eachother!

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