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G.Blackmore and The Olympians

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FC: G. Blackmore and the Olympians. the bad beginning...

1: once upon a time....just kidding, because this is a true story based on a true event. But you probably won't believe it because the mist is blocking you from seeing it. the mist is what keeps regular day people the world of GREEK MYTHOLOGY yeah i know, that stuff is real. My name is G.Blackmore I have short brown hair, brown eyes i am pretty skinny but have a tough build, one day I was walking to school and this lady walked up to me and asked me to help her with her groceries. I'm a pretty nice kid so i helped her and when I got inside she turned into a really big monster I didn't want to stick around to see what it was or what it could do so I turned and booted it out of there.I ran all the way home and saw that my two best friends were there Percy and Tyson they are really cool guys Tyson has to be at least 6 foot 5 inches and Percy is like 6 foot 0 inches and i am 6 foot 2 we are only 16 so Tyson is huge and me and Percy are a little average. Our history teacher is pretty cool his name is Mr. Michael's he is really into Greek mythology and he is in a wheel chair so everyday instead of walking up the stairs I go up the elevator with him. Me,Tyson and Percy were all walking home to my house when this monster just rams into Tyson and Percy takes this sword and kill it just like that. Percy tell me that we have to go to camp half-blood and that my mom will understand.

2: I'm really freaked out and Percy is the one with sword so I go with them to camp half-blood , I mean it must be safer then all these monster's today .When we arrive at camp half-blood I am pretty uncomfortable, but once all the people there greet me I warm up to them a little bit because they seem like nice people and i bet they are. But what confuses me is that they say i am going to be chosen by my parent tonight at the camp fire and they say that i am a demigod which means half god half human it got me pretty pumped to go to the camp fire tonight.When we got to the camp fire, servants gave me food and I had to pour some of it in to the fire as an offering to the gods, then next thing I know there is a trident above my head, I've been claimed by the god Poseidon.Then Percy comes up to me and says and says we are half brother's because he is son of Poseidon too and Tyson says he's my half brother too. this is so cool, but wait, Tyson only has one eye, I ask him why and he says he is a cyclops but he is just young for a cyclops so he is not as huge as the other cyclops in the world.but there's me , i am taking in so much i faint and when i wake up there is Percy,Tyson and Mr. Michaels what is he doing here, then i see it on the lower half of his body he is a horse and the upper half he is human then he says his real name Chiron, the Chiron in the Greek mythology books that we had to do so many projects on,

3: the Chiron that works at camp half-blood. He was my favorite person in Greek mythology, but now my favorite person in Greek mythology is G. Blackmore. Chiron was saying something about going on a quest and I got too pick two people to assist me on the quest. Obviously that will be Percy and Tyson in fact I am going to tell him that in just a second, Chiron can I take Tyson and Percy on my quest, I ask. Yes you can I was actually hoping you would ask that says Chiron. Then I turn, walk to my cabin and go to sleep for the night, when I am a sleep, I have a dream about my dad telling me I picked the right people to go with me on my quest and I am destined to do good. And then I instantly wake up, that was so weird I think, then I get up and go to the pavilion to eat, after that we pick out a sword for me to fight with, I pick out a 3 and a half foot long celestial bronze sword that I named flesh eater then we set out on our quest to defeat Gaea goddess of the earth, and if we don't help, the gods will be defeated, so we must help them even though we don't really like them. We are traveling by car because if we travel by plane most likely Zeus kill us because we are all kids of Poseidon and Zeus doesn't really like Poseidon. We are traveling to the empire state building to protect it because that where Olympus is right on the top of the Empire state building.

4: AND WE MUST PROTECT IT. When we get there we see a whole sprinting at us and then...Slash, slash, kill, punch, punch, knockout going on for hours then we see her the mighty Gaea I didn't know how we could see he usually you would die seeing her in full form but we know she is going to fight hard, when she picks up Tyson and throws him, ouch! that looked like that like that hurt a lot but that bring an anger out of me. and gives me the strength of all the gods and I blast Gaea to a thousand little pieces and I go over to Tyson he is hurt but he will be ok then all of the gods show up, they look happy. My dad talks to me he is really impressed he said not even he has all the power that I just had. then Zeus is talking a bunch and gives me, Percy and Tyson three withes on whatever we want.

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