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Ghost Friend- True or False

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S: Ghost Friend- True or False

BC: Abby has a problem. A ghost is trying to tell her something. Who is the ghost? Is it Ariel Macheler, Charlotte Hank, Crystal Luper, Katie Wong or Iris Dapelton? Will she find out who the ghost is? How will she solve the mystery? And who is the ghost's descendant? All that and more in Ghost Friend- True or False. Credits Pictures on front cover - blogs.trb.com/ and www.catholic-saints.net

FC: Ghost Friend- True or False | By Sabrina M. and Reesa Z.

1: This book is dedicated to our favorite (and only) fifth grade teacher Mrs. Zavon. Thank you for letting us work on this book during class. | Written in 2011

2: One rainy day, someone who attended Burwin Elementary School saw something that they would never forget. It was January 23, 2003 when a girl named Abby Hays discovered that there were real ghosts. She had just finished lunch, and she had to go to the restroom. As soon as she walked in, she knew something was wrong. For one thing the lights were flickering and the sinks started running without anybody touching them. For another, she started hearing unusual sounds. The real mystery was that she was the only one in the bathroom. Without realizing it, she started shivering.

3: Since she did not want to think that something was going on, she started saying “Hello, is anybody there?” over and over. Then she heard a whispering voice say “Release me from this school, right my wrong.” Abby ran back to class so fast, her track coach would have been proud. She was shivering with fear trying to figure out who the voice belonged to. She got into her classroom looking like she was about to cry, and her teacher, Mrs. Brown, asked her if she was feeling alright. Abby responded “Let me talk to you later; right now I’m a little confused.” Her teacher had a curious look on her face.

4: Abby went to sit down and she heard “Let me out of here. I want to be released!” She gasped, and everyone turned around and started to stare at her. Abby buried her head in her arms, and Mrs. Brown went on talking about the homework for that night. When the bell finally rang, Abby was more than ready. But first she had to think of an explanation for her teacher. She decided to say that she had not been feeling that well and had been hearing things out of the ordinary - which was true and false at the same time. As soon as she got home, she decided to work on the little problem of the ghost.

5: But first she had to research Amelia Earhart for a school project. When she finished that, she had an hour left before dinner. So, she chose to research the ghost. The first thing she thought to type in on her laptop was “deaths at Burwin Elementary School.” Then she thought to type in when the person died, but Abby did not know when the ghost died, so she could not type that. She also realized that she did not know the ghost’s name. She wrote in her notebook to ask the ghost later their name and when they died. When she searched “deaths at Burwin Elementary School,” five names showed up- Katie Wong, Iris Dapelton, Charlotte Hank, Crystal Luper, and Ariel Macheler.

6: But which one was the ghost's name? There were so many options to choose from. Then Abby decided to type in the names of each individual one at a time. She learned that Katie Wong was Chinese, her parents owned a Chinese supermarket, she had two siblings, and died in a fire at the school in 1934. She found out that Iris Dapelton was an only child, had rich parents, and died by slipping on the staircase, and splitting her head open in 1975. Charlotte Hank committed suicide at the school in 1913 because her mother had another baby (that made baby number seven), was very poor, and had no father.

7: She saw that Crystal Luper died from lung disease in 1943 and had an older brother and a mom. Last, Abby searched Ariel Macheler, and it said that she was lost in 1957 in the woods behind the school and was nowhere to be found to this day. Ariel happened to have a younger sister, and her parents were divorced. Abby was still confused about who the ghost was at her school. She thought the greatest possibility was that the ghost would be Charlotte Hank. The "wrong that Abby needed to right" was that Charlotte Hank committed suicide and she wanted Abby to tell her descendants the real reason why she killed herself.

8: Abby thought that Charlotte would tell her exactly why she committed suicide. All of a sudden Abby heard an odd noise coming from under her desk. “Hello is anybody there?”, she asked. She heard a response that sounded like the ghost and it said "tell tell tell" as the noise started to fade away. Abby started breathing really heavily and then asked what the ghost's name was. The ghost said that her name was Ariel Macheler. Then everything went black, and Abby fainted. When she awoke she heard her mother saying “dinner is ready." At first

9: Abby did not respond, but the second time her mom asked, she answered saying “coming!" Abby ate very little and told her mom she was not hungry. Her mother asked if she was coming down with something and Abby replied that she was not. Her mom put her in bed early. Abby still has not solved the mystery of the ghost. She was trying to figure out the mystery. When Abby went to bed she started to dream about the ghost. Her dreams were that the ghost was pointing toward the forest whispering “Find my body and...”

10: but then Abby heard her alarm clock and she did not get to hear the rest of her dream. “Ughh” she thought. “Why did my alarm clock have to ring just then?” She was mad and tired at the same time. Abby could not figure out which one to be mad at more - her alarm clock or her dream that she did not finish. When she arrived at school, the first thing she did was look for the ghost. She could not find her though. Abby did not know why she was so disappointed. It could be because she wanted the ghost to tell her the rest of her dream.

11: She tried to find a place where the ghost could talk to her in private like the janitor's closet, but there were a lot of people hanging around it. So Abby gave up, and went back to class. She was never sure if what happened next was a mere coincidence, but she never thought so. Her teacher was talking about deaths at the school and how to prevent them. Abby raised her hand. Her teacher called on her and Abby said “I heard about a girl who was lost and died in the woods behind the school."

12: "Her name was Ariel Macheler and I was wondering what you knew about her.” Mrs. Brown asked her why she wanted to know. Abby responded by saying that she was thinking of writing an essay about her. “That is a great idea" said her teacher. "I happen to be Ariel’s great-niece!" Abby almost fell off her chair in shock. Abby’s teacher told her that Ariel is still in the school somewhere, and has not been found. Abby paused for a minute then said “ let me stay after class. I need to talk to you.”

13: Her teacher thought that was fine. She then went back to teaching the class. After they talked about the deaths at the school, class was dismissed. Abby went up to her teacher’s desk and whispered to Mrs. Brown “I heard Ariel Macheler’s voice yesterday, and I am positive she was talking to me.” Mrs. Brown told Abby to call for the ghost. Abby said "Ariel if you can hear me, please answer". All of a sudden, Abby and her teacher heard a response. Ariel asked Mrs. Brown “Aren't you my great niece?”

14: Abby’s teacher told Ariel that she was her great niece. Ariel told both Mrs. Brown and Abby to never tell anyone that she was still haunting Burwin Elementary School. The next Saturday that came, Ariel, Abby, and Mrs. Brown sat down and talked. Mrs. Brown asked Ariel why she ran into the forest. Ariel said that the reason why she ran into the forest was because she had cancer and was going to die so she wanted to be alone. She did not want to go to the hospital. So, she ran into the forest instead. Abby and her teacher were amazed because usually people would want to go to the hospital not run away.

15: Then Ariel said that she wanted Abby and Mrs. Brown to find her body and give it a proper burial. They were fine with that. Ariel wanted to go with them to find her body. They all went into the forest to go look for Ariel's body.They kept going deeper and deeper into the forest. They would not give up. Finally, their hard work was rewarded. They found the body! Abby and Mrs. Brown cried with joy. Thankfully they had brought a wagon to carry the body to the cemetery.

16: After they had loaded the body, Ariel told them it was time to say goodbye. Abby and her teacher were sad to say their goodbyes because they had come to like the ghost. Suddenly there were sparks and a blinding flash of light. Abby realized that it was Ariel leaving them and going to live in heaven. Abby and Mrs Brown said good-bye for the last time. When Ariel was gone, Abby and her teacher walked back home, both realizing that they had changed. When they neared the city Mrs. Brown said "your essay is due on Friday." THE END

17: Meet the Authors | Reesa Z. Sabrina M.

18: About Reesa Z. | Reesa Z. | I was born in Jacksonville, Florida in 2000. I have been living in Florida my whole life. I will soon be eleven years old. | Reading is not one of my things, but I love to write books. My favorite kind of books are mysteries. In school my best subjects are Writing and Math. I have a dad, mom, and a brother. I have two pet dogs named Shayni and Cody. I hope you enjoyed the book!

19: Sabrina M. | About Sabrina M. | I was born in London, England in 1999. I moved to Florida when I was four years old. | Now I am eleven years old. I love to read books. My favorite genres are fantasy and mystery. My favorite subjects are Reading and Writing. I have two younger sisters and three pet fish. I really enjoyed writing this book and I hope you enjoyed reading it.

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  • Title: Ghost Friend- True or False
  • We wrote this mystery book about a ghost because we had a book report on a mystery book, and it inspired us to make this book.
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