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Ghosts - Page Text Content

1: Operation TEI V. 14 Reporting Agent: L76 AaGr Subject #: 141741089 Report #: 20:10.11.12

3: In her younger years, Victoria's memories and my own were extremely integrated. Her undeveloped mind was far more open to sharing space and time with my own consciousness. However, with age and experience, Victoria has begun to reject my cohabitation of her mind and my role has become far more that of an observer than an active co-participant in her daily life. While my existence still remains in her memory, she has rationalized me away into her admittedly active imagination. I understand less and less of her world as I share less and less of her thoughts. Her actions and reactions are increasingly alien. While I mourn the loss of the closeness I have felt with Victoria since first joining her 18 years ago, I suspect my new separateness with result in a more objective and better understood report. I have received the complaints about my integration in the Terran society and culture and how it has made my reports difficult to understand at home. I attribute this to my complete and long term immersion in Victoria's mind, something that the committee strongly recommended as part of my study. However, I am now almost totally removed from her active thought and it is my hope, as I reclaim my own independent mind, that my report will be more accessible. Still, I believe I will carry remains of Victoria with me for the rest of my life and that some part of her will be present in my mind long after her death and my leave of this planet. It is my deepest hope that I have had a similar impact on Victoria. I express no regrets in how I have handled this case, and I believe my past experiences and on going presence here will continue to benefit our understanding of this world for centuries to come.

4: In month 20:9, subject's mother is in a near fatal car accident. A speeding diesel tanker roles on the highway, crushing the mother's vehicle, destroying the car and cracking several vertebrae in the mother's neck. The mother spends six weeks in a neck brace (depicted here) before an emergency surgery is required. Subject commuted back and forth between her place of learning and her mother's residence frequently during this period of time.

5: After subject's initial intense distress at the death of the domestic canine in month 20:10, most emotions on the issue were set aside. Only on occasion does the subject outwardly display the feelings of loss or despair that she is experiencing. All mementos of the recently deceased pet are moved to the basement in subject's absence. Only discovered during the unexpected flooding.

6: A thermometer that never worked completes a collection of broken and unused tools. | Benjamin Locke built the residence in 1892, but was quickly usurped in a financial scandal. This odd iron craft is all that remains of his dedication to beauty. | Unused relics populate the flooded storage area. They will not be touched in upcoming relocation.

7: The kitchen was always in a state of disarray due to constant preparation of substance in the days leading up to the relocation. Many utensils go unwashed while occupying a cycle of consumption. | Before the relocation, subject's family purges the house of unwanted items. Piece that are not sold remain in the front yard until a neighbor reports the clutter to the local law enforcement.

8: A long existing altar to living family members in subject's mother's bedroom. Photographed before dismemberment and relocation to mother's new residence. | A common scene in the mother's bedroom. Furniture predates the division of subject's family.

9: “I get up to wash my face, when I come back to bed someone's taken my place” | As a child, subject frequently played in the mother's clothing. The novelty of this activity has faded with age.

10: Subject's scatological fetish culminates in long rest periods on porcelain throne. | Bathing apparatus with multiple applications. | The table beside subject's bed. Items include orthodontics, caffinated beverages, and film.

11: Subject displays an unhealthy obsession with the television. Frequent jokes about lack of human relationships due to time spent with television are more honest than comedic.

12: Subject's bedroom closet. Containing unused and antique items from past years. Emptied and mostly deposited in the trash during relocation.

13: Iconic front and back stairwells in subject's childhood home.

14: Subject's father expresses distaste at documentation. | Apartment number nine. Subject's father's place of residence after separation from the mother and before his return to the house.

15: Subject's father's wife. Leg injury is a torn ACL, caused by a skiing accident. | Subject's mother's domestic partner. Primary caretaker of unwell mother in subject's absence..

16: The father's attempt at comedy fails to repair emotional damage caused by his previous inappropriate behavior.

17: Subject's occasional residence and one time home. Ownership transferred from subject's mother to subject's father in month 20:12. See in additional report #14 for an in depth analysis of this unusual transition and it's ramifications in subject's family life.

18: As the new season arrives at the subject's place of learning, all previous objectives are abandoned. | The subject's peers engage in a sun-worshiping ritual at the start of the new season. Clothing and footwear, while critical for social acceptance during most of the year, are often removed at this time.

19: The sun worship often results in skin burns and long term disease. However, these well known facts to not deter the semi-nude sun bathers.

20: An example of common recreational athletics. Subject rarely partakes in such activities. | Lack of sleep is deeply ingrained in subject's peer's culture. Here, a male youth wakes from an attempt to reduce his “sleep deficit”.

21: Subject used this male as an emotional distraction in months 20:11.12. Her occupation with him appeared to relieve her mind of the more intense emotional weight that occupied her thoughts in earlier months. Upon entering 21:1, subject was able to purge most angst associated with her family's illness and relocation by replacing it with a much lighter, superficial distress surrounding age appropriate coupling.

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