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Gossamer Moments

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S: Gossamer Scrapbook By: Frances Schoen

FC: Gossamer Moments | By: Frances Schoen | Author of Gossamer , Lois Lowry

1: This scrapbook is dedicated to Mrs.Maxon because she is my language arts teacher and gave me this project to complete. It is also dedicated to my mom for convincing me to work hard on all of my projects and influencing me to read.


3: Plot:Exposition | Setting: There are two settings of this story. One is at night when Littlest One and Thin Elderly go into the old ladies house to give her dreams. The other is when all of the dream givers are asleep during the day in the heap. | The old lady's house

4: Character's: The main character's in the story are Littlest One, Thin Elderly, John, and the old woman. | Plot:Exposition | Thin Elderly and Littlest One | The old woman | John

6: Plot:Conflict | The main conflict in the story is a man vs. man conflict. The Sinisteeds give John nightmares every night and eventually a Horde comes. Littlest One and Thin Elderly must give John amazing dreams after the Sinisteeds leave. | a sinisteed

7: Plot:Climax | The climax of the story is when Littlest One is giving John a very good dream as the Horde is coming. Littlest is fluttering in the air giving John fragmented pieces. She is supposed to meet Thin Elderly in the attic when she is finished. After giving John fragments,she runs out of enough energy to flutter up there. So she rolls under his bed in hopes of not getting killed. | John peacefully sleeping just as the sinisteed's come.

8: Plot: Resolution | The main problem is solved when Littlest hopes for the nightmare to go away after the Horde comes. She focuses and thinks of the words, laughter and courage. This helps John and the nightmare goes away.

9: Characterization

10: Thin Elderly and Littlest One | Plot:Characters | Thin Elderly: Thin Elderly is very smart. He is also kind when it comes to dealing with Littlest One. He is alway nice to her and never gets annoyed when she asks questions or plays around with her shadow.He is smart and usually has a logical answer to all of her random questions.. | Littlest One: Littlest One is very curious about her job. She is new to it causing her to have many questions. She is also very Hyper.This is because she is young and has a lot of energy.

11: The old woman: The old woman is very kind. Whenever John suddenly yells or is rude she doesn't say anything mean. She nicely talks to him and try to get him to calm down. She is also very patient with John. If John bursts out she takes her time to calm him. She doesn't yell or rush herself to get him calmed. | John: John is a very eight year old boy. His father hit both him and his mother. He gets angry very easily. When the lady didn't have Tv he was rude and complained. When the old lady called him Johnny he yelled at her and was annoyed. He also is sad because he hates living in so many different houses. | Characters | The old woman with John

12: Old woman Action: Takes care of John Reason: She is lonely and John needs somewhere to go | John eating dog food | Littlest One Action: She is the first dream-giver to touch an animal Reason: John needs a good dream after the Sinisteeds come and is beginning to love the dog. Littlest decides to touch the dog for memories to make a good dream to strengthen him. | John Action: Eats dog food Reason: His father won't give him anything else to eat and he is hungry. | Thin Elderly Action: Trades places with Fastidious to be Littlest One's teacher. Reason: Fastidious does not want to any longer teach Littlest One and Thin Elderly loves young ones. | John eating dog food | Characterization: Character Motives

13: Point Of View | This story is told in third person point if view. | Examples 1.) As you read the book there are different scenes Some are with John's mom, the dream-givers, and at the old ladies house with John. 2.) Different chapters are told in different points of views. 3.) While talking the text says she, they, them, him, he, they'll, she'll, and other words indicating that the narrator is not talking about him or herself.

14: Conflict

15: Internal Conflict | Th internal conflict is with Thin Elderly and Littlest one. They know that they cannot do much to help John overcome the nightmares. If they physically fought the Sinisteeds they would be killed beacuse the Sinisteeds are much more powerful than they are. The only thing they can do is give John good dreams before and after the Sinisteeds come.

16: Sinisteed: A half horse half man creature that gives people nightmares. | External Conflict The conflict in the story is that th at the Sinisteeds are giving John nightmares. Thin ELderly and Littlest One are not powerful enough to stop them. After coming for several nights in a row the Sinisteeds come in a horde. The Horde is very powerful and dangerous for both the old woman and John. Man Vs. Man Conflict | Conflict | Sinisteed

17: Theme

18: Theme | The theme of this novel is good vs. evil. No matter what the good guy always wins.

19: Theme examples | When the Sinisteeds try to give John nightmares Littlest helps John. She gives him great dreams every night when they leave and before they come. Every night John overcomes the nightmares. Eventually Thr Sinisteeds and the Horde stop coming. | Before John goes into child care, his father would hit him and his mom. Eventually his father leaves and possibly goes away to California. John is then taken away because his mother leaves him home alone one night. Both John and his mother overcome fear of John's father. | John overcomes the Sinisteeds by overcoming the nightmares. | The old lady overcame loneliness by taking in John.

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